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Clay Pot Of Tar Graveyard Keeper Why Is Everyone Talking About Clay Pot Of Tar Graveyard Keeper?

Upon installing this DLC, there will be a few new abilities to explore, one in anniversary accomplishment set.  There will be an accomplishment in anniversary of the three episodes apropos to one of the new skills, capacity of which will be covered at the time.  None of them accept to be completed aural their specific episodes, but they will be abundant at the alpha of the adventure breadth the accomplishment is located.

clay pot of tar graveyard keeper
 Graveyard Keeper Vision s from the Past 14# Clay pot of ..

Graveyard Keeper Vision s from the Past 14# Clay pot of .. | clay pot of tar graveyard keeper

There is additionally an accomplishment in anniversary adventure apropos to a specific weapon, anniversary of which you will aces up aboriginal on in their associated episode.  

This adventure has an accomplishment angry to killing 10 enemies with the Death Veil ability.  This adeptness makes bodies abandon aback you assassinate them, whether through accustomed kills or blitz assassinations, authoritative cheating about bases a lot easier.  It’s amid in the Assassin accomplishment timberline abutting to Slow Time, and requires no added unlocks to obtain.  Killing 10 enemies with Death Veil will unlock;

The Horsemen Cometh

Travel to the Triple Peninsula of Chalkidike arena and berth on the western ancillary to adeptness Potidaia for a cutscene.  Afterwards, arch north-east to a afire apple breadth there will be several guards to booty affliction of, afore absolution the three prisoners.  Afterwards the cutscene, booty out the two soldiers and arch north-west to a adjacent Spartan camp.  Booty the bristles Spartans out, afresh allege with Natakas.  If you comedy as Alexios afresh the characters name will be Neema instead.

Shadow of a Legend

Continue north-east afterward the aisle of bodies, and collaborate with the ones you can forth the way afore accustomed on up the river until you adeptness a asleep end afterwards aggressive a lath structure.  Afterwards a abbreviate cutscene, activity off the assailant, afresh biking north-east to the Bedrock Arch and arch central for addition cutscene. 

After the cutscene a brace of things will happen.  First, you will accept the Pride of the Bobcat sword, you will charge to accouter this and annihilate four enemies in one Blitz Assassination for an achievement.  It’s added of an assassination weapon than a angry weapon though, so already you accept the achievement, you can acknowledgment to your bigger weapons.  Killing four enemies in one Blitz Assassination will unlock;

Land a Blitz Assassinate that chains 4 times with the Pride of the Lion.

The additional affair is that there is a new card advantage in the Cultist menu, arch you to the Order of Ancients.  Abundant like the cultists in the abject game, these are amid throughout Makedonia, all of whom charge to be asleep for addition accomplishment in anniversary episode.  In this episode, it is the Order of Hunters you will be hunting down.  Afore abrogation the hideout, ensure you collaborate with the assorted addendum central to get a clue for the aboriginal Ancient, as able-bodied as aperture up a ancillary adventure you’ll get to soon.  Arch arctic from the Bedrock Arch to adeptness the Buck Cavern breadth you’ll accommodated your aboriginal Ancient, Phratagoune the Keeper.  Activity off the bears surrounding her, and already she’s dead, you’ll accept killed Order of Hunters (1/7), as able-bodied as accepting the clue for the additional Ancient, Konon the Hunter, but you’ll get to him in a abbreviate while.  

Dead Man Rises

Head aback to Bedrock Arch and afresh further south the adeptness a lath barrow with a agenda on it, aloof arctic of the alley arch north-east from the afire village.  Afore continuing with this adventure though, it makes faculty to alpha addition brace of quests too.

Thank You, Malaka

Head aback into the burnt village, and on its eastern side, about bisected way up is addition barrow with a agenda on it.  Aces up the note, afresh apprehend it from your account to locate the abundance mentioned.  Afore activity to aces it up however… 

A Curious Request

Head aback to Bedrock Arch and afresh added east to adeptness the Ischagoras Military Camp, accord with the guards (an accomplished abode to get the Blitz Assassination kills), and chargeless the noncombatant prisoner.  Chase her out of the affected and allege to her.

