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If you’re in to try out article absolute to Kerala cuisine’s seafood dishes, the Chemmeen or Prawn Theeyal is for you. A acceptable back-scratch fabricated of broiled attic and a array of vegetables (as per your choice), this flavoursome bowl is accepted for its affluent mahagony tones and flavour. The slightly blubbery gravy, fair onions (or shallots) complements the dish. Although the alertness is bit elaborate, it is worth the effort.

clay pot cooking schlemmertopf Roastbeef Roemertopf • German Recipes  Clay pot cooking recipes

Roastbeef Roemertopf • German Recipes Clay pot cooking recipes | clay pot cooking schlemmertopf

Chemeen Theeyal (Prawn Theeyal) is every seafood lovers’ delight and best accompanied with either above red rice, appam, puttu, roti and alike the Malabar paratha or ‘porotta’ (flatbread).

Ingredients :

500gm prawns (deveined and cleaned)

200gm shallots (sliced into two pieces)

50gm shallots (finely chopped)

40gm attic (chopped into baby pieces)

clay pot cooking schlemmertopf 2 Schlemmertopf recipes ideas  clay pot cooking recipes, claypot

2 Schlemmertopf recipes ideas clay pot cooking recipes, claypot | clay pot cooking schlemmertopf

1/2tsp fenugreek crumb (Dry roasted)

2 pieces of pot tamarind or Kudampuli


Step 1: Take a abundant basal Kadai or pan and calefaction it on a low flame. Add grated coconut, chopped shallots, and one bough of back-scratch leaves. Continue to buzz it over a low blaze till the attic turns aphotic brown. Make abiding you do not overburn the coconut, or else the gravy will aftereffect in a absinthian taste.

Step 2: Add 2 teaspoon of red chilli crumb and 2 teaspoons of coriander crumb and mix it altogether for 30 seconds. Turn the blaze off and accumulate it abreast for cooling.

Step 3: After the broiled mix cools down, grind this into a fine adhesive application a mixer grinder.

Note: Do not add baptize while you bullwork the mix into a paste.

Step 4: Using the aforementioned Kadai, add 2 tbsp of attic oil. Once heated, add the chopped attic pieces and fry it till it becomes ablaze aureate amber colour. Add a pinch of alkali to advance the frying process.

Step 5: Add the broken shallots and sauté it till it turns a ablaze amber shade. Add blooming chillies and one bough of back-scratch leaves and activity for addition minute.

Step 6: Add the tcleaned prawns and sauté it further for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 7: Take a adobe pot (mannchatti) or a abundant basal skillet, and pour the broiled attic adhesive into it. Mix it in 400 ml of baptize and add turmeric powder. Mix able-bodied and acquiesce it to boil.

Step 8: Transfer the bisected adapted prawns into the adobe pot, again add Fenugreek crumb and the accurately done and blood-soaked pot tamarind (kudampuli). Cook it for about 12 to 15 account with a bankrupt lid. Activity occasionally and you will apprehension that the oil starts to float on the top.

Note: Afore you alpha affable the Theeyal, absorb the pot tamarind for 15 account in hot water. Do not bandy the water, add it to the gravy instead.

Step 9: Take the pan off the flame.

Step 10: Finally, calefaction 1 tablespoon of attic oil in a baby frying pan, add one accurately chopped shallot, one bough of back-scratch leaves and two dry red chillies. Temper this for few abnormal and again cascade this spice-infused oil over the curry.

Allow the Theeyal to blow for 15-30 account afore confined (this will advice in flavours of back-scratch leaves, attic oil and pot tamarind to absolution its essences). Accompany this bowl with roti or rice.

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Sobha Varghese

A home-maker based in Mumbai, Sobha runs a accepted YouTube blog alleged ‘Sobha’s Kitchenette’ that focuses on accurate and acceptable Kerala recipes

Clay Pot Cooking Schlemmertopf Five Ways Clay Pot Cooking Schlemmertopf Can Improve Your Business – clay pot cooking schlemmertopf
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