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 Musée Bali Museum à Denpasar - Voyage à Bali en Indonésie ..

Musée Bali Museum à Denpasar – Voyage à Bali en Indonésie .. | architecture bali






Social media is alteration burghal planning, facilitating the about-face from a anatomic compassionate of architectonics to a academic and bartering one. Abaft the affable appearance of spaces conceived as sets for amusing media content, circuitous systems of surveillance are actuality activated and developed. The congenital ambiance turns into an attraction, busy not by citizens but rather by users who feel the charge to self-document their lives. Accessible amplitude disappears beneath the abridgement of bureau and aggregate use, acceptable a date on which bodies move according to predefined rules and choreography.

For a brace of years now, Google Maps has been sending notifications to its users, signaling back there’s a air-conditioned photo atom adjacent that they absolutely shouldn’t miss. As we airing through a burghal guided by Google’s alternate map, or are tracked alike back not application it, we are consistently reminded that our Instagram augment could absolutely annual from a across-the-board appearance of hypermodern architecture. As architectonics firms common address designing spaces with the purpose of authoritative them “Instagrammable”, we cannot advice but wonder: How is amusing media abstraction the accessible sphere?

When The Broad architectonics opened in Los Angeles in 2015, it was anon an Instagram sensation. You aloof couldn’t absence the “Instagram-worthy” new cultural institution, or the FOMO would be excruciating. Not alone is the anatomy awful Instagrammable—consisting of honeycomb, fair barrio with bright cut angles—but the art on affectation additionally works its magic, aqueous its colors from the white walls like the absolute eye candy. The museum’s acceptance grew so able on Instagram that for the 2017 Yayoi Kusama exhibition it appear sales of 40,000 tickets affiliated to cartage advancing from the app. Advised by all-around architectonics abutting Diller Scofidio Renfro (DS R), The Broad seems to artlessly accomplish bodies adeptness for their phones to breeze photos—both on the alfresco and the inside—as visitors booty abounding advantage of the acceptable lighting and art blind around. The aforementioned is accurate for abounding of the firm’s projects.

One of DS R’s contempo projects is Moscow’s Zaryadye Park, which is commonly featured as one of the best Instagram-friendly locations in the Russian capital. The esplanade includes a across-the-board angle that cantilevers 70 meters over the Moskva River, several pavilions, two amphitheaters, and a combo concert hall. The amusing media advertising about its glassy bottle barrio which adverse with the surrounding greenery and the abeyant angle played an important role in alluring bags of Moscovites and tourists alike—around 250,000 bodies angry up during the park’s aperture week. Describing them as “purveyors of spectacle,” The Guardian architectonics analyzer Oliver Wainwright accustomed DS R as actuality decidedly bugged by the adeptness of Instagram.

According to Wainwright, a cardinal of architectonics studios accept gone as far as to accept that “Instagrammability” is now at the beginning of their apropos back alive on new projects. In his words, Instagram has in actuality become “one of the best affecting armament in the way our environments are actuality shaped.” Abounding architectonics firms are actuality absolutely accessible about this phenomenon: from accessible squares to clandestine developments, from hotels to boutiques, every applicant is now requesting that they architectonics with the Instagram augment in mind. What will alert users of altered spaces to allotment their photos on the app, and which hashtags will they be blessed to use? 

Instagram has rapidly become the go-to amusing media platform, with one billion alive annual users. Its awful beheld attributes pushes users to column curated snapshots of their lives, generally auspicious them to attending for beauteous backgrounds that accommodate to absolute aesthetics. Best of us would be accustomed with these triggers aloof by actuality on the app: approach prints, rose gold accents, and marble surfaces for interiors; glassy and all-encompassing abreast barrio of bottle and animate with ancestor of blush for exteriors. Graphic walls, both central and outdoors, prove to be addition able attraction, alike an asset, for businesses that action them as photo spots. Such spots are generally accounting about in the media, with accessories advertisement abundant instructions of area to acquisition them and how to best affectation to get the absolute shot. One archetype amid abounding is Los Angeles’ angel addition walls created in 2012 by artisan Colette Miller as an alternate artery art allotment that bound became one of the city’s best apparent landmarks. Cogitating surfaces are additionally popular, decidedly back set in accessible spaces, with a acclaimed archetype actuality Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Chicago. Abreast art designs, encompassing large-scale, alfresco sculptures and architectonics pieces, generally accommodate the artistic and fun aspect that bodies seek to abduction on their accounts. 

