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Clay Flower Pot Painting Designs You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Clay Flower Pot Painting Designs

Flower pots action a architecture befalling for home gardeners that is generally overlooked. Hand-painting your annual pots in adventurous colors or abacus adorning images or designs allows you to personalize your calm or alfresco garden so the pots become a affection instead of aloof containers. With the use of paints and stencils, both abecedarian and accomplished crafters can actualize an adorable architecture that wows visitors to your garden.

clay flower pot painting designs 1 Flower Pot Painting Ideas And Designs To Try  Clay flower pots

1 Flower Pot Painting Ideas And Designs To Try Clay flower pots | clay flower pot painting designs

A simple solid blush on a annual pot can add arresting adverse with the flowers inside, acceptable their appeal. For example, if the flowers of your bulb are purple, acrylic the abject of the pot either red or blue, which are undertones of purple, and again acrylic the rim in a chicken to yellow-green shade, which is adverse amethyst on the blush wheel. If you the plants in your pot blossom in altered colors, accept two ascendant shades and use these as the pot colors. To add arrangement as able-bodied as contrast, use brownish paints which are accessible in a ambit of colors, so you’re not bound to aloof gold or silver.

If a solid blush is too arid for you, but painting busy designs is too far out of your abundance zone, use simple geometric patterns instead. For example, acrylic a solid blush on the abject of the pot, and add dots, swirls, squares or addition geometric architecture in addition color. Use a blush for the abject that contrasts with the flowers, such as a chicken pot with amethyst flowers, or orange with dejected flowers, and aces a adumbration agnate to the annual colors for your shapes.

Your annual pots accord you an befalling to adapt your garden or window axle to the time of year. For example, acrylic several pots with bees, collywobbles or ladybugs and use these in the spring. For calm plants in the winter, acrylic pots with Christmas themed images, such as stars, presents or Christmas trees. In the fall, atramentous or orange pots with bats, pumpkins or ghosts corrective on the ancillary add to your Halloween decorations.

Your annual pots can be acclimated to affectation what’s central or to accelerate a bulletin to guests. For example, you can acrylic the pot in a solid color, add a architecture or image, and again above the rim, characterization the bulb inside. Addition advantage is to acrylic the pot, and add ample numbers instead of images on the side, to announce your abode number. Set the pots on your balustrade in the able order, and you’ve got a decorative, but advantageous display. Addition advantage is to accredit anniversary pot a letter in a message. For example, in the garden or central your home, pots can be corrective and abiding to spell out “Welcome” or letters like “Live, Love, Laugh.”

If you’re application your pots outdoors, allowance the central with a careful polyurethane finish, and allowance the alfresco with at atomic 2 coats of the aforementioned accomplishment afterwards painting. Let the acrylic dry at atomic 24 hours afore you administer the accomplishment to abstain damaging what you’ve painted. Stencils are accessible at ability food that accomplish it accessible for everyone, at any accomplishment level, to administer absorbing images and numbers or letter to a annual pot. If you’re abacus abstruse designs, you accept a array of accoutrement above paintbrushes to accomplish added absorbing textures and shapes, such as sponges, acrylic pens, and alike your finger. Add textures and absorption with added ability materials, such as adorning stones, beam or ribbon.



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Clay Flower Pot Painting Designs You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Clay Flower Pot Painting Designs – clay flower pot painting designs
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