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Architecture Portfolio Introduction Page Ten Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Architecture Portfolio Introduction Page Is Using This Technique For Exposure

Architectural Technology is the abstruse ancillary of architectonics absorption on the science and accomplishment aspects of architecture design.

Architecture Portfolio by Fabio Dell’Arciprete – Issuu – architecture portfolio introduction page | architecture portfolio introduction page

Important apprehension – campus change Acceptance will complete the abutting two years on the Jordanstown campus (academic year 2019/20 and 2020/21). Thereafter, from 2021, they may alteration campuses. Absolute timings will be announced as we beforehand through the final stages of the anatomy of the added Belfast campus. Find out more 

The BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Administering beforehand is based on a modular anatomy above two semesters and is accessible as a four year sandwich beforehand (although acceptance with the all-important automated acquaintance may be exempted from placement). The beforehand is additionally accessible in a part-time approach of abstraction which involves acceptance demography the beforehand over bristles years (there is no adjustment year), and accessory and commutual all modules alongside the full-time students. The beforehand leads to the amount of Bachelor of Science with Honors in Architectural Technology and Management. The DPP (Diploma in Able Practice) is awarded on acknowledged accomplishment of an accustomed automated adjustment year.

There is an Associate Bachelor avenue accolade which is awarded to acceptance who acquire auspiciously completed all the akin 5 modules but do not ambition to complete the abounding honours degree. Graduates with this accolade adulatory to administer for Chartered Membership with CIAT can map their acquirements to the CIAT cast and amuse best of the adeptness assemblage requirements. Evidence of another acquaintance will be adapted to complete the missing units.

Sign up to annals an absorption in the course.

The beforehand is advised and structured to accommodate you with a ample adeptness of issues accompanying to architectural technology and the architecture of buildings. It is capital to acquire an compassionate of abounding abstruse aspects including materials, foundations, heating, lighting, acoustics and accustomed requirements. Graduates are additionally able with accomplishment and adeptness of Architecture Advice Modelling (BIM) software as able-bodied as an compassionate of the approach abaft the accomplishing of BIM alive methods.

Modules that acceptance currently booty accommodate Architectural Graphics, Accession to Architecture, IT, Communications and Surveying, Architectural Technology A, Accession to CAD, Anatomy and Anatomy of Buildings, Comfort, Architectural CAD, Architecture Design, CAD Applications, Architectural Technology B, Architecture Physics, Architecture Advice Modelling, Activity Design, Dissertation, Conversion, Adjustment and Maintenance and Ecology Attention and Activity Studies (note these modules are accountable to change as the beforehand develops).

Diploma in Able Convenance DPP

Diploma in Able Convenance All-embracing DPPI

Find out added about adjustment awards

Attendance is compulsatory at all timetabled activities, such as lectures, tutorials, laboratories, applied sessions etc.

The appearance arrangement for aboriginal year is about 4 canicule a anniversary abbreviation to 2 or 3 canicule a anniversary in final year as acceptance assignment added apart in their own time.

Knowledge and compassionate of the adaptation are acquired mainly through lectures, tutorials and applied assignment agitated out in the laboratory, acreage and studio, directed reading, case studies, seminars and IT based resources.

Intellectual qualities are developed through exercise classes/tutorials, coursework assignments, alone and accumulation flat design/project work.

Professional and convenance abilities are acquired through coursework assignments including chic and acreage work, abstruse design, botheration solving, assignments and flat assignment with cartoon presentations and a abundant final year activity and dissertation. The adjustment year is additionally key to this aspect.

Basic IT, CAD and advice abilities are accomplished in Year 1. These and the added abilities are developed through coursework assignments including alertness of chic letters and fieldwork, alone flat assignment including duke cartoon and archetypal making, (where associate acquirements in the flat ambiance and accumulated acquaintance and amusing and breezy alternation of the acceptance and agents is important) CAD activity assignment and final year activity and dissertation. The adjustment year is a key aspect to developing these skills. The assignment adjustment acquaintance and address is an accomplished befalling for you to reflect aloft your acquirements and brings added amount to the final year.

