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MVRDV and Delft University of Technology Release “Le Grand Puzzle”, an Burghal Abstraction of Marseille in the South of France

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architecture 101 poster
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Architecture 101 (건축학개론) – Movie – Picture Gallery .. | architecture 101 poster




MVRDV and The Why Factory (Delft University of Technology) appear “Le Grand Puzzle”, a book that holds aggressive account for Marseille, in the south of France. In fact, the study, fabricated from 2018 to the alpha of 2020, “proposes a methodology, an agenda, and an assay to portray today’s Marseille”.


The aftereffect of accelerated analysis by an all-embracing aggregation of architects and urbanists from MVRDV and The Why Factory (Delft University of Technology), in accord with Manifesta 13 and assembly of both Marseille institutions and universities, the book can be perceived as a acclamation for the multicultural city. Winy Maas, the co-founder of MVRDV and administrator of The Why Factory (Delft University of Technology), declared that “Le Grand Puzzle shows the absurd burghal possibilities and impossibilities of Marseille, through conversations, analyses, maps and account […] It forms an burghal account of Marseille; a effective mirror to Marseille.”

Commissioned as a basal abject of and by Manifesta 13, the book activity represents “an another archetypal of artistic arbitration that serves both as a adapt for Marseille to plan its approaching and as a analysis framework to ensure that Manifesta 13 has a abiding appulse on the burghal and its citizens to come”. Launched on August 29, 2020, the abstraction extracted aboriginal a abstract framework for the approaching burghal from the global, European, and bounded agendas. With altered perspectives, the analysis additionally highlights burghal interventions absurd by acceptance of art, architecture, and urbanism, assuming a post-COVID-19 city.

Marseille is a burghal of flux, transit, and trade. It responds to a assortment of adverse connotations. So it offers a attenuate prism we can use to investigate assorted questions that are acute to Europe’s approaching and accepted crises. Our analysis was an agitative claiming and a circuitous journey. This analysis is a abject to activate discussions on how we appetite to alive and to reflect on account about how to transform the city. — Winy Maas, co-founder of MVRDV and administrator of The Why Factory.

Le Grand Puzzle additionally proposes an actual affairs alleged “Le Tour de Tous les Possibles”, an another anatomy of borough participation, “bringing calm citizens from beyond Marseille, abutting assorted groups of participants from altered amusing and cultural backgrounds and generations, such as activists and assembly of civilian society”.

Aiming to investigate collaborative methods of assignment to actualize new alliances and agreement with another models of co-existence, while exploring the abeyant challenges of Marseille’s common future, the action captivated already 22 workshops, with 10 to come, in adjustment to accomplish a absolute activity Citizen Council alleged “Assemblée de Tous les Possible”. This accumulation of 101 Citizens will admonish the Mayor of Marseille and the Burghal Council of Marseille.

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Architecture 2 Poster Ten Important Life Lessons Architecture 2 Poster Taught Us – architecture 101 poster
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