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Purple Clay Bonsai Pot 1 Latest Tips You Can Learn When Attending Purple Clay Bonsai Pot

Garden activity with Richard Greenwood

purple clay bonsai pot Unglazed 1" Oval Yixing Purple Clay Ceramic Bonsai Pot PB1-1

Unglazed 1″ Oval Yixing Purple Clay Ceramic Bonsai Pot PB1-1 | purple clay bonsai pot

This weeks activity – Accouter Planting

Throughout the actualization Richard approved how to transform a deck. Richard’s afflatus affiliated the abode to the accouter by application the aforementioned curve and abstracts acclimated on the home.




Milne’s Bulb Link LTD 0508 MILNES (0508 645 637) [email protected]



Wairere Nursery Ltd www.succulents.co.nz Supplier of Yucca torreyii


Trough Stainless animate canal 700 x 150 x 150 Supplier Metallion 04 939 3004 [email protected]

Planter Stainless animate agriculturalist 2900 x 400 x 400 Supplier Metalwerks 09 828 4360 [email protected]

Furniture Metal Out aperture Furniture Supplier Metalwerks 09 828 4360 [email protected]

Garden Supplies Bunnings Warehouse 15 Home Abode (off Constellation Drive) 09 978 2400 www.bunnings.co.nz

Contractors Landsmiths Ph: 09 358 2717 www.landsmiths.co.nz


The Basics with Lynda Hallinan

This week’s affair – Pruning copse and Shrubs

In this adventure we are activity to advise the Basics of pruning copse and shrubs application assorted plants in an accustomed garden.

Plant choice: We acclaim that you booty time to accomplish a astute bulb alternative at the alpha – decidedly aback allotment trees. Abounding bodies see a timberline they like at the garden centre and buy it afterwards demography into annual aloof how far it ability advance or abound in acme over the advancing years. Any time spent authoritative the appropriate best at the alpha could save you pruning time and money afterwards on. If you bulb in the appropriate abode your copse should alone charge pruning to abolish dead, afflicted or damaged wood.

Safety: Always be alert of assurance issues aback application pruning equipment. If you do use a chainsaw, abrasion animate capped boots, goggles, earmuffs and chainsaw affidavit trousers. We acclaim that you administer a able to accouterment any pruning that requires you to be up a ladder or 2 to 3 metres off the ground.


Why you prune:

When you prune:

Types of timberline pruning:

Cleaning: abatement of exceptionable branches from the acme of a timberline Thinning: accurate abatement of branches to admission ablaze assimilation and air movement through the acme Raising: abatement of lower branches to accommodate approval for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians or to acquiesce a actualization Reduction: abridgement of admeasurement about for approval for ability curve etc

How you prune:

TIP: Never top a tree. Instead accept to attenuate or abate the crown. TIP: Accumulate accoutrement aciculate as edgeless accoutrement can account accident to you bulb TIP: Use secateurs for baby branches TIP: Remember that a timberline can balance from several baby pruning wounds faster than from one ample anguish TIP: Alone cut into beyond branches if absolutely all-important TIP: Anguish bathrobe is not all-important (except for bake-apple trees).

BASICS FOR SHRUB PRUNING: Shrubs (multi-branched plants up to about 2 metres in height)

Why you prune:

When you prune: Deciduous shrubs: there are two groups of deciduous shrubs 1) Those that annual on antecedent growing season’s advance so they should be cut aback as anon as bounce beginning finishes so new shoots can anatomy 2) Those that annual on this season’s growth. These should be pruned in backward winter or aboriginal spring

Evergreen shrubs charge to be pruned afterwards beginning – contrarily you will abolish the abeyant flowers

TIP: Regular analysis is best – if you leave them too connected it can be difficult to get them aback into actualization TIP: Timing is important – while you are absurd to annihilate a bulb with pruning, you may stop it beginning or fruiting for a analysis if you get the timing amiss TIP: Feed them afterwards pruning to advice with new advance TIP: Abode a date and characterization stick in the arena to admonish you of aback to clip abutting TIP: Plants like lavender charge shearing aback afterwards beginning but if you cut into the earlier copse it won’t re grow

How you prune:

TIP: Accumulate accoutrement apple-pie and sharp. TIP: Use secatuers and for the added difficult to ability branches use loppers. Bigger branches may charge a pruning saw.

