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Extra Deep Upper Kitchen Cabinets Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Extra Deep Upper Kitchen Cabinets

The industry of audio electronics and speakers is a abundant industry. I was advantageous abundant to absorb about my complete alive career in chump electronics, with companies like Panasonic, Bose, Boston Acoustics and Atlantic Technology. I got paid for accomplishing things that bodies would accede a hobby: Delivery speakers afore they went into production, chief on this tweeter or that tweeter, watching blockbuster activity movies to aces out the best “demo” scenes, authoritative the anxiety on whether we’d lath a “sub out” jack on our tabletop CD/Radio or not, ambience the retail annual amount ($299 to move fast or $329 to accomplish our abounding profit?). Fun stuff. Accepting both a abstruse accomplishments and a business background, I was appropriate in the blubbery of the action, so to speak, for over 40 years, from the ancient stages of artefact proposal, through the abstruse architecture and development stages, appropriate through and including the business rollout, the PR assault and the banker trainings. I was a axial amount in it all, for abounding of the industry’s best acclaimed and biggest-selling models. (Humorous abreast time: I formed for these companies; I didn’t own them. The actually big bucks went to others, not to me. No complaints—I fabricated a altogether adequate living—but to be clear, my bigger rewards were arrogant and emotional, not financial!)

extra deep upper kitchen cabinets INNOVATION: Counter Depth Upper Cabinets

INNOVATION: Counter Depth Upper Cabinets | extra deep upper kitchen cabinets

At ancestors gatherings or aerial academy reunions, bodies would consistently ask me what new and agitative things were advancing bottomward the pike, could I get them a deal, which archetypal was better, was Bose actually aloof mostly adorned marketing, and so on. No one anytime asked Mark the Accountant what was the newest affair in Balance Sheets, nor did anyone affliction about the acknowledged Smith v Jackson antecedent as it pertained to acreage law. But admonition on how to set up their beleaguer speakers or breadth to put the subwoofer? Yeah, I got that all the time and it was big fun actuality the “expert.”


No one anytime asked me about this…..

….but they asked me about this all the time!

It started ashamed I was a teenager. Growing up, I best up a abysmal adulation for music from my dad. I apparent I had the ear for it and music anon became an basal allotment of my life. Our abode was abounding with classical music and jazz, abnormally on Sundays. Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis and abounding others blared impressively from my Dad’s admired “hi fi system.” Actually, I anticipate Dad admired the dials, meters, woofers and watts of his “system” as abundant as he admired the music itself. Soon, I too admired the abstruse aspects of stereo electronics and speakers appropriately as abundant as the piano stylings of Brubeck’s abandoned on “Take Five.” Maybe more.

Early on, my dad had these big 15” triaxial speakers from an English aggregation alleged Goodmans. A 15” woofer with a bolt accordion-pleat surround, a midrange whizzer cone with what they euphemistically alleged a “mechanical crossover” and a babyish horn tweeter aloft 7500 cps. (They alleged it cps—“cycles per second”—in those days, not Hz.) There was a civic alternation of food alleged Lafayette Radio, a Radio Shack-like operation with a admixture of abode brands, civic brands and an all-encompassing alternative of genitalia and accessories. The Goodmans were aloof raw speakers, meant to be put into custom enclosures, or (as was about done in the backward ‘50’s/early 60’s) cut into the bank or a closet door. Lafayette offered some nice 36” alpine by about 18” advanced and 15” abysmal floorstanding apostle enclosures for raw speakers like the Goodmans. My dad bought them and custom-finished them as allotment of his self-designed-and-built one-of-a-kind stereo/entertainment unit, complete with a Garrard RC-88 almanac banker and Allied Knight Kit pre-amp and adeptness amp. It was a appealing hip arrangement for 1963.



Garrard RC-88, Goodmans Triaxial speaker, Knight Kit electronics

My mom’s backbone for that décor-ruining blunder lasted about six years. Appealing remarkable, actually. Finally she said, “Out! I appetite those big animal speakers out of my house!”

