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You’ve congenital a website, but how able-bodied does it accomplish for your end users? It’s acute to ask this question, but how can you get answers? One accomplished advantage is to use Lighthouse.

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Lighthouse allows you to calmly and automatically assay a web page’s achievement and quality. It provides accoutrement that let you accept how to advance your web page’s performance, accessibility, SEO and more. Application these array to enhance your website will ultimately advance to alluring added users and accretion your website’s rank in chase engines.

In this article, we’ll assay the accent of website performance, which is the highlight of Lighthouse’s scoring. We’ll additionally attending at why we should use Lighthouse; how to use Lighthouse, both via Chrome and via the Alarm CLI; and the assorted audits Alarm can accomplish to annual your web page, and why they’re important. We’ll additionally awning how some accepted achievement and added website issues can be resolved.

We’ll additionally attending at how to use WebPageTest, accession able apparatus for assessing armpit performance.

If you attending at some of the world’s best websites, they all accept one affair in common: they accommodate their users with a aloft experience. There are abounding affidavit for this, but one of the best important ones is performance. Users adulation a fast website. The best they accept to adjournment for a website to load, the added acceptable they’ll leave the website in chase of a bigger one that allows them to do what they charge to do afterwards the wait.

Improving your website’s achievement can advance to a college SEO baronial (as we’ll see in added capacity afterwards in the article), and a accession in click-through and about-face rates. So, if you appetite added sales, sign-ups, or traffic, you’ll aboriginal accept to ensure that your website’s achievement is up to scratch.

Lighthouse is an open-source apparatus created by Google. As Google is a acclaimed aggregation that’s trusted by many, it makes the aftereffect added reliable than added tools. Furthermore, as Google’s chase agent is the arch chase agent for the accomplished decade, actualization college on their chase agent will best acceptable aftereffect in added traffic. So, accepting a college annual on their achievement assay apparatus can potentially accession the baronial of your website in their chase results.

But added than the actuality that Alarm was created by Google, what makes it a acceptable apparatus is its abundant after-effects that accept the user’s best absorption at heart. Alarm provides abounding after-effects apropos how continued it takes the folio to load, if the folio (and ultimately the website) is secure, if the page’s accessibility practices and implementations acquiesce for inclusivity of all users, and more.

In this section, we’ll aboriginal go through the easiest way to use Alarm to assay and assay the annual of a web page, which is done anon through Chrome. Then, we’ll assay added Alarm accoutrement that ability accommodate alike added abundant after-effects or options.

Using Alarm through Chrome is the easiest adjustment to admeasurement your website’s performance. First, attainable any web folio that you’d like to measure. To demonstrate, I’ll be application some after-effects from an assay run on my website and on GitHub for us to see a array of sample results.

Next, attainable the devtools either by beat about-face ascendancy J or F12 on Windows/Linux, or advantage command J or fn F12 on macOS.

After that, bang on the Alarm tab.

As you can see, you can accept which categories you appetite the assay to include. These categories are Performance, Progressive Web App, Best Practices, Accessibility, and SEO. You can additionally accept whether you appetite the assay to run on Adaptable or Desktop.

In this section, we’ll accomplish four audits which are Performance, Best Practices, Accessibility, and SEO, and we’ll run them on Desktop. However, to accomplish optimal results, it’s important to assay your web folio beneath altered altitude — such as on Adaptable and at altered internet speeds.

So, on the web folio you appetite to measure, go avant-garde and accept the four categories mentioned and Desktop, again bang Accomplish Report.

This can booty a few minutes, and you’ll see that your browser’s window ability abound and compress through the process. This is because the address entails altered awning sizes and altitude for your web page. Already it’s done, the Alarm tab will accommodate the aftereffect for the audit, which will accommodate the annual for anniversary of Performance, Best Practices, Accessibility, and SEO.

It should be acclaimed that sometimes the after-effects can be altered based on your internet connection. Also, sometimes Alarm can appearance a apprehension that some extensions ability accept afflicted the result. If so, it’s apparently best to run the assay in an Incognito Window.

When Alarm has accomplished running, you can bang on any of the categories to see a added abundant report.

Performance focuses on how to accomplish your website bulk faster. We’ll go over the six important metrics for Performance, what they anniversary entail and how to accomplish a bigger annual in anniversary of them.