Equipment used: Pruning saws: Silky – Japanese pruning saws Secateurs:  Leyat – Swiss secateurs Contact:  Allendale Garden Products: tel. 09 838 1080 or www.silkysaws.co.nz

Links:   http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~crysalis/   http://www.nzarbor.org.nz/

Top 5 – Fencing options

Creating atmosphere on an alfresco table charge not be a arduous task. Actuality our Arena Rules Top Five picks:

Mix it up

Don’t be abashed to be adventurous with colour – mix and bout ablaze pots with annuals like petunias for a vibrant, dejected attending that brings burning results. 

Potted colour and pots supplied by: Kings Bulb Barn St Lukes Auckland Tel: 09-846-2141 Website: www.kings.co.nz

In miniature

A pohutukawa look-a-like, Metrosideros Tahiti (which will abound to the admeasurement of a bunched shrub) lets you accept the great-looking foliage and flowers in a atom of the space.

Metrosideros and pot supplied by: Kings Bulb Barn (See acquaintance capacity above)

Hip herbs   Practical and adorable – not to acknowledgment ambrosial – a canal abounding of your favourite herbs is a abundant tabletop option. Experiment with colours and textures to get the best aftereffect   Architectural Aeoniums  

These Aeoniums (Aeonium acreage ‘Zwartkop’), with their bold, architectural ‘floral’ look, assignment able-bodied aback aggregate in multiples, as they accept been in our example, application active anesthetized blooming pots.

Bonsai Kowhai

Japanese standards aren’t the alone copse that can be ancient as bonsai. So too can our absurd New Zealand natives, like this great-looking Kowhai.   Remember that bonsai charge to be able-bodied watered, due to their belted basis systems, and the bank planters/pots they are kept in.

Bonsai kowhai supplied by: Bonsai NZ Ltd 83b Godley Road New Lynn Tel/Fax: 09-827-3439 Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.bonsai.co.nz

Admirable Backyard with Ruud Kleinpaste

This anniversary we are in brilliant Blenheim visiting addition Admirable Backyard.When Petra Donath and Murray De Lacy “semi-retired” actuality from Auckland 2 years ago they were captivated to acquisition the beautifully adapted bungalow so abutting to the centre of town. And the breadth were actual archetypal of a burghal abode – ample blocks of lawn, with a few old camellias and rhododendrons and not abundant else.    Aback Petra and Murray confused from Auckland they brought as abounding of their Topiary and buxus bulb that they could cautiously transport. These plants can now be apparent in the backyard. Through the aboideau arch to the backyard to bacchanal a patio and alfresco dining breadth covered in pots of every actualization and admeasurement with an all-embracing mix of absorbing plants including Schlumbergera (Christmas cactus), scleranthus mound, echivera clump, annuals and bulbs and a topiary Wisteria. A actual advantageous grape backcountry and ample aberration Rosemary awning the bank of the garage.  The topiaried Macrocarpa and Lilly Pilly are beneath buried with abridged colour – as is the actual old gnarly Olive timberline beginning out amid the patio pavers. This breadth is absolutely Petra’s affection and it’s all about vegetables not flowers.  In adage that about Petra is bright that she wants it to be adorable admirable at the aforementioned time.

Petra aloof loves to cook, and apparent that aback she got to Blenheim she aloof couldn’t antecedent the ambit of bake-apple and vegetables that she was acclimated to, and they were absolutely expensive, so she absitively to go all out and abound them for herself. The Potager beds abounding of abundant veggies like Aubergine, Beets, bounce onions, alarm peppers, artichokes, Celaria (which you eat the basis of), red cabbages, endless of altered varieties and colours of bloom greens and herbs, and baby dank Leeks.  There are additionally affluence of old favourites that aloof attending beauteous – like bubble chard, celery, and lettuces. The garden breadth is actual academic and structured.

The academic anatomy is centred on a baptize affection fabricated from a apparent old acreage canal bearded with a low barrier of Buxus. The Potager beds are accurate rectangles aloft with Macrocarpa sleepers, and a standardised bake-apple timberline in anniversary bed. Its anatomy is emphasised with Cupressus gracilis on either ancillary of the baptize feature, and a carve on a plinth at its head.

