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So, it assuredly happened. The PS5 bulk and absolution date has been apparent at the latest PlayStation 5 Showcase event.

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Here are the big take-aways:

1) The PS5 clearly costs $499 / £449 / €499. AU$749.95.

2) The PS5 Agenda Copy costs $399 / £349 / €399. AU$599.95.

3) The PS5 absolution date is now accepted as November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. The draft of the apple get it on November 19, 2020.

4) God of War 2 Ragnarok is real. There is a brain-teaser bivouac available.

5) A PlayStation Plus Collection is advancing that has over archetypal PS4 titles in that is playable on PS5.

6) Half-Life 3 wasn’t confirmed.

7) You can NOW PRE-ORDER A PS5! T3’s PS5 pre-order adviser shows you where.

If you’re attractive to get absolutely abreast on the Sony PlayStation 5 console, again you’ve arise to the appropriate place. Here, in T3’s authentic next-gen animate guide, we’ve got the actual latest advice on the PS5 bulk and PS5 absolution date, as able-bodied as things like the PS5 specs and features.

And, while a few key things charcoal buried from appearance afterwards the 25th ceremony no-show, we absolutely now accept a actual complete account of the PS5. Acknowledgment to that heart-stopping official accouterments unveiling, as able-bodied as consecutive PS5 accident that showed off abounding of the console’s must-play PS5 games, we now can see aloof how appropriate the arrangement is activity to be on day one of the PS5 barrage date.

We’ve additionally got all-embracing adeptness about the PS5’s bulk components, including its advanced SSD, as able-bodied as its able cartoon dent and captivation beleaguer complete 3D audio tech. There’s affluence of videos below, too, which appearance aloof what PS5 cartoon attending like.

Of course, we now apperceive absolutely how abundant the Xbox Alternation X and Xbox Alternation S will cost, with Microsoft acknowledging bulk credibility of $299 and $499. That accordingly aloof leaves Sony to advertise how abundant its next-gen systems will be.

Will Sony advertise the PS5 and PS5 Agenda Copy at the aforementioned bulk points? Chances are high, although with such a huge beforehand advancing off the aback of the aftermost animate generation, the maker absolutely won’t feel pressured as abundant and could alike adjudge it can allow to go college or lower. Actuality at T3 we ahead that Sony will acceptable bout Microsoft in agreement of price.

As for absolution date, well, we’re still captivation out achievement that those rumors of a November absolution date prove true. That would beggarly we’re abandoned a brace of months out now from the PS5 barrage date.

To calmly admission the abundance of agreeable in this PS5 guide, aloof use the adjacent card to jump anon to the adeptness you desire. Or, to apprentice aggregate we already apperceive about the Sony PlayStation 5, aloof annal down.

Sony has accepted that the PlayStation 5 is activity to access in the Anniversary 2020 window, with all bets currently actuality placed for a November launch, alongside Microsoft’s Xbox Alternation X – aloof in time for the anniversary arcade season. There were rumours of an October 2020 absolution but they were bound attempt bottomward by Sony. 

A contempo rumour puts the bulk of the PS5 at $499/ £449/ €499, and the PS5 Agenda Copy at $399/ £349/ €399. The aforementioned leaker additionally listed prices for the PS5’s peripherals, claiming that the DualSense will retail for $59.99/ £54.99/ €59.99; the charging cradle will be priced at $29.99/ £24.99/ €29.99; the HD camera will arise in at $59.99/ £54.99/ €59.99; the Pulse 3D Wireless Angle will cost $159/ £129/ €179; and the PS5 alien will set you back $29.99/ £24.99/ €29.99. 

The PlayStation 4 originally debuted for £349.99/$399.99 and aback it was reinvented as the PS4 Slim it began affairs for £259.99/$299.99 and up.

The added able PlayStation 4 Pro, on the added hand, launched with a bulk of £349.99/$399.99, analogous the aboriginal PS4 on that account – admitting you can now get all kinds of array offers and discounts on assorted flavours of the PS4 console.

All three of those PS4 consoles accept enjoyed able sales to date, with the PS4 earning the appellation of second-best affairs animate of all time, abaft the PS2.

Go aback a bit further, though, and gamers will no-doubt bethink that the Sony PS3 originally went on auction in the U.S. at a whopping $600, and at an appropriately abrupt £425 in the UK, which at the time was alike added big-ticket than it sounds today.

And, to be actual clear, that animate did not advertise able-bodied out of the gate, not at all. But it gets worse Danish retailer føtex currently has the animate listed for 6,989 Danish krone, which is about $1043/ £837. That’s added than bifold the rumoured price, and is abundantly expensive! 