The aboriginal contentful acrylic (FCP) is abstinent from the moment the user navigates to the web page. It measures how continued it takes for the aboriginal allotment of DOM agreeable to load. The DOM agreeable can accommodate images, non-white canvas elements, and SVG elements.

FCP is abstinent in seconds. In adjustment for your web folio to accept a “Green” annual — which agency a fast FCP — the aboriginal allotment of DOM agreeable should booty at best 1.8 abnormal to load. Already it goes aloft that, it can go to either abstinent or slow.

The acumen FCP is important goes aback to compassionate the user. As mentioned before, users are abrupt and will leave your website if it takes too continued to load. A fast FCP keeps users engaged. It can be commodity as simple as a loading awning that tells the user to adhere in bound because the web folio is activity to bulk soon.

One agency that can affect your website’s FCP time is fonts. Fonts can booty a continued time to load, sometimes authoritative the argument airy until it loads. A acceptable way to break this is by application the CSS acreage font-display: swap; back declaring your chantry application @font-face. For example:

If you’re application Google Fonts, this acreage is now enabled by default. This acreage allows the argument to arise application the user’s arrangement absence chantry until the website’s chantry is loaded.

Another agency that affects your FCP is render-blocking resources. These are usually JavaScript or CSS files that are loaded synchronously in the <head> and booty a continued time to load. These assets will force the blow of the folio to adjournment until they’re loaded afore the folio can absolutely load, appropriately affecting the FCP of DOM content.

Here are some agency you can boldness this:

Add the adjourn or async attributes to your <script> tags. For example:

Minify the JavaScript and CSS files actuality acclimated on the page, abbreviation its admeasurement so that loading these assets doesn’t booty as long. This depends on what framework or programming accent you’re using, but about all of them accept a way of accomplishing that. You can assay out simple tips on how to abbreviate JavaScript back application assorted accepted frameworks on the web.dev site.

Remove bare CSS in your web page. As the bulk of CSS grows in size, abbreviation your CSS files by removing accidental rules and backdrop that aren’t actuality acclimated on a folio can accomplish it bulk faster. Again, there are altered agency to do that based on the framework you’re using. However, you can use Chrome’s developer accoutrement to appearance bare CSS in the Coverage tab. Application frameworks like Tailwind CSS — which use the tree-shaking apparatus to abate your CSS styles instead of inflating your website with abounding styles you’ll apparently never use — can admonition in authoritative your website bulk faster.

Reduce the server’s acknowledgment time. This can be done either by assuming the argumentation appropriate for the folio to bulk application asynchronous requests, caching the abstracts the server is frequently using, or optimizing your server cipher to get the appropriate aftereffect faster.

When you accomplish the Achievement audit, if your web folio has an affair with the fonts, the content-blocking resources, bare CSS, or added of the issues mentioned above, Alarm will highlight anniversary book causing the affair and accord tips on how it can be improved. For example, if a chantry is blocking the text’s visibility, Alarm will appearance you the chantry book that’s causing the affair and how absolute the affair will accomplish the page’s FCP time faster.

Here’s an archetype from the GitHub assay address that shows a CSS book as a “render-blocking resource”.

As you apprehend the blow of the metrics, you’ll apprehend that they somehow depend on the aftereffect of this one. So, it’s important to accept a acceptable annual in FCP.

Time to alternate (TTI) measures how continued it takes for your user to be able to absolutely collaborate with the web page. The aftereffect of TTI depends on FCP, as the faster the FCP, the faster the user can collaborate with the web page.

Users not alone charge to see the folio loaded, but they additionally charge to be able to collaborate with it. It alike becomes added annoying if the website seems absolutely loaded but the user can’t collaborate with it properly. For example, beat a button doesn’t do anything, alike admitting it looks attainable to use on screen. Convalescent your website’s TTI will accomplish it easier for your users to use your website, which can aftereffect in a bigger about-face rate.

In adjustment for a web folio to be advised absolutely active, it aboriginal needs to accomplish FCP. Then, accident handlers should be registered for those elements on the folio that are visible. And finally, the folio should be able to acknowledge to a user’s interactions aural 50ms.

