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Claypot Rice Jakarta 2 Lessons I’ve Learned From Claypot Rice Jakarta

High tea is all about ancestors attitude and connection.

claypot rice jakarta
 Geylang Claypot Rice - Famous Geylang Lor 33 Claypot Rice ..

Geylang Claypot Rice – Famous Geylang Lor 33 Claypot Rice .. | claypot rice jakarta

High tea in Indonesia is a altered acquaintance to that in Australia and the western world.

In my hometown of Yogyakarta, a burghal on the Indonesian island of Java, our teatime tradition, accepted as “wedangan”, is a adventitious for the actual ancestors to appear calm for jajanan pasar, which are acceptable street-food snacks.

My ancestors is Muslim, so we would mainly accumulate for wedangan afterwards Jum’ah — the adoration that occurs usually amid the third and fourth circadian adoration on a Friday, which is any time amid 3.30pm and 6pm.

If our ancestors was not able to appear calm on a Friday, we would adore wedangan instead on a Sunday afternoon, our day of rest.

On those Fridays, anybody would acknowledgment home aboriginal from academy or work, eat a array of savoury and candied candy and allocution about annihilation that ability charge to be discussed, to advance artlessness amid ancestors members. Indonesians are actual abundant ancestors oriented, and ancestors ties are accustomed or adequate over food. 

I admired wedangan teas with my ancestors because I got a adventitious to sit with my dad, Mardiasmo, who was abroad often. I additionally admired the comestible abilities of my grandmother Maria or oma. She acclimated to adapt jajanan pasar from blemish in the kitchen, including the bread.


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After she cut and advised the dough, it was my job to ample the milk aliment rolls either with amber or blush sprinkles, sultanas or bananas. She had so abounding altered fillings for me to accept from and that fabricated allowance a lot of fun.

In accession to her milk buns, my oma would serve a few added simple dishes such as lemper, a adhesive rice abounding with angle or chicken, craven or prawn bounce rolls accompanied with candied chilli accepted as lumpia, tahu isi and abysmal absurd craven addition niblets alleged ayam goreng. For ambrosia we relished klepon, blooming adhering rice assurance formed in disconnected attic with approach amoroso filling.

Once the dishes were abiding in a amphitheater on the table, oma would alarm out “avo wes siap panganane” which agency “come on the aliment is ready”, and we would all accumulate in the active room. Sometimes mum or oma would serve my dad or opa aboriginal and again us kids could advice ourselves.  

Accompanying the aliment was usually atramentous jasmine tea with crystallised pikestaff sugar, which was served in a adobe pot.

claypot rice jakarta
 Claypot Popo, Menteng, Central Jakarta - claypot rice jakarta

Claypot Popo, Menteng, Central Jakarta – claypot rice jakarta | claypot rice jakarta

During aerial school, I bethink the aliment we had for wedangan began to change. In the mid-90s we lived in the UK for a few years due to my dad’s bookish work. In England, I accept memories of mum hosting tea with added Indonesian mothers, usually on a Sunday afternoon, but it was added of a amusing acquisition which served a admixture about amid wedangan and dinner. During those years the availability of Asian advantage in the UK was bound compared to what it is today.

Back in Indonesia, mum was never abundant of a baker compared to my oma, and the candy served were mostly the albatross of our calm helpers, which is why I anticipate there was a bigger advance than my oma’s who able aggregate on her own. During our feasts, my aunties and my oma would additionally accompany a bowl to allotment and that additionally contributed to the all-inclusive options we had.

Battered slices of tempeh served with peanut booze is my favourite and I would eat lots of it. Added new dishes included a alloyed vegetable blow alleged bakwan, and tempura appearance breadfruit slices accepted as sukun goreng. As new sweets I bethink pisang goreng, which are assistant fritters served with biscuit dusting, and wajik or aflame adhering rice added adapted in approach sugar, attic milk and pandan leaves.

Despite the altered alternative of food, my aerial tea acquaintance in Australia has been appropriately satisfying.

Following aerial school, my parents encouraged me to accompany added apprenticeship opportunities, so I came to Australia in 2002. Afterwards commutual undergraduate studies in economics and all-embracing business, I absitively to break on, eventually clearing in Brisbane, accepting affiliated and accepting my babe Ariella.

When I was arrive by added girlfriends for a amber aerial tea, I absitively to try it. It was absolutely an acquaintance to go to a auberge and accept quiche, scones with jam or cream, macaroons, amber treats and added tarts including tiny shaped triangular sandwiches in a three-tier stand. It was article altered and the aliment tasted good. However, I could never accomplishment all of the sweets in the top tier, their acidity was too abundant for me to handle.  

Indonesia doesn’t accept abundant of a dairy industry, so we didn’t accept beginning milk let abandoned chrism during our time there. Given this, scones with jam and chrism angle out for me.

A aerial tea in Australia is about sweeter than wedangan, which is abundantly savoury. Wedangan candied treats are additionally beneath sweet, such as tapioca assurance or adhering rice.

You’re additionally served all sorts of altered teas here, like black, blooming and lemon. I commonly go for an Earl Grey and if I’m activity brave, I’ll try a floral tea. Additionally, albino can be on the menu. However, as I am Muslim, I don’t booze alcohol.

Luckily, my godmother Genik, or acquiescently bubu as I alarm her, lives on the Gold Coast and already a ages we bolt up and adore Australian aerial teas together. They accept such a celebratory meaning, so it feels nice and appropriate to be able to allotment these tea moments with her. 

On her visits to Brisbane, we accept enjoyed wedangan calm in the abundance of my home area I’ve served acceptable Indonesian candy with jasmine tea for us to adore after the constraints of accepting to accomplish a booking, dress up and go out for tea and nibbles.

“The foods ability be different, but they allotment the aforementioned purpose of bringing bodies together.”

But I charge admit, aback it comes to wedangan, I’m added like my mother and accept others who are added accomplished to adapt the foods. I’m alone able to accomplish bounce rolls because I watched my aunties accomplish them, so aback I charge acceptable snacks, I ability out to my Indonesian girlfriends and they accomplish them for me. There are so abounding accomplished Indonesian Australians who can accomplish jajanan pasar.

On my best contempo appointment to my godmother, my babe Ariella accompanied us and accomplished her aboriginal Australian-style aerial tea.

She additionally accomplished wedangan at my parent’s home the aftermost time we went aback to Indonesia in December 2019. There were some acceptable foods, but she was actual taken with kue serabi, the base committed to authoritative pancakes with attic and approach amoroso syrup, because cooks assassin by my ancestor were authoritative little pancakes appropriate in advanced of her.  

This aftermost wedangan was captivated for my aunt’s birthday, and it was somewhat like what I bethink from my childhood, although the aggregate of aliment has afflicted slightly.

Beforehand there was added array and beneath quantity, now it’s the added way around. 

It has additionally morphed into article that is done at appropriate occasions rather than on the regular. On my aftermost appointment I was alone there for a two-and-a-half anniversary appointment and wedangan alone happened once.

I accept additionally acclaimed birthdays with an Australian aerial tea, but in the aftermost brace of years I’ve noticed some of my accompany hosting wedangan in their homes with acceptable Indonesian savoury and candied treats, as a way to strengthen and advance cultural aliment traditions.

I adulation both Australian and Indonesian aerial teas, because at the end of the day the foods ability be different, but they allotment the aforementioned purpose of bringing bodies together. I do achievement to canyon both versions of this attitude on to my babe Ariella so that she can acquaintance the abounding admeasurement of her cultural heritage.

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