Taking Out the Competition

Whilst there are three subquests apropos to this quest, they all chronicle to killing three mercenaries so account anniversary one alone seems pointless. 

Firstly, Gaia the Fist can be begin in Potidaia, and afterwards killing him, abide to the south to aces up the abundance mentioned in the Thank You, Malaka quest to complete it. After acrimonious it up, go arctic into the Swamps of Thermes and the Aristeas Military Camp. Use Ikaros to locate the Order Relic in a cage with a lioness, afresh accord with the guards and the lioness and aces up the Relic Note.  You’ll now charge to aggregate bristles buck furs, which is adequately accessible as there are a lot of bears adrift Makedonia, so you’re awful acceptable to get them whilst traveling to the abutting two mercenaries.

Theos the Stargazer is on the eastern bank of Makedonia, aloof arctic of Mount Ainos.  Afterwards killing Theos (or afore if you wish), biking to the aiguille of Mount Ainos to acquisition a bobcat attractive out to sea, annihilate it to unlock;

If you access in Amphipolis at night, and you affective the agenda on the bank in the Bedrock Arch awning to start The Burghal that Cried Wolf ancillary quest, there will be wolves adrift the burghal to kill, accomplishing so will accomplish the abutting allotment of that adventure quicker.

Finally, biking arctic to Amphipolis to go afterwards Agis of the North.  Whilst activity afterwards Agis, if you analyze the Leader Abode in Amphipolis, you will apprehension a noncombatant central alleged Akantha.  If you hunt her bottomward and annihilate her, she will be Order of Hunters (2/7) and you’ll accept the Persian Elite Belt.  

A Acceptable Toast

Go to the east ancillary of Amphipolis and collaborate with the anatomy there, afresh arch aback to the bank to acquisition and accord with Exadios the Backbreaker.

Finishing up the Dead Man Rises quest, biking to the blacksmith in the burghal and allege to the man alfresco and duke over the buck pelts, afresh accept “…And we are the Order.”  This will accord you the clue to your abutting Ancient, Echion the Watcher, who will be walking about Amphipolis.  Annihilate him for Order of Hunters (3/7) and to accept the Persian Elite Greaves.

The Burghal that Cried Wolf

As mentioned above, if you access at Amphipolis at night, the wolves will be advancing the civilians about the city.  If you access during daytime, it makes it abundant easier aloof to blow until black to save active about the assorted locations aggravating to acquisition the wolves.  Annihilate the wolves (around 15 in total) to end the quest.

Head west out of Amphipolis to Xerxes’s Sacrifice of the Nine to acquisition Konon the Hunter, annihilate him for Order of Hunters (4/7), afresh arch aback to the Bedrock Arch hideout, and south to Natakas.

Note: If you don’t appetite to hunt bottomward Akantha in Amphipolis, her clue can be begin in the architecture abutting to the nation chest on the south-west bend of Olynthos  Fortress.

More Questions Than Answers

Talk to Nakatas, afresh annihilate bristles deer in the adjacent area.  Afterwards a abbreviate cutscene, booty out the adjacent boar, authoritative abiding to boodle it for the meat, afore addition cutscene ends this quest.

Starting the Hunt

Return aback to the awning and allege with Natakas again.

Hunting the Huntsman

After speaking with Natakas, there are three abutment quests to complete.

Mysterious Malady

Travel south aback to Potidaia and allege to the Magistrate on the eastern ancillary over attractive the village.  Biking east forth the bank appear the Underwater Cavern, and use Ikaros aback answer to locate the doctor on the beach, booty out the soldiers and allege to her aback you arrive.  Afterwards the abbreviate cutscene, acknowledgment to the Adrestia and defeat the brigand ships sailing of the south bank of the larboard tip of Makedonia.  Already they’re both dealt with, acknowledgment to Potidaia and to the Doctor and Magistrate accepting a conversation.  If you paid absorption to the agenda on the ship, you’ll apperceive who to accuse, but if you can’t remember, accept “Stop Lying, Doctor” and this will acknowledge her as a affiliate of the Ancients.  Annihilate her and her two guards to get the Order of Hunters (5/7), as able-bodied as the Persian Elite Arm Guards, afresh allocution to Natakas to end the quest.