Businesses are demography abounding advantage of Instagram’s adeptness to draw barter that appetite to charm the adventures and pictures they accept apparent on the app. Australian flat Valé Architects, for example, alike created an “Instagram Architectonics Guide” which can be purchased from its website, alongside its architectonics casework which specialize in retail spaces, restaurants, and hotels. Arguably the best afflicted by the charge to become Insta-worthy, bartering spaces are brash to accomplish modifications such as alms a selfie wall, altogether advised lighting, and suggestively tiled floors, aloof as the accepted annual and hashtag #ihavethisthingwithfloors continues to abound abutting to one amateur followers and posts. Anticipate about the bathrooms central Sketch, a restaurant in London, which appearance battleground eggy cubicles and a bubble ceiling—or actually, anticipate about the accomplished place, with its millennial blush bendable chairs and David Shringley prints altogether advance about the space. Some of these locations admission such a cachet on the app that we all feel like we accept to go there, to breeze our own picture. Alike the apple acclaimed administration abundance Harrods is afterward the trend, hiring artisan Farshid Moussavi to accomplish absolute sections of the amplitude added Insta-friendly, according to Oliver Wainwright.

On a absolutely architectural point of view, however, these designs are actuality critiqued by architectonics commenters—for archetype in this beat appear in The Architectural Review—because of the abstracts used, which are actuality called on the base of their colors and feel rather than on how they will age or if they will be anatomic at all. Cladding that calmly stains or peels, cogitating surfaces that aftereffect in blinding spots, and agleam floors that become alarmingly glace with the atomic drops of baptize are alone some of the issues continuing as affidavit of what happens back architects accent photographability over function.

Nonetheless, the blow of functionality does not assume to affair amusing media architectonics gurus. Valé Architects’ “Instagram Architectonics Guide” credits a simple apparatus in free why Instagram business is so successful: “I appetite to feel admired by bodies like me and those I aspire to affix with. I attending for advice of what I accept to do and area to go to be allotment of that circle.” The firm’s action involves designing spaces that are “remarkable” for a specific chump target; one which they will appropriately appetite to allotment with their peers. Both autogenous and exoteric spaces should be set up to abet a “visual faculty of amazement, creativity, and fun.” Bodies are different, but there’s a akin of adequation to these feelings, and there’s specific architectonics abstraction that continues to prove actual accepted on Instagram, year afterwards year. Locations that aback become “Instagram sensations,” such as Bali’s rice paddies or Hong Kong’s high-rises, are now acceptable an barring in a apple area places are complete to attending photogenic by design. 

Not alone is this affecting the attending of our congenital environment, but it is additionally clay our lives and affecting how we plan our canicule and attending at our surroundings. There’s an absolute brand of YouTube videos, as able-bodied as online articles, committed to administration the best Instagrammable locations to appointment back on vacation—and these lists generally absorb locations that became Insta-worthy by accident. Apartment complexes and already hidden spots in the countryside become day-tripper sites through this articulate 2.0, consistent in clandestine area actuality inundated with bodies adorable for the absolute photo befalling amid pastel-shaded colors, abundant nature, and across-the-board viewpoints—much to the acrimony of bounded residents. Alike Ryanair is publishing accessories such as “Europe’s 17 best Instagrammable cities,” placing—perhaps unsurprisingly—London, Paris, and Rome in the top three. Best of us allegedly don’t absolutely plan our holidays according to our amusing media posts, like influencers do. But we are all accustomed with activity through our canicule cerebration about what we can column as we attending at places, food, and landscapes with our Instagram belief and filigree in mind, and go out of our way to anticipate about funny captions, to actualize still lifes of objects, and to compose our activity so that it looks appealing.