However, we’ve had several readers acquaintance us to acknowledgment Danish gamers pay premiums for technology, acceptation the bulk may not be cogitating of the final product. As such, the big catechism is whether Sony can hit the £449.99/$499.99 bulk point or lower with the PlayStation 5. 

We’d say it’s added acceptable that the final PS5 bulk will be £449.99, ascent to £499.99 with a adventurous included, admitting Sony will of beforehand appetite to accumulate the accouterments as affordable as it can for gamers and assure that huge install abject beforehand it currently has.

In the PlayStation 5 specs acknowledge below, aboriginal advertisement in March 2020, beforehand arrangement artisan Mark Cerny took to the date and batten about animate design. The end aftereffect was a thoroughly absolute breakdown of the PS5’s innards, but it was mostly geared arise developers. 

While we weren’t advised to a attending at the animate at the time, the adventurous conception possibilities of the tech Cerny debuted set tongues wagging. Below, you can acquisition a absolute breakdown of the best important PS5 abstruse details.

CPU: AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency)

GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)

GPU architecture: Custom RDNA 2

Memory interface: 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit

Memory bandwidth: 448GB/s

Internal storage: Custom 825GB SSD

IO throughput: 5.5GB/s (raw), archetypal 8-9GB/s (compressed)

Expandable storage: NVMe SSD slot

External storage: USB HDD abutment (PS4 amateur only)

Optical drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray drive

The cardinal one ask by developers with PS5 was a solid accompaniment drive, and Sony delivered. Reducing “dead time”, such loading screens and aisle akin designs, to aught is important for Cerny’s team, and the solid accompaniment drive is able to deliver. 1GB is about 20 abnormal to bulk from a adamantine disc drive, according to Cerny. This is why bulk times on PS4 can be rough, while 2GB can reportedly be loaded in 0.27 abnormal on an SSD. This agency there will be no loading screens. For proof, the PS4 Spider-Man adventurous loaded about eighteen times faster on PS5. 

The primary acumen for an ultra fast SSD, though, isn’t aloof about loading times. It is about giving developers abandon aback creating amateur — you don’t appetite loading screens accepting in the way of alarming basic worlds. You additionally accept adamantine banned imposed on the amateur in the game, who can’t move faster than the HDD dictates.

SSD’s beforehand adventurous application installs, too. The SSD on the PS5 is, according to Cerny, 100x faster. There is Custom Flash Ambassador in the PS5 to advice this, to ensure no bottlenecks. Priority requests are actual important in games, and this ambassador helps bear these. 5.5GB/s is the bandwidth the PS5 is able of — nice!

The Sony PS5 is activity to abutment alien adamantine disc drives. Cerny additionally confirms that the Sony PS5 will abutment modular M2 SSD drives, acceptation bodies can access their storage. These SSDs charge to be as fast as the banal PS5 SSD admitting to assignment (making this Samsung SSD a day one purchase), so 5.5GB/s. M2 PCIe 4.0 SSDs are advancing that abutment up to 7GB/s. However, Cerny says don’t buy an M2 drive until afterwards in the year to ensure compatibility. 

Graphical Processing Units, or GPUs are up next. The PS5 GPU needs to be backwards-compatible with PlayStation 4 games, which it can do acknowledgment to some alarming assignment from AMD. It is a custom RDNA 2 dent from AMD, which is optimised for performance. We accept our own needs for PlayStation, says Cerny, and AMD helped with this aback alive on PS5.

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The PS5’s custom chips has the argumentation and affection set that the PS4 and PS4 Pro used, acceptation that backwards affinity is absolutely in the new console.They activated the top 100 amateur played on PS4 by comedy time and they all ran altogether on PS5. That’s abundant news!

The PS5 has a new Geometry Agent and inter-section engine, which is all about the PS5’s ray archetype abilities. Cerny says ray archetype will be available, acceptable audio, all-around illumination, shadows, reflections and more. 

Speaking of audio, Cerny is all about the accent of audio in games. The goals for audio on PS5 was to actualize a abundant audio acquaintance for all gamers, application attendance and belt to abode you in the adventurous application aggregate changes and appearance shifts. 

The PS5 is packing a custom 3D audio unit. Tempest 3D AudioTech is the official name for the idea, and the accouterments is declared the Tempest Engine. 

It has SPU-like architectonics and GPU parallelism, acceptation it can accord with circuitous audio processing and, crucially, can accomplish 3D audio affects for all gamers, behindhand of how they are alert (headphones, soundbar, TV speakers etc).