Whimpers Through the Fog

Travel north-west from Potidaia appear the Therme Wetlands, and aloof east of it forth the river will be a alternation of cages attentive by a brace of bears (beyond the lath anatomy covered in blood).  Booty out the bears, afresh chargeless the captive in the average cage of the lower set and allocution to her.  Arch afterwards appear the claret covered architecture and collaborate with the anatomy in the southern best cage, the ample white sheet, the accoutrement on the table outside, and the aperture of the building.  Arch a abbreviate way west into the alpine grass to allocution to the adolescent boy, afresh chase him appear a ample trees.  During the cutscene, do not aces the aftermost advantage unless you absolutely appetite to annihilate the civilians.  Aback it comes up as a best on its own, let the timer run out and you’ll accept to activity off two Persian guards afore branch west to acquisition a agenda absorbed to a lath statue.  

Revealing the Recruiter

Head east appear Olynthos Fortress, and use Ikaros already you’re abutting to it to locate Darius on it’s south-western side.  You’ll charge to arch into Olynthos Breastwork to boodle three notes, so use Ikaros to define them, afresh access the fortress.  It’s best to do it application stealth, but it’s not a requirement.  Already of the addendum is on a architecture in the south-west bend with actual few guards about it, one is in a ample architecture forth the arctic fence band to the east of the fortress, and the aftermost one is captivated by a bouncer patrolling.  Already all three are gathered, acknowledgment to Darius on the south-western side.  Accept to investigate the pyres of hay, afresh biking to a additional acreage a abbreviate way west and allege to Darius again.  Afterwards the cutscene, annihilate the Conspirator and the guards about him to defeat Order of Hunters (6/7), as able-bodied as accepting the Persian Elite Chest Guard.

Again, Malaka?!

Return to the aboriginal acreage you met Darius at, and central the thatched anatomy will be addition agenda to aces up.  Use the Adrestia to biking to the four islets in the eastern bay of Makedonia, use Ikaros to locate the four treasures (though they’re annihilation special) and aggregate them all to end the quest.

Piecing The Puzzle

Return to the Bedrock Arch and allege to Natakas again.  

Protector Of Persia

Travel arctic to the arctic ancillary of Mount Pangeon for a cutscene, afterwards which you’ll accept to activity off six of the Huntsman’s guards.  Afterwards addition cutscene, you’ll be in a activity with the Huntsman.  He has the adeptness to bandy smoke on the attic and abandon briefly, but he can calmly be begin by the arrows advancing appear you.  Already he’s bottomward to bisected health, he will run off to a cavern to the west, so use Ikaros to locate him.  If you’re absolutely lucky, you’ll accept a compensation hunter afterwards you as well.  Chase the Huntsman into the cavern for the additional bisected of the fight.  In this half, he will add fractional invisibility to his repertoire, as able-bodied as a few wolves.  Overall, the Huntsman is a abundant easier activity than best bosses, affiliated to a compensation hunter during anniversary phase, but the wolves do accomplish it a bit added entertaining.  Afterwards a brace of cutscenes, you will unlock;

for killing the Huntsman, who is Order of Hunters (7/7), and you’ll additionally accept the Persian Elite Chest Guard.  Acknowledgment aback to the Bedrock Arch awning for addition cutscene, catastrophe this adventure and unlocking;

You will additionally accept the Bend of Time allegorical artful and the Persian Elite Band.

This adventure has an accomplishment angry to killing 10 enemies with the Rapid Blaze ability.  This adeptness allows you to continuously blaze arrows as continued as you accumulate captivated down.  The arrows are weaker than a accustomed attack, and bulk a baby bulk of adrenaline anniversary time, but auspiciously alone the final hit has to be fabricated with the ability, so you can abate the adversary with approved arrows first.  This additionally advance if you use it on civilians or animals if you ambition to get it done with a lot quicker.  Killing 10 enemies with the Rapid Blaze adeptness will unlock;

Stranger Tides

Travel to the western ancillary of the Istion Valley arena to the boondocks of Dyme.  Darius will be aloof west of it on the Ionian Watch synchronization location, so arch up and allege to him.  Afterwards the cutscene, jump off the roof and chase Darius on horseback until the alleyway splits and you charge to investigate the area.  Collaborate with the weapons at the centermost of the split, the armor on the larboard side, and the crates added up the larboard side.  Allocution to Darius afresh and abide to chase him up the abundance until you adeptness the Teichos of Herakles, accepting ambushed three times forth the way.  Already you arrive, allege to Darius afresh booty out the bristles guards nearby.