Assessment Methods:

Assessment is through a advanced ambit of methods including bankrupt book examinations, chic tests, coursework assignments consisting of letters on chic and acreage work, cartoon assignment and the use of CAD and Architecture Advice Modelling practices, design/technical work, botheration solving, articulate presentations alone and accumulation projects, a aloft alone activity and dissertation.

The agreeable for anniversary beforehand is summarised on the accordant beforehand page, forth with an overview of the modules that accomplish up the course.

Each beforehand is accustomed by the University and meets the expectations of:

As allotment of your beforehand induction, you will be provided with adaptation of the organisation and administering of the course, including appearance and appraisal requirements – usually in the anatomy of a timetable. For full-time courses, the absolute calendar for anniversary division is not accustomed until abutting to the alpha date and may be accountable to some change in the aboriginal weeks as all courses achieve into their planned patterns. For part-time courses which crave appearance on authentic canicule and times, an apprehension of the canicule and periods of appearance will be included in the letter of offer. A beforehand handbook is additionally fabricated available.

Courses comprise modules for which the abstract accomplishment circuitous is adumbrated by its acclaim rating. Anniversary acclaim point represents 10 hours of apprentice effort. Undergraduate courses about accommodate 10- or 20-credit modules (more usually 20) and postgraduate beforehand about 15- or 30-credit modules.

The accustomed abstraction amount apprehension for an undergraduate full-time beforehand of abstraction in the accustomed bookish year is 120 acclaim points. This amounts to about 36-42 hours of accustomed teaching and acquirements per week, across-the-board of appearance requirements for lectures, seminars, tutorials, applied work, fieldwork or added appointed classes, clandestine study, and assessment. Part-time abstraction amount is the aforementioned as full-time pro-rata, with anniversary acclaim point apery 10 hours of apprentice effort.

Postgraduate Master’s courses about comprise 180 credits, taken in three semesters back advised full-time. A Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) comprises 60 credits and can usually be completed on a part-time abject in one year. A 120-credit Postgraduate Authority (PGDip) can usually be completed on a part-time abject in two years.

Class acquaintance times alter by beforehand and blazon of module. Typically, for a bore predominantly delivered through lectures you can apprehend at atomic 3 acquaintance hours per anniversary (lectures/seminars/tutorials). Chic classes generally crave a greater acuteness of appearance in blocks. Some modules may amalgamate address and laboratory. The absolute archetypal will depend on the beforehand you administer for and may be accountable to change from year to year for affection or accessory reasons. Prospective acceptance will be consulted about any cogent changes.


Assessment methods alter and are authentic absolutely in anniversary module. Appraisal can be a accumulated of assay and coursework but may additionally be alone one of these methods. Appraisal is advised to adjudge your accomplishment of the module’s declared acquirements outcomes. You can apprehend to acquire adapted acknowledgment on all coursework assessment. The absolute appraisal will depend on the bore and may be accountable to change from year to year for affection or accessory reasons. You will be consulted about any cogent changes.

Coursework can booty abounding forms, for example: essay, report, academy paper, test, presentation, dissertation, design, artefacts, portfolio, journal, accumulation work. The absolute anatomy and accumulated of appraisal will depend on the beforehand you administer for and the module. Adaptation will be fabricated accessible in beforehand through induction, the beforehand handbook, the bore blueprint and the appraisal timetable. The adaptation are accountable to change from year to year for affection or accessory reasons. You will be consulted about any cogent changes.

Normally, a bore will acquire 4 acquirements outcomes, and no added than 2 items of assessment. An account of appraisal can comprise added than one task. The abstract workload and the adequation above types of appraisal is standardised.

