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Why should any 21st Century artist bother to draw by hand? There is, afterwards all, an affluence of readily accessible agenda accoutrement that accomplish pens and pencils assume little added than earliest artefacts. Fondly regarded, perhaps, yet as affably extraneous to abreast architectonics as abundant horses are to today’s farmers or typewriters are to bi-weekly journalists.

And, yet, as the New York architect, historian and conservationist Mark Alan Hewitt is at pains to accentuate in his academic and arguable new book Draw in Order to See: A Cerebral History of Architectural Design, “Drawing strengthens neural networks and engages cerebral abilities aloof as arena scales and contest accumulate musicians sharp.” Hewitt quotes Nicholas Carr, columnist of The Glass Cage: Automation and Us who reminds us that “The apperception is not closed in the skull,  but extends throughout the body”. 

So aback we draw by hand, we do so extensive out to the ambiance about us, and in accomplishing so, says Hewitt, “We acquaintance acoustic and cerebral account concurrently.” The brain, “is not alone a ambit lath that processes zeros and ones like a computer chip; it is additionally a acknowledging amateur in a circuitous arrangement of organs, nerves, chemicals and electrical signals that we apperceive as the animal organism.”

Hewitt’s plea, abiding through duke cartoon – for “drawing as a average of thought”, a “loop amid biological anamnesis and alien memory” – is for a humanistic architectonics all too generally defective in an era aback “novelty and boldness are ultimate tests of aesthetic worth”, aback architects, generally angry to a computer, feel the need, or pressure, to address and allege in cabalistic abracadabra to explain what a pencil cartoon by Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Alvar Aalto or Louis Kahn could do afterwards a chat of abstract explanation. 

The Architectonics Cartoon Award-winning 2020 encourages digital, amalgam and duke drawings, yet, decidedly in the ablaze of the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be a “Lockdown Prize” for a cartoon completed during the lockdown or apropos to the changes that Covid-19 may, or will, accompany to architecture. During lockdown, abounding architects accept angry afresh to duke drawing, abstraction objects, rooms, people, pets and plants about them, acquirements as if all over afresh how to reconnect with that “loop” articular by Mark Alan Hewitt “between biological anamnesis and alien memory.”

To draw by hand, as Hewitt credibility out, is not to backslide in agreement of architectural adventure. He reminds us how Frank Gehry’s abolitionist Bilbao Guggenheim was the artistic artefact aboriginal of duke sketches and hand-made agenda models and alone in the assembly stage, a architectonics fed into computers. And he traces this attitude aback to the masters of Baroque architectonics who formed at a time aback badly artistic barrio were the memorable artefact of embodied ability – agency of conceiving and authoritative adventuresome barrio handed bottomward over centuries – and analysis fabricated through assets that do absolutely acknowledge duke and eye, apperception and anatomy alive together.

Hewitt talked with Harley Jessup, the assembly artist for abounding of Pixar’s digitally activated films. His flat fabricated 28,244 duke assets for Toy Story 2, 46,024 for Monsters Inc and 72,000 for Rataouille. Jessup wants his designers to see and this agency cartoon by hand. Computers accept their own wizardry, yet absolutely accommodating architectonics and architectonics charge that embodied ability and acoustic acquaintance that comes from acrimonious up a pencil and authoritative marks on paper.

The borderline for The Architectonics Cartoon Award-winning 2020 is 2nd October. The award-winning is curated by Accomplish Architects, Sir John Soane’s Museum, London and the World Architectonics Festival. The acceptable and commended entries will go on affectation at a committed exhibition abutting year at Sir John Soane’s Museum.

Draw in Order to See: A Cerebral History of Architectural Architectonics by Mark Alan Hewitt, Oro Editions, 2020, £29.95 

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Architecture Design Exercises What Will Architecture Design Exercises Be Like In The Next 1 Years? – architecture design exercises
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