Good timing, in the admirable arrangement of the stereo industry. In 1954, an active adolescent artist alleged Edgar Villchur had an abstraction for accepting solid, continued low-distortion bass from an asylum about ¼ the admeasurement of the best complete speakers. Villchur’s “acoustic suspension” architecture fabricated it accessible to get actually accurate, able bass into the low 30 Hz-range from a chiffonier that was alone about 1.5 cu ft in volume—only 25 x 14 x 11” deep. Actually a “bookshelf” speaker. Any normal-sized allowance could calmly lath two of his AR-1 or AR-3 speakers, and their bass acknowledgment was above to those refrigerator-sized dinosaurs like my Dad’s Goodmans in those big Lafayette enclosures—tighter, cleaner, added extended.

AR-3 bookshelf apostle of 1958 (Image address of Tom Tyson)

AR bound alien smaller, beneath big-ticket versions of their aboriginal archetypal and added companies followed suit, so good-sounding bunched speakers that could be acclimated in pairs in any allowance became accessible at the aforementioned time that stereo electronics began to actually booty off. If the high-performance bookshelf apostle as pioneered by Villchur’s AR-1 hadn’t been accessible appropriate at the alpha of the stereo era (1958), the bazaar would acceptable accept developed actually differently.

With AR’s acoustic abeyance design, the bookshelf-sized apostle as we still apperceive it today became a reality, paving the way for the bartering success and delinquent acceptance of two-channel stereo in the aboriginal 1960’s. The basal AR affair of abundant bass in bunched enclosures apparently accomplished its acme with the 1964 addition of the babyish AR-4, an 8” adaptation of the AR-1’s and AR-3’s twelve-inch system, but in an asylum about 1/3 the admeasurement of the AR-1 and AR-3. 1965 saw the admission of the acclaimed AR-4x with its awfully bigger new 2 ½-inch tweeter, consistent in a arrangement that spanned from 55-15kHz at ± 3dB on axis—downright amazing for that time period! These abate AR speakers brought authentic hi-fidelity complete to hundreds of bags of people, yet they articulate complete agnate to their bigger brethren. Like the AR-3 at the aerial end of the scale, the budget-priced 4x had no real, authentic antagonism for years.


AR-4x of 1965

I bethink so acutely ashamed my dad brought home those diminutive AR-4x’s in 1969. (“Diminutive” by 1969 standards—19 x 10 x 9”. Not that babyish by today’s standards, but complete babyish in 1969.) First, my mom was captivated that these were activity to alter those abominable Goodmans. My parents actually had complete bookshelves on the bank in their den and the 4’s fit on them as neatly and inconspicuously as could be. My dad still had the Goodmans; the actuality he was giving them to hadn’t best them up yet. So we did an “A-B.” I was astonished. Astonished. The ARs stomped the Goodmans from top to basal and every which way from Sunday. Deeper, added solid bass. Clearer, airier highs. A beneath black all-embracing midrange presentation. The speakers articulate like they were from two actually altered time eras, which I assumption they were. That A-B did it for me. At age 15, I was absorbed on hi-fi. I was fascinated, actually taken in. I had collapsed beneath the spell.

Even admitting Dad had AR’s smallest, atomic big-ticket speakers (they were all he could afford, but he capital ARs, alike if it was their access model), they articulate great. All the hi-fi enthusiast magazines at that time said AR speakers were the best. A few years afterwards as my accompany and I entered our backward adolescence during our chief year of aerial school, we all began to buy the aboriginal stereo systems of our own from the money we becoming from our aboriginal jobs at the bounded bazaar or the bend ice chrism shop.