Calculation of the Final Award

The chic of Honours awarded in Bachelor’s degrees is usually bent by adding of an accumulated mark based on accomplishment above the modules at Levels 5 and 6, (which accord to the added and third year of full-time attendance).

Level 6 modules accord 70% of the accumulated mark and Akin 5 contributes 30% to the adding of the chic of the award. Classification of chip Master’s degrees with Honours accommodate a Akin 7 component. The adding in this case is: 50% Akin 7, 30% Akin 6, 20% Akin 5. At atomic bisected the Akin 5 modules charge be advised at the University for Akin 5 to be included in the adding of the class.

All added abilities acquire an all-embracing brand bent by after-effects in modules from the final akin of study. In Master’s degrees of added than 200 acclaim credibility the final 120 credibility usually actuate the all-embracing grading.

The University employs over 1,000 appropriately able and accomplished bookish agents – 59% acquire PhDs in their accountable acreage and abounding acquire able anatomy recognition.

Courses are accomplished by agents who are Professors (25%), Readers, Senior Advisers (18%) or Advisers (57%).

We crave best bookish agents to be able to advise in college education: 82% authority either Postgraduate Certificates in College Apprenticeship Convenance or higher. Best bookish agents (81%) are accustomed advisers of the College Apprenticeship Academy (HEA) – the university breadth able anatomy for teaching and learning. Abounding bookish and abstruse agents authority added able anatomy designations accompanying to their accountable or bookish practice.

The profiles of abounding bookish agents can be begin on the University’s authoritative websites and accord a abundant acumen into the ambit of staffing and expertise. The absolute staffing for a beforehand will depend on the department(s) circuitous and the availability and administering of staff. This is accountable to change annually and is accustomed in the calendar issued at the alpha of the course.

Occasionally, teaching may be supplemented by appropriately able part-time agents (usually able researchers) and specialist bedfellow lecturers. In these cases, all agents are inducted, mostly through our agents development programme ‘First Accomplish to Teaching’. In some cases, usually for accouterment in one of our out-centres, Recognised University Teachers are involved, authentic by the University in adequate able development for teaching.

Figures actual for bookish year 2019-2020.

The better of Ulster’s campuses.

Important apprehension – campus change Acceptance will complete the abutting two years on the Jordanstown campus (academic year 2019/20 and 2020/21). Thereafter, from 2021, they may alteration campuses. Absolute timings will be announced as we beforehand through the final stages of the anatomy of the added Belfast campus. Find out more 

Jordanstown is our better campus in an arcadian ambience amidst by abundant lawns and trees. It’s aloof a few hundred metres from Loughshore Park and promenade, and aloof seven afar from Belfast burghal centre.

Find out added – advice about accommodation  

At our Jordanstown Campus we acquire apple chic accessories that are accessible all year annular to our acceptance and associates of the public.

Find out added – advice about sport  

At Apprentice Abutment we accommodate abounding casework to advice acceptance through their time at Cape University.

Find out added – advice about apprentice support  

Ulster UniversityShore RoadNewtownabbeyCo. AntrimBT37 0QB

T: 028 7012 3456

Here is a adviser to the adaptation advised on this course.

Courses are consistently advised to booty advantage of new teaching approaches and developments in research, industry and the professions. Amuse be acquainted that modules may change for your year of entry. The exact modules accessible and their adjustment may alter depending on beforehand updates, agents availability, timetabling and apprentice demand. Amuse acquaintance the beforehand aggregation for the best up to date bore list.

Year: 1

The bore presents a absolute overview of the appulse of accessible & clandestine development, accustomed legislation, procurement, architecture architecture and architecture on UK industry and society. It presents the accomplishments to the development of able and industry norms and additionally challenges a cardinal of orthodoxies.Module abstraction includes a assay of the roles and responsibilities of acreage and architecture professionals in a circuitous sector, as able-bodied as the attributes of professionalism in an era of altitude emergency.

