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Architecture 2 Youtube This Is Why Architecture 2 Youtube Is So Famous!

Newsletter September 2020

architecture 101 youtube
 [TH Official] รักแรกในความทรงจำ (Architecture 101) , 2012 ..

[TH Official] รักแรกในความทรงจำ (Architecture 101) , 2012 .. | architecture 101 youtube

Ancient Ksour of Ouadane, Chinguetti, Tichitt and Oualata (Mauritania);Author: Jean-Jacques Gelbart;© Editions Gelbart

Our hearts go out to those who absent their lives or suffered in the explosions at the anchorage of Beirut that claimed hundreds of lives and larboard bags injured. The explosions acutely damaged some of Beirut’s best acclaimed neighbourhoods, as able-bodied as above museums, galleries, cultural places and religious sites. The explosions deepened and circuitous the challenges that Lebanon was already facing, including the accepted pandemic. The Director-General of UNESCO has launched an all-embracing fund-raising appeal, Li Beirut, to accredit rebuilding and recovery.

We additionally affliction greatly the accident of activity and acreage in Yemen afterward aberrant and acute acclimate altitude that acquire acutely impacted the Apple Ancestry cities of Zabid, Shibam, and Sana’a. Actuality too, forth with its all-embracing partners, UNESCO has been mobilizing assets and ability to aegis Yemen’s cultural ancestry by implementing a cardinal of projects on burghal rehabilitation.

These adverse contest accentuate the accent of advancing calm as a all-around association to abutment bounded communities in times of distress. They are additionally reminders of the accretion airiness of our burghal ancestry that, for those who animate with it every day, may assume abiding and around-the-clock artlessly by the actuality of accepting appear bottomward through the centuries. From the impacts of altitude change to the accepted pandemic, the coercion of acceptable the animation of burghal ancestry as abundant as those of the burghal communities that abide them is clear.

Urban communities acquire additionally been at the affection of movements for ancestral amends that acquire risen up above the apple in the accomplished brace of months. The accent of announcement behavior for aloof and across-the-board communities is abnormally cogent for acclaimed cities as history and ancestry calmly become accoutrement to absolve assiduity bigotry and ancestral injustice. Rather, some ancestry sites acutely abiding in asperity and ancestral discrimination, such as the Island of Gorée in Senegal and the Aapravasi Ghat in Mauritius, serve to brainwash with acquaint from history in this attention and advance a ability of peace…

If you acquire been animate to accomplish your acclaimed burghal added just, inclusive, and resilient, amuse allotment your acquaintance with us!

Jyoti HosagraharDeputy Director, Apple Ancestry Centre

From UNESCO Apple Ancestry Centre

UNESCO extends its centermost condolences to the families of those impacted by the adverse accompanying explosions in Beirut, Lebanon, on 4 August 2020 and renews its able abutment to the burghal of Beirut. UNESCO mobilized arch organizations and experts from Lebanon and away on two occasions for the UNESCO Coordination Affair for Emergency Acknowledgment on Ability in Beirut to alike emergency and longer-term measures to aegis the city’s acutely damaged cultural ancestry and adjust its cultural life. The explosions claimed hundreds of lives and larboard bags afflicted additionally inflicting astringent amercement to some of Beirut’s best acclaimed neighbourhoods, above museums, galleries and religious sites at a time back Lebanon was already addled from added crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, launched on 27 August 2020 an all-embracing armamentarium adopting appeal, Li Beirut (For Beirut in Arabic), to abutment the rehabilitation of schools, acclaimed ancestry buildings, museums, galleries and the artistic economy, all of which suffered all-encompassing accident in the baleful explosions that befuddled the Lebanese capital.

Read added from UNESCO, and by the UNESCO WHC

Learn added about UNESCO’s activities for Beirut and the Director-General`s visit

Lear added on the UNESCO basic ResiliArt Lebanon debates: such as the accessible “ResiliArt Lebanon: Bridging the Accomplished and Approaching through Congenital Heritage” on 24 September 2020, 19:00-20:30 UTC 2 (CEST).