Into the Storm

Use Ikaros to chase the acropolis for the four prisoners, two are on the western side, one is to the north, and the aftermost one is on the eastern side.  Starting with the western two is the best advance of activity as there’s not abounding guards about them and it’s an accessible breadth with a lot of cover.  Chargeless the arctic one additional afore catastrophe with the one on the eastern side. Afore abrogation the fort, in advanced of the ample architecture on the arctic ancillary is a baby agenda to aces up, which will alpha the On the Grapevine sidequest.  Leave the acropolis and acknowledgment to Natakas, who will now be alfresco the arctic allotment of the fort.

You’ll now be alien to the Order of the Storm.  These are absolutely the aforementioned as the Order of Hunters from Adventure 1, so there won’t be to abundant altercation on them as you’ve already dealt with the cultist and Ancients.  There’s alone bristles of them this time, so the action is a little beneath affected than the added two.  


Head south-east to the apple of Boura and allocution to Kleta central a ample architecture on the eastern side, afresh go appear the fields to the arctic to allege to Orontas, who’ll be continuing on a lath belvedere overlooking the fields.  As you accomplish your way appear him, attending to the appropriate to see a white bedrock beneath a ample timberline and aces up the agenda on it, starting the Thank You, Misthios quest.  Afterwards the cutscene with Orontas, you’ll accept to booty out seven guards who will be analytic the fields, the quieter the better, afore they adeptness the village.  Afterwards they’re dealt with, addition four will access on horseback from the south-west, so booty these out as able-bodied afore abiding to Orontas.  

On the Grapevine

Head east from Boura to the Abode of the Phoenician and use Ikaros to locate the aboriginal of the addendum about the Tempest, which will be on the arena attic of the building.  Afterwards acrimonious it up, abide east to Olouros Fortress, afresh application Ikaros to locate the note, which is abominably amid absolutely abutting to the centermost of the fortress.  There’s a acceptable bulk of grass awning to use if use wish, authoritative it hardly easier to get there.  Whilst central the fortress, if you accomplish your way to the alpine architecture in the average with the Nation Chest, you can acquisition a clue to the aboriginal Ancient, Nestor, you’ll get to him later.  For now, biking north-west to Patrai and to the Leader Abode there, use Ikaros to acquisition the agenda on the north-western bend of the house, and go in and grab it.

Persian Puppetry

People accept appear a bug with this adventure not commutual so accomplish a save afore you alpha it.

A abbreviate way arctic from the Leader Abode you will acquisition Natakas, access him for a cutscene, afresh arch east to the shipyard.  As you enter, about-face larboard and allocution with the man on his knees acclimation the path, afresh abide bottomward the alleyway until you can allocution to a man beating a fasten into some rope.  Go through the architecture he’s abutting to and about-face appropriate to allege to a man abutting to a accumulation of copse chippings.  Abide bottomward the alleyway to allocution to a woman in advanced of a accumulation of wood, afresh acknowledgment to Natakas.  You can try and be catlike for this abutting part, but it’s quicker to aloof activity anybody off.  Chase Natakas and booty out the assorted guards that advance you, and already they’re dealt with, allege to the killer.  Arch to the Adrestia, afresh out to sea to booty out the three apparent ships to end the quest.  With this adventure completed, there will now be bristles mercenaries afterward you about Achaia, anniversary in their own abstracted area.  It’ll be acclaimed aback you appear beyond them, but as they’re no altered to approved mercenaries, their quests won’t be abundant fully, alone breadth you can acquisition them.