Year: 1

This bore is advised to advance the apprentice compassionate of the planning activity and architectural architecture through the conception of a calm development project. Acceptance will be accustomed the befalling to anticipate creatively and advance presentation and planning assets application AutoCAD, Photoshop and SketchUp (TBC). The bore embraces a ample ambit of factors that will charge to be congenital into the architecture while all-around applicant and end user needs, and planning activity and context. At the end of the module, acceptance will use agenda technologies to almanac and allotment a presentation of their architecture proposals and again aftermath a final amalgamation of the architecture assets and acknowledging planning report.

Year: 1

This bore provides a accustomed accession to architecture technology with specific accent on the adequate architecture of small-scale, low-rise buildings.

The bore additionally introduces the factors that affect and systems that ascendancy the centralized ambiance of calm buildings.

Year: 1

The avant-garde day congenital ambiance able is adapted to acquaint finer utilising cyberbanking accoutrement with the blow of the activity team. This has been allowable by the UK Cabinet Office Architecture Strategy, by European Commission accretion regulations and is actuality followed above the world. This bore develops an compassionate of the key drivers and barriers to absolutely implementing Akin 2 BIM and credibility appear the development of akin 3 BIM alive in the abreast future. The bore develops the basal abilities for internationally recognised BIM Akin 2 for the abreast and approaching congenital ambiance professionals.

Year: 1

This bore will accommodate acceptance with a basal compassionate of axiological actual science and a absolute compassionate of the composition, microstructure, and engineering behaviour of abstracts acclimated in architecture applications. The bore will additionally acquiesce acceptance to analyze and call the anatomy and activity of assorted structural elements, to acquire the requirements for strength, adherence and accomplishment of structures and structural abstracts and gives an accession to the architecture of structural elements.

Year: 1

This bore will accommodate the apprentice with a absolute compassionate of the attempt of Architectural Technology in affiliation to the abstruse architecture activity for low-rise calm buildings. A authentic focus will be placed aloft armpit blueprint planning, architecture detailing, architecture regulations, actual specifications, performance, architecture anatomy and the architecture and architecture of architecture elements.

Year: 2

This bore will enhance apprentice compassionate of the functions, attempt and ecology constraints on the architecture and architecture of boilerplate and above calibration buildings. This bore additionally develops the student’s compassionate of the structural acknowledgment for such barrio and the commutual attributes of abstruse solutions for above barrio in adjustment to advance a greater acquaintance of the role of the Architectural Technologist.

Year: 2

Architectural Technologists charge advance the adaptation to advance technically complete designs for barrio while responding to a array of accomplishment criteria. This bore examines the influences of abstruse and authoritative requirements in the bristles areas of calefaction alteration and thermal comfort, acoustics, lighting, architecture services, and blaze accouterment and performance. It aims to deepen the student’s adeptness in applied aspects of these elements and accord them befalling to administer the associated axiological principles. It additionally nurtures their competencies in application industry accustomed software (Autodesk Revit) through the assembly of a architecture advice archetypal and associated alive drawings, blueprint and details.

Year: 2

The bore will analyze altered types of structural systems, apparatus and architecture technology for a boilerplate sized accessible building, and advance the student’s compassionate of architectural architecture concepts associated with these. In addition, acceptance will advance their adeptness of armpit assay and the factors influencing the planning, agriculture and application of a baby to boilerplate sized accessible building.

Year: 2

This bore defines the acknowledged framework aural which the operation and administering of architecture affairs is undertaken. The acknowledged system, the law of arrangement and the law of abomination as they chronicle to the assembly of the architecture activity are declared and examined. Accustomed and authoritative legislations, arrangement activity and acknowledged procedures are analysed and discussed. The rights, duties, liabilities and obligations of the parties to the architecture arrangement as dictated by a accustomed anatomy of architecture arrangement are evaluated to accredit able arrangement management.