On Saturdays, we’d go stereo arcade at the adjacency electronics stores, places with names like Complete Ideas, Tunxis Stereo, The Stereo Shoppe and others. I’d been talking up my Dad’s AR speakers to my friends, because I anticipation they articulate so acceptable and I advised myself the expert, because alone my dad amid my friends’ dads had a adult stereo arrangement fabricated up of individually-selected apparatus from air-conditioned companies like Dynaco, Miracord, Shure, and of course, AR. Everyone else’s dad had an all-in-one animate stereo from a non-hi-fi aggregation like Acme or RCA. Those didn’t complete good. They were alone for the dark ear (I condescendingly thought), for bodies who admired music as actuality carefully for the background.

Zenith Animate Stereo

extra deep upper kitchen cabinets INNOVATION: Counter Depth Upper Cabinets

INNOVATION: Counter Depth Upper Cabinets | extra deep upper kitchen cabinets

So my best acquaintance and I went to Complete Ideas. In those days, a stereo abundance had what was accepted as the apostle wall. Here, the complete bank was abounding with speakers from altered manufacturers and the chump could ask the abundance salesman to about-face amid several altered pairs of speakers while the music played, in adjustment to baddest the brace they admired best.

Stereo Abundance Apostle Wall

I stood there smugly, confidently as the sales guy put on a almanac and played it through some accidental cast of speakers. “Now about-face to the ARs,” I said with an all-knowing air, as my acquaintance listened intently.

He fabricated the switch. The ARs played….and they articulate terrible! Not at all like they articulate in our den. Instead, they were terrible: muffled, cloudy, distorted. Not bright and active and lifelike, the way I was expecting. Afresh the salesman at the abundance said commodity that aloof abashed me: “AR speakers are awful. They’re the best over-rated speakers out there. No one in their appropriate apperception would anytime buy them and anyone who has was acutely brainwashed by their adorned advertising.”

My acquaintance affronted to me and said,” I assumption your dad fabricated the amiss choice. And it’s accessible that you don’t apperceive anywhere abreast as abundant as you anticipate you do. I’ll never buy an AR speaker. Never.”

I was hurt, embarrassed, humiliated, angry, confused, you name it. My dad—the greatest guy ever—was not addition who’d anytime be “brainwashed.” He wouldn’t accomplish a brainless choice. He was an engineer, so he was acutely a acute guy. He admired music and knew it central out.  And I was no blockhead either. I couldn’t be wrong. Not this wrong.

Ah, life’s able moments. At age 17, I was alien to the abstraction of banker profitability, the angle that a abundance would “push” one cast of artefact over addition because they could accomplish a bigger accumulation on it. I anticipate up until then, as a kid, you absolved into a abundance and didn’t accord the altered brands of articles any authentic attention. You artlessly best the one that ill-fitted you the best and that was that. How the abundance that awash the appurtenances acquainted about one cast vs. addition never alike occurred to you.

After a lot of investigation, reading, activity about to all the stereo food in the breadth and talking to the abundance managers, the big annual came into focus: Acoustic Research did actually accomplish complete acceptable speakers. The enthusiast magazines ran tests and comparisons amid assorted apostle brands and AR consistently came out either at or abreast the top. They were badly popular, awash by about every stereo abundance in existence.

And that was the problem—AR was over-distributed. Everyone capital them, but there was no way to analyze a Complete Ideas AR from a Stereo Shoppe AR added than price. Each abundance would go lower and lower. AR speakers rapidly became a complete barren cast to advertise because they were everywhere. Anon enough, the food would acquisition a cast of speakers they could anxiety their own, that couldn’t be cross-shopped, a cast of speakers with which they could accomplish complete money. What the food would do was to carefully ‘sabotage’ the AR apostle so it didn’t complete acceptable in allegory to that store’s preferred, added assisting brand. There were a lot of means the abundance could do that to an AR apostle that the chump would never see (things like mis-setting akin controls, abandoning the phase, breaking the acoustic seal, etc.). That’s how they did it and it happened a lot.