Whilst out to sea, arch east appear the Isle of Thisvi and you’ll appear beyond Nestor’s address aloof off the arctic bank of Achaia.  Booty him out and you’ll accept defeated Order of the Storm (1/5) as able-bodied as accepting a clue to the abutting Ancient, Augos.  

Thank You, Misthios

Nearby will be a band of rocks arch out from the arctic bank of Achaia, abutting to the Sunken Temple of Demeter.   Use Ikaros to browse them for the treasure, afresh arch aground to aces it up.  A quick cutscene will comedy afore this adventure ends.  

Theatrics and Espionage

Return to Patrai (Atos the Best Caller is amid here) and to the shipyard to the east afresh to acquisition Darius central one of the bisected congenital ships.  Biking a abbreviate way south to the Amphitheater and allege to the man in dejected accouterment in the advanced row.  Afterwards the cutscene, use Ikaros to locate the bouncer in the Temple of Artemis Laphria to the south accustomed the plans, booty him out, afresh acknowledgment to the Amphitheater.  Afterwards the cutscene, activity off the guards, one of whom in an Ancient, Megakreon.  Killing him will be Order of the Storm (2/5), and you will accept the Armor-Piercing Added of the Unbreakable allegorical added for accomplishing so.  Afterwards the fight, allege with Parmys adjacent to end the quest.

Tides of War

Talk to Parmys again, afresh arch north-west to the Shipyard of Patrai and use Ikaros to locate the aboriginal two cipher books.  The aboriginal is on a colonnade central the eastern best dock, but the additional will be a bit trickier to get to as it’s on a able-bodied attentive address on the western side.  You can allurement the guards into the bushes one by one if you want, but a abounding on advance is quicker, it’ll aloof be added challenging.  Already you’ve dealt with the guards, grab the cipher book and leave the shipyard and go to the Adrestia to alpha hunting bottomward the additional set of books.  Firstly arch arctic to the southern bank of the Sacred Lands of Apollo arena in Phokis breadth there will be a Spartan address sailing.  Abort it to get the third cipher book, afresh arch west appear Kephallonia to acquisition the fourth and final book aboard addition Spartan Ship.

At the end of this quest, you’ll now be able to use the Flamethrower aboard the Adrestia.  Use aback adverse assiduously to blaze it, and already you’ve set 10 ships afire with it, you will unlock;

You’ll apperceive you’ve set the address on blaze aback the blaze figure aloft it has a white timer about it.

Travel to Pellene breadth there’s a brace of things to do afore continuing the story.  Biking up to the Bronze of Poseidon syncronization breadth and you will acquisition Augos nearby, annihilate her for Order of the Storm (3/5).  Pellene is additionally breadth you’ll acquisition the additional mercenary, Hirpes.  Killing him will acknowledge the analysis of the three actual mercenaries, Aias in Olouros Fortress, and Kephalon and Proktos abreast Boura.  As Aias is adequately close, arch to the breastwork now to booty him out, but leave the added two for a bit afterwards aback it’s added convenient.  There’s a acceptable adventitious he’ll be amidst by added guards, but he does adventure out on his own occasionally so you can delay until afresh if you wish. 

Safe Passage

Head to the docks on the western ancillary of Scavenger’s Bank and access the foreman for a cutscene.  You can either accept to pay 50,000 drachmae to break the issue, or chase for some items about Scavenger’s Coast.  There are eight items to acquisition in all, so use Ikaros to define them all.  The items are;

Heracles Activity Figure – South-west of the dockPouch of Ancient Coins – Cavern on the south sideFountain Face – Abutting to a bedrock aloof arctic of the caveGlittery Pendant – In the baptize aloof south of the Ambush Cove brand (whilst here, ascend aboard the burst ship.  On one of the portions with a mast will be a anatomy with a clue to the abutting Ancient, Sophos.  The allotment of address you’re attractive for is anon beneath the map brand for Ambush Cove)Expensive-Looking Clay Pot – Added arctic from the Pendant, central an underwater ambush (there will be a lot of bits on the apparent aloft it)Right Dove Knocker – Anon east from the Clay Pot, afresh underwaterLeft Dove Knocker – On the ambush abutting to the added KnockerFour-Legged Sculpture – One the actual eastern ancillary of Ambush Cove, beneath a lath platform

You alone charge to aggregate six in absolute (I acclaim the aboriginal four and the two knockers for ease), afresh acknowledgment to the berth for a abbreviate cutscene.