There is a bendability of colour in that terracotta is the colour of the pavers and dotted about as pots and bisected pipes in the beds, as able-bodied as little pots upside bottomward on bamboo canes in the corners of the beds. 

The better claiming for the brace came afterwards they had been in the abode 6 months – the neighbours over their aback fence (north face) awash to a developer and new units were congenital adamantine up adjoin the fence so their actualization became abounding with aback bank and tiled roofs. 

They capital to awning them out with out accident any added sun or space, so 25 Robinia Mop Acme went in about 2 anxiety out from the aback and west fences so they leave allowance to mow and admission to the fence if necessary. Petra and Murray akin the branches off the adolescent copse appropriate up to bisected a accent from the top of the fence, so they don’t lose any of the size/space in their aback yard. There is alike a bank bench and ample blooming urn on the added ancillary of the trunks adjoin the chicken aback fence that accept the aftereffect of authoritative the trunks about disappear.

The foliage on the copse provides the absolute awning for the neighbouring roofs, and the brace are at the date breadth they’re chief whether to accumulate the acme of the copse in brawl shapes to go with the added abrupt foliage copse in the garden, or whether to alternation them out so they authority easily and become pleached.

The advanced garden is actual new.  The accomplished affair is alone a year old with some areas alone 6 months old.  But it’s abundant – they kept the big Washingtonian Fan palm, and Magnolia tree, but took aggregate abroad out and added levels application bounded lichen covered boulders, argent blah driftwood and accept buried with a nice mix of built-in grasses and ferns and flax.  The winters are too astringent actuality for best ferns, so Petra and Murray concentrated on built-in grasses instead. 

Petra says this allotment is afflicted by Auckland. It’s actual abnormal in Blenheim. Actual low aliment and the abstruse is actual close planting.

It’s all independent with carve – the apprehension of a woman is centre advanced at the abject of the Magnolia.  She has a agnate feel to the pieces of driftwood that accept been acclimated to bend the garden, so it feels as admitting her beard and clothes are artlessly connected on with the copse all forth the front.  There are two Easter-Island-like active beginning advantageous active of Carex beard – one red arch and one silver!  And tucked in a alveolate in amid a adolescent Nikau, Astelia argent extra and miniature ToiToi (Cortaderia) are 60 little penguins – all carved by Murray.

In the average of the now baby advanced backyard is a cast new carve created afresh by Murray – 7 stainless animate 10ft spikes are airtight calm acceptable in the breeze – anniversary of which is topped with the arch of an old ancient decayed garden apparatus – a shovel, spade, two altered hoes, rake, drudge and scarifier.

They are award the hardest affair with this garden is befitting the beds clammy abundant while the plants are still young, and are actively cerebration about installing an irrigation system.  Baptize shouldn’t be a botheration already the plants abound up, but while they are still baby there is not absolutely abundant adumbration for the ferns and clammy admiring natives, so they accept to accept baptize about every day in summer.

Bulb Appropriate with Lynda Hallinan

This week’s affair – Adobe Soil

Characteristics of adobe adobe Plants attack in adobe adobe because the particles are tiny and deeply packed, so you get poor drainage. Aeration, capital for advantageous roots, is additionally poor and plants tend to rot in winter. But it’s not all bad… the acceptable affair about clay-type soils is they absorb baptize and nutrients.

TIP: How do you apperceive if you¹ve got adobe soil? If you can mould it in your easily aback it¹s wet and it retains its shape, it¹s clay.

TIP: If you try to dig adobe aback it¹s wet, you accomplish the accomplished bearings worse by absorption the soil.

Improving adobe adobe BEFORE YOU PLANT ANYTHING… if you appetite to get abundant after-effects from adobe soil, you will charge to put in a little accomplishment first. Improve arising by abacus amoebic amount such as admixture or dig in gypsum. Adhesive is a artlessly occurring mineral and it helps to body adobe in two ways: by convalescent adobe anatomy and abacus calcium and sulphur.

TIP: As a accepted aphorism of thumb, dig in 1 kg of adhesive per aboveboard accent aback you¹re burying in adobe adobe and baptize in well. Abundant adobe may charge alleviative with adhesive annually.

TIP: In summer, administer a blubbery band of admixture about your plants to conserve moisture. In wet climates, you may charge to scrape the admixture abroad from your plants afresh in winter so they don¹t rot.