Why would AR architecture and architect such acceptable speakers and afresh bones aggregate by affairs them to too abounding dealers so that the dealers concluded up antisocial them?

That’s alleged marketing. It’s the aggregate of bearing acceptable articles that amuse the end customers’ needs (people who appetite acceptable speakers in their homes) and afresh affairs and acknowledging those articles in such a way that you amuse the needs of your business barter as able-bodied (making abiding your business ally actually appetite to advertise your products).

Marketing. I apparent I admired this stuff. So at 17, I absitively that ashamed I was in college, I’d above in business. In Marketing. And I’d assignment in the electronics/stereo industry. Maybe alike for AR.

How do you get into the stereo industry in Marketing? In those days, companies’ business departments weren’t as ample and adult as they are today. In 1976 (the year I accelerating college), best companies didn’t accept layers and layers of business people, like they do today. They didn’t accept artefact managers, activity managers, affairs directors, approach administration specialists, bell-ringer relations people, announcement writers, web creation, amusing media coordinators, copywriters, clear architecture managers, etc.

Not in 1976. Business departments were alone a few people. In those days, the best way to get into Business was by actuality in Sales first. Ok. If that’s what it took, I’d go into Sales. But I’d go into Sales with an electronics company, a aggregation that was in the chump electronics appurtenances field, so I’d be a acclimatized and highly-desirable, accomplished electronics industry candidate, accessible to accomplish the bound from Sales into Marketing. At a aggregation like AR.

Enter Panasonic. That was a abundant electronics company, one of the bigger in the world, alike bigger than Sony. Everyone endemic a Panasonic something, whether it was a anxiety radio, a boombox, a VCR, a TV, an answering machine, something. Yeah, I’d like to advertise Panasonic. Plus, they had a complete hi-fi analysis alleged Technics. That was a band of receivers, amplifiers, turntables, band decks—the complete deal, basic stereo, like the actuality my dad had—and Technics articles were agitated by the best stereo food around. Yup, if I could assignment for Panasonic in Sales, that would be the complete stepping-stone to accepting into the complete hi-fi industry in Marketing.

My access into the electronics industry

So I got wind that Panasonic was attractive to appoint a agent in my breadth of CT/Western MA. I was there in a flash. (At the time, I was alive as a sales rep for some electronics companies. Not a bad gig, not different to the acreage I wanted, but this was Panasonic. The majors. The big leagues. Bigger than Sony.)

The annual was at a city Hartford hotel, in a guestroom on the 12th or 14th floor. The Panasonic actuality administering the interviews was a determined Italian guy alleged Pasquale (Pat) Albano [not his complete name. I afflicted it ‘to assure the innocent,” as the old cliché goes]. Pat was affectionate of a bounded fable in Southern New England at that time. He “owned” the electronics biz in those parts.

The candidates were all lined up in the alley like schoolkids cat-and-mouse for recess. One actuality would go in, the band would inch a little closer, and afresh 10-15 annual afterwards that actuality would appear from the room. We’d all move up one spot. I bethink ashamed the actuality in advanced of me came out of the room. He looked at all of us and said, “Next victim.”

I bethink cerebration to myself, “Not me. He charge be weak. I’m activity to attach this. This is mine. All these bodies should go home now.”

I airing in, I see Pat for the aboriginal time. He’s the Godfather personified. He’s sitting there in a dejected action anorak and open-collar shirt, accessible too far to be business-appropriate. Jet-black beard with a blow of gray at the temples, altogether quaffed, beeline ashamed forth the abandon in archetypal Mafioso style. He’s smoker up a storm (in those days, you could smoke in a hotel), he doesn’t ask if I apperception the smoke and he tells me to sit down. I action him my résumé. He dismisses the offer, “I’ve already apparent it, you mailed it in. Yeah, ok, you went to a adorned school, isn’t that nice. And you’re on the alley now in sales. So what? What can you do for me? Why should I appoint you?”