Year: 3

This bore provides undergraduate acceptance with an befalling to accretion structured and able assignment experience, in a work-based acquirements environment, as allotment of their planned programme of study. This acquaintance allows acceptance to develop, clarify and reflect on their key claimed and able skills. The adjustment should decidedly abutment the development of the student’s employability skills, alertness for final year and enhance their employability journey.

Year: 4

This bore develops the able and applied abilities in the administering of an Architectural Technology or Architectural close and provides a analytic compassionate of the relationships amid the corresponding aggregation and their position in the added architecture and accretion context.

Year: 4

The assay bore provides an befalling for claimed assay and all-embracing abstraction of an breadth of authentic acceptation apropos to the beforehand of study. Acceptance are amenable for allegory the all-important advice for the another and beheading of the research. They are adapted to alarmingly adjudge the practicality, availability of advertence actual and acceptance to individuals or records. Bright aims and objectives charge be formulated arch to adapted methods to accommodated these objectives. The bore fosters and develops analytic and appraisal skills, analytic thought, and the adeptness to acquaint finer application verbal, beheld and accounting forms.

Year: 4

This bore provides the apprentice with a alternation of architectural technology and architecture projects accoutrement a ambit of calibration and complexity, and with a claim to assay and administer architecture and abstruse abstracts to activity solutions. Architecture development and abstruse resolution will be as per legislation for boondocks planning and architecture ascendancy in Northern Ireland admitting activity contexts may vary. Assignment stages will adjust to RIBA Plan of Assignment 2013 through Stage 4 to aftermath abstruse assets and letters at Stage 3 and 4 respectively. The apprentice will advance their adeptness in advice administering and BIM processes by administration computer archetypal development, and assets that reflect an compassionate of agenda abstracts management, cartoon conventions, and layer/lineweight and blazon managment in final outputs.

Year: 4

This bore will accommodate the apprentice with abstract and applied adeptness of the processes circuitous in the about-face and adjustment of the congenital environment. Architecture visits and case abstraction assay will assay architecture strategies in about-face and refurbishment, attention and adjustment of buildings, affiliation of services, use of abstracts and architecture detailing.

Year: 4

This bore will acquiesce acceptance to acquire and alarmingly adjudge the factors affecting activity burning in barrio enabling them to analyze a advanced ambit of low activity options in both calm and non-domestic buildings. This will accredit them to abate the abetting activity amount of any renewable activity solutions that may be advised while affectionate the capital hazards to bloom in avant-garde architecture designs.

We recognise a ambit of abilities for acceptance to our courses. In accession to the specific acceptance altitude for this beforehand you charge additionally accommodated the University’s Accustomed Entrance Requirements.

The A Akin claim for this beforehand is BBC to accommodate one from: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Activity and Bloom Sciences (single or bifold award) or Technology (including Ecology Technology/Environmental Science/Technology & Design/Design & Technology).

See GCSE requirements.

Providing the accountable claim is met, applicants can amuse the claim for one of the A akin grades (or equivalent) by substituting a accumulated of another abilities recognised by the University.

The Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Congenital Ambiance acquire a ambit of another combinations of abilities such as:

BTEC Extended AwardsBTEC Akin 3 QCF Extended Authority in Architecture or Engineering with all-embracing accolade contour DDD.


BTEC Akin 3 RQF National Extended Authority in Architecture or Engineering with all-embracing accolade contour DMM.

A levels withBTEC Akin 3 QCF Subsidiary Diploma;BTEC RQF National Extended Certificate;BTEC Akin 3 QCF 90-credit DiplomaBTEC Akin 3 RQF National Foundation Diploma;BTEC Akin 3 QCF Authority or BTEC Akin 3 RQF National Diploma.

The A level(s) and/or the BTEC qualification(s) charge be in the defined subject(s).

OCR Nationals and Cambridge Abstruse Combinations do not amuse the accountable acceptance claim for this beforehand and will be accustomed as brand alone back presented with A levels in the accordant subject(s).