Before abiding to Natakas, arch to Boura to accord with the aftermost two Mercenaries.  Auspiciously they’ll be abutting to anniversary other, so you can use a Blitz Assassination if you like to get a brace of quick hits on them both afore acquisition them.  Acknowledgment to Patrai, but afore speaking to Natakas, acquisition and annihilate the fourth Ancient, Sophos, for Order of the Storm (4/5).  He will be amidst by a few guards, but they shouldn’t accommodate too abundant trouble.

Calm Afore the Storm

Speak to Natakas who will be aloof south on the aforementioned address you met Darius on earlier, afresh acknowledgment aback to Dyme in the Istion Valley and allege with Darius again.  Afterwards the cutscene, arch to the arctic bank of the Istion Valley and allege to Kleta.

Leviathan’s Maw

Board the Adrestia, which is now calmly adjacent and arch out to sea and abort the four advancing ships.  Already they’re dealt with, The Tempests address will attack.  It’s no altered to any of the added aerial baronial ships you’ve faced so far, so abort it for a cutscene to comedy out.  If you appetite the bigger ending, accept “Kleta, break back!”.  You’ll accept to activity two added guards aback angry Phila, but they’re not too challenging.  Afterwards acquisition her, a cutscene will comedy catastrophe the quest.  Phila will be Order of the Storm (5/5), and killing her will unlock;

Kill all of the Ancients in the Order of the Storm in Achaia.

You’ll additionally assuredly accept the Judgment of the Bobcat weapon, you’ll charge to anticipate 10 adversary attacks whilst the weapon is able to alleviate yourself (though you can be at abounding health).  There’s a baby brigand affected aloof to the east of breadth you are at the end of the cutscene with a few bandits on to accomplish this accessible to get.  Already you’ve parried 10 times, you’ll unlock;

Heal by attrition 10 times with the Judgment of the Lion.


Meet Darius and Natakas aback on the bank breadth you fought Phila and allocution to them.  Afterwards the cutscene, acknowledgment to the abode in Dyme and apprehend the letter inside, afresh allege to Darius alfresco afterwards a abbreviate scene.  Aces up the adjacent bassinet and backpack it bottomward the acropolis to the adjacent merchant, afresh arch east to the adjacent acreage to aces up some wheat, and acknowledgment it to the merchant.  Aces up the bassinet and acknowledgment to the house, and afterwards the cutscene the adventure ends, unlocking;

This adventure has an accomplishment angry to it for killing 10 enemies with the Fury of the Bloodline ability.  It’s agnate to the Overpower attacks in that it unleashes a alternation of attacks based on one button input, but it’s a lot weaker (at aboriginal at least).  Unlike the Overpower Attacks, it doesn’t bulk adrenaline to use, it absolutely generates it, about it does accept a rather continued cooldown so it can’t be acclimated all the time.  It’s best to do it aback enemies are on low bloom to ensure the kill.  Already you’ve asleep 10 enemies with it, you will unlock;

The Simple Life

Starting at the apple of Dyme, arch east to acquisition a brace of boars to kill, afresh acknowledgment to the abode and allege to Darius.  Chase him bottomward to the beach, afresh collaborate with the ancillary of the ashore ship.  Afterwards the cutscene, chase Natakas forth the river until you’re asked to acquisition seven mollusk forth the shoreline, they’re all in lath baskets in the baptize so they’re actual accessible to spot.  Allege to Natakas again, afresh arch to the bluff bend with him for a cutscene.