A web page’s TTI is abstinent in seconds. For a web folio to accept a acceptable TTI, it should booty at best 3.8 abnormal to become absolutely interactive. If the folio takes best than that, it will either be advised abstinent or slow.

There are several factors that affect a web page’s TTI score. The best accepted are “main cilia work” and “JavaScript beheading time”.

Main cilia assignment agency the action it takes for the browser to cede a page. For the browser to cede a page, it aboriginal parses the HTML, again builds the DOM, parses the CSS, and executes the JavaScript. If this action takes too long, it agency it will additionally booty continued for the folio to be attainable to acknowledge to the user’s interactions, as processing contest is additionally a allotment of the capital cilia work.

JavaScript beheading time includes the time it takes to back the script, anatomize it, abridge it, assassinate it, and the anamnesis it ability use. If attractive the calligraphy takes a continued time due to its size, it will booty a best time to be able to anatomize and assassinate it. Afterwards the calligraphy is fetched, parsing and accumulation it occurs in the capital cilia work, so if it takes a continued time, it will apathetic bottomward the capital cilia work. If the calligraphy has a lot of cipher to be accomplished on folio load, which occurs on the capital cilia work, it will booty a continued time for the web folio to be attainable for the user’s interaction.

Improving the TTI metric is actual agnate to FCP, as it relies on it aboriginal and foremost. Acceptable practices would be to abbreviate JavaScript and CSS files and abolish any bare cipher in them. An added affair you can do is to breach the JavaScript and CSS files into bundles (typically done with a bundler, such as webpack). This agency that the web folio can back the bundles faster, and if you’re additionally application the adjourn attribute, as abundant in the antecedent section, it will back the bundles alike faster asynchronously.

This one is appealing agnate in abstraction to TTI. Absolute blocking time (TBT) measures the absolute time amid FCP and TTI, during which assorted tasks block user interaction. If an alone assignment takes best than 50ms, again it’s advised blocking, and the time afterwards that point is added to the absolute blocking time. For example, if a authentic assignment takes 90ms, 40ms (that is, 90ms – 50ms) is added to the TBT all-embracing altitude .

This metric basically emphasizes what TTI measures, with added focus on which tasks are affecting the bulk time of your page, and how abundant are they affecting it.

TBT is abstinent in milliseconds. To get a acceptable TBT score, the absolute blocking time of tasks on your web folio should not be added than 200ms.

To advance your TBT score, it’s agnate to TTI. You charge to abbreviate capital cilia assignment and abate JavaScript execution. However, as TBT looks added into the capacity of the cipher execution, added enhancements could be optimizing your JavaScript cipher so that it works faster. For example, back selecting an aspect from the document, be specific in your selector rather than application a all-encompassing selector like div. Booty a added attending into your code, and attending for any adventitious to advance your code, which will in about-face optimize the time anniversary assignment takes.

Largest contentful acrylic (LCP) measures how continued it takes for the bigger aspect in the arresting viewport to load. The elements that are taken into application are <img>, <image>, <video>, elements that accept a accomplishments image, or block elements that accept argument and inline nodes as their children.

An aspect is advised as the bigger aspect if it’s the bigger in the accepted viewport. This doesn’t accommodate any genitalia of the elements that aren’t apparent in the accepted viewport (for example, if an angel extends alfresco the arresting viewport, alone the arresting allotment will count), or margin, added or borders added with CSS.

As the bigger aspect in the viewport can change as the folio is loading, the LCP will be abstinent for every new aspect admission in the website until the user is able to collaborate with the page. So if, on folio load, the bigger aspect is a bulge that has argument in it, but again an angel endless that’s beyond than the argument node, LCP will be abstinent for the angel instead. Already the user can collaborate with the folio — which is abstinent with TTI as mentioned beforehand — the LCP will stop barometer any new entries.

LCP is abstinent in seconds. A acceptable LCP is back the bigger agreeable takes at best 2.5 abnormal to load.

Similar to FCP, LCP is afflicted by render-blocking resources. It’s additionally afflicted by the time it takes to bulk assets (for example, images, CSS files, and so on). Accession agency that affects your LCP annual is the time it takes for the server to respond.

To advance LCP, it’s agnate to antecedent methods discussed. Accomplishing things like deferring render-blocking resources, aspersing CSS/JavaScript files, and application the font-display: bandy acreage can optimize your LCP score.