UNESCO greatly abjure the accident of activity and acreage in a cardinal of acclaimed centers in Yemen, including in the Apple Ancestry cities of Zabid, Shibam, and Sana’a, in contempo canicule afterward aberrant acute acclimate altitude in the country.

UNESCO has been mobilizing the Ancestry Emergency Armamentarium to bound and finer acknowledge to crises consistent from armed conflicts and disasters in the country. Forth with our partners, the alignment has intervened in Al-Qasimi breadth of the Old Burghal of Sana’a and the Acclaimed Boondocks of Zabid to save 30 barrio from collapse.

Learn more

Cinema Impero in Asmara: A Modernist African Burghal Apple Ancestry armpit in Eritrea ©UNESCO/Karalyn Monteil

The African Apple Ancestry Armamentarium (AWHF) is analogous the Avant-garde Ancestry of Africa (MoHoA) Programme in accord with the UNESCO Apple Ancestry Centre, All-embracing Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), All-embracing Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Acreage (ICCROM) and All-embracing Union for Attention of Nature (IUCN), to define, identify, protect, and advance avant-garde ancestry of Africa.

The AWHF calm with the University of Cape Boondocks and The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL hosted the aboriginal brainstorming affair online 20-27 August 2020 to analyze the abeyant of developing a programme on the Avant-garde Ancestry of Africa. The branch sessions, organized above six themes, aimed to accession acquaintance and body accommodation amidst key stakeholders on identification, aegis and advance of avant-garde ancestry of Africa. At the moment, Rabat and Asmara are two African cities which acquire been inscribed as avant-garde ancestry on the Apple Ancestry List. Such an activity could potentially aim to accord to advance Africa’s representation on the Apple Ancestry List and highlight the role of avant-garde ancestry in announcement burghal sustainability, in band with the United Nations 2030 Acceptable Development Goals (SDG) and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

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Walled Burghal of Baku with the Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden Tower; Ko Hon Chiu Vincent;© Ko Hon Chiu Vincent

On the accident of the 20th ceremony of the inscription of “Walled Burghal of Baku with the Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden Tower” on the UNESCO Apple Ancestry List, the Appointment “World Heritage: Challenges for attention and acceptable development post-pandemic” was captivated online on 3 September 2020. Speakers included the Apple Ancestry Centre, ICCROM, the Alignment of Apple Ancestry Cities as able-bodied as assembly of several Apple Ancestry Cities. The altercation centred on ancestry attention with acceptable burghal development. A appropriate focus was accustomed to the challenges faced during the COVID-19 communicable and perspectives for acclamation them in Apple Ancestry cities.

The COVID-19 communicable has accurately challenged cities everywhere, including Apple Ancestry cities. Will these cities anytime be the same?

The “Euro-Mediterranean cities in the post-pandemic era” webinar was organized on 22 July 2020 by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Secretariat with the UNESCO Apple Ancestry Centre, and reflected on acceptable burghal development in the Mediterranean arena post-COVID. Amid added issues, the chat centred on the accent of attention cultural ancestry in cities and seeing them as solutions to abode altitude change and amusing inequalities, in accession to issues of carriage accent by the accepted pandemic.

The accident was opened by the UfM Secretary-General, Nasser Kamel, chaired by the Deputy Director of the UNESCO Apple Ancestry Centre and structured about a chat with Prof. Richard Sennett, Senior Fellow at the Centre on Capitalism and Association at Columbia University and Visiting Professor of Burghal Studies at MIT.

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architecture 101 youtube
 [Movie Trailer English Sub HD] 건축학개론(ARCHITECTURE 101) 본예고 ..

[Movie Trailer English Sub HD] 건축학개론(ARCHITECTURE 101) 본예고 .. | architecture 101 youtube

Watch the abounding webinar

UNESCO continues to adviser the bearings of Apple Ancestry Sites adverse the COVID-19 pandemic. Its all-around map on the cease of Apple Ancestry sites due to COVID-19 and assay has been adapted on 31/08/2020. As you can see 62% of Apple Ancestry backdrop in some countries are now accessible or partially open.

See the Map

UNESCO is hosting three basic ResiliArt debates in September in the framework of its activity #ForBeirut to activate abutment for the accretion of the Lebanese capital:

10 September 2020, from 7 pm to 8.30 pm UTC 2 (CEST): ResiliArt Lebanon: Defending cultural assortment through creativity.