A Flight in Fire

After the cutscene, accomplish your way aback to Dyme for a cutscene, afterwards which you’ll accept to activity off some guards afore branch aback up to the house.  If you accept anyone analytic for you, you’ll accept to annihilate them off aboriginal as well.  Afterwards the cutscene, accomplish you way aback bottomward to the beach, killing the guards as you go, and adeptness Natakas for addition cutscene.  Afterwards the cutscene, you’ll be in a adequately catchy activity adjoin a brace of guards, as able-bodied as two bodies alleged The Immortals.  The aboriginal one isn’t so bad, he uses adulteration arrows and tries to accumulate his distance, but doesn’t accept a lot of abutting ambit attacks.  Already he’s bottomward to bisected health, the additional Immortal will booty over, and he’s a abundant tougher proposition.  For starters, you can’t get rid of his shield, acceptation anemic attacks won’t work, and secondly, he can hit a advanced breadth by calling blaze arrows from the sky, authoritative abstention a must.  Already he’s bottomward to bisected health, you’ll accept to activity both of them at once.  Alpha with the adulteration Immortal as ambidextrous with the blaze Immortal one-on-one will be a lot easier.  Afterwards the activity and a abbreviate cutscene, acknowledgment aback to the beach.  

Killing The Immortals will be Order of Dominion (1/7), and for commutual the aftermost adventure you will accept The Roar Unending, a allegorical abundant blunt.

Travel to the Bay of Hades region, and to it’s southern bank to acquisition the Pedasos Camp, and collaborate with the agenda on the bobcat bark on the arctic ancillary to acquisition a clue to the abutting Ancient.  Accomplish your way north-east to the burghal of Aipeia breadth Pithias will be adrift around, annihilate him for Order of Dominion (2/7).  Of course, you could consistently try attractive for him about the burghal afterwards the clue, he will be in a ample architecture anon arctic of the burghal figure amidst by a brace of guards.  Killing him will additionally accolade you the Master Assassin Bracers.

Answers from Ashes

A abbreviate way east from breadth you asleep Pithias, access the ample branch breadth breadth there are four bodies to investigate, but the alone one you accept to attending at is the one in the architecture on the eastern side, afterwards which a cutscene with Darius will comedy out.   

Head north-east to Kedeas Cave, accord with the guards if you wish, afresh bead bottomward the aperture on the south ancillary to get addition clue for an Ancient, this time Artazostre, who will roam the accomplished southern ancillary of Messenia.  Aback you eventually appear beyond her, annihilate her for Order of Dominion (3/7) and the Master Assassin’s Belt.  From Kedeas Cave, biking arctic to Terror Gorge and accomplish your way through it, accomplished the cultists to acquisition the abutting Ancient, Gaspar, at the back.  Annihilate him for Order of the Dominion (4/7), as able-bodied as the Master Assassin’s Robes.  

The Ordering of the Kosmos

Travel to the Vista of Pylos synchronization point and allege to Darius there.  Afterwards the cutscene, chase the Order associates as agilely as accessible as the accomplish their way bottomward the path.  If you administer to not get spotted, Dimokrates will be revealed, afterwards which booty him out to get Order of Dominion (5/7), and additionally accept the Master Assassin’s Boots.  Acknowledgment to Darius afterwards to end the quest

Give Our Respects

Travel west to Mount Ithome Fort, and ascend up the belfry in the north-east bend to aces up a agenda from the Order.  You’ll charge to use Ikaros to locate the assorted guards in Ithome Fort, the Stenyklaros Checkpoint, and the Temple of Apollo Korythos.  Starting with Ithome Fort, there are four guards to booty out actuality (as able-bodied as a lot of approved guards so try not to get seen).  Save the added two locations for a bit, it’s easier to run through addition adventure beforehand.

The Spartan Dog

Head all the way to the south-west bank of the Bay of Hades, booty out the bristles guards about the prisoners, afresh chargeless the three prisoners.  Chase them abroad from the bank breadth three added Spartans will attack, afresh abide to chase them and allege to the General aback he stops.  Lath the Adrestia, which is now aloof off the coast, and biking out to defeat the four Spartan ships.  Acknowledgment to the General already they’ve all been dealt with.

Back to the Give Our Respects quest, arch arctic to the Stenyklaros Checkpoint breadth there are two added Order guards to booty out, afresh arch south aback appear Aipeia and to the Temple of Apollo Korythos breadth the aftermost three guards are.  

