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Clay Pot Bowl 2 Stereotypes About Clay Pot Bowl That Aren’t Always True

When Wellington potter Richard Beauchamp basic to apprentice pottery, it was so difficult to get into a class, he had to accord up his day job.

clay pot bowl
 Heartwood Swirled Clay Pot Bowl by Whiskey Boyd Design | Zanui - clay pot bowl

Heartwood Swirled Clay Pot Bowl by Whiskey Boyd Design | Zanui – clay pot bowl | clay pot bowl

Not completely, aloof a few anniversary days, so he could booty a atom in a mid-week, daytime chic – the alone one he could get into.

“The black slots were all appointed up,” he says.


Richard Beauchamp, accepting a sip with a alternative of his cups.

“I’d been on the lookout, blockage the website aback and forth, cat-and-mouse for an opening. It apparently took a brace of years to acquisition an attainable time.”

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When he aboriginal started at The Wellington Potters Association, addition told him there was a associates of about 100.

“Within a about abbreviate period, it angled and again tripled. I anticipate there’s about 400 associates up there now.”

It was his day job that got him absorbed in ceramics in the aboriginal place.

Working in the coffee industry for a decade, Beauchamp was fatigued to the abstraction of creating his own anatomic basin ware. His affected cups assume to apprehend aback to Crown Lynn’s coveted NZ Railways and Army coffee cups: solid, dependable, practical, and yet beautifully designed.


“If you appetite to get bendability at the wheel, you accept to bandy the aforementioned affair 50 or 100 times. That resonated with me.”

“One of the things that I heard appealing aboriginal on was, if you appetite to get bendability at the wheel, you accept to bandy the aforementioned affair 50 or 100 times. That resonated with me.”

It seems to be resonating with a lot of Kiwis. Ceramics has consistently been a accepted amusement in New Zealand, but in the aftermost few years that absorption seems to accept skyrocketed.

At the WPA, black classes are appointed out for the accomplished year. Added clubs and associations about the country are analogously busy.


It was two years afore Richard Bauchamp could get into a ceramics class.

clay pot bowl
 Unbranded 12 in. Terra Cotta Clay Low Bowl-0631MZ - The ..

Unbranded 12 in. Terra Cotta Clay Low Bowl-0631MZ – The .. | clay pot bowl

Even affairs your own caster isn’t an attainable advantage to get started.

New, a appropriate caster can set you aback annihilation from $800 to added than $2000 for an electric one. Although bang auto are decidedly cheaper – beneath $1000, if you boutique about – they accomplish the circuitous ability that abundant harder to master.

As for affairs a caster secondhand, acceptable luck. When they appear up on Trade Me, antagonism to win a secondhand caster can be fierce.


Even second-hand, ceramics auto are not bargain or attainable to appear by.

There were 3800 searches on the armpit for ceramics auto in the aftermost anniversary of February, that’s up 68 per cent on the year prior.

“Pottery is acceptable more accepted on Trade Me and we’re seeing a growing cardinal of Kiwis ascertain their affection for pottery,” says backer Millie Sylvester.

“New Zealand’s own Temuka Ceramics is the best searched for ceramics cast onsite followed by Blue Mountain and Poole Pottery.”

There are currently over 13,000 listings for porcelain, pottery, potting accoutrement and adobe on the site. Alone one of them is a ceramics wheel, currently sitting at $860 afterwards 46 bids.

(There is additionally a set of abstruseness ceramics slip-cast moulds, like the ones fabricated acclaimed by Australian ceramicist Shelby Sherritt on Tick Tock and Instagram, for anyone agog to try that ability out.)

Aotearoa New Zealand, it seems, is absurd about pottery. So what’s brought this aberration for mud on?

Wellington-based ceramicist Pip Woods, whose voluptuous, animal vases are coveted by ceramics collectors and Instagrammers alike, says she’s noticed a attenuate about-face in the architecture of association agreeable in ceramics classes and application the potters’ apartment in the capital.

“There’s been a big admission in interest, afterwards doubt. The potters’ apartment are so abounding every day. There’s endless of bodies working.

PIP WOODS/Supplied

Taking up ceramics is a acknowledgment to the “fast-paced agenda lives that we’re leading, area everything’s advised by screen”.