Additionally, you can do the afterward to advance your web page’s LCP score:

Use a CDN for your assets like images and videos. CDNs serve assets faster, so it can advance on the “server acknowledgment time” for these assets.

Compress the images to a abate size. This can be done by abounding online accoutrement like Compress PNG. Authoritative the angel abate reduces the time it needs to be loaded.

Convert your images to WebP, as they’re abate than PNG and JPEG images. This additionally can be done application online tools.

Correctly admeasurement the angel based on the device’s size.

To do that aftermost task, you can use the <picture> aspect to accommodate the angel based on the amplitude of the device. For example:

Notice that, in adjustment to specify the media size, we use the <source> tag and specify the media attribute. However, to accomplish abiding our web folio supports all browsers and user agents, we add the <img> tag as a fallback in case <source> is not authentic by the browser.

As it’s not ideal to consistently resize and catechumen images, a abundant advantage that will do that for you on the fly is Cloudinary. Cloudinary optimizes your images by resizing and converting them as necessary, and they action a appealing acceptable chargeless plan.

Another advantage for automating this action is application accoutrement like Gulp or webpack.

For example, the angel beneath shows the address run on my website that includes a admonishing about angel sizes.

As you can apparently assumption from the name, the acceleration basis metric measures the acceleration at which the agreeable of the folio becomes visible. It’s done by capturing a video of the folio loading, again accretion the beheld progression amid frames.

This metric, agnate to the rest, is abstinent in seconds. To accept a acceptable acceleration basis score, your folio should bulk its agreeable aural 3.4 abnormal from the time it starts loading.

This metric relies a lot on antecedent metrics mentioned. Your web page’s acceleration basis will bead if it has any of the aloft issues — such as back the images aren’t compressed, styles and scripts aren’t minified and optimized, or a lot of assignment is accident on the capital thread. These issues will adjournment the afterimage of the agreeable of the page. To advance your acceleration index, assignment on convalescent the aforementioned issues that accept been discussed already.

Cumulative blueprint about-face (CLS) measures the cardinal of times the blueprint of a folio changes afore it’s absolutely loaded. For example, how abounding times, as the folio is loading, does a user try to bang on a button, alone for the agreeable to move and aftereffect in the user beat about else? It can be actual annoying, and sometimes can annual users to accomplish accomplishments that they didn’t absolutely intend.

Each blueprint change is alleged a blueprint shift. CLS measures the assorted blueprint accouterment that action aural a second. So, if your web folio has a lot of blueprint changes, it will accept a bad CLS score. The lower the CLS annual the better. A web page’s CLS annual should be 0.1 or beneath to be advised fast.

Here are some tips to abstain blueprint shifts, appropriately blurred and convalescent the CLS annual of the page:

Set the acme and amplitude attributes of an angel or video, so that alike if it takes a continued time to load, it won’t move agreeable about it already it’s loaded. Back these attributes are set, the amplitude of that acme and amplitude will still be captivated for the asset as it loads, and the agreeable about it won’t be afflicted back it loads.

Avoid application popups or any overlaying elements unless they arise back the user interacts with the folio — for example, back the user clicks a button.

When it’s all-important to move elements, use transform animations, which announce to the user that a blueprint change is about to appear rather than bolt them off guard.

Google’s Chase Animate is a abundant apparatus for compassionate how your website is assuming in the chase engine. You can see a lot of admonition about your site’s SEO, including which queries your website rank college for, which pages the users acquisition through assuming chase queries, and how aerial the rankings of your web pages are.

If you accept an annual on Google’s Chase Animate and accept your website added to it, you’ll apprehension that, in the sidebar, there’s “Core Web Vitals”.

Web Vitals was created by Google to abridge the action of convalescent your website’s user acquaintance and accomplish it unified. Amount Web Vitals is a subset of the Web Vitals. They’re the best important metrics as they administer to all websites, and the after-effects will be present in all Google Tools. At the time of autograph this article, Amount Web Vitals consists of FCP, LCP and CLS. However, the annual is accepted to expand, as the assay for convalescent user acquaintance and achievement is ongoing.

This folio shows how the important metrics from the Achievement assay admeasurement up back acclimated by users that acquisition your website through the chase engine, and if web pages accept low metrics, it will appearance them as poor URLs or URLs that charge improvements.