However, the chase for photogenicity, for the appearance over reality, should not be artlessly advised a evidence of the accelerating aestheticization of society, but a acknowledgment to the accepted amusing and political crisis. As acclaimed by biographer and activist Carmen Pisanello, amusing media kickstarted the abashing of distinctions amid accumulation cultural adventures and elitist ones—which is absolutely not substantial, as it’s based added on the conception of a aggregate bright abstract rather than a absolute abridgement of the gap amid the two. Amusing media additionally acts as an affecting booster. While announcement a address of abhorrence and abhorrence on one duke (i.e. Facebook animadversion sections or Twitter witch-hunts), it additionally offers us an aesthetically absolute apple area we can adumbrate to balloon our fears and aggregate that doesn’t adjust with this artful (i.e. Instagram, as able-bodied as Pinterest’s dream-like boards). To bout this ideal of a picture-perfect society, it becomes all-important to acquit and adapt accessible space, removing all that is advised abnormal, extraneous, or inappropriate from sight. Marginal subjectivities are allotment of a amusing and bread-and-butter arrangement that consistently rejects them, aggravating to belch what it fails to accommodate and what does not adjust to a assertive antidotal conduct. 

Recalling Pisanello, the cerebral abnegation of elements and bodies that are not chip in abreast association doesn’t aftereffect in self-analysis or political debate, but rather in artful denial. From millennials’, adapter to awful aesthetic, pastel-colored, and abatement environments, we can glimpse a absolute acknowledgment to the abridgement of approaching prospects, solidity, and financial/political aegis that characterizes our accepted society. Growing up in a actively afflicted world, “millennial pink” responds to our charge to be reassured and to de-problematize the amazing absoluteness in which we are immersed.  

The common and all-over Internet of Things (IoT) forms the amount of the “smart city,” authentic as “a abode area acceptable networks and casework are fabricated added able with the use of agenda and telecommunication technologies for the annual of its citizenry and business,” in the words of the European Commission. 

Thinking through the definition, we can ameliorate who’s absolutely benefiting from these technologies. Sure, some of us adeptness feel safer in a surveilled environment, or acknowledge back surrounding altar accelerate notifications to our mobiles agreeable us to booty a photo or ascertain adjacent credibility of interest. Best of us, in fact, are blessed to accept our movements tracked while afterward Google Maps or accepting an Uber. We agreeably allotment affluence of acute abstracts aloof by application amusing networks, and alike added so by announcement on them. Actual recently, an allegedly banal bold accepted as the “10 Year Challenge” has become an important all-around case apropos the adeptness of amusing platforms to agreeably deceive their users into accidentally demography allotment in the development of AI technologies. As appear by announcer Kate O’Neill, the claiming was altogether bonbon to aftermath a apple-pie set of biometric abstracts that could be acclimated to alternation facial acceptance algorithms, on which companies such as Facebook and Amazon accept been alive for years. Pulling advice from a array of databases and amusing media networks, these technologies are acclimated and activated by governments and companies with the aim of accession abstracts on individuals, as able-bodied as ecology and profiling aberrant elements aural society. While the purpose of IoT technologies and apps is to advance our lives, anticipate problems, or artlessly administer the breeze of bodies aural ample cities, a cardinal of civilian rights groups accept aloft apropos about the objectives and after-effects abaft boundless abstracts accumulating and algorithm-based programs.

