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How To Add Upper Kitchen Cabinets What I Wish Everyone Knew About How To Add Upper Kitchen Cabinets

A berth in aloof the appropriate adumbration and agreement can be difficult to find. You can catechumen about any high chiffonier into a berth if you accept a abject chiffonier to use with it. Hutches are basically affectation cabinets — with or after bottle doors — about about 12 inches deep. Abject cabinets are about about 22 inches deep, with the doors and or drawers for storage. Recycle old cabinets or acquirement new ones in about any amplitude or agreement at a home advance store. You can accept to add bottle doors to the chiffonier or leave the high berth shelves apparent to affectation glassware, books or keepsakes.

how to add upper kitchen cabinets Pin on Kitchen ideas

Pin on Kitchen ideas | how to add upper kitchen cabinets

Measure the amplitude of the cabinets and add 1 1/2 inch to the measurement. The cabinets charge be the aforementioned width. Application a table saw, cut a allotment of plywood to the measurement, barometer beyond the grain. Cut the plywood lengthwise to 80 inches. Abode it face up beyond four sawhorses. For example, if the cabinets are 24 inches wide, cut the plywood at 25 1/2-by-80 inches. This provides a 3/4-inch lip on both abandon that you will charge later.

Remove the doors and drawers from both cabinets application a drill/driver to abolish the screws from the hinges. Abode the high chiffonier face up, centered at the top of the plywood. Abode the abject chiffonier face up centered at the basal of the plywood. There will be about a gap amid the two cabinets, archetypal for hutches.

Screw both cabinets to the plywood from the back. Abode screws about the ambit of both pieces, spaced six inches apart. Start by conduct pilot holes application a 5/32-inch assignment bit and drill/driver, spaced 1 1/8 inch from the bend of the plywood.

how to add upper kitchen cabinets DIY Stacked Cabinets// Extending Kitchen Cabinet trim to ceiling

DIY Stacked Cabinets// Extending Kitchen Cabinet trim to ceiling | how to add upper kitchen cabinets

Insert 1 1/2-inch screws in the holes. Drive them in bound with the drill/driver to defended both cabinets to the plywood.

Apply cement to the abandon of the abject chiffonier and the high cabinet. Abode one of the 3/4-by-14-by-80 inch pieces of plywood on both sides, with their edges comatose on the overhanging aperture that are extending forth both sides. This is why the aback was cut added than the cabinets; to accommodate this lip. These are the abandon of the hutch. Square them with both pieces on top and bottom. Nail them to the abandon of both pieces application a pin nailer and 1 1/4-inch pin nails. Shoot the pin nails about the perimeters of both pieces spaced four inches apart.

Apply cement to the advanced edges of both pieces of 3/4-by-14-by-80-inch plywood. Nail both pieces of bullnose abstraction to the advanced bend application the pin nailer.

Sand the edges of the bullnose agilely application 100-grit sandpaper. Stain and use aerosol bark on the plywood genitalia to bout the absolute stain on the cabinets, or acrylic aggregate together.

Stand the berth upright. Use an abettor to advice you lift it. Measure the top of the abject cabinet. Add 3/4-inch to the depth, and decrease 1/16-inch from the width. Use a table saw to cut the balk console to the measurement.

Slide the console assimilate the top. It should fit close amid the two vertical sides, but not so close that it binds. If it gets stuck, trim 1/32 inch off the amplitude and again accelerate it in.

Nail the balk console to the top of the chiffonier about the perimeter. Use 1 1/4-inch pin nails agreement them every six inches. Adjustable the holes application a adjustable knife and copse putty. Back the adjustable is dry, beach the console agilely and accomplishment it with analogous stain and lacquer. Install the aboriginal doors and drawers into the abject chiffonier to finish.



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How To Add Upper Kitchen Cabinets What I Wish Everyone Knew About How To Add Upper Kitchen Cabinets – how to add upper kitchen cabinets
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