For PS4 they approved to archetypal for a affliction case book in agreement of calefaction and adeptness draw. This works if the animate is quiet and air-conditioned while playing, and doesn’t if it is hot and loud.

On PS5 Sony has gone a altered direction. It has a capricious abundance strategy, which agency the CPU and GPU are assuredly run in addition mode, but the abundance changes. This agency the adeptness draw doesn’t change, so the PS5 is consistently active at best capacity: as such, Sony doesn’t charge to assumption at the affliction case book in agreement of adeptness draw in amateur activity forward.

However, Cerny abandoned fabricated a actual abrupt advertence to the cooling system, arch some rumours to suggests the system’s problems is one of the affidavit for the advertisement delay.

The GPU is capped at 2.23 GHz, which translates as 10.3 teraflops of gaming power. The CPU on the PS5 is capped at 3.5GHz.

So we can booty what we’ve abstruse actuality and administer it to absolute life, Ballsy Amateur arise a baby draft of an bearding tech audience application the Unreal Agent 5, which is advancing in 2021. 

What you’re about to see is this affirmation of gameplay active real-time on the PS5, giving a glimpse of what adeptness be accessible for next-gen consoles:

Cool, huh? The new Nanite geometry arrangement allows for “sub-pixel geometry”, accouterment absurd detail to be rendered about ephemeral to the animal eye. Aloof like absolute life. Combined with the accepted abutment for up to 8K graphics, and it’s bright the PS5 is activity to attending incredible.

“We capital to empower creators to actualize photorealistic scenes duplicate from reality” says Tim Sweeney, CEO of Ballsy Games.

The sub-zero pixel detail agency accomplished detail is ephemeral until your avatar moves afterpiece in real-time, with the PS5’s massive solid-state drive able to accommodate all that advice beeline abroad rather than loading it separately.

The “Lumen” system, which is said to actualize authentic animation lighting, additionally creates an added aspect of realism, aided by that absurd ray-tracing.

This was a absolute array draft to Microsoft’s Xbox Alternation X, which got lambasted for hosting a much-hyped “gameplay trailer” beck mostly consisting of in-engine cinematics. Ballsy Games’ Tim Sweeney abating gamers this was how next-gen consoles would attending in activity acquainted like a attenuate jab to Microsoft. 

In April, Sony apparent its new DualSense controller, a curved, ergonomic backup to the archetypal DualShock design. We got a alike bigger attending at the borderline and all of the PS5’s added accessories afterwards Sony uploaded 360 bulk videos of anniversary of them to its website. 

One of the controller’s big USPs is the haptic acknowledgment technology, which allows the triggers to become added or beneath aggressive depending on which in-game tasks you’re application it for. The improvements accept afflicted developers, some of whom accept fabricated the adventurous account that the DualSense could be the best ambassador in history. Elsewhere, the ambassador has been fabricated lighter and the rechargeable array will be able to go for longer. 

The Share button (which Microsoft will be introducing to its abutting gen Xbox Wireless Controller) has been scrapped in favour of a “Create” button. No accommodation accept been arise on what the Actualize functionality absolutely does, but best pundits address it’ll be an addendum of the Share feature, conceivably with congenital alteration accoutrement for amusing gamers and streamers to booty advantage of. 

A congenital microphone completes the new features, acceptance you to babble to your contacts afterwards a headset. However, it’s appropriate the array will cesspool appreciably while application the congenital mic and apostle for abiding periods. The net is ample with great-looking mods for the new gamepads, but afterwards seeing Sony’s new architectonics administration for the aboriginal time here, we’re afraid to get a attending at the accompanying console.

Although this ambassador is two-tone, an declared leaked angel of a atramentous DualSense ambassador has popped up, fuelling rumours of a PS5 atramentous edition. But with no accepted source, it’s best to booty that with a compression of salt. 

We’ve accepted for a continued time now that Sony didn’t intend to barrage aloof one adaptation of the PlayStation 5 console, and now we apperceive that alongside the capital console, which comes with a 4K optical disc drive for concrete media, there is activity to be the PS5 Agenda Edition.

The PlayStation 5 Agenda Copy resembles the capital PS5 in agreement of architectonics but does not accept an optical disc drive installed, acute gamers to buy titles online via the official PlayStation 5 store.

Whether or not the PS5 Agenda Copy has the exact aforementioned gaming accouterments as the abounding animate charcoal to be seen, as too how abundant this animate will cost. Clearly, afterwards the disc drive it will be cheaper, but how bargain it will be is an absorbing altercation point.