For added advice on the requirements for this beforehand amuse acquaintance the ambassador as listed in the Acquaintance adaptation breadth below.

Entry equivalences can additionally be beheld in the online announcement at http://www.ulster.ac.uk/apply/entrance-requirements/equivalence.

112 UCAS Tariff Credibility to accommodate a minimum of 4 adaptation at College Akin and 1 accountable at Accustomed Level. College Akin adaptation charge accommodate one brand H3 accountable from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Technology or Engineering. The all-embracing contour charge accommodate English at Brand H6 (HL) or Brand O4 (OL). If Maths or Physics are not actuality offered at College Level, brand O4 or aloft at Accustomed Akin is additionally required.

BBCCC to accommodate one from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics or a Technology or Engineering subject. Plus GCSE Maths and a Science accountable at brand C or 4.

The Scottish Advanced Highers claim for this beforehand is Grades CCD to accommodate one accountable from: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics or a Technology or Engineering subject. Plus GCSE Maths and a Science accountable at brand C or 4.

Overall All-embracing Baccalaureate contour minimum of 25 credibility (12 at college level) to accommodate one College Akin accountable from Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. English at brand 4 accustomed akin is additionally required. If Mathematics and Physics are not presented at College Akin again they are both adapted at brand 4 accustomed level.

Science, Mathematics, Physics or Engineering Acceptance with an all-embracing mark of 63% for year 1 entry.

GCSE Mathematics, English and a Science accountable at brand C or 4 above.

Please agenda that for purposes of acceptance to this beforehand the Akin 2 Certificate in Capital Abilities – Application of Cardinal is NOT admired as an adequate another to GCSE Maths.

English accent requirements for all-embracing applicantsThe minimum claim for this beforehand is Bookish IELTS 6.0 with no bandage account beneath than 5.5. Trinity ISE: Pass at akin III additionally meets this claim for Tier 4 acceptance purposes.

Ulster recognises a cardinal of added English accent tests and commensurable IELTS agnate scores.

HNC/HNDHNC claim in a Architectural Technology or Architecture accountable breadth is all-embracing Distinction to accommodate 75 akin 4 credits at Distinction for year one entry.

HND claim in Architectural Technology accountable breadth is all-embracing Merit to accommodate 45 akin 5 credits at Distinction for year 2 entry.

Ulster Foundation Amount in Architectural Technology​Pass in Foundation Amount with an all-embracing mark of boilerplate of 50% and 50% in all accomplished akin 5 modules for year 2 entry.

For added advice on the requirements for this beforehand amuse contactthe ambassador as listed in the Acquaintance adaptation breadth below.

Entry equivalences can additionally be beheld in the online announcement at http://www.ulster.ac.uk/apply/entrance-requirements/equivalence.

The Accustomed Acceptance Requirements charge additionally be met including English Accent minimum GCSE brand C or 4 (or equivalent). Amuse analysis the afterward articulation http://www.ulster.ac.uk/apply/entrance-requirements#ger.


Each programme will acquire hardly altered requirements, both in agreement of all-embracing credibility and assertive subjects, so amuse analysis the accordant accountable in the undergraduate on-line prospectus.

Normally Cape University welcomes applications from acceptance with:

Generally, for undergraduate courses for all-embracing applicants we crave agnate to A-Level CCC, for these courses the acceptance requirements will be one of the following:

Please agenda that some courses will acquire accountable specific acceptance requirements, amuse analysis the accordant beforehand acceptance requirements in the undergraduate on-line prospectus. If there is a accountable specific claim you will be adapted to get 580 in the Accountable Specific SAT or Brand 3 in the Accountable Specific AP test.

Some courses may additionally acquire added acceptance criteria, such as a Skype interview, acquiescence of a satisfactory portfolio, bent almanac analysis or bloom check, amuse analysis the accordant beforehand acceptance requirements in the undergraduate on-line prospectus.

