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The March cavalcade “What’s Behind English Words?” looked aback on one of the craziest, complicated languages. Several specific responses admiring my attention. Abounding quotes are included below. May these advisory thoughts add to your curiosity.

clay pot quotes Quotes about Clay Pots (1 quotes)

Quotes about Clay Pots (1 quotes) | clay pot quotes

Early English started in the fifth century, but today’s adaptation formed during William Shakespeare’s time in the 1600s. It ante amid the accomplished of 6,500 languages about the apple with 1.132 billion English speakers, hardly aloft the abutting three: Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish.

English has added than a actor words with about a thousand added anniversary year from added languages such as French, Latin, Italian, German, Dutch and Anglo-Saxon. Words generally accept advancing changes, but abounding accept become archaic, bald words.

The cavalcade included examples of actual grammar that accomplish speeches and autograph easier to understand, admitting mistakes accomplish English weaker and uncomfortable. Two examples that tend to abstract admirers and readers are commas and pronouns — mistakes I sometimes make.

Betsy Green, a Santa Barbara historian and Edhat columnist, shared: “What I acquisition absorbing about English is how abundant it has afflicted in aloof the aftermost 100 years. I accept a 1913 concordance that I use aback I run beyond a aberrant acceptance in my research. I already apprehend an commodity about aback the El Encanto Hotel opened. The bounded cardboard said that it had ‘tasty’ decor. A aeon ago, ‘tasty’ alone meant ‘having acceptable taste,’ not ‘good to eat.’ By the 1950s, ‘tasty’ meant ‘tasting good.’ And so it goes … .”

Popular, above UCSB analysis assistant of history Hal Drake said, “I had no abstraction English outranked Chinese in cardinal of speakers. Kathy [his wife] and I were aloof talking about how crossword addle writers accomplishment words that can be both nouns and verbs, or they are spelled the aforementioned but arresting abnormally to beggarly altered things.

“A brace examples appear to mind: Aback did ‘waiting in line’ become ‘waiting ON line’? I’ve heard awful accomplished bodies say, ‘for all accelerated purposes’ instead of ‘for all intents and purposes.’ One I bethink was Wisconsin bodies adage ‘gentles’ for ‘genitals.’”

Writer Linda Stewart-Oaten talked about a French chat acceptable an English word. “The chat ‘curfew’ comes from the French byword ‘couvre-feu,’ which means ‘cover the fire’ acclimated to alarm the time of blowing out all lamps and candles. ‘Curfeu’ was adopted into Middle English and after became the avant-garde ‘curfew.’ The homes in early American colonies had no absolute fireplaces so a blaze was congenital in the centermost of the room. To accomplish abiding a blaze did not get out of ascendancy during the night, it was agreed that putting all fires out would again be covered with a adobe pot alleged a ‘curfew.’”

Gerd Jordano, a association activist aloft as a adolescent in Sweden, talked about acquirements English as a teenager. “Pete [husband] and I both admired account this — apprehension I did not say Pete and me!! So animated I abstruse this accent at my adolescent age … it is extraordinary how abounding words, such as bald and bear, complete absolutely alike. [By the way], I accept a lot of affinity for bodies affective to America in their after developed years to apprentice the English language. Addition archetype of our ambagious English accent is would and wood.”

Longtime acquaintance Linda Spear from Seattle accomplished and helped acceptance get into college. “I am consistently ‘correcting’ bodies in my mind. I try not to be heavy-handed aback alms a ‘correction,’ alike aback asked to abide one. One of my pet peeves occurs on the golf course. Aback free who should putt first, the amateur asks, ‘Is it me?’ instead of ‘Is it I?’ — to abstain actuality too pedantic. I aloof ask, ‘Am I out or are you?’ Some actual smart, accomplished accompany boner the language, but who am I to alarm her/him on it?!

“I admired teaching grammar, alike diagramming sentences, but it’s no best done in any English curriculum. But I am not abiding grammar is emphasized at all. Aback allowance aerial academy acceptance with their academy applications and English SAT tests, I was afraid at their abridgement of actual grammar acceptance and had to go aback to answer the nominative vs. the cold cases. You should accept apparent the looks on their faces followed by saying, ‘Never heard of ’em!’”

Bob Bason, association activist, wrote: “Playing with Words — one of my admired for the impossibility of the English language: the accentuation of ‘OUGH.’” He again listed the belletrist and altered sounds used.

» UFF — enough, tough, rough, accoutrements (off)

» OH — thorough, dough, though, borough

» OFF — cough, trough

» AW — ought, bought, thought, fought

» OCK — hough (UK), lough (Scottish)

» OW — drought, bough, plough (UK)

» OOH — through, accoutrements (of mud)

» UP — hiccough

Joni Meisel, addition association activist and adherent reader, talked about the accent of a grammar book. “I apperceive there’s a acumen that Strunk and White’s ‘The Elements of Style’ is in the drawer of my bedside table.”

Perie Longo, above artist laureate, emailed: “No admiration bodies don’t accept anniversary added actual well. Individuals accord altered meanings to the aforementioned words all the time. Connotative definitions abandon allegorical ones. For instance, rain can beggarly a absolution to one and flood to another, article to fear. The affecting acceptation we accord to a chat dictates acceptation and our reaction. To me, balladry agency affecting affiliation and beginning language; to addition it may beggarly nonsense.”

Lorna Hedges, activity honorary trustee of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, gave thoughts. “I am absorbed with the English accent and had a lot of Latin aback in aerial school. It sparked my absorption in the roots of words. Punctuation is additionally a allotment of our language, absolutely in autograph but speaking as well. And again there is grammar! During my four Stanford years, we went through the meanings of words angry upside bottomward and about every day, authoritative our accent became obscured. Because of my accomplishments in Latin, I generally accomplished and came up with the meanings afore others.”

Shirley Roby, addition big reader, added, “One of my pet peeves is myself. ‘Call Mary or myself.’ Grrrrrr. My added one is lay and lie. ‘I am activity to LAY down’ drives me basics as well. Chickens LAY eggs!”

May English be a advantageous accent administration our lives with others while authoritative our thoughts clear, accessible and rich.

— Noozhawk columnist Susan Miles Gulbransen — a Santa Barbara native, biographer and book analyst — teaches autograph at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference and through the Santa Barbara City Academy Continuing Education Division. Click actuality to apprehend antecedent columns. The opinions bidding are her own.

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