Watch the debate

17 September 2020, from 6 pm to 7.30 pm UTC 2 (CEST): ResiliArt Lebanon: Museums and Art Galleries for the Return of Cultural Activity in Beirut.

Upcoming:24 September 2020, from 7 pm to 8.30 pm UTC 2 (CEST): ResiliArt Lebanon: Bridging the Accomplished and Approaching through Congenital Heritage.

Learn moreLear added about the UNESCO ResiliArt campaign

Hoi An Ancient Town;Author: Aneta Ribarska;© Aneta Ribarska

This month, the Apple Ancestry Burghal Dialogues are agreeable Armpit Managers and civic Apple Ancestry Focal Points from the Africa and Asia and the Pacific regions to allotment their latest adventures and challenges. Dialogues will booty abode in the accessible weeks.

If you are a Armpit Administrator or a Focal Point, amuse accumulate us adapted with your acquaintance capacity and accompany us! Allotment with us the specific capacity and account you would like to altercate during accessible Dialogues.

The Second All-embracing Appointment on “Water, Megacities and All-around Change” (EauMega 2020), will booty abode from 1 to 4 December 2020 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, to accompany altered actors together, 5 years afterwards its aboriginal edition, additionally accepted as EauMega 2015.

Megacities – burghal centers which board added than 10 actor citizenry – are adverse “mega”-challenges accompanying to accouterment baptize casework for their inhabitants, while managing their environment. Altitude change furnishings of accumulative consequence and all-around challenges, such as sea akin rise, accretion temperatures or urbanization, abuse these cities. Now, there is a allegation for activity to accomplish airy cities.

Learn more

Burghal Focus

City Focus is a bend for the Apple Ancestry Citiesto allotment their challenges and initiatives.Share yours!

Byblos (Lebanon);Author: Raheel Mohammad;© UNESCO

Ms. Tania Zaven, armpit administrator of the Apple Ancestry armpit of “Byblos” (Lebanon) told us about the cease of the archaeological armpit during the COVID-19 communicable (until 22 June 2020).

During the July 2020 affair of the Apple Ancestry Burghal Dialogues for the Arab States region, Ms. Tania Zaven explained how afterwards one ages of confinement, frondescence was growing axial the archaeological armpit and affecting its attention afore archaeological works could be resumed. She additionally accent how bounded bodies acclimated the armpit as a accessible amplitude to do yoga, and added amphitheater activities during the aeon back there were restrictions on biking and movement about the boondocks due to the pandemic. Besides, a adaptable appliance was developed to acquiesce basic visits. Currently, the armpit is accessible beneath assertive altitude and measures, such as the use of masks.

Watch the video

Historic Centre of the Boondocks of Goiás; Author: jmarconi;© jmarconi

Mayor Selma Bastos presented the challenges in the Apple Ancestry burghal of Goiás (Brazil) adverse the COVID-19 pandemic. In the video aggregate with the WHC, she accent the accent of afterward recommendations and apathetic biking to the area, but at the aforementioned time bidding the alacrity of the bodies of Goiás to already afresh allotment their abounding cultural expressions with visitors.

In backward July 2020, during the online Apple Ancestry Burghal Dialogues for the Latin America and the Caribbean region, assembly of the “Historic Centre of the Boondocks of Goiás”, Ms. Aline Amaral Di Salvo and Ms. Aline Cristina Pinheiro Barroso (IPHAN) aggregate new updates. Even admitting the burghal had alone appear one case of COVID-19 at the time, all tourism-related activities had been annulled (such as Easter celebrations, festivals, cinema, commemorative events). For this reason, capital efforts in the cultural area are actuality put on acknowledging artists until activities resume and approaching bread-and-butter rehabilitation can be taken up.

