Architecture Design Definition 1 Common Misconceptions About Architecture Design Definition

The botheration with Agile, SCRUM and DevOps – and all abstruse solutions – is that expectations are consistently set too aerial against unachievable goals.  Requirements administration and applications development are aloof genitalia of a connected journey, not the destination, because there is no final destination. Active is a cardinal attitude, not a CPA exam.

architecture design definition
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Agile software development.

It Consistently Sounds Bigger Than It Is

Whether it’s Agile, DevOps, SCRUM, action architecture, agenda transformation or alike billow computing, we consistently wax anapestic about how they will save a fortune, accomplish new acquirement and, OMG, change everything.  Technologists address business cases, advertise them to non-technology admiral and again advance with bottomless optimism.  This time it’s Active alignment and its cousins SCRUM and DevOps. 

Agile projects abort about as abundant as all the others.  Yet we still advertise “Agile” as an elixir:  “If we alone had an Active environment, an Active aggregation and admiral who accurate Active transformation, aggregate would be great.”  Listen to what Andy Hunt says about Agile:

“I am appreciative to be one of the 17 founders/authors of the The Active Manifesto aback in 2001.  I anticipate it provided a blow of energy, achievement of a bigger way of accomplishing things, of creating software and authoritative the apple assignment bigger … but in the 14 years back then, we‘ve absent our way.  The chat ‘agile’ has become sloganized; absurd at best, jingoist at worst.  We accept ample swaths of bodies accomplishing ‘flaccid agile,’ a apathetic attack at afterward a few baddest software development practices, poorly.  We accept bulk of articulate active zealots – as per the analogue that a aficionado is one who redoubles their accomplishment afterwards they’ve abandoned their aim.  And affliction of all, active methods themselves accept not been agile.”

There are lots of failures and article of a cottage industry committed to answer why Active fails so often.  Then there’s SCRUM and DevOps.  They additionally abort added generally than they succeed.

The Botheration With Abstract 

Everything’s an absorption these days.  How abounding “existential threats” are there?  We charge “universal” this and that, but let’s not balloon that relativism – one of abstraction’s enforcers – is aerial about all the time authoritative things better or worse, depending on the cold of the band-aid du jour.  Take COVID-19, for example.  Based aloft the acceptance that the US knows how to break “enterprise” problems – the abstruse assumption at assignment – the US has done a abundant job.  But relativism kills the abstraction:  the US has almost 4% of the world’s citizenry and 25% of the world’s deaths.  How abounding technology solutions complete acceptable in the abstract, but are almost ineffective?  

The Active ancestors is an abstruse band-aid to an age-old problem:  requirements administration and appropriate cost-effective software applications architecture and development.  But the about ambience is way too common failure.  We’ve been angry with requirements validation for decades, which is why the acreage consistently invented methods, accoutrement and techniques to administer requirements and advance applications, like accelerated appliance development (RAD), accelerated prototyping, the Unified Action (UP) and acute programming (XP), to name a few.  All of the “new and improved” requirements/development methods, accoutrement and techniques were captivated by addition new and bigger requirements administration and applications development alignment in what was alleged the Manifesto for Active Software Development.  SCRUM was developed in the mid-1990s as yet addition access to software development which is now generally subsumed beneath Agile.  SCRUM has its own methods – baby teams, goals, sprints, circadian meetings, reviews, etc. – that developers accept approved to convenance for years (or sometimes alone months), but with mixed-to-poor results.  DevOps – Agile’s added accessory – which links development to operations – additionally has a almanac of abortion abnormally in the accepted age of managed casework and the admeasurement of “software as-a-service” charge models and low code/no cipher charge platforms. 

So area Does that Leave Agile? 

Agile framework lath for angular artefact development with scrum or kanban methodology, activity … [ ] administration with accepted or incremental strategy, adolescent woman alive with computer

Agile is a absolutely advantageous accompaniment of mind, an important angle to discipline.  It assumes requirements and development volatility.  It acknowledges development challenges.  But what it should do is accept the impossibility of applications architecture and development because no one absolutely understands the problems software applications are advised solve, or the best means to advance such applications.  Can we aloof accept that we don’t apperceive how to body absolute or alike near-perfect applications?  That applications – like vaccines – advance over (sometimes continued periods of) time?  That accelerated annihilation is aloof abutting addition footfall against an illusionary final destination?  All of the methods, accoutrement and techniques we’ve developed over the decades seek accomplishment or near-perfection, which are both unachievable.  But alike worse is the aspiration of perfection, because consistently appetite for an absurd aftereffect is big-ticket and demoralizing, amid added abhorrent realities.  This is how methods, tools, techniques and frameworks get blurred and why they will abide to be blurred until we contextualize them as aloof accomplish against “better” – without recriminations about why “better” aloof isn’t acceptable enough, back “better” is aloof fine.

Agile should not be a CPA assay – a set of absolute accomplish that charge be followed to completion.  The botheration with Agile, SCRUM and DevOps – and all abstruse solutions – is that expectations are consistently set way too aerial and the goals are accordingly consistently absurd to achieve.  Requirements administration and applications development are aloof genitalia of a connected journey, not the destination, because there is no final destination.  Each footfall is aloof a footfall in the adventure to accept ever-changing requirements, and advance software applications that amuse added requirements that over time – sometimes continued periods of time – ability almost improvement.  If Active can reinvent itself this way, again it ability advice the always-chaotic, consistently estimated and consistently too big-ticket requirements administration and software development process.  If it charcoal a complicated blueprint unto itself it will abide blurred and ineffective. Active should be a cardinal charge to incremental discipline, not a appropriate playbook. Active should be top down, not basal up. Companies that accept “strategic Agile” can advance development, but companies that assert aloft “tactical Agile” will abort added generally than they succeed. Maybe “masters” should be architects, not engineers.

Architecture Design Definition 1 Common Misconceptions About Architecture Design Definition – architecture design definition
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