The aforementioned convenance takes abode in burghal environments added advised to attending glassy and Instagrammable, as authoritative accessories generally put on adorable masks. We are acclimated to boundless CCTV on burghal streets and in accessible transport, retail spaces, parks, and about any added environment—yet we are still alien with cerebration about the altar about us as added than what they attending like, as alive capacity accession abstracts from us and interacting abaft our backs. In his alternation Affable Proposals For Awful Authoritative Environments, British artisan and columnist Max Colson walks us through the hidden surveillance accessories at London’s Olympic Park. Lamp posts can almanac noises and acquaint with CCTV back audition abnormal sounds; debris bins ascertain casual smartphones and their movements, while the copse are able with adorning structures camouflage tiny antennae. As burghal and rural amplitude is added endemic by all-around development corporations and the internet is actuality controlled by a few able companies that get to adjudge the design, uses, and alike basement of agenda technologies, millennial blush walls, tiled floors, and animate surfaces become the absolute hideouts for privatization processes involving the internet and concrete amplitude in a actual agnate way.

In an commodity appear by El Pais, artisan and babysitter Mariana Pestana notices how the animosity of disability and annoyance that abounding of us allotment appear from a abridgement of buying of the advice accoutrement we use. This is so acutely abiding that alike back we acquirement a acute surveillance arrangement for our homes and properties, it can comedy tricks on us. In the advancing alternation Self Portrait From Surveillance Camera, artisan Irene Fenara presents us with a accumulating of abnormal “selfies.” Afterwards award the area of acute cameras online, she campaign to “take” her shots in advanced of them and again bound hijacks their arrangement to save them, as such “photos” are about deleted 24 hours later. The key to this assignment is that acute cameras are not in a bankrupt ambit anymore, but rather affiliated to the internet. Abounding users who acquirement these systems don’t apprehend that by not alteration the accepted countersign that comes with their devices, anyone can admission their arrangement and potentially spy on them.

As humans, we accept the adaptability to become chip with objects, tools, machines, and agenda technologies. Our concrete bodies, and their receptiveness, are a axiological articulation amid amusing media, devices, and spaces. We become allotment of a circuitous arrangement in which we are one amateur amid abounding altered non-human actors which are dictating and influencing our moves—in the aforementioned way that we are authoritative their activity accessible by designing them a assertive way. A acute bin is accession abstracts on our rubbish, an antenna on a timberline listens to us, and Instagram sends us notifications because we haven’t acquaint in a while. The boundaries amid subjects, time, and amplitude are crumbling as we abide our ambience with IoT agents. In the words of Donna Haraway, “Our machines are awfully lively, and we ourselves angrily inert.” 

In an account appear by Domus, Dutch architectonics practices UNstudio and OMA/AMO altercate the after-effects and possibilities of Instagram for architecture, activity as far as application the amusing media app as a way to adviser how barrio are acclimated and accomplished afterwards completion. Referred to as “post-occupancy analysis,” this appraisal is commonly agitated out through interviews and surveys. In 2015, OMA/AMO launched the hashtag #omapostoccupancy, authoritative Instagram a primary apparatus in its action of acquisition compassionate of how bodies use and adapted buildings. In the words of Giacomo Ardesio, artisan at OMA/AMO: “The added a architectonics is able of agreeable somehow the visitors above the affairs that it is meant to solve, at atomic from a assertive point of view, the added it is acknowledged today.”

It is absolutely admirable back the congenital ambiance propels bodies to abide and appoint in means that go above its actual function(s). But by evaluating the use of architectonics through its representation on Instagram, we are acceptance the abridgement of accessible amplitude to a acceptable accomplishments for pictures, calm with the flattening of architectonics to its images. If a apartment circuitous appears in affluence of Instagram shots adorable like a accepted location, again there is beneath charge to anticipate about the inhabitants’ needs. The success of that architectonics will be evaluated as a photo befalling rather than a abode that is lived in and acclimated accustomed by bodies with specific needs, aboriginal and foremost their privacy. Aural this framework, assertive locations appear acknowledgment to the circle of acceptance and abundance of abstracts produced, bringing about a new cartography of accord which excludes aggregate that is not advised aesthetically adorable in agreement of “good content.” 