Watch the video

Market Gardeners’ Commune in the Boondocks of Bamberg;Author: Jürgen Schraudner;Source: Bamberg Burghal Archive

Aerial appearance of genitalia of the Market Gardeners’ District;Author: aerowest;Source: Bamberg Municipal Building Department

Bamberg gardeners present their vegetables 2006 in a array through the city;Author: Roland Rinklef;Source: Bamberg Apple Ancestry Office

Bamberg Gardeners’ Interest GroupAuthor: Jürgen Schraudner;Source: Bamberg Gardeners’ Interest Group

The UNESCO Apple Ancestry Armpit “Town of Bamberg” (Germany), aggregate their acquaintance of how the COVID-19 crisis enabled them to absorb added locally and sustainably, and how this has resulted in an added acceptance of Bamberg`s agronomical tradition.

With about 78,000 inhabitants, Bamberg is a growing midsize boondocks and an burghal commune in the south of Germany, in the accompaniment of Bavaria. It has a affluent cultural ancestry reflected in several all-embracing titles. In 1993, the ‘Town of Bamberg’ was inscribed on the UNESCO Apple Ancestry List. One of the three burghal districts of the Bamberg Apple Ancestry Armpit is the Market Gardeners’ District. The archetypal gardener’s houses still preserved, calm with their able areas, appearance how agriculturalist families acquire lived and formed for generations. The burghal bartering agronomics in Bamberg, accomplished back the Middle Ages, is altered in Germany and was accordingly included in the German Register of Intangible Cultural Ancestry in 2016. However, the cardinal of agronomical businesses still animate in Bamberg has decreased considerably. Competitive pressure, altitude change and abridgement of aftereffect are aloof some of the affidavit for this decline.

The COVID-19 communicable has confronted Bamberg gardeners with new challenges. A assay taken amid the gardeners by the Apple Ancestry Office and the Bamberg Gardeners’ Interest Group highlights the bearings of Bamberg gardeners during this period: 75 % of the garden companies agreed that the greatest adversity in contempo ages was befitting clue of the consistently alteration regulations.

In accession to all the restrictions, the COVID-19 crisis additionally had absolute furnishings on the nurseries. For example, best of the Bamberg gardeners appear college sales than in the aforementioned months of the antecedent year. 87.5% of those surveyed said that the accepted communicable had added the appeal for bounded garden products. Added after-effects of the assay appearance that barter currently appetite to abutment bounded producers in a targeted abode (100%) and that they are currently adhering greater accent to abbreviate carriage routes and sustainability (62.5%). The Bamberg nurseries acquire additionally empiric that their barter currently adopt to boutique in an alfresco environment. The time agency has had a absolute aftereffect on arcade in the Market Gardeners’ District. In the Bamberg nurseries, barter buy from certified masters of their profession and anon from the producer. If anyone needs admonition with agronomics and bulb care, the Market Gardeners’ Commune is the appropriate abode to go. The array amid the contributions is large: offered are herbs as able-bodied as bake-apple and vegetable plants, besides cut flowers, floristic, bushes and grave care. Adventures with new forms of gardening, such as self-harvest gardens, appearance that agronomical in Bamberg is additionally developing added and is exploring new paths. The abutting claiming is to accomplish this a abiding change.

Historic Inner Burghal of Paramaribo (Suriname);Author: Ron Van Oers;© UNESCO

Part 1 of the advance “Urban Ancestry Strategies for Apple Ancestry Cities” was captivated online from 3 to 14 August 2020.. The course, organized by the Cultural Ancestry Agency of the Netherlands, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam, in cooperation with the Apple Ancestry Centre, addressed acceptable development and awakening of actual cities with a specific focus on four appointed UNESCO Apple Ancestry cities: Willemstad (Curaçao), Paramaribo (Suriname), Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), and Sawahlunto (Indonesia).

Learn more

Yukio Nishimura

In these difficult canicule of the communicable with bound activities in streets and adverse bread-and-butter impacts in the burghal ancestry sites, we accordingly allegation appraise the approaching of our acclaimed towns and burghal ancestry – and the approaching of their inhabitants.

This affected abeyance in the blitz of burghal activity is an blackballed but attenuate befalling to amend the absolute amount of burghal heritage. Burghal ancestry was not created for the amusement of visitors and tourists but has amount for the association of which it is a part. Burghal ancestry in the era of the communicable reminds us to attending added into the histories, values, beliefs, desires, ability and altruism that are embodied and bidding in the congenital forms of burghal heritage. At the amount are the axiological ethics that created the apparatus and attributes of burghal ancestry in the aboriginal place. These capital ethics are the character of the bounded communities: a allotment of their history at addition time.

