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Clay Pot Cooking Pork Roast Ten Things About Clay Pot Cooking Pork Roast You Have To Experience It Yourself

Here in the Philippines, activity has appear abounding circle.

clay pot cooking pork roast CLAY POT PORK ROAST  Bewitching Kitchen

CLAY POT PORK ROAST Bewitching Kitchen | clay pot cooking pork roast

Two or three ancestors ago, best Filipino boondocks and burghal citizenry adapted their commons over copse fires (or an casual gas stove). After World War II, however, forth came the electric age, gas and aqueous kerosene stoves, booze burners, and all sorts of avant-garde affable appliances. Then, during the activity crisis of 1973 and 1974, copse was already afresh rediscovered. The oil accumulation bearings has eased somewhat aback the “crisis” but — because the amount of affable gas charcoal aerial — a small-scale renaissance of old methods is now demography abode in some ancestors kitchens.

Back in 1974 I did some experimenting forth these tines myself. To be specific, I put calm a accessory from a diagram in a book on the activity of Maria Orosa (who is to Philippine affable what Betty Crocker is to American). This apparatus — a palayok (pot) oven — is advised to blot calefaction from a charcoal-fed Japanese hibachi stove. I fabricated abundance absolutely of bounded materials; a ample accustomed adobe pot with a cover, a wire rack, a allotment of attenuate area metal cut to fit the vessel’s bottom, and a allotment of aluminum antithesis placed aloof beneath the lid to act as a calefaction reflector.

Less than a decade ago, cookers of this blazon were calmly purchased from any bazaar or adjacency sari-sari store. (According to National Geographic for September 1966, the sari-sari abundance begins as a baby angle which carries basic foods, bed-making needs, bendable drinks, etc…. and about expands into a bazaar or added all-encompassing business. — MOTHER.) The appearance of acculturation with its gas and butane stoves and kerosene burners has pushed the old-style ovens out of citizenry centers . . . but now that I’ve rediscovered the acceptable cooking/baking unit, I’ve amid dealers who acquaint me they can accumulation the oven’s raw abstracts in any quantities I want.

When I aboriginal began testing my palayok oven, I acclimated it occasionally to bake cookies, bread, and added flour-based products. It took some time to get up to the able heat, but — already launched — did a acceptable job on annihilation placed in it. Again I added or beneath forgot about the device, alone to balance it three months after . . . abreast the end of November 1974, aback a late-season draft hit Manila (capital of the Philippine Republic) and a continued ability black accomplished me a new use for this old kitchen tool.

At the time of the November typhoon, we were absorbing a Filipino couple, Vince and Nene Cortez, who had aloof alternate from the United States for a vacation in Manila. As the electric ability blinked off, Vince mentioned that — about this time in Oxnard, California — it was accepted for him and his ancestors to sit bottomward and annihilate a Thanksgiving turkey.

“To be beholden is accomplished . . . to annihilate divine,” I said. “But attentive acquaint castigation truly, first, area a turkey can be acquired during this typhoon, and second, how the aforementioned can be adapted after electricity . . . after a gas oven, even.”

clay pot cooking pork roast This is pork roast we did in our clay baker. It really turned out

This is pork roast we did in our clay baker. It really turned out | clay pot cooking pork roast

“I shall accumulation the turkey,” Vince told me. “You accumulation the affable fuel.”

“In this acclimate you’ll get a turkey?” I jeered. “They’re apparently aerial all over creation.”

“He agency a algid turkey, stupid,” said my wife, Leonor. “Refrigerated. Frozen.”

“Oh,” I said. “I anticipation you were talking about a alive one.”

So Vince went out in the rain and the wind and, so advice me, anon came aback with a huge turkey. Not alone that, he additionally brought some cranberry booze . . . (which he said is what Americans about like to eat with such fowl).

Very good. We dressed and able the bird far the oven (we blimp it, American style, with bread, instead of the accepted chorizo de Bilbao — Spanish sausage — and added accustomed ingredients) . . . and while we were accomplishing so, I remarked cheerfully, “If this draft is annihilation like the one we had a 1970, we can apprehend the accepted aback in three weeks. Would you like to acknowledgment the turkey over hot coals? In that case, we’ll accept to authority off awhile until the rain and the wind affluence up somewhat.”

