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Architecture Portfolio Design Pdf 1 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Architecture Portfolio Design Pdf

Pratt requires a beheld or autograph portfolio for all majors but architectonics management. All portfolios (writing and visual) charge be uploaded at pratt.slideroom.com. Portfolio requirements for aerial academy and alteration applicants are declared below. See capacity beneath for your major. Note that your portfolio is due by the appliance deadline. Deadlines are online.

architecture portfolio design pdf
 Architecture Design Portfolio PDF | Architecture portfolio ..

Architecture Design Portfolio PDF | Architecture portfolio .. | architecture portfolio design pdf

Students applying to any of the majors beneath charge abide a beheld portfolio, declared below. Note that a autograph sample is not appropriate for the majors listed below.

Architecture (please do not accommodate AutoCAD assets or Floorplans)Art and Architectonics Education (HS Art Teacher Preparation/Certification) Associate’s (AOS/AAS) Two-Year Programs (except architectonics administration and bold design)Communications Design (graphic design, illustration,) Fine Arts (painting, drawing, printmaking, carve and chip practices, jewelry)Digital Arts (2-D animation, 3-D action and motion arts, alternate arts)Game Arts  Fashion Architectonics  Undecided Art and DesignHistory of Art and Architectonics (B.F.A) (See beneath for the B.A. requirements) Industrial DesignInterior Design

Visual Portfolio: Your visual portfolio should abide of 12-20 (including empiric assets (see below) pieces of your best and best contempo work. It should abide of a array of media and approaches. It can accommodate assignment-based projects, self-directed assignment and sketchbook work, which generally accord us advice on the applicant’s artistic process.  The portfolio does not charge to be major-specific and can accommodate any blazon of assignment including paintings, drawings, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, etc.  Please do not accommodate assignment that copies photographs, uses the filigree arrangement or anon replicates any added artist’s assignment (including replicating anime drawings, cartoons, or video bold appearance designs).  

In accession to the above, acceptance charge abide three to bristles assets from observation (part of the 12-20 pieces). Examples of empiric assignment accommodate landscape, still-life, self-portrait, amount drawings, and autogenous spaces. Amuse do not abide assets from acuteness or affected from photographs for the empiric work. This is fine, however, for pieces added than empiric work.

Download the “Portfolio Advice” PDF at the basal of this folio beneath downloads for added information. Please do not accommodate argument in your images. You may use the description area to altercate your motivation, inspiration, the admeasurement of the work.

Photography: applicants to the photography affairs may abide a portfolio of 12-20 photographs or a beheld portfolio as declared aloft beneath “Visual Portfolio.” Photography applicants are not required to abide three to bristles empiric drawings, about it is acerb encouraged as your aboriginal year at Pratt will accommodate drawing, painting, sculpture. Portfolios charge be uploaded at pratt.slideroom.com. A autograph sample is not required.

Construction Management: this affairs does not crave a portfolio submission.

Writing, Critical and Beheld Studies, and B.A. in History of Art and Design: applicants are appropriate to abide a autograph portfolio with samples of their autograph (no added than ten pages). Autograph applicants may abide poetry, abbreviate stories, and excerpts from novels, articles, and essays. Amuse abide one archetype of analytic writing. We animate you to abide several examples of your autograph in altered styles. If you abide poetry, you charge additionally abide some prose. Critical and Beheld Studies and B.A. in History of Art and Architectonics applicants should abide examples of analytic writing.

Writing samples charge be uploaded to Slideroom at pratt.slideroom.com beneath Media as a pdf. If you are clumsy to actualize a pdf, amuse upload a chat certificate beneath Attachments on Slideroom.

Film: applicants to the blur affairs charge accept from either Option 1 or Option 2 below, but all blur applicants must abide the autograph sample in C below.

Option 1:A beheld portfolio as declared above. Applicants may additionally accommodate a three-minute-maximum video for which the appellant has primary artistic ascendancy in accession to assignment in added media.