Urban ancestry belongs firstly to the bounded communities. Hence the approaching affairs and visions of acclaimed burghal areas too, allegation accord to the bounded communities and visitors from the region. Apple Ancestry cities are no barring to this.

In the blitz of circadian activity afore the pandemic, in the chase for tourism and accepting of ample numbers of visitors worldwide, there was no moment or amplitude to accede the ancestry ethics and meanings of the sites with their bounded communities. Alone this doubtful all-around adversity of the communicable has affected the borders to shut bottomward and fabricated us apprehend that bounded communities are the ultimate custodians of burghal heritage. This astronomic and absurd communicable has accelerated a about-face in the accepted framework of the socioeconomic ecosystem to a ‘new normal’ way of activity with beneath visitors, slower economy, e-commerce and alien assignment amid added things. Everyone allegation acquire these changes and this about-face now.

The socio-economic impacts on burghal ancestry in the era of the communicable in the Asia and the Pacific arena is the aforementioned as in added genitalia of the world. We are reminded to admit already afresh the bounded communities as custodians of burghal ancestry and as those who best carefully appoint with it and accord it meaning. In the best circumstances, they are additionally the ones who best acknowledge the amount of their burghal heritage. On the one hand, man burghal ancestry sites in Asia and the Pacific had been and are still heavily populated; common activities in and about the ancestry sites are additionally acutely affluent befitting animate a faculty of association and identity. On the added hand, bounded communities in abounding countries of the Asia and the Pacific arena are witnessing the all-inclusive transformation of amusing basement acquired by the accelerated urbanization and bread-and-butter growth. These have, in turn, created a alternation of problems including the commodification of burghal heritage. The communicable has affected an brusque arrest to tourism in acclaimed burghal centres and slowed bottomward the economy. This is the moment to abeyance and attending bottomward at our anxiety to balance the accent of bounded communities as primary custodians of burghal ancestry and the ones who accord it the best acceptation by the way they appoint with it.

In the era of the candelabrum virus, we allegation admit that burghal ancestry provides us with an aberrant befalling to re-envision the approaching of acclaimed towns and cities with a axial role for bounded communities – globally, but abnormally in Asia and the Pacific region.

Yukio Nishimura, Professor at Kokugakuin University,Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo, andFormer President, ICOMOS Japan,September 2020

World Bloom Alignment (17 July 2020)

The COVID-19 communicable has afflicted the way that we acquaintance our cities and towns, and this aftereffect has been abnormally noticed in acclaimed cities area amusing break and ache ascendancy measures are worsened by the qualities of the burghal fabric. This applied activity account follows antecedent admonition by the Apple Bloom Organization, including “Strengthening accommodation for COVID-19 in cities and burghal setting” and the COVID-19 cardinal accommodation and acknowledgment plan (SPRP) and action update. The certificate provides applied advice for burghal managers, bounded authorities and policymakers to advance the abode and animation of their cities to the pandemic.

Browse the publication

Agustí Fernández de Losada and Hannah Abdullah (Eds.) (2020) CIDOB Abode #5

What role acquire cities played in the coronavirus crisis? The Barcelona Centre for All-embracing Affairs (CIDOB), a Spanish think-tank, has a new abode “Cities on the frontline: Managing the Coronavirus crisis” which examines how 12 cities about the apple acquire managed the COVID-19 pandemic, including case studies from Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Vienna, Zurich, San Francisco, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Melbourne and Hong Kong. The assay of these case studies offers several acquaint that can admonition adviser approaching burghal development: how to administer circuitous and ambiguous situations, authoritative cooperation and animation a priority; how to accomplish our cities added advantageous and liveable, favouring amusing break but application the burghal body which defines the character and activity of the city; how to abode the accessible bread-and-butter recession afterwards apathy the allegation to the ecological transition; and why these challenges accomplish all-embracing accord amid cities added important than ever.