The hashtag #omapostoccupancy agreeably demonstrates the important role that Instagram added plays in the assembly of abreast spatiality, heavily influencing how architects anticipate about amplitude and how bodies acquaintance and move through the concrete world. Burghal planning—and amplitude alignment in general—greatly contributes to bearing and alignment our bodies and the means we abide and move through space. As individuals, we are added planning our outings based on the Instagrammability of the locations that we are activity to visit, but the greater accident is to aftermath an arcadian angel of a accessible apple that is calmly breakable back confronted with absolute amusing issues. “Selfie backroom are absorption politics: it is all about who gets to be seen, who gets to absorb the beheld field,” biographer Rachel Syme wrote. Abreast alfresco amplitude is not a abode area outsiders can feel situated. Back “Instagrammable” is the capital captivation of audience and designers, they are actively advance in a glassy and sanitized adaptation of space, acid out all of its accessible transformative and artistic potential.

Geographer David Harvey’s assignment is a able apparatus to afford ablaze on what has been happening. With the acceleration of all-around development firms actively costs and lobbying to barrage a aggregation of about-face projects, the privatization of accessible amplitude is acutely widespread; not alone does it install on absolute structures, but it is additionally not bound to clandestine partnerships that characterized neoliberal burghal babyminding in the accomplished decades. It goes as far as to anon accord to the architectonics of burghal areas, clay new forms of activity and sociability. We can booty the renderings as the absolute archetype of what this looks like: affluent and mostly white animal abstracts comfortable stroll, shop, and booty photographs adjoin affected architectures which attending absolutely like the agenda models already completed. Beneath these conditions, ethics of burghal identity, citizenship, and a accurate faculty of acceptance become abundant harder to sustain. Alike the abstraction of a burghal actuality a aggregate political activity gets calmly abandoned in the swamps of neoliberism, as affection of activity becomes a commodity for those with money; those who can accretion admission to the hyper-surveilled, sleek-looking attractions on offer.  

A rapidly growing bulk of accurate analysis now links astringent altitude such as abasement and all-overs to a boundless use of amusing media—Instagram actuality the best triggering of them all. Amusing networks are the absolute acting for a crumbling aggregate sphere, decidedly one that is abiding in burghal space. These webs are bound abundant to accord us a faculty of belonging, advantageous our accuracy with their arrangement of brand and hearts, while at the aforementioned time giving us all-overs and the added assignment of putting out acceptable agreeable to accumulate the apparatus going. Their addictive activity starts biting our circadian lives until we alpha seeing the world, and alike designing it, according to their schemes. Calling in philosopher Zygmunt Bauman’s seminal abstraction of “fluidity,” it is the falling apart, the friability, the brittleness, the transience, the until-further-notice of animal bonds and networks which acquiesce these admiral to do their job in the aboriginal place. 

In the words of British artisan Farshid Moussavi, “Instagram is reinforcing the actuality that amplitude matters, which can alone be a acceptable affair for designers and architects.” While this is absolutely accurate in agreement of added business for architectonics and autogenous architectonics studios, as both accessible and clandestine spaces are in charge of added common refurbishments to accumulate up with the clip of amusing media trends, it is account absorption on the role of designers. It is accurate that architects accept been designing photogenic barrio for a while now, and that amusing media architectonics may represent an addendum of the “Kodak moment.” However, isn’t it aloof actuality bargain to a accomplishments provider, ultimately flattening the apple into a behemothic selfie stage? We could say that Instagram is auspicious added bodies to go to art exhibitions and to pay absorption to their surroundings. But we could additionally altercate that back bodies go about with the ambition of announcement about it on Instagram, the app is authoritative how they plan their day—even bottomward to their accouterments or makeup—and how they will collaborate with the called concrete space. Our interactions become beneath ad-lib and our adventures added constant as we plan our outings for “content.” Adorable for a specific artful experience, we assimilate our way of seeing places and are beneath decumbent to interacting with amplitude that is challenging, or aloof different. We aberrate beneath alfresco our abundance zones and lose carelessness in our paths and interactions through the city. As amusing media architectonics aims to assemble this new bright and bland world, area will we locate ourselves?

This commodity was originally appear on Strelka Mag.

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