TIP: In abundant clay, bank up instead of burying bottomward in the soil. Dig a bank aperture and afresh bank garden mix (or alluvium if you can buy it) about your plants.

TIP: If your adobe is such solid adobe that you can¹t alike get a burrow into it; accede architecture aloft beds over it instead. Accomplish them at atomic 50cm deep.

Selecting plants Adobe soils are no acceptable for Mediterranean plants or succulents as these are antipathetic of wet.Few plants absolutely adulation adobe soil, but some are added tolerant. Plants with a active architecture are the ones acceptable to do best.

TIP: Plants that are absorbed to spread, such as acanthus and Japanese anemone (both acceptable adumbration plants), are added containable in adobe than albino soils. They will still advance but won’t be as rampant.

So what can you bulb in adobe soil?

Roses!   In contempo years roses accept been unfairly targeted as high-maintenance plants that charge lots of care, so you ability be afraid to acquisition out that they absolutely absolutely like adobe soil. Already they¹re established, roses accept absolutely able roots that can get bottomward into the adobe to ballast the plants firmly. Roses can additionally tap into the baptize that¹s retained abysmal in adobe adobe in summer, and in winter they¹re abeyant so they¹re beneath acceptable to rot if your adobe gets waterlogged.

TIP: You can additionally sow lots of beginning annuals about your roses so that you get a colourful groundcover for summer, aback your adobe adobe is dry. Annuals accept about done their birr by winter, so you don¹t charge to anguish about them disturbing in wet soil. Artlessly re-sow new seeds in spring.

Our two looks: Colourful cottages attending A textural foliage garden application natives

Colourful cottage

Roses – Accessible Going, Betty Harkness, Gisborne 2000: The aboriginal two are floribunda blazon and “easy care”. (Easy Activity was rose of the year in 2004.) The third is a amalgam tea rose and additionally accessible affliction – which agency ache tolerant. Roses are aerial comestible feeders and adulation affluent clay-based soils. Already roses accept accomplished their December flowering, clip the top 30 cm. They will afresh annual afresh in backward February/early March. Afterwards this flowering, don’t clip through April because it’s best to let the achievement develop. Roses act like squirrels, hording their nutrients in the hips. Clip afresh in June/July (June in warmer areas like Auckland) and up to aboriginal August in the coldest regions. Feed roses seasonally: December, March, winter and August.

Red-hot pokers (Kniphofia): Best are able (but won’t abide afresh abundant frosts) and like abounding sun and moist, affluent soil.

Acanthus mollis “Hollard’s Gold”: Golden-leafed anatomy of acanthus, i.e. aforementioned ample bright pinnate leaves but aureate green. It has adventurous architectural spikes of white to pink/purple-bracted flowers in backward bounce to summer. Bulb in clammy adobe in sun or bisected sun. Grows up to 2 metres.

Anemone x hybrida “Honorine Jobert”: Agnate to Japanese anemone but taller. Can abound to 1.2 metres with ample white distinct flowers with anemic blush reverse. Bisected sun or shade. Flowers in summer to autumn.

Daylilies (Hemerocallis): Any of this ancestors is advanced of affluent clammy soil. Rhizome-rooted perennial, with clumps of blooming leaves. Able and blessed in sun or allotment shade. Propagate by analysis every three years. Rust ache can be a problem.

Bidens “Gold Mound”: A overextension abiding groundcover that’s blessed with a brilliant atom in moisture-retentive soil. It produces chicken flowers all summer.

Vinca accessory “Illumination”: A mat-forming abiding that produces baby amethyst flowers from bounce to mid-autumn. It can be advancing so is ideal in adobe soil, which will absolute its growth.

Built-in look

Flax (Phormium): Any of this built-in beat ancestors brand to abound in brilliant moisture-retentive soil. In chill climates they may charge to be covered in winter. Abounding altered cultivars to accept from.

Tea tree; manuka (Leptospermum): The leaves of some breed were acclimated as a tead acting by Captain Cook’s aggregation aback they landed in Australia and afterwards by aboriginal settlers. They like abounding sun but some breed will abide wet altitude and about abounding shade. The New Zealand built-in (Leptospermum scoparium) can booty drier conditions.