With gamers abandoned able to buy and comedy amateur via the PlayStation 5 Store, the adeptness to buy amateur additional duke will be taken away. This will beggarly gamers will accept to pay abounding bulk for their amateur and, naturally, that will affect how bodies see the bulk of the Agenda Edition’s bulk point.

We’re academic the digital-only PS5 will retail for $100 / £100 beneath than the abounding console, with a $399 / £399 bulk point mooted.

Mark Cerny accepted that the PS5 will be able to run “almost all” of the “top 100 PlayStation 4 titles as ranked by playtime”, acknowledging the new animate will be backwards accordant to some extent. This agency you won’t accept to bandy out all your PS4 discs aback your agleam new animate turns up. However, it’s based on PS5 not actuality able to absorb the absoluteness of the PS4 architecture, so the amateur that won’t run on the new animate abide a mystery.

Gamers were a little afraid at the account of the accessible limitations, but the latest aperture suggests that all PS4 amateur will assignment on the console. The bad account is that the DS4 ambassador – which we’ve been told would be accordant with the PS5 – won’t absolutely assignment with PS5 games, so it’s not all acceptable news. 

Let’s not balloon adventurous alive and online comedy either either. All the breach are that PlayStation Now will get an advancement with the PS5, and that alive amateur over-the-web is acceptable to at atomic be a allotment of the PlayStation 5 experience, no bulk which archetypal of the animate you end up activity for.

We’re additionally audition that there adeptness be a affection declared PlayStation Assist, which uses bogus intelligence to adviser you out of bound spots whenever you get stuck. That should accomplish gaming beneath arresting for some of us, at least.

Polish adventurous administrator CD Projekt Red has already said it’s alive on amateur with an eye on the abutting bearing of consoles, with Cyberpunk 2077 acceptable to be one of the aboriginal titles to hit the PS5, which is why we included it in our account PS5 amateur we’re attractive advanced to play.

E3 has accustomed us a host of added accessible titles that are acceptable to accomplish it to Sony’s next-generation amateur console: The Elder Scrolls 6, the intriguing-sounding Starfield, and Beyond Acceptable & Evil 2.

Flagship amateur don’t arise abundant bigger than the Admirable Theft Auto series, and Rockstar has accepted that GTA V – which arise in 2013 during the PS3 era, and afterwards fabricated its way to accepted gen consoles – is additionally advancing to the PS5.

Whatever amateur we see, they’re acceptable to breach new arena in agreement of accuracy and detail, acknowledgment to the added adeptness of the PS5 and advances in software design. Those in the apperceive say we’re not far off accepting amateur that attending as acceptable as the best Hollywood blockbusters, and that get rendered in absolute time.

There’s acceptable account for cross-platform affinity too: Sony exec Shawn Layden has said that we’re branch into a post-console world, area accessories from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are added deeply chip than anytime before.

15 September, 2020 – Some absolutely blackballed PS5 account has aloof abandoned address of Bloomberg, who letters that Sony is acid its appraisal for PlayStation 5 consoles to be produced in its barrage aeon by a huge 4 actor units.

This agency that 4 actor beneath PlayStation 5 systems are actuality produced over what charcoal of this banking year active up to the end of March abutting year, article that could beforehand to shortages of the animate about the world.

The account of the abasement of the bulk of consoles produced is allegedly because Sony is accepting accomplishment issues with its console’s custom system-on-chip, with yields as low as abandoned 50%.

What this agency for gamers accepting their easily on the PlayStation 5 charcoal unclear, but with 4 actor beneath consoles with retailers, affirmation suggests that shortages could be admission in abounding regions.

And that would be a adversity for Sony, who appropriate now is branch into the next-gen animate war in a position of advantage. Microsoft is advancing off a huge whooping in the PS5/Xbox One bearing (Sony awash over alert the bulk of consoles) and additionally doesn’t accept Halo Infinite to angular on at barrage either. But if gamers absolutely can’t buy a PS5 due to shortages again active will be turned, and fast.

We admonish anyone who wants a PS5 at barrage to assay out T3’s PS5 pre-order adviser appropriate now, and actuate the best abode to lock in a system.

14 September, 2020 – Absolutely huge account has aloof dropped! The long-awaited PS5 accident area the PlayStation 5’s bulk and absolution date are set to be assuredly arise is accident this week.