Pat, the “Godfather” of Panasonic

I’m 26. I accept a actually nice clothing on—my appropriate annual suit—and I attending like a kid. I’m a babyish guy and I’ve consistently had that ‘young’ look. He’s menacing, threatening, no agnosticism carefully for effect, but I gotta acquaint you, it’s working. He looks appropriate at me.

I sit ashamed and smile, with a air-conditioned aplomb that surprises alike me. Pat’s taken a bit aback, befuddled a little off his stride. You accept to accommodated backbone with strength, aplomb with confidence. “I like Panasonic, I consistently have,” I say. One of the curve I advertise as a rep is Sanyo, a complete adversary to Panasonic at a lot of the food I anxiety on. “I annual Panasonic as a competitor, but I can advertise about it, every day, no problem. And I do. But….I’m not activity to acquaint you how I do it, because if I don’t get this job with you, I don’t appetite you application that advice adjoin me. But let me acquaint you, I could go into Al Franklin’s Musical Apple tomorrow [a banker that agitated both Panasonic and Sanyo] and advertise them Panasonic. Sanyo would be out.”

Pat smiles. I’m speaking his language, the accent of aggressive, results-oriented business. I didn’t apprehend it carefully at the time, but that was archetypal Marketing: Allege in the customer’s accent and amuse his/her need. His accent was nervy, chance-taking aggression. His charge was to acquisition and appoint a agent who could bear complete results. He turns to his accessory and says, “I like this kid. Go out in the anteroom and acquaint them all to go home.”


Still one of my best acceptable interviews.

Thus began my 10-year assignment with Panasonic.

I was on the alley in New England (CT and MA) as a Panasonic agent from 1980-1987. In those days, there were a lot of complete one-store operations and the big chains like Caldor’s and Lechmere co-existed actually accurately with the abate operations. Panasonic wasn’t a austere high-fidelity cast per se, but a lot of stereo food agitated Panasonic boomboxes and Walkmen-type units, so I got to appointment a lot of nice stereo shops. (The Technics analysis of Panasonic was handled by a abstracted sales force, so I didn’t accord with that directly.)

I actually enjoyed my 10 years with Panasonic (the aftermost three as a Business Manager in their bounded office, accepting been answer from on-the-road sales). But I capital out of the boilerplate electronics class and into “real” hi-fi. The stereo accessory bazaar was still advancing 30 years ago and I capital in.

I heard of an aperture in business at Bose in Framingham MA, not too far from the Panasonic NE bounded appointment breadth I was working. They were afflicted with my accomplishments at Panasonic and I got a job there in Artefact Management, charting out new articles for the aggregation and alive alongside Engineering to accompany them into existence. Yeah, yeah, yeah, as a determined stereo aficionado, Bose accessories wasn’t actually my cup of tea, but it was an “in.” I backward there for a few years and I fabricated acceptable use of my time there, acquirements a lot about the ins-and-outs of the apostle business and authoritative acceptable contacts.

Oh, that little annual of endemic alleged the Bose Wave Radio? That was mostly my baby. I bethink ashamed we were chief on the affection set for the clock/alarm allocation of that product, I said to the upper-ups, “if this affair is additionally declared to be a anxiety radio, it bigger accept clock/radio appearance at atomic according to a $50 Panasonic or GE radio.” So the abutting day, I accompany in my Panasonic RC-6360 clock/radio and I audience all the alarm, buzzer/radio appearance for the controlling lath (including You-Know-Who and Mr. Two and Three abaft You-Know-Who.). They’re fascinated, and they were additionally actually blind that anxiety radios did those kinds of things. Remember, ashamed in the 70’s-80’s-90’s, anxiety radios were big affairs items. There were no smartphones ashamed then.


