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In the aboriginal division of 2020, the name Pastor Apollo Quiboloy became alike with the word. As if a apocalypse announced in acknowledgment to the claiming of Vice Ganda, Pastor ACQ’s words would appear to canyon months afterwards he was challenged by the celebrity host to “close bottomward ABS CBN.”

Probinsyano, the show, would stop airing. The abiding cartage in EDSA would be gone for a few months, no acknowledgment to the lockdown. And the best arguable claiming issued to the Pastor—the cease of behemothic arrangement ABS-CBN.

If Pastor Quiboloy was not a domiciliary name by then, he would be abominable by the time the arrangement shut down. His name would be a meme, a pop ability reference, a warning.

The man abaft the memes

Stuff like these charm us—insiders of the Commonwealth of Jesus Christ. Along with our admired Pastor’s acceptance is the absoluteness of adverse a connected battery of awful and awful comments, criticisms, apocryphal allegations, and affected news, which we accept become acclimatized to. To be sure, not aggregate is aching and negative. Some are positive, amusing, and hilarious. 

Pastor ACQ takes all of these in stride. 

Apollo C. Quiboloy, above the memes and arguable breaking news, is the founding baton of the Davao-based Commonwealth of Jesus Christ with seven actor followers worldwide. An oft-misunderstood man, he is added than the average he is portrayed in the account and on amusing media. 

To his acutely adherent followers, he is a awful revered, acutely admired airy baton and guide. He is, to seven actor associates all over the world, the Appointed Son of God. 

His amazing access and acceptance may be a addle to many. Who absolutely is Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, and breadth did he appear from? 

In the Philippines, televangelists acclimated to be a assorted lot in the ’90s, but the Pastor is one of the actual few who abide arresting and prominent, conceivably due to his actuality a allurement of controversies. 

When I was seven, growing up in the suburbs of Manila, I got a glimpse of him on television praying over people. 

Later on, I would get to accommodated him alone every Sunday in Cubao, Quezon City. Larger than life—to me, he was abounding with an ambience of holiness. From again on, I was led to a activity that would be so articular with actuality a “follower of Quiboloy.”

As a child, I was traumatized to be alleged a affiliate of a cult. Pastor is dubbed a band baton and his article run adverse to accepted religious credo and behavior that accept lorded it over in the Philippines for hundreds of years. He unapologetically preaches, “The Abbey Age is over.” He tells the bodies that admiration graven images is affair in the afterimage of God. These aureate proclamations did not sit able-bodied with the ecclesiastical bureaucracy and religious world. Thus, the branding “cult.”

Through the years, the “cult” branding has absent its sting. Pastor Apollo’s Commonwealth of Jesus Christ would become the fastest growing aggregation in the Philippines in the accomplished three decades. 

Apollo Carreon-Quiboloy is the ninth and youngest adolescent of José Turla-Quiboloy and Maria Sambat-Carreon of Sta. Catalina, Lubao, Pampanga. 

architecture 101 tagalog dubbed
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Barely three years afterwards the war in 1948, the Quiboloys landed in Malagapas, Cotabato, catastrophe up in an alien rural adjustment at the foothills of Mt. Apo in the southernmost allotment of Davao City. The abode is alleged Tamayong, and this is breadth their youngest adolescent was built-in on a algid night on April 25, 1950. 

José, a avid clairvoyant and fan of Greek belief alleged his son Apollo, both in account of the sun god, and the acclaimed Mt. Apo, which would be the circadian accomplishments of the adolescent Apollo’s adolescence and determinative years with the Bagobos. Apollo grew up in a activity of poverty. He would anamnesis that his mother acclimated to beating from abode to house, borrowing rice in dry division back there was no autumn in the farm. One adventure would appearance his life. 

The eight-year-old Dodong, as the adolescent Apollo was called, stood arctic in advanced of the Chinese abundance breadth he was beatific for an assignment to borrow gantangs of rice and some goods. The Chinese accouchement from the abundance poked fun at him, “Nandito na ang palautang (Here comes the borrower)!” 

He remembers staring bottomward at his board clogs for a brace of hours with tears alive bottomward his cheeks, until the son-in-law of the Chinese storeowner came. Saved from abashment by the affection of the man who gave him a amber cardboard bag with gantangs of rice, sardines, coffee and odong (rice noodles), the adolescent Dodong would affiance to himself: “When I abound up, I will do the aforementioned affection this man has done to me.”

Separated from his parents at the age of 10, Apollo would abound up and apprentice adamantine work, diligence, and dust at such a breakable age. He’d bake pan de sal from 12 midnight up to aboriginal morning afore he went to academy at 6 a.m. 

His aboriginal calling came at 14, back Apollo dreamed of Parang’s Esso oil depots exploding. The abutting night he saw the aforementioned vision, and the blood-soaked red sky address the words: “The sun shall be angry into darkness, and the moon into blood, afore that abundant and notable day of the Lord come.”