Yes, that’s right. Sony itself clearly accepted the news, too, with a abbreviate new video agreeable gamers to accompany them for the PlayStation 5 Showcase on 16 September, 2020 at 1:00 PM PDT (that’s 8:00 PM GMT). Assay the video out below:

As can be apparent in the video, gamers can tune in to the accident at PlayStation’s official website and actuality at T3 we couldn’t be added excited. Assuredly we will get to acquisition out aloof how abundant the PS5 bulk is, as able-bodied as aback we can get our easily on the animate at the PS5 absolution date.

We’re best aflame about PS5 pre-orders opening, though, as we would admonish anyone who is absorbed in the arrangement to adapt able-bodied and ahead Sony battlefront the starting gun actual anon absolutely – maybe alike at the acme of the PS5 event.

As such, we acclaim you argue T3’s cool abundant and accessible PS5 pre-orders adviser to advice you attenuated bottomward the best abode to do so in advance.

Our assay of this 16 September accident is that Sony has called the absolute time to finalise the accommodation of its next-gen offering. As we arise on, there had been abounding rumors that Sony was activity to barrage a abruptness accident on 9 September, 2020, which was the 25th Ceremony of the aboriginal PlayStation ablution in North America.

That didn’t arise to canyon but, interestingly, what did arise was that Microsoft absitively to go aboriginal with its own accident and arise aggregate about the Xbox Alternation X and Alternation S.

That again larboard Sony in a position area they new absolutely how abundant Microsoft’s animate were costing, aback they were advancing out, and aback pre-orders opened. And, as a result, it looks like Sony is basic a aftermost minute bulk cut to draft Xbox out of the water.

Roll on September 16!

2 September, 2020 – A absurd new PlayStation 5 ambassador architectonics that reveals a beauteous night approach affection is accepting a lot of absorption appropriate now.

Called “DualSense Night Mode”, this affection is apparent off in a cast new video from artisan Nokolay Mochkin, who was aggressive by the acknowledgment of a night approach on the official PlayStation blog.

Here at T3 we ahead this DualSense Night Approach abstraction is authentic neon, RGB awesomeness – but we can’t advice ahead how abundant of cesspool on array activity that akin of beam would be.

It abiding does accept best ambush value, though, and hopefully we can get article that allowances use in low-light situations from the official controller. A abysmal dive into the DualSense is accepted soon, so fingers crossed…

1 September, 2020 – A cast new PS5 bivouac has aloof been abandoned by Sony and, artlessly put, it shows Xbox gamers absolutely what they’re missing, both in agreement of the ballsy PlayStation 5 absolute amateur on offer, as able-bodied as the able accouterments delivered by the next-gen console.

The video trailer, which is watchable above, shows footage from PlayStation exclusives Spider-Man Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West and Demon’s Souls, while additionally highlighting the PS5’s haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D audio tech.

The bivouac is abandoned 30 seconds, but it absolutely hammers home aloof what a appropriate abode to comedy amateur the PS5 is activity to be aback it is arise in a brace of months. Loads of absolute amateur and able accouterments are activity to amalgamate wonderfully.

In contrast, the Xbox Alternation X now faces the alarming anticipation of branch into the next-gen animate war afterwards its above absolute Halo Infinite, which has slipped into abutting year and might, so rumours suggest, alike blooper into 2022.

Right now there looks like abandoned one champ in the next-gen animate war, and that’s the Sony PlayStation 5.

In added PS5 news, a aperture has appropriate that a big PlayStation 5 accident is demography abode on September 9, 2020, which at the time of autograph is aloof over a anniversary away. PS4 pre-orders are rumoured to be activity alive afterwards the event, which is additionally area commentators are slating we’ll get to apprehend the official PS5 bulk and PS5 absolution date, too.

Here at T3 we can’t wait! Roll on September 9…

26 August, 2020 – Our best attending yet at aloof what the Sony PS5 retail box could attending like has aloof accustomed address of bright artist Vinícius de Jesus. The box, which is apparent from the advanced and the rear, shows the PlayStation 5 animate itself as able-bodied as a alternative of its games.

What is apparent about the box is that de Jesus has autonomous for a vertical architectonics rather a accumbent one, acceptation that the abounding acme of the PS5 is apparent off – and boy is it a big boy!

On the rear of the box we additionally get some of the new PlayStation accessories on display, including the DualSense charging cradle, HD camera, PS5 alien and Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.

In agreement of amateur to play, the standouts on the box are Horizon Forbidden West and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

As for colourway, de Jesus has gone ample on the now acclaimed PlayStation blue, which is assorted accurately with white and grey.

Other baby titbits that standout to us actuality at T3 is that the box advertises 8K HDR as able-bodied as the console’s 845GB SSD.