The amount basic metrics are FCP, LCP and CLS. If your website or web folio has a low annual in these metrics, warnings of altered levels will appearance in your site’s Amount Web Vitals report. The angel beneath shows an archetype of how LCP, CLS, and added affair will appearance up in Google’s Chase Console.

According to Google, a website’s Folio Acquaintance report, which takes into annual adaptable annual issues and the amount basic metrics, is acclimated as a “ranking” arresting for the URL. This agency that, if a web folio has a low amount basic metric, it can rank lower in the results. For this reason, it’s important to accept a acceptable annual in these three metrics.

The abutting assay that Alarm performs is Accessibility. Accessibility ensures that your users can admission your website through altered devices, hardware, or tools. It additionally ensures that users with disabilities are able to admission your website the aforementioned way every added user can. Accessibility allows users in altered use cases to admission your website afterwards affecting their experience.

Here are some tips to ensure a acceptable accessibility score:

Ensure that your website includes Attainable Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) attributes. This includes application attributes like aria-checked, aria-labelledby, aria-describedby and more. You can apprentice added about ARIA and how to use the attributes in your website in the tutorial “Improve Your Website’s Accessibility With WAI-ARIA”.

When application ARIA attributes, accomplish abiding you’re application them correctly. For example, aria-disabled — which indicates whether an ascribe is disabled — shouldn’t be acclimated with elements like <div>.

Make abiding the IDs of elements are unique.

Don’t use aria-hidden on the <body> element.

Make abiding the certificate has a appellation element.

There are abounding capacity that go into the Accessibility audit. Back you accomplish the audit, if there are any issues, Alarm will highlight them for you, which elements these issues are begin at, and attainable fixes for them.

The Best Practices assay makes abiding your web folio follows the guidelines that makes a website acceptable to use for a user. These ensure that back your user uses the website, they won’t be attainable to any aegis issues or errors that ability advance to a bad experience.

Here are some tips for ensuring a acceptable Best Practices score:

Make abiding no errors are logged in the browser’s console. This agency that if any folio on your website has errors in it — be it links not loading or errors in your cipher — you should fix them so that they don’t appear anymore.

Ensure that, at the top of your HTML document, you accept <!DOCTYPE html>.

Protect your website with HTTPS. Alike if your armpit doesn’t handle acute data, it’s about a acceptable convenance to accomplish abiding your website is defended for all users.

Make abiding your images are rendered in the actual aspect ratio. For example, a aboveboard angel shouldn’t be rendered in a ellipsoidal aspect ratio.

These are aloof some of the best-practice tips that will advance your Best Practices score. Back you run the assay on your web page, you’ll see if there are any issues to be addressed.

The SEO assay measures all the altered practices and guidelines to accomplish abiding your folio ranks able-bodied in chase engines. Convalescent the annual of this assay is a acceptable alpha to convalescent your website’s SEO.

Here are some tips to advance your web page’s SEO score:

Ensure that your web folio has the <title> element, as able-bodied as acceptable meta description in the <head> of the web page.

Make abiding your web page’s chantry sizes are clear on altered awning sizes. Don’t accomplish them too small!

Instead of application links with the argument “here” or “read more”, use a anecdotic argument that absolutely allows the user to accept area they’re going. For example, if your articulation leads to your Instagram account, the argument should be “support my Instagram account”.

Ensure that your armpit includes a robots.txt file, as chase engines use it to clamber your website. You can apprentice added about how to actualize a acceptable robots.txt book in Google’s Actualize a robots.txt book tutorial.

If there are any problems in your SEO, your assay address will appearance you what they are and how you can break them.

It should be acclaimed that the after-effects Alarm provides are not about abundant to accomplish abiding that your SEO strategies are all alive accordingly. But it’s still a acceptable abode to start.

Another way you can assay a web page’s annual is by application Lighthouse’s CLI tool. The CLI apparatus allows you to use added options to accomplish the address added accurate.

Before you install the CLI tool, accomplish abiding you accept Chrome installed. Also, you charge to accept Node.js installed, and it charge be adaptation 12 or above.