Not a bible reader, he didn’t admit the words as Bible verse. 

His additional calling came anon enough. As a acclaimed adolescent advocate who abstruse from American missionaries, he would be alleged “The Admonition Machine,” traveling from one boondocks to another, seven canicule a week. In 1973, in a accretion of three actor assembly from all over the world, he heard a articulation saying, “Gamiton ta ka (I will use you).”

After a few years, the pastor would accretion himself abandoned in two mountains. In the mountains of Kitbog, Malalag Cogon, South Cotabato (now Malungon, Sarangani Province), the adolescent preacher surrendered his will: “Father, from now on, not my will, but Your Will be done.” The aboriginal abundance gave him freedom. The additional abundance in Tamayong, breadth the preacher had acute airy training, gave him cleansing.

The Birth of The Commonwealth of Jesus Christ 

On Sept. 1, 1985, Apollo Quiboloy would leave his denomination. Fifteen bodies abutting him in this exodus. 

Preaching application not asceticism but spirituality, the charismatic, amorous baton would attract bags all over the Philippines. In 1991, he would alpha a actuality affairs on TV over IBC 13. The pastor would allege eloquently in Tagalog, Cebuano, Kapampangan, Hiligaynon, and English—and in no time, he was able to accumulate followers from beyond assorted religious and cultural backgrounds. 

From Davao City, the KOJC has advance in above cities in the Philippines. And in 1995, he went global. Pastor Apollo would deliver in ample venues with bags in appearance all over Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East, and alike as far as Africa. 

The Pastor knew how to aggrandize his message: One of the able accoutrement is the KOJC’s accretion of its own television arrangement that has been broadcasting globally back 2003. Alike afore livestreaming has become a basic for the agenda world, the pastor has been extensive the extreme cities of the apple through Sonshine Media Arrangement Intl. It would additionally accept PINAS All-around bi-weekly targeting OFWs in the US and Canada, London, Hong Kong, and the Middle East. In the centermost advance of the account bi-weekly is published, the bulletin of Pastor Apollo.

When bodies see the influence, power, and affluence of the Kingdom, they anticipate that it has consistently been wealthy, but it is, in reality, founded on sacrifice, sweat, blood, and tears. 

One of the top gun leaders I aboriginal met in Davao City was Sister Ingrid Canada. She is the KOJC’s arch administrator—in aspect the appropriate duke of Pastor Apollo. At the age of 20, appropriate afterwards admission from the Ateneo University, Sister Ingrid followed the Pastor.

Like a mother to best of the followers, Sister Ingrid has fabricated it easier for the associates to cross through the alien amnion of airy growth. She was one of the aboriginal 15 associates who had to go through amazing sacrifices in establishing the ministry. 

Pastor Apollo and the antecedents of the KOJC had no abutment from anybody during the founding years of the congregation. Every day, every meal was a challenge. 

They would beat and cruise adios angle and vegetables backward in the afternoon in Agdao Public Market in adjustment to buy bargain aliment to course them over from day to day.

In the ‘80s, the pastor was bark and basic that Sister Ingrid and her administration had to put bi-weekly on his abdomen aloof so his pants and his clothing would fit. Sister Eleanor Cardona, a metallurgical engineering alum from Mapua University, is additionally one of the KOJC’s beat workers. She was 22 back she followed Pastor Apollo. 

“We had no cars, no adequate apartment to break in. We larboard our activity of abundance as adolescent professionals and chose to chase in his footsteps,” she shares. “In those times of acute persecutions, hunger, and sacrifices, if you are not committed to your calling, you’d absolutely accept to leave the ministry. As we slept on the bleachers of the Amoranto Stadium, Pastor Apollo would allege of abundant things, how one day, we would accept our admirable cathedral. How one day, he would accompany all of us to altered countries all over the world.” 

Sister Ingrid adds, “He’d acquaintance with us until the wee hours of the morning, until our chairs would be abysmal in floodwaters. But Pastor Apollo would not stop preaching.” 

Inside the walls of the cloistral Kingdom

The burghal legends and rumors about Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and the aggregation are outrageous, if not ridiculous. 

Truthfully, our activity central the KOJC is normal. Fulltime workers are altered than accustomed associates because we are on alarm 24 hours a day, active in the KOJC address in Davao City or in added cities in the country or abroad. Male and changeable alive in abstracted buildings, and there is a dress cipher we charge follow. 

Early in the morning, we accumulate in angelic prayer, which lasts up to 40 minutes. Again we advance to our assignment assignments like across-the-board broiled collapsed leaves, watering the crops in the burghal farm, or charwoman the offices. We exercise or assignment out at our own phase. Breakfast, lunch, and banquet are served in a ample dining breadth we alarm the blend hall. We accord to altered departments like Architecture and Engineering, Education, Arts, Health and Medical, Multimedia (TV, radio, print, web), Architecture, and Music. I accept been asked why the choir associates apparent on TV are abnormally attractive: Associates of the choir don’t necessarily accept to be acceptable looking. Talent comes first. 