25 August, 2020 – Potentially huge PS5 account has aloof abandoned apropos PlayStation 5 pre-orders, with an accustomed adviser advertence that pre-orders will accessible on September 9, 2020.

The aperture states that “preorders for PlayStation 5 actuality on September 9” and that the acumen abaft Sony allotment this date is because “the absolute activity of absolution PlayStation 5 is based on 25 years of PlayStation” and that “the aboriginal PlayStation arise in North America on September 9, 1995”.

This means, if the aperture is true, again pre-orders for the PS5 will activate on the exact aforementioned day that the aboriginal PlayStation was released, which at the time of autograph is now abandoned a few weeks away.

Now, as we agenda in the report, appropriate now this date is actionable and we haven’t heard annihilation through our able channels about an event. As such, we beforehand it be taken with a advantageous compression of salt. That said, though, this leaker has been appropriate in the accomplished aback calling out approaching PS5 info, so we admonish anyone who wants to lock in a animate to be able for September 9.

And abnormally because contempo letters announce that the PS5 is activity to be in crazy-high demand, with Sony accepting to close-on bifold the assembly run of the arrangement to accommodated predicted demand. The acute gamer accordingly gets their pre-order bound in  on day one to abstain any agitated this winter anniversary season.

19 August, 2020 – Approaching PS5 gamers got a amusement today as a cast new video has showed off aloof what graphical awesomeness the PlayStation 5 is able of.

The video, which is for the adventurous Observer Arrangement Redux, reveals a array of next-gen graphical goodies, including absolute time ray tracing, 4K textures, volumetric lighting, astute materials, HDR, ultra HD appearance models and 60fps anatomy rates.

What is abnormally noteworthy about the video is that, as Observer was arise originally on PS4 and Xbox One aback in 2017, we can see anon how the cartoon accept bigger over the aftermost gen.

Gaming cartoon beforehand all the time, alike aural animate ancestors as developers apprentice to use the accouterments alike better, so it is generally accessible to balloon what amateur alike a few years old attending liked, with added avant-garde titles colouring perception.

Here, though, the adverse is marked. And, if this is how amazing a rebooted adventurous from aftermost gen looks like active on PS5, aloof brainstorm what a adventurous that has been congenital from the ground-up for the PlayStation 5 will attending and run like? A absolutely adorable hypothesis indeed. 🤤

18 August, 2020 – A new poll has apparent that alert as abounding gamers are attractive advanced to the Sony PS5 animate as they are to the Microsoft Xbox Alternation X.

The poll asked gamers, “Which next-gen animate interests you most?” and a whopping 58 per cent said the PlayStation 5.

In contrast, abandoned 26.6 per cent of gamers said that the Xbox Alternation X was their best advancing next-gen console, giving the PS5 a aural victory.

Interestingly, the aforementioned poll additionally showed that 14.6 per cent of respondents adumbrated that they would be acrimonious up both the PS5 and Xbox Alternation X, while 0.9 per cent declared they were not activity to acquirement either animate aback they launch.

This account seems to aback contempo letters that the PS5 is demography a mind-share beforehand into the next-gen, and additionally tallies altogether with the actuality that alert as abounding PS4 consoles were awash compared to Xbox One consoles aftermost generation.

And, while this poll abandoned represents a baby admeasurement of gamers, it is absorbing that admitting the Xbox One X’s technically added almighty pixel-pushing prowess, it is the PS5 that has arise out tops. 

Maybe, as T3 has said for years, gamers are actuality won over the ablaze alternative of PS5 exclusives on offer, and put off by things like Halo Infinite bottomward into abutting year.

17 August, 2020 – Following up on the account from August 14 (see below) comes yet added affirmation to beforehand that the PS5 ‘fake 4k’ annotation was false.

As T3 reports, PS5 developer Teamkill Media was confronted by a Twitter user who appropriate that its game, Quantum Error, was disturbing to hit 4K 30fps on PS5.

Luckily, Teamkill Media was in no affection for affected news, and anon put the BS to bed by responding to the tweeter in the best analytic way possible.

As can be apparent in the tweet, Teamkill Media accompaniment that their game, far from disturbing to run at 4K 30fps, is absolutely already active at 4K 65-70 fps unoptimized. The aggregation again bear the accomplishment de grâce on the counterfeit animadversion by advertence equivocally that “we will be hitting our ambition of 4K 60 fps”.

The aggregation abaft PS5 adventurous Quantum Error anticipation the advancement that they were disturbing to hit 4K 30 fps so antic that they absolutely whip out the Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji. 🤣

Seems like addition attach aloof got banged into the casket on the PS5 ‘fake 4K’ rumor, which while acceptable isn’t hasty at all. The abstraction that Sony’s assertive PlayStation 5 animate was activity to attempt to hit 4K 60fps was amusing and, while we ahead actuality at T3 that not every adventurous will arise with that option, we’re actual assured that the majority will.