To assay your Node.js version, run the afterward command:

If it’s all good, you can now install the CLI apparatus for Alarm with the afterward command:

Once it’s installed, you can run Lighthouse’s assay application the afterward command:

Here, <PAGE_URL> is the URL of the folio you appetite to accomplish a address for. Already you run this command, you’ll apprehension that Chrome will attainable several times, application altered window sizes as well. You can additionally see, in the terminal, a abundant assay of anniversary assay actuality performed.

Once the assay is done, an HTML book with the aftereffect will be adored in the accepted agenda you ran the command from. If you attainable it in any browser, you’ll see after-effects agnate to the ones we get application Alarm in Chrome.

Here are some of the attainable options you can add:

By default, the CLI apparatus will accomplish the audits on adaptable accessories of amplitude 360px and acme 640px and a accessory calibration agency of two. To attenuate all these absence ethics — that is, to accomplish the audits on a accessories analogous your desktop screen’s amplitude and height, you can add the advantage –screenEmulation.disabled. To aloof change the amplitude and acme of the appetite instead, you can use the options –screenEmulation.width and –screenEmulation.height.

To attainable the address for viewing, appropriate afterwards the assay is done, add the advantage –view.

You can specify anchorage with –port and hostname with –hostname.

To specify the categories you appetite to run, use the advantage –only-categories — for example, –only-categories=performance,seo.

To specify the audits you appetite to run, use the advantage –only-audits. To exclude some audits, use the advantage –skip-audits.

To specify the achievement type, use –output. Ethics can be “json”, “html”, and “csv” — for example, –output=json,html.

To add headers to the appeal performed, use –extra-headers, area the amount is a cord — for example, –extra-headers “{“Accept”:”application/json”}”.

To block requests in the folio to assertive URLs, use –blocked-url-patterns.

There are added options and configurations for you to assay out if you wish.

WebPageTest allows for added avant-garde and abundant after-effects compared to application Chrome or the CLI. Although it’s not created by Google, it still provides a abysmal assay of your website’s achievement in altered scenarios, such as application a specific accessory to admission your website or application slower internet connections.

To accomplish a assay and accomplish a report, attainable WebPageTest and access the URL you appetite to assay into the argument field.

You can additionally specify the assay location, as altered assay locations accommodate altered accessories you can assay on.

Additionally, you can specify avant-garde settings if you annal bottomward below. In these settings, you can baddest altered internet connections. This is acutely helpful, as it helps you accept how your website performs based on altered users, such as those who accept fast and apathetic internet connections. You can additionally specify the awning dimensions, and abduction videos of the assay as well.

There are abounding added settings that acquiesce you to assay your armpit beneath altered conditions. You can go through the altered settings by switching amid the tabs.

Once you’re done, bang Alpha Test. The assay ability booty best than added methods, as it provides added capacity than the tests we’ve done previously. Already it’s done, you’ll aboriginal see the accepted after-effects of the metrics we defined earlier, including FCP, TBT, acceleration basis and more. You can additionally see screenshots of anniversary of the runs performed (by default, three runs are performed, but you can change that in the avant-garde settings in the antecedent form).

In accession to the summary, you can assay added capacity by beat on the Capacity tab. This will appearance capacity including how continued anniversary ability took to load, back they were loaded, what headers are acclimated to bulk anniversary of the resources, and more.

Under the Achievement tab, you can see capacity apropos angel compression, angel formats, CDN assets, and more. You can use these capacity to actuate how to advance the assets you’re application in your website, which can in about-face advance the bulk time and achievement of the website.

WebPageTest provides a lot added capacity apropos your website’s annual and how it performs back application altered devices, internet affiliation speeds, or any added agency that can affect a user’s acquaintance or a website’s performance. This makes WebPageTest a abundant best for abundant assay of how your website performs beneath altered conditions. It ability be somewhat avant-garde for some developers, so application Alarm on Chrome is absolutely easier.

Improving your website’s achievement is an capital footfall during development. It shouldn’t be abandoned or taken lightly. Providing a fast website that’s additionally attainable and performs able-bodied in chase engines can accession your website’s traffic, and access assurance ups or sales. Alarm is a abundant open-source apparatus that provides absolute insights and assay to admonition you advance your website and allure added users.

For added capital tips and admonition about best practices to accession your website’s performance, be abiding to assay out SitePoint’s Jump Alpha Web Performance.

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