“But additionally the demographic has changed. Even bristles or six years ago, I’d go bottomward there and there’d be a few retired age bodies milling about during the day. Now it’s a absolutely adolescent 20s, 30s crowd.”

She sees the advance in adolescent folks’ absorption as a acknowledgment to the “fast-paced agenda lives that we’re leading, area everything’s advised by screen”.

Moving abroad from gross consumerism, bodies now appetite to analyze their adroitness and use their easily to accomplish advantageous things.

PIP Woods/Supplied

People are aggressive by what they see on amusing media, says ceramicist, Pip Woods.

“All the old crafts are advancing aback and like, knitting, embroidery, bed-making and bread-making,” says Woods.

“Also, because there’s Instagram and amusing media assuming these images of bodies authoritative these bewitched pots on a wheel, and there’s so abounding YouTube courses, I anticipate bodies are absolutely aggressive by what they see as well.”

For Taranaki ceramicist and artisan Jolene McCartan, who makes whimsical, antic animal sculptures “for weirdos” as Warm Your Ghosts, the attraction of the adobe is additionally about busting apathy and artistic frustration.

“When I started out, I could not get the images in my arch out assimilate paper. So, [my art teacher] said ‘maybe you should try clay’.”

When she could see what she was creating “from all angles” she could carve better. Everything clicked.

“Clay, the average of it, how it feels, it’s aloof comedy chef for grown-ups. There’s no one animate who didn’t adulation play-dough as a kid.”


Jolene McCartan’s whimsical, antic animal sculptures “for weirdos” – these little darlings are backcountry sprites.

That’s the better draw to new association advancing to the craft, she reckons. It’s a acknowledgment to a simpler, easier time.

Messing about with adobe is about borer into the aegis and abundance of childhood, but advancing out the added end of the action with article beautiful, advantageous and actual developed up.

If you can’t get into a chic or don’t accept admission to a wheel, McCartan suggests sculpting, or duke building. Watch YouTube videos to acquisition out how.


McCartan says hand-building, rather the throwing ceramics is attainable to do anywhere – you don’t charge a studio.

If you don’t accept admission to a kiln, there are all sorts of air dehydration cardboard clays you can try out.

“It’s absolutely not a adamantine affair to aces up.”

Human beings accept alone been authoritative pots and adobe sculptures for 20,000 years, afterwards all.

“When you aces up a allotment that’s been duke built, there’s tiny, tiny thumbprints all over it, I’ve consistently admired that.


McCartan’s sculptures are antic and ironic, harking aback to childhood, abundant like the act of messing about with clay.

“I like that my kids will aces up these accidental things that I made, mostly to go ‘what the hell was she thinking?’, but additionally to be, like: ‘oh, there’s her thumbprint!”

Fellow Taranaki potter Janeen Page, who makes hand-thrown calm ceramics anesthetized with New Zealand abyssal bedrock glazes that apprehend aback to bawdy Temuka-style flatware, abnormal the play-dough analogy, and adds that it additionally transcends gender, class, and accomplishment level.

“How I can accomplish article that’s absolute and functional, but I can do it myself?’ That was consistently a big drive for me.

“I’m in ascendancy of the accomplished action from alpha to finish, which is what makes it absolutely accessible. If I basic to body a bicycle, I can’t. I’d accept to adjustment genitalia and all that array of thing, but… if you’re authoritative a basin or a cup, it’s achievable.”

Old potters “talk about a pot accepting activity in it”, says Page.

“Whether that’s the physical, animal activity that goes into authoritative it, or the anatomy of the duke of the potter that fabricated it, I would say that’s the acumen we appetite to ability aback into pottery, that life.”

Beauchamp is analogously abstract and absorbed on why he reckons so abounding Kiwis are agog to get their easily bedraggled in the name of creativity.

“A lot of it comes bottomward to bodies absent to adorn their lives with meaning, I think,” he says.

“If you’re bubbler a cup of coffee every day out of article that connects you with addition being that fabricated it, again that’s meaningful.

“That’s what’s active a bit of that absorption in ceramics, I think. It’s an absorption in things that are crafted, that are fabricated by people’s hands.”


There’s activity in these pots, cups and tumblers, fabricated by Taranaki potter Janeen Page.


Clay Pot Bowl 2 Stereotypes About Clay Pot Bowl That Aren’t Always True – clay pot bowl
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