After all, if a abate third-party flat can hit 4k 60 fps in an unoptimized game, again aloof brainstorm what an centralized or above third affair flat can do. Afterwards all, technically the PS5 supports up to 120fps in agreement of anatomy rates, and 8K in agreement of resolution.

14 August, 2020 – An counterfeit leak, which led to abounding letters online, has been debunked by gamers on Reddit.

The aperture had appropriate that the PS5 could attempt to run amateur at a built-in 4K resolution, and instead bare to await on upscaling to aftermath a ‘fake 4k”.

Naturally, as you would expect, this anon acquired affair amid gamers, who had been attractive advanced to a next-gen arrangement able of austere pixel-pushing power.

Thankfully, adeptness gamers on a Reddit column advantaged “PS5 has apparent gameplay active at Built-in 4k” proceeded to booty bottomward the counterfeit aperture and prove that it was at best apocryphal and at worst, as some gamer’s declared their behavior to be, a fear, ambiguity and agnosticism tactic.

Here at T3, while we don’t ahead resolution abandoned is the be all and end all in gaming cartoon (with things like anatomy and brace rates, as able-bodied as appropriate furnishings like absolute time ray archetype added important to immersion), we are animated this aperture has accepted apocryphal and, as before, can’t delay to get our easily on the PlayStation 5.

Hopefully we will apprehend added about the PS5’s official 4K credentials, soon, as the affiance of arena Horizon Forbidden West at 4K and/or with absolute time ray archetype enabled is absolutely aperture watering.

13 August, 2020 – Abundant account for PlayStation admirers has arise address of a cast new aperture surrounding the PS5’s new DualSense controller. The news, as arise by T3, reveals that a big advancement is on the cards, both in agreement of array activity and affection set.

According to the leaker, who claims they assignment for a aggregation that makes and food accessories for Sony consoles, states that appropriate now the abutting is accustomed out testing on the DualSense and, as such, they accept been able to verify that the array accommodation if decidedly beyond than the DualShock 4 controller.

In the advice absolute tweet, which additionally showed pictures of the ambassador up abutting and in the hand, the leakster said that “the array accommodation is 1560mA, abundant added than the PS4 one”, and an angel of the controller’s adeptness blueprint reveals “1560mAh” also.

For comparison, the DualShock 4’s array accommodation was 800mAh, so what we arise to be attractive at actuality is a acceleration of capacity.

That acceleration of accommodation will no agnosticism abundantly be bottomward to the added appearance and achievement that Sony has already clearly unveiled.

Not abandoned is the wireless DualSense ambassador advancing with haptic acknowledgment tech, which delivers “a array of able sensations you’ll feel aback you play, such as the apathetic grittiness of active a car through mud”, but additionally new lighting and audio systems, too.

Here at T3 we ahead the DualSense ambassador looks stunning, and acutely blends the best genitalia of the DualShock 4 into a softer, fuller gamepad that looks to be comfier to authority and aesthetically abundant added pleasing. Indeed, it looks actual agnate to the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro, which on analysis T3 said was “a stunning, feature-packed gaming weapon”.

12 August, 2020 – A massive development that may accept a huge appulse on the success of the PS5 isn’t absolutely to do with the PlayStation 5 at all. That’s because Microsoft’s better launch-exclusive game, Halo Infinite, has been delayed into 2021.

This is a massive accord as that agency the Xbox Alternation X isn’t activity to accept its arch absolute for the console’s barrage this year, which now looks like it is activity to accept to action the PS5 with a conspicuously bargain armory of games.

According to the report, the developers of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, acquainted that “it is not acceptable for the abundance of our aggregation or the all-embracing success of the adventurous to address it this holiday”.

For PS5 gamers themselves this is acutely baptize off a ducks aback – they are able-bodied covered with a deluge of absolute PS5 amateur to attending advanced to. But, for Microsoft, this will no agnosticism be a above draft in its next-gen action plans.

Microsoft is branch into the abutting bearing as massive underdogs, actuality outsold by a agency of added than two to one aftermost generation, and Sony sitting appealing with a massive install abject lead. If annihilation over 50 per cent of PS4 owners advancement to PS5, again Sony is already in the next-gen active seat, and appropriate now ache amid PlayStation gamers seems avaricious for the PlayStation 5.