“Maybe we’d bigger delay till abutting Thanksgiving, yes?” appropriate Nene Cortez.

“No,” said Vince. “Our visas expire abutting month. We’ll accept to do the turkey now.”  

It was again I remembered my palayok oven. I affective the able turkey and — by cavity of pressure, prayer, and added burden — somehow awkward the accomplished fowl into the pot. We anointed the bird with margarine, threw in a few handfuls of tamarind leaves from the wet backyard tree, and placed the pot over hot charcoal in the kitchen pasillo (passage).

Then we waited, while the wind howled, ashamed saucepans, blew bottomward the clothesline, confused two of my papaya trees, and sheared some area adamant off our baptize tank. Within an hour, adorable odors been to acceleration from the pot. Addition hour, and I peeped in to see the bird boring axis a ablaze aureate brown. By six o’clock the turkey was agitation from pokes of Vincent’s fork. The bird seemed about accessible for the dining table, except that-somehow-it still looked a bagatelle underdone. Somehow it didn’t fit my abstraction of Colonial buzz turkey . . . the ideal which so proudly we barrage in the pages of Acceptable Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Oui, and Playboy. It was breakable enough, and aged abundant . . . but amber it was not.

What to do? Should I bung the turkey aback into the freezer and delay far a change of electrical weather? Should I try baking it — admitting its huge admeasurement — anon over the coals, and accident a austere atom here, a reddish-raw application there?

I asked Vince Cortez for his comments and he said, “I took affliction of the turkey, I took affliction of the dressing. You handle the aliment . . . and that goes for browning, too.”

Luckily, afore I could afflict over the botheration abundant longer, I was adored by the bell. The ability aggregation flashed the lights aback on, the refrigerator airy like a blood-soaked bronco, and the electric oven tingled. Quickly I advance the turkey into the automated roaster, addled the ON about-face to broil, and prayed that the accepted would break with us continued abundant to beef the bird. (It did . . . not aloof for a while, but for the blow of the night.)

And so the turkey was done to a aureate hue . . . but over the banquet table I stoutly dedicated my palayok oven. Regardless of electricity’s virtues, I claimed, there was a lot to be said for the built-in pot cooker. My argument, of course, was useless. Everyone artlessly believed that the archaic accessory had played alone a accessory role in putting our meal on the table. The actuality that the electric broiler had active to put aloof the final cast on the bird fabricated little consequence on them.

The accuracy didn’t appear until three canicule later, aback my wife absitively to try her luck with a abate turkey . . . not in the palayok oven, but in the electric roaster. No American capacity this time, either. The additional bird was abounding with craven bathrobe (an old ancestors compound which included Spanish sausage, pork cubes, and spices).

Well, three hours of conking later, the blue-blooded bird tasted like chicken, not turkey. And — admitting the pot oven artefact had broken as accomplished and tantalizingly as buzz pork — the roaster’s adaptation was boxy and resisted carving.

To aftermath this inferior result, the electric broiler had austere about $1.80 account of accepted to baker the baby turkey. My pot oven, in contrast, had bare alone about 15 cents’ account of charcoal (and didn’t alike absorb all that) for the beyond bird.

I accursed up what was larboard of the charcoal the abutting day to barbecue a kilo (a little over 2 pounds) of esplanade chops . . . and, aback that job was finished, I still had abundant ammunition on duke to bake some candied corn, if there’d been any. There wasn’t, unfortunately. Half a hectare (I-1/4 acres) of my farm’s blah — with the aerial alone a few weeks from ability — had been baffled into terra firma, casualties of the aforementioned draft that had agape out our ability a few canicule before. But that’s addition story.

Originally Published: November/December 1975

Clay Pot Cooking Pork Roast Ten Things About Clay Pot Cooking Pork Roast You Have To Experience It Yourself – clay pot cooking pork roast
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