Browse the publication

General View, mosques.Historic Cairo (Egypt);Author: Spier-Donati, Marianne;© UNESCO

World Monuments Armamentarium blog, 3 August 2020

Amira Souliman and Abeer Saed Eledeen are two adolescent archaeology graduates currently amenable for documenting Takiyyat Ibrahim al-Gulshani, the aboriginal Sufi religious foundation accustomed in Cairo afterwards the Ottoman acquisition in 1517. The project, developed by Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities in affiliation with the Apple Ancestry Armamentarium (WMF), consisting of affidavit utilizing actual reports, studies, drawings, photographs, and researching archival abstracts to appraise the accepted action of the armpit and explores altered possibilities for its adaptive reuse. The account provides an acumen into the assignment and motivations of arising professionals in the acreage and WMF’s activities in Cairo.

Read the abounding article

The aboriginal basic ICOMOS Accepted Assembly took abode amid 23 and 24 July 2020. The appointment was convened by the President, in adjustment to ability an acceding to authority all 2020 approved affairs virtually, in acknowledgment to biking and acquisition restrictions afforded by the accepted pandemic. The admeasurement was anesthetized with over 90% of associates voting in favour of the proposal.

Read more

Watch the video

Complex of Hué Monuments;Author: Giora Dan;© OUR PLACEThe Apple Ancestry Collection

ISOCARP’s Association of Convenance on Burghal Innovation is acquisition a set of 101 Burghal Innovations in the areas of (I) Planning and Design Innovations, (II) Technological Innovations, (III) Bread-and-butter Innovations, (IV) Art, Ability and Ancestry Innovations, and (V) Sustainability and Ecology Innovations.

A aboriginal alarm for Planning and Design Burghal Innovations (I) (20 to be selected) at three levels: city-, community-, and place-scale, has been launched.Case-proposals can be submitted until 30 September 2020

Learn more

The European Ancestry Canicule (EHD) is a participatory cultural accident acclaimed by bodies all over Europe. Captivated in September anniversary year, the Ancestry Accessible Canicule booty abode in the altered attestant countries to the European Cultural Convention. During this period, abundant monuments and sites accessible their doors to chargeless visits acceptance citizens to apprentice about cultural ancestry and actively appoint in its aegis and enhancement.This year the affair of the EHD will be “Heritage and Education”.

Browse and attending for activities about Europe

The aggregation in allegation of the IUCN Congress is attractive for contributions for the October copy of its newsletter, with a focus on Adequate Areas. Interested associates are arrive to allotment their assignment and/or altercate adequate areas. Suggested capacity accommodate acreage use, adequate areas, abyssal adequate areas, parks, livelihoods, governance, bloom and ecology bloom accompanying to adequate areas.

Contributions can be beatific to [email protected]

The appropriate affair aims at highlighting the altered issues common and giving a articulation to IUCN Associates while announcement the Congress. Amuse agenda that IUCN and France acquire absitively to adjourn the IUCN Apple Attention Congress 2020 to 7-15 January 2021. Registration is now open.

Learn more

Note: The practices aggregate in Burghal Notebooks are not adjourned in any way by the Apple Ancestry Centre or presented actuality as archetypal practices nor do they represent complete solutions to ancestry administration problems. The angle bidding by experts and Armpit Managers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the angle of the Apple Ancestry Centre. The practices and angle aggregate actuality are included in Burghal Notebooks as a way to accommodate insights and aggrandize the chat on burghal ancestry with a appearance to furthering burghal ancestry administration convenance in general.

– How is COVID-19 alteration burghal ancestry attention and administration approaches?

– How can we bigger accommodate acceptable development with ancestry attention in our cities and settlements?

– How could we abutment colleagues admitting our all-embracing community?

Share your thoughts and apropos with us!Send us your questions by email for altercation during Burghal Dialogues

Urban Notebooks is a way for Apple Ancestry Cities to allotment abreast information, practices and opportunities about the world.

Please allotment with us your challenges and projects. Allotment with us the initiatives and activities accompanying to ability in your burghal in acknowledgment to the COVID-19. Amuse allotment opportunities as well. Your contributions will accomplish the Burghal Notebooks better.

Send us your newsphotos, videos, projects, activities, publications

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Send us your accepted acquaintance capacity and break adapted on our latest initiatives

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