One of the misconceptions of bodies from alfresco is that Pastor Apollo is anti-LGBTQ. We accept a activating association of adapted LGBTQ members. We tap their abilities and talents for autogenous designing, appliance designing, and beard and makeup. And yes, the appealing associates of the choir are actuality taken affliction of by that department. 

Some say we’re the Mennonites of the Philippines, but we’re not far removed from the absoluteness of accustomed activity in the alfresco world. We admix with bodies from the civil apple aloof as you see the Pastor accomplish accompany with bodies from outside. 

Ours is a bourgeois activity lived in an ultra-modern setting. “We’re as avant-garde as the Internet but as bourgeois as the Old Testament,” Pastor Apollo would consistently admonish us. 

And the rumors: Some of the allegations—mostly advance by antecedent associates who larboard for a reason—include animal trafficking, slavery, animal abuse. First, all of us who adjudge to access into the Commonwealth as full-time workers, accomplish this adaptation on our own volition. We assurance a vow of lifetime commitment. Should we accept to leave, we aloof accept to appeal for a absolution paper. It’s as simple as that. 

Second, bullwork is back you are actuality captivated adjoin your will. The Commonwealth acreage in Davao City has advanced gates with workers advisedly activity in and out of it any time of the day. Everyone is chargeless to leave anytime they ambition to. 

Third are the declared animal abuses. We apperceive these individuals who accomplish up these allegations. We lived with them, we apperceive who they are. 

The Pastor is too dupe and acceptable to a fault—he accepts anybody who comes to the Commonwealth and asks for help, for chargeless education, accommodation, afterwards accomplishments blockage people. (The Children’s Joy Foundation, accustomed in 1998, has been accustomed as the Best NGO in the Philippines in Jan. 2020. The Pastor has broadcast the CJFI not alone in the Philippines but all over Asia, South and Central America, Europe, North America and Africa.) Sadly, the downside of Pastor Apollo’s affection and generosity is that he will be abused.

There’s no abashment in selling puto 

Another antic allegation is that associates beg money and sell puto (rice cakes) all over the world. The KOJC rose to abundance with sweat, blood, tears, and sacrifices as its foundation. By selling kakanin, puto, muffins and others, associates apprentice to amount every centavo the alignment is adored with. Associates do not beg for money—every penny that is contributed to the coffers of the Commonwealth has been formed adamantine for. Selling puto is a rite of access that no affiliate is abashed of. 

One of the church’s affectionate full-time workers in Indonesia is Oxford-educated. The wife of ex-President Sukarno’s grandson, this woman grew up with the accouterment of a advantaged life—but she’s not abashed at all to advertise muffins abode to abode in Jakarta. She holds an Hermés bag on her appropriate hand, and a artificial bag of muffins on the left—and that is how Pastor Apollo has accomplished the associates of the church.

So who is abutting in band afterwards Pastor Quiboloy?

The Pastor has consistently been a hands-on leader. Every bend of every Commonwealth acreage is able-bodied maintained. He is so absolute he supervises how the cutlery is actuality bankrupt and polished. He is actual accurate back it comes to cleanliness. Alike our area are able-bodied manicured. He does abruptness visits in offices and active quarters. He opens appointment drawers and you accept to accomplish abiding they are apple-pie all the time. He inspects anchored cartage if they are squeaky apple-pie and kept in aboriginal condition. 

At the age of 70, he still plays four abode of basketball (he’s a three-point shooter), does hiking, plays golf, and added arduous sports. His approved accepted analysis allotment normal. He’s at his top anatomy alike at his age.  

He keeps a bound schedule: He has alive broadcasts bristles canicule a week. In the afternoon, he’d beat by the burghal acreage he tends to, and again audit the advancing architecture of the 75,000-seating calm admirable basilica alleged the King Dome appropriate beside the Davao International Airport. 

Early in the evening, Pastor Apollo would shoot the breeze and allege with the administrators who abrupt him on the accepted developments and goings on in the KOJC all over the world. Afterwards dinner, he’d airing about the Commonwealth estate, and brightness his golf active abilities afore backward at night.  

Pastor is single, and has no biological children. He’s never been married, although he aboveboard talks about his admirable American adherent he was set to ally at the age of 23.  When God came calling, the Pastor larboard aggregate behind, including his admirable sweetheart.

Someday, the sons and daughters of the Commonwealth who accept accomplished the accomplished akin of airy advance and ability will booty the reins of administration abutting to the antecedents who accept been produced. But Pastor will serve for as continued as he can. 

In our account to God, there is no such chat as retirement. 

Regina Arevalo is a baronial chief affiliate of the Commonwealth of Jesus Christ. 

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