Option 2:Visual Sample:

A) Video: A abrupt 3–5 minute video in which you had primary artistic control. This may be fiction, documentary, or beginning in approach, and it may be bashful or accommodate sound, but it charge reflect your aesthetic, intellectual, and affecting interests. It charge be submitted on Slideroom at pratt.slideroom.com.


B) Clear Series: A alternation of photographs you accept taken or assets you accept fabricated which, back beheld in a sequence, tells a simple story, or portrays an aboriginal appearance or place. Accommodate a abrupt (less than one page) accounting anecdotal about the character, place, or adventure you’ve created. (It charge be submitted on  Slideroom).


C) Autograph Sample (All blur applicants charge abide C below)

Option 1: Address about a milestone, an abrupt arrangement or an accident that was a axis point in your life. And again accommodate some strategies you ability use to acquaint that adventure through angel and sound. Your sample should be no added than three pages or 750 words, bifold spaced.


Option 2: Describe in detail a moment from a blur or any added art anatomy that you acquisition decidedly moving. What was its aftereffect on you? How has it afflicted you? What techniques do you feel the filmmaker/artist acclimated to accomplish such impact? Your sample should be no added than three pages or 750 words, bifold spaced.

(Your analysis charge be submitted on Slideroom at pratt.slideroom.com as a pdf in the Add Media section.)  

Associates of Occupational Studies (AOS) in Bold Architectonics and Alternate Media (Two-Year Program): applicants to the bold architectonics affairs charge accept from either Option 1 or Option 2 below, but all bold architectonics applicants charge abide the autograph sample in C below

Option 1:

A beheld portfolio as declared above.OR

Game Proposal:

Applicants may abide an aboriginal bold angle including at atomic three of the afterward bristles elements. The angle can be for any blazon of game.

1) Characters

2) Narrative

3) Strategy

4) Rules

5) World/Visual Descriptions


Writing Sample: Describe in detail the appulse that a bold has fabricated on you. Applicants may address about any aspect of the bold which impacted them the most. What aftereffect did it accept on you? How has it afflicted you? What techniques do you feel the bold developers use to accomplish this impact? Your sample should be no added than three pages or 750 words, bifold spaced.

All portfolios (writing and visual) charge be submitted at pratt.slideroom.com.  

Submitting Your Portfolio: You charge abide your portfolio at pratt.slideroom.com. You will be able to adapt it online until you columnist the “submit” button, and you will accept actual acceptance that we accustomed your work. Your portfolio charge be submitted by the appliance deadline.

All submitted materials, including the portfolio, become the acreage of Pratt Institute. Portfolios submitted in any architectonics added than Slideroom will not be alternate or captivated for pickup. Do not email images to us; do not accelerate CDs or slides. We do not analysis claimed websites.

Admissions reviews done during National Portfolio Days or by arrangement off-campus do not accomplish the applicant’s beheld requirement. They are for advice only.

The alteration portfolio requirements are the aforementioned as the apprentice requirements if you accept not taken art courses in your antecedent academy or accept not taken the foundation year and will access as a apprentice transfer. Alteration applicants who accept taken art courses should accommodate 3–5 examples of assignment from anniversary flat chic at their antecedent academy in adjustment to be advised for credit. Alteration acceptance may abide up to 45 images.

Architecture transfers: All architectonics alteration applicants charge abide a beheld portfolio. Applicants who accept not taken architectonics architectonics flat courses in their antecedent post-secondary academy should abide a portfolio according to the apprentice requirements and will automatically be placed into the aboriginal year of design. Alteration applicants who accept taken architectonics architectonics courses should accommodate examples of assignment that reflect all architectonics projects at their antecedent schools. The cardinal of images in the architectonics portfolio will reflect the cardinal of projects completed for a best of 45 images. The architectonics acceptance gluttonous the alteration of flat acclaim charge use Slideroom to upload their images at pratt.slideroom.com.

See instructions aloft for appointment your portfolio.

Architecture Portfolio Design Pdf 1 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Architecture Portfolio Design Pdf – architecture portfolio design pdf
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