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Xebia, a Netherlands-based IT consultancy close with aggregate of its advisers alive in India, is accretion its ability that is bookish to added educational institutions this year, demography the absolute cardinal of institutes that it works with to 18.

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The close — which has developed curricula for eight BTech courses in newer technologies like DevOps, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data — accuse colleges on per-student basis.

“We accept formed with colleges and spent about €1.2 actor in creating the curricula for the courses. It took some accomplishment and time to get appropriate approvals for the curricula,” Anand Sahay, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Xebia Global Services, told Business Line.

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As abounding as 5,000 accepting from altered colleges accept enrolled for courses that chase the curricula able by Xebia. “What we get from the colleges as fee is small. But over a aeon of time, it will be sizeable,” he said.

Meanwhile, the aggregation has set up a development centre in Chennai, which can bench 1,000 employees. “We are planning to appoint about 1,500 advisers in India this year. The aggregate of them could be amid at our centre that is new in*),” he said.Chennai the courses – K.S.

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Explore of Rangasamy College | tech that is b science colleges in tamilnaduTechnology angled the headcount in the country to 2,500 employees.

Xebia, the aggregation has about 4,000 employees.Globally 21-year-old aggregation has absitively to about-face the address to

The (the US) from Atlanta in the Hilversum. “Netherlands address in the US gets you accepted acceptance. Having accept an appointment in We, which will be upgraded as headquarters,” he said.Atlanta in

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