Command and Control

Head to the Leader Abode in Aipeia and use Ikaros to locate the the Helots.  Accomplish your way about the house, absolution them all, afresh chase the aftermost one you chargeless appear an underground breadth and allege to them aback you arrive.  Arch appear the burghal center, abutting to the bulletin board, for a cutscene, during which you can either activity the guards, or pay them to chargeless the woman.  If you accept to activity them, annihilate the bristles guards afresh allocution to the woman afterwards.  Chase her through the city, allocution to her aback she alcove the children, afresh chase her and the accouchement afresh until a cutscene plays.  Activity the four guards off, afresh chase the woman afresh and allocution to the accouchement aback you access at a baby boat.  There’s annihilation angry to the best you make, so aces whichever one you want.

The Trap is Set

Travel a abbreviate way arctic to allege to Darius for a cutscene.  

The Aftermost Magi

Head to the south-western ancillary of Aipeia and to the graveyard on the outskirts for a cutscene.  Chase Gergis on horseback until addition cutscene plays out, during which you can adjudge to annihilate him or not.  There’s no absolute account to befitting him animate (you’ll alone accept to annihilate him afterwards otherwise), so accept to activity him.  It won’t be a difficult fight, afterwards which you’ll accept killed Order of Dominion (6/7), and additionally accept the Golden Harbinger allegorical staff.

With the Golden Harbinger, you can now alpha alive appear addition accomplishment for killing 10 enemies with headshots to restore health.  You can get headshots on civilians and animals if you appetite an accessible time accomplishing so, but accomplish abiding you annihilate them in the process.  With the Golden Harbinger equipped, killing 10 targets with headshots will unlock;

Heal by accepting 10 headshot kills while you accept the Golden Harbinger equipped.

Smoke and Fury

Travel arctic into Messene to allege to Darius on the southern ancillary of the city.  Afterwards the cutscene you’ll accept to accomplish your way about the actual begrimed lumberyard to annihilate the three apparent guards, as able-bodied as ambidextrous with any added guards that adjudge to get in your way.  Already they’re dealt with, acknowledgment to Darius and allocution to him again.  Biking arctic to adeptness Andania Abundance and arch inside, chase the aisle through to the ample allowance at the end and access the ample chest for a cutscene.  If you didn’t annihilate Gergis earlier, you’ll accept to activity him now, abroad you’ll alone accept to activity a brace of scribes.

Legacy of the Aboriginal Blade

Leave the abundance and go up to the Temple of Zeus aloft it for a cutscene, afterwards which you’ll be in a activity with Amorges.  For the aboriginal bisected of the fight, he’ll activity with a brand and absorber (which can’t be broken) but it’s not too catchy to get about it with assorted skills.  Already he’s beneath bisected health, he’ll canal the absorber and alpha application a blaze sword, authoritative the activity decidedly harder as he can accord a lot of accident at once, with blaze accident on top.  Accumulate yourself healed up and don’t try for too abounding hits at already abroad you’ll lose bloom actual quickly.  Arrows are a acceptable best to body up adrenaline to accumulate up the healing.  Already the activity is over addition cutscene will play.  Killing Amorges will be Order of Dominion (7/7), acceptation you will unlock;

After the cutscene, biking to the baby island south of Messenia and appear it’s southern tip for a cutscene.  Afterwards the cutscene, you will accept the Master Assassin’s Hood, and accept completed the capital questline, unlocking;

Remnant of the Ancients

Travel to Pilgrim’s Landing, and allege with the merchant abutting to the docks.  If you’ve asleep all the associates of the Order of Ancients, you will accept the Brand of Kings, unlocking the final accomplishment from this DLC story;

There is one aftermost ancillary adventure to complete if you appetite abounding cease from the adventure line

No Added Wine

Head aback to the abode in the Istion Valley and access the boutonniere of flowers on the floor.  You’ll charge to retrieve three items, Natakas’s Advantageous Charm, aloof off the arctic bank of the Istion Valley, Natakas’s Hunting Bow from the Bedrock Arch awning in Makedonia, and assuredly Elpidios’s Blanket from the docks on the baby island south of Messenia.  Acknowledgment to the abode already you accept all three items and collaborate with the flowers again.  

This walkthrough is the acreage of This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

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