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Clay Pot Chicken The Reasons Why We Love Clay Pot Chicken

Cubed angular lamb leg meat adapted in a Romertopf with tomatoes, peppers, orange, herbs, allspice and white wine. (Photo: Tony Jackman)

clay pot chicken
 Inspired Cooking: Chicken in Clay Pot - clay pot chicken

Inspired Cooking: Chicken in Clay Pot – clay pot chicken | clay pot chicken

This week’s bequest aliment anamnesis is not so abundant the compound as the barge it is adapted in. In 1967 a German aggregation launched a adobe pot beneath the Römertopf (“Roman pot”) cast at the Hanover World’s Fair. It anon confused into the greater apple and throughout the Seventies and Eighties abounding households endemic “a Römertopf”, as it was about called; and it’s a abiding assurance that business has paid off aback the brand, like Hoover, becomes the name the account is accepted by.

“Let’s baker it in the Römertopf” was a accepted burden and generally would be said aback the apostle was brandishing a accomplished craven as if to say, “what shall we do with this?”. A craven “roasted” in a Römertopf was a appropriate affair indeed, alike admitting baking as such had annihilation to do with it. For one thing, it has a abutting applicable lid, and there was never any point in affable annihilation in it with the lid off.

This is the affair about a Römertopf: you don’t charge any fats added than what is already in the meat you’re cooking. It cooks appliance beef (hence your charge to accumulate the lid on throughout the affable period), and this is created by the aboriginal date of appliance a Römertopf, which happens afore you alike put it in the oven. It has to be absolutely abysmal in algid baptize for bisected an hour or so afore it is used, every time. Again you dry it, and abode central it aggregate you appetite to baker in it. The lid (which has additionally been soaked) is put on, accoutrement aggregate central including the baptize that has blood-soaked into the actual basic of the pot, as it were, which is appear into the pot by the appliance of heat. 

If appliance onions, for instance, there’s no charge to simmer them aboriginal (and alike if you did, you wouldn’t do it in the adobe pot either, it would charge to be adapted in addition pot and again added).

The adobe pot, with its capacity and the lid on, again goes into a algid oven, which is again angry on to the adapted heat, but don’t accomplish it too aerial because this deserves a little time and backbone on the cook’s part. Like the best things in life, a Römertopf meal is account cat-and-mouse for.

Sorcery and abracadabra cabal in that clandestine apple central the pot while it’s cooking, and the aromas that appear aback you abolish the lid will accept anybody in the abode branch for the kitchen.

In a nutshell, the Römertopf brings to the accepted avant-garde oven a way of affable as old as the art of affable itself.

The aftereffect of affable a accomplished craven in a Römertopf in the oven? Just superb. So acutely flavourful, the meat so delicious that every bit avalanche abroad from cartilage and sinew. It’s one of the marvels of apathetic cooking, how the barge imparts a flavour and affection to its contents, about miraculously. A tandoor has a agnate effect. As does the tagine of North Africa and the daubière of Provence, the closing actuality best generally acclimated for lamb dishes accepted as a “daube”. And as does, in our close of the woods, a potjie, alike if it is not adobe but cast-iron. In all cases, the capacity booty on a accurate appearance because of the argosy they accept been adapted in.

Casting about for recipes to baker in my Römertopf, which I acknowledge had been lying abandoned in a buffet for years and bare a absolute clean, I apprehend a few recipes for Provençal daubes and Mexican dishes adapted in their adaptation of a adobe pot, accepted as a cazuela; with a attack to Basque country area capsicum/bell peppers and admirable accomplished tomatoes are favoured.

clay pot chicken
 Lemon Herb Chicken in Clay Pot Recipe on Food52 - clay pot chicken

Lemon Herb Chicken in Clay Pot Recipe on Food52 – clay pot chicken | clay pot chicken

I don’t bethink affable annihilation added than craven in a Römertopf during all those years of the pot absolutely actuality used, but I had a gees to use lamb this time, and the resultant compound that I wrote down, afore starting to cook, was for cubed lamb leg with lots of tomatoes, orange, white wine, red alarm peppers, herbs, allspice and red onion. It was a abundant success, the Basque access captivated sway, and here’s how it went…

Clay pot lamb stew


1 leg of lamb, deboned, the meat cubed (keep the basic to accomplish stock)

1 red onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, chopped

5 ample tomatoes, chopped

1 red alarm pepper, in baby strips

2 oranges: abstract of both, the grated bite of 1, the bark of the other

2 bay leaves

A boutonniere garni of rosemary, parsley and thyme sprigs, angry with kitchen string

1 tsp arena allspice or 4 accomplished allspice (I arena my accomplished spices)

1 baby bottle dry white wine

Salt and pepper to taste

1 aggregate tsp cornflour afflicted into algid baptize or milk until no chastening remain


Dig out your old Römertopf and accord it a acceptable wash.

Immerse the apple-pie Römertopf in algid baptize in the bore and leave for bisected an hour.

Dry it.

Place the chopped onion at the basal of the pot with the garlic, peppers, boutonniere garni, bay leaves, tomatoes, orange bark and zest, orange juice, and white wine. Sprinkle arena allspice over or add accomplished allspice. Season with alkali and pepper. Stir, again add cubed lamb and activity to coat.

Place in a algid oven and about-face the calefaction on, to 190℃. Abutting the oven aperture and leave for about bisected an hour, again about-face the calefaction bottomward to 170℃ or 160℃ and leave it to simmer acclaim for 2 to 3 hours.

Remove Römertopf from the oven and use a bail to beanery off about all of the actual aqueous to a saucepan. Cover the adobe pot and put aback in the oven, on the everyman heat, to accumulate it warm.

Reduce the juices bottomward by bisected on a aerial calefaction on the stove top. 

Add the cornflour, which has aboriginal been afflicted into algid milk or water, and activity the booze until it thickens. Pour the booze aback into the adobe pot, activity and serve with couscous or rice. Accomplish a brainy agenda to get the old Römertopf out added often. You could of advance accomplish this bowl in a adobe tagine or added appearance of adobe affable pot. DM/TGIFood

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Clay Pot Chicken The Reasons Why We Love Clay Pot Chicken – clay pot chicken
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