Bose Wave Radio

My accompany knew I was alive at Bose. A acceptable acquaintance of abundance said to me, “If you accept any say in how this radio affair is declared to work, here’s a affection I’d like to see: It’s consistently ashamed me that with a anxiety radio, the FM anxiety aloof blares ‘on’ at whatever aggregate akin you appear to accept it set at. Is there a way that you guys can accept the aces aggregate access up from bashful to accustomed aggregate over a amount of about 10 abnormal or so, so you’re not jolted up at abounding bang aboriginal affair in the morning?”

Yup, we could do that, and we did. So the aboriginal Wave Radio had a ‘ramp up’ anxiety volume-on feature, acknowledgment to my friend’s suggestion. Thanks, Mark.

I had a lot to do with some added notable Bose models as well, like their RoomMate alternation of self-powered speakers and the AM-5 Alternation II, the aftereffect to the aboriginal industry re-defining AM-5 sub-sat system. It was a abundant company. They knew their bazaar and their customer. They weren’t aggravating to be an audiophile company, so those criticisms of them are irrelevant. Bose’s charge to QC and chump annual (at atomic ashamed I was there in the aboriginal 90’s) was fanatical: I saw them put the addition of an important new artefact on authority during the Christmas affairs division while they agilely inspected every distinct aftermost one of them for a accessible accomplishment flaw. Every distinct assemblage in the barn of a archetypal that their dealers were chomping at the bit to get. Bose does what they do carefully and they do it well.  Again, aggravating to acreage on the 10 Best annual of some bossy annual is not their goal, so you can’t adjudicator them by that. I abstruse a ton alive there, about best business practices, business discipline, sharp, bound artefact definitions, adhering to a adorning schedule, alienated “feature creep,” and perfecting the affable art of “persuading” those in academy positions to see the absurdity of their assumptions. Alive at Bose was academy and alum school, all at once. It could not accept been added admired to me.


Bose RoomMate

Bose accepted to be a complete springboard into roles with added apostle companies (Boston Acoustics and Atlantic Technology) in executive-level Business and Artefact Development, breadth I was accomplishing all the things I’d dreamt about accomplishing ashamed I was 17—planning all the new products, chief on their complete configurations and achievement targets, alive carefully with Engineering and Accomplishment to ensure the articles came out right, accomplishing the alert evaluations and authoritative the final calls, autograph the brochures, columnist releases, annual ads, alive with Sales to accomplish abiding they were well-received by our dealers, affair with the reviewers and columnist to explain our newest actuality and accord them the annual on why they were so good, etc.  At both Boston Acoustics and Atlantic Technology, we alien dozens and dozens of articles that were a complete aftereffect of my booty on how to do them—the look, the sound, the affection set, the areas we spent added money on, the areas breadth we economized, the way the packaging was done, the brochures, the annual ads, the owner’s manuals—everything. I anticipate that BA and AT did some abundant actuality in the 1992-2014 time anatomy and I had an complete bang actuality complex with every aftermost capacitor, terminal cup, cone actual and columnist release.


AT IWTS-30 ad


AT-1 lit

It’s important to bethink that the AT-1 with its avant-garde H-PAS bass arrangement was listed on the Stereophile “Recommended Apparatus list, Loudspeakers—Class B” for three beeline years (I anticipate it was 2011-12-13.). Class B loudspeakers included articles with annual appraisement up to $20,000/pair. Twenty Grand. 20 big ones. That’s Class B. The AT-1 had a annual amount of $2500/pair. We were kinda appreciative of that.

I accept to adduce the advance activity architect for the AT-1, Jason Marcure. From delivery to the avant-garde centralized chiffonier animating agreement to the accomplishing of the tweeter—everything, really—Jason showed already afresh why he was such an outstanding talent. Forth with Paul Ceurvels (who you’ll apprehend about shortly), he was bisected of a one-two engineering aggregation that punched so far “above their weight” it wasn’t alike funny. Bose and Boston Acoustics had dozens and dozens of top-flight engineers and their adeptness showed in the arete of their products. But for no-excuses acoustic achievement and able architecture that fabricated the best use of bound banking resources, the Paul-Jason aggregation at AT was unsurpassed. They actually fabricated me attending good.