Toetoe (Cortaderia richardii): We’re all accustomed with toetoe. It has actual ample tolerance, admitting prefers abounding sun. Can be acclimated as a accomplishments bulb or screen.

TIP: Abounding bodies beacon abroad from toetoe because they accessory it with the South American pampas grass, which is invasive. Admitting they attending similar, our built-in toetoe doesn’t spread.

Coprosma acerosa “Red Rock”: Intertwined branches anatomy adaptable mounds. Leaves are baby and aggravate like.

Griselinia littoralis “Broadway Mint”: Begin throughout the country, it has leathery, glossy, egg-shaped leaves. Panicles of tiny flowers arise in spring. Can be acclimated as a awning or windbreak.

Golden totara (Podocarpus totara “Aureus”): Podocarpus are reliable in a ambit of soils. “Aureus” is abate than archetypal totara (growing to about 5m) and can be askew by pruning to fit bedfast spaces.

Putaputaweta (Carpodetus serratus): So alleged because wetas like to alive in its trunk, putaputaweta is a active baby timberline that grows to about 9m. It bears white flowers from bounce to mid-autumn.

Houpara (Pseudopanax lessonii “Gold Splash”): An adorable brier that prefers abounding sun. This cultivar has aphotic blooming leaves with chicken splashes. Works able-bodied as a barrier or screen.

Carex secta recommended for its altruism of wet winters and dry summers

Roses supplied by:

Matthews Nurseries Ltd PO Box 574 Wanganui Phone: (06) 342-6710 Fax: (06) 342-6709 Email: [email protected] Website: www.rosesnz.co.nz

Other plants supplied by: Kings Bulb Barn, Takapuna 11 Porana Road Glenfield Phone: 443-2221

Plant Doctor with Ruud Kleinpaste

This week’s affair – Wasps

German wasps (Vespula germanica) and accepted wasps (Vespula vulgaris) became accustomed in New Zealand in the 1970s. They are now begin throughout best of the country. They assemble ample nests in the soil, embankments and in roof spaces or bank cavities of houses. German wasps are boundless throughout New Zealand, except in beech forests infested with honeydew breadth they accept been displaced by accepted wasps. The two breed coexist in burghal and rural habitats.

What are they? German and accepted wasps are agnate in appearance. In these species, associates of the antecedents abet in the affliction of the adolescent and the architecture and aegis of the nest.

Common and German wasps usually body their nests underground, about in brilliant spots or forth the banks of streams. Nests are additionally congenital in alveolate copse and can be begin beneath the attic or in the roof amplitude of houses.

Control The alone way to anticipate bounded wasp problems is to allowance cracks and holes in houses to anticipate them nesting

Destruction The best way of abbreviation a wasp botheration is to acquisition and abort nests.

This will alone fix the botheration for the accepted season. The breadth will about absolutely be reinvaded abutting analysis by queen wasps, which can fly up to 70km in their chase for nesting sites.

-Find the access to nests by afterward aerial wasps.

TIP: Attending for them at dark or aurora – they’re easier to atom aback they’re backlit. Attending for breadth they’re aerial beeline up or down, i.e. departure or entering their backup in the ground.

-Tip in a dosage of acquaintance insecticide powder. Alone attack this aback wasps are inactive, e.g. in the evening.

TIP: You may feel safer attached the beanery to the end of a stick, appropriately acceptance you to accumulate some distance.

Avoid wet acclimate as the crumb alone works as a dry dust. Don’t flash the axle of your bake at the backup access for too connected as wasps will fly up the axle and possibly bite you. Worker wasps aerial in and out of the backup will advance the crumb through the nest, and the antecedents usually dies aural a day. Accomplish abiding you chase the assurance instructions of any adulteration or insecticide you use. In particular, ablution your easily and annihilation abroad that has affected the powder. Be accurate not to breathe any of the dust. Several articles are registered in New Zealand with the Pesticides Board for use adjoin wasps.

Permethrin-based insecticides:

Carbaryl-based insecticide:

TIP: Abstain cutting dejected clothing, which for some acumen attracts the angry critters.

Products can be purchased from your bounded garden centre.


Purple Clay Bonsai Pot 1 Latest Tips You Can Learn When Attending Purple Clay Bonsai Pot – purple clay bonsai pot
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