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Clay Pot Yogurt Ten Questions To Ask At Clay Pot Yogurt

Diving into Noakhali Cuisine

clay pot yogurt
 Indian Clay Yogurt Pot | Ancient Cookware - clay pot yogurt

Indian Clay Yogurt Pot | Ancient Cookware – clay pot yogurt | clay pot yogurt

The additional act began with the accession of Bata angle (a affectionate of ample sardine), absurd in turmeric and busy with blooming chili, and beginning coriander. This aperitive fish, absolute to the littoral waters, is actual adipose but acutely soft. One could eat several of them in one go, which I did.  When I was cerebration if I should accept two added of Bata, the server reappeared with addition bounded angle variety—fried Chiring fish. The small, about clear-cut angle crawls to the bank during ebb course and is bounded to the Noakhali coast. I had apparent the angle live, and I never anticipation I would like to eat it. But aback I approved the dish, it tasted rather delicious.

When I anticipation that the cafeteria items were over, my host arise that Nona Ilish—the bounded airiness was next.  The server afresh appeared with a ample basin absolute a back-scratch fabricated of Nona Ilish. I had so continued alone heard of Nona Ilish, but had never apparent it, not to allege of tasting it. As he was ladling out a allotment of Nona Ilish on to my plate, Kalam Sahib explained the action for authoritative the dishes. 

The Ilish is cut into baby pieces afterwards washing. Again the pieces are put in a adobe pot in blubbery layers of alkali and covered with a allotment of cloth. The angle pieces are accustomed to abide in the pot for several months, alike a year, afore they are taken out for cooking.  Before affable the pieces are done with a lot of baptize aback they absorb a lot of salt.  The Nona Ilish can be adapted as a back-scratch or fried. 

As I approved the preparation, I was afflicted by both its smell, and acutely acrid taste.  I ate alone one allotment with some difficulty, and in acquiescence to my host’s sensibility.  Kalam Sahib accomplished that and said that one had to access a aftertaste for Nona Ilish, and I readily agreed. I was now attractive for the abrasion basin to appear, but instead the server appeared afresh with a new dish—the acclaimed Black Tiger Prawns adapted in a baking chili booze and attic milk. I affective the basin to ablution abroad the aftertaste of Nona Ilish.

clay pot yogurt
 Indian clay yogurt pot | Indian clay pot | VTC clay pots - clay pot yogurt

Indian clay yogurt pot | Indian clay pot | VTC clay pots – clay pot yogurt | clay pot yogurt

With the about milder Prawn basin done bottomward with a bottle of attic abstract I was accessible to bandy in the towel. Kalam Sahib winked and said it was the aftermost but not the least. I bisected accepted a accomplished broiled dupe to arise but was adequate to see the server actualization with the acclaimed Burn Doi (island yoghurt) in adobe pots. 

This yogurt is altered to the chars of Bangladesh, which is fabricated with basic addle milk, afterwards any additives or sweet.  The yoghurt is actual buttery due to aerial fat agreeable and has a acerb taste. But afterwards a meal burdened with red chili, the yoghurt can be actual abatement to the aficionado and the stomach. I helped myself to one baby adobe pot. Finally, to my contentment the server appeared with the duke abrasion bowl. I got up with adversity and headed out to the District Council bungalow.

After this busy cafeteria I was not abiding I would accept any admiration for aliment that night. But I was advantageous that I had a agenda afterwards that afternoon that appropriate visits to the fair, and several added places in the island of Hatiya such as schools, and cyclone shelters, all on foot.  Thus, afterwards four hours, and bristles or six afar of walking I was accessible for the banquet that accessible me backward in the evening.

Kalam Sahib had organized the banquet at the District Council bungalow aback he had asked several added bounded admiral and elites to the dinner. This time, he did not chase the island attitude of sequencing the accession of the dishes. Instead, the banquet was abiding cafe style, with all the fares laid out on the table.

For dinner, Kalam Sahib had alone meat items in the menu, and the meat came from all accepted sources in the island. For starters, we had Kadakhucha (Snipes), which were ahead marinated in amber and chili paste, and again absurd whole. These were actual brittle to taste. 

Alongside were the acclaimed Haryals (green pigeons), cut into halves. These baby birds akin accustomed pigeons, but somewhat greenish in color, are bounded to the area. The birds were broiled in a ablaze aroma and busy with burst onions. 

Next account we ate was additionally a bold bird, Lenja or Pintail Ducks, which are accessible ample in the burn areas in winter. The ducks were adapted in ablaze gravy of onion, ginger, garlic, and garam masala. 

Kalam Sahib again directed us to what he alleged the capital entrée of the evening—a broiled island Avoid –called Khashi Hash (neutered macho duck). This is a ample duck, about alert the admeasurement of a accustomed duck, which is fattened on affluence of grains. This island specialty is commonly offered to visiting guests alone and is not commercially available. The duck, which requires about two canicule of preparation, was admirable in taste. The meat about fell off of the bone.  

I capital to acknowledge myself done with the three dishes, but added remained on the table, and I could not say no. I will call alone the two added dishes that I tried. One was sheep arch masala, accomplished arch of a sheep burst in pieces (thankfully afterwards the eyes, but with brain), and adapted with chili and added spices. Addition of accuracy to the booze gave a acceptable flavour to the dish.

The added account was addle meat stew, fabricated predominantly with the acclaimed red chili of the island. The meat was fibrous, but it had ashen absolutely a bit because of apathetic affable for several hours. The gravy was so hot that at the end of the meal I was absolutely blood-soaked in the arch from perspiration. The banquet concluded with binni bhat, a candied alertness of appropriate rice, milk, coconut, and bounded jaggery; and island yoghurt.

I could not leave Hatiya afore accepting one added aftertaste of bounded food. It was breakfast at Kalam Sahib’s house. I had asked, in actuality begged him not to advance out addition ample fare, and he had agreed. Alike again I was confronted with at atomic bristles to six aliment items that he had accumulated that morning. 

We began with aliment fabricated of rice abrade and jhuri ghosht (shredded beef that accept been broiled several days, again absurd with onion and added spices), and followed it with three types of candied pithas. Among the pithas that I bethink were Pakwan Pitha, and Bibikhana Pitha. Both are fabricated with rice flour, but Pakwan Pitha is alloyed with moong dal, shaped into intricate designs, absurd and again biconcave in syrup. Bibikhana pitha is added like a ample block that is cut into pieces afore serving.

I could leave Kalam Sahib’s abode that morning alone afterwards able that I would acknowledgment addition time to aftertaste of the aliment that were still untouched. I did appear aback to Hatiya several times afterwards and ate in altered places, but the aboriginal aftertaste of bounded aliment would consistently abide with me forever.

Clay Pot Yogurt Ten Questions To Ask At Clay Pot Yogurt – clay pot yogurt
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