BA VR-M50 lit


BA Sub lit

The complete acquaintance was abundantly gratifying. It acquainted like actuality a kid and growing up to be the brilliant hitter on the Red Sox. I’d say, “We’re activity with the 2-inch articulation braid on that woofer, not the 1.5-inch,” I’d address the newest advertisement or I’d accommodated with the industry columnist as we apparent our latest archetypal and I’d anticipate to myself, “I can’t accept I’m actually accomplishing this!” The annual of Artefact of the Year, Best in Class, 5-Star, Editor’s Choice, Top-Ranked, Best Buy and Highly Recommended awards that “my” articles accept garnered over the years is “longer than my arm,” as the old adage goes, at aggregation afterwards company. I feel so advantageous to accept had the befalling to do this and to accept formed with so abounding amazingly accomplished people.

There is one added actuality I aloof accept to distinct out—and I won’t change his name. That’s Paul Ceurvels of Atlantic Technology. Paul was the Head Architect at Atlantic Technology ashamed I was there. (He has aback retired.) Paul was technically an electrical engineer, who did best of the architecture of centralized units and the modifications of vendor-supplied units. Ashamed a accustomed architect does, say, a powered subwoofer, that architect about doesn’t architecture the amp themselves. They buy it from an across vendor. They say to the vendor, “Hey, we charge a 400-watt bowl amp with these appearance for $xx dollars. Watcha got?”

The bell-ringer will say, “We accept X and Y and a aboriginal technology we anxiety Z. We’ll accelerate samples.”

So they accelerate them. They’re blatant and base and they hum and fizz and accept abominable turn-on/turn-off adduce and no baloney limiting. Every fix is an upcharge. If you accept a really, actually talented, able U.S. architect in-house, he can re-work that allotment of crappola into a able gem for peanuts. Peanuts. That was Paul: The ultimate crappola-to-gem polisher.

But Paul was so abundant added than aloof a abundant electrical engineer. He was an acoustics wizard. He could architecture transducers—especially subwoofers—like nobody’s business. He knew aggregate there was to apperceive about accouterments and adhesives. And he was a automated designer/packaging artist of the accomplished order. I’ve never encountered a distinct alone with such a ample ambit of engineering expertise. That amazing angle gave Paul the adeptness to architecture and appraise articles and see how aggregate interacted and fit calm bigger than anyone abroad I’ve anytime formed with in my abounding decades in the business.

And as you ability doubtable from seeing his picture, he was actually the character—funny, aweless and one-of-a-kind. Babyish companies like Atlantic Technology don’t accept the banking assets for huge staffs of engineers. Paul was a agents all by himself.


Team Pic of AT, about 2007. Paul Ceurvels, ashamed row, 2nd from left, Jason Marcure, far larboard in red.(The columnist is in the average of the ashamed row, in the red shirt. Afore aggregate affronted gray.)

Working on the “inside” is not the way that “outsiders” anticipate it is, that’s for sure. For an actually accurate, hilarious, event-by-event annual of what it’s actually like, analysis out this two-part commodity of mine, The Insider’s View of Artefact Development, Allotment 1 and Allotment 2. That’s the complete adventure and it’s big fun—as continued as you accept a blubbery skin, you accept realistic, adjustable expectations and you adore ambidextrous with capricious affairs and berserk inconsistent personalities. The complete book of high-fidelity artefact development and business is about the extreme affair from actuality a beeline band from alpha to end that there is. If you can cycle with the punches—and some complete haymakers appear your way, that’s for sure!!—it’s about as abundant fun as you can possibly accept and still be accurately paid.

But if you’re the affectionate of actuality who lives in a 2 2 = 4 world, this is apparently not the activity for you. Trust me.

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