It appeared that in adjustment to angle a adventitious of angry aback adjoin the PS5 asendency, Microsoft bare to fly out of the blocks in the next-gen, with a arch barrage window carrying accouterments and amateur that fabricated PlayStation gamers about-face allegiance, as able-bodied as acceptable over the adolescent bearing of players.

With no Halo Infinite, though, that arch barrage looks added abroad from accident than anytime before, and Sony will be added seeing the aisle bright to addition absolute animate bearing victory. 

There are affluence of added rumours bouncing about the Sony PlayStation 5. We’ve affected on basic absoluteness already, and it’s awful apparent that Sony is alive on adaptation 2 of its PlayStation VR angle – this time though, all the all-important accouterments should be congenital into the PS5, so you won’t charge an added box amid angle and console. 

Let’s not forget, too, that Mark Cerny himself has accepted that the aboriginal PSVR angle will be accordant with the PS5.

There’s allocution that the PlayStation Now alive account is in band for an amend at the aforementioned time as the PlayStation 5 arrives, but as yet we’re not abiding anybody has the broadband accommodation to beck 4K amateur into their active rooms.

Based on comments fabricated by a above PlayStation boss, we’re activity to see concrete discs abide allotment of the animate acquaintance for the abutting bearing of hardware. According to the CEO of Ubisoft, we’re activity to see one added bearing of acceptable consoles afore aggregate switches to the cloud. 

That doesn’t beggarly Sony won’t dabble in it admitting – it’s partnered with an absurd accessory in Microsoft to assignment on next-generation alive services. Apprehend a ‘Netflix-for-games’ belvedere to be amid your options aback the PS5 comes out. A cloud-based new PSP is additionally rumoured to admission as a accompaniment console.

However, because that Sony is currently exploring and developing blockchain technology, a technology that has gaming applications, the PS5 could additionally conductor in a new age of additional duke agenda adventurous sales and trades. The abstraction that a gamer could accommodate or barter a digitally purchased  game licence is absolutely agitative to us actuality at T3, and could assuredly advice the industry move on from concrete media.

Now that, for abounding gamers, is the actor dollar question. Xbox bang-up Phil Spencer has said that Xbox Alternation X will “set the criterion for animate gaming”, and commonly aback you set a criterion that agency you accept the best able set of results.

Key there, though, is aloof how the criterion is set. Is it authentic accouterments numbers ripped from proprietary, centralized testing software? Is it how bland amateur run in agreement of framerate, or how brittle they are displayed in agreement of resolution? Or, for example, is it how glossy and game-filled they are in agreement of ecosystem? Or how accessible it is for developers to tap into that accouterments (let’s not balloon how the Sega Saturn’s difficult architectonics contributed to its fast downfall).

Because, this is the thing, raw specs does not win a animate generation. Animate ancestors are won by games, and added accurately area gamers comedy their games. This is what Sony in the approachable bearing absolutely nailed it and, weirdly for a aggregation that already did this altogether with the Xbox 360, Microsoft absolutely abandoned the brawl with the Xbox One.

The PS4 ambit of consoles has gone on to advertise alert as abounding systems as the Xbox One ancestors of consoles because it focused on carrying games, games, and added amateur to its users. Sony’s focus on amateur and huge library of titles, accurately exclusives, during the PS4 era was absolutely aboriginal rate, and this meant that admitting the Xbox One X technically actuality the baron of consoles in agreement of accouterments specs and capabilities, all-embracing Xbox still absent out to PlayStation.

Remember that beforehand by Microsoft about Alive TV and Kinect control, about how the Xbox One was activity to be the accouterments assertive media centre that would sit at the affection of all gamers’ setups? It didn’t bulk one jot aback it came to the crunch, and that crisis was what amateur could be played on the system, and how abundant it would bulk to comedy them.

As such, while we ahead it fair to say that the Xbox Alternation X will, from what we’ve heard in the next-gen animate rumour mill, will technically accept the best absorbing specs of the next-gen consoles, the aberration will absolutely be actual accessory and, in the admirable arrangement of things, won’t accomplish that abundant aberration anyway.

The PS5 should acquisition it actual accessible to get the Xbox Alternation X baffled during both console’s barrage windows absolutely due to install abject transference, and it should additionally backpack a little momentum, too, from PlayStation VR, which alike to this day Xbox cannot counter. Long-term, though, whether or not the PlayStation 5 wins the next-gen animate war adjoin Xbox Alternation X will abundantly be bent on ecosystem offerings, as able-bodied as how able-bodied all acceptable animate makers bulwark of the beforehand of new game-streaming casework like Google Stadia.

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