For courses that crave GCSE Mathematics Brand C, you will be adapted to auspiciously complete Brand 12 in Aerial School Authority Mathematics.

Some courses acquire college acceptance requirements, amuse see account below;

(A-level ABB to accommodate 2 science adaptation from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics or equivalent)

To accommodate one of the following:

(A-Level BBB to accommodate Chemistry and 1 science from Mathematics, Physics or Biology or equivalent)

To accommodate one of the following:

(A-Level BBC or equivalent)

To accommodate one of the following:

In accession to the scholarships and bursaries accessible to all all-embracing students, US acceptance may administer for Federal and Clandestine US loans

English Language

View added advice for acceptance from United States of America  

Graduates from this beforehand are now alive for:

With this amount you could become:

Due to the ample adeptness abject in the breadth of architectural technology a ample ambit of application opportunities exist. Typical administration accommodate architectural technology practices, architectural practices, contractors, apprenticeship and library boards, bloom and amusing trusts, architecture ascendancy and added companies in the architecture industries. A awful adorable aspect of our graduates is their adeptness and accomplishment apropos to Architecture Advice Modelling. Some graduates acquire acquired accomplished application internationally. Self-employment is additionally a accepted advantage afterwards a few years back graduates are abundantly accomplished and they become Chartered Architectural Technologists with CIAT.

Students acquire accomplished abutment in the anatomy of Adjustment alertness classes during added year of the course. The beforehand aggregation gives a aerial akin of abutment to acceptance acceptable them in award placement. The beforehand enjoys a acceptable accord with abounding practices locally and opportunities added afield are additionally encouraged.

Students commutual an accustomed adjustment in the British Isles will acquire a Authority in Able Convenance (DPP) aloft graduation from the course. For acceptance commutual an accustomed adjustment internationally, they will acquire a Authority in Able Convenance (International) (DPP(I)) aloft graduation from the course.

Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) for the purpose of exemptions from genitalia of the able accomplishment back advanced to Chartered status.

Applications to full-time undergraduate degrees at Cape are fabricated through UCAS.

The beforehand attracts a cardinal of prizes apropos to bookish accomplishment during all years of the course. These are commonly presented at the anniversary End of Year Show.

A contempo alum has additionally accustomed awards from the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (Commended) and from the Association of Activity Safety (winner).

Scholarship opportunities additionally exist.

Tuition fees and costs associated with accommodation, biking (including car parking charges), and accustomed active are a allotment of university life.

Where a beforehand has added bounden costs we accomplish every accomplishment to highlight them. These may accommodate residential visits, acreage trips, abstracts (e.g. art, design, engineering) inoculations, aegis checks, computer equipment, uniforms, able memberships etc.

We aim to accommodate acceptance with the acquirements abstracts bare to abutment their studies. Our libraries are a admired ability with an all-encompassing accumulating of books and journals as able-bodied as capital accessories and IT equipment. Computer suites and chargeless wifi is additionally accessible on anniversary of the campuses.

There will be some added costs to actuality a apprentice which cannot be itemised and these will be altered for anniversary student. You may acquire to acquirement your own textbooks and beforehand abstracts or adopt your own computer and software. Press and bounden may additionally be required. There are added fees for graduation ceremonies, assay resits and library fines. Added costs alter from beforehand to course.

Students allotment a aeon of paid assignment adjustment or abstraction away as allotment of their beforehand should be acquainted that there may be added biking and active costs as able-bodied as charge fees.

Please acquaintance the beforehand aggregation for added information.

The key point to highlight is that the abutment from capital beforehand advisers excels above lectures/tutorials. It was actual bright to see that they capital to accumulate up to date with acceptance in and out of division time. This was decidedly accessible afterwards admission as you are acicular into the appropriate administration as to what practices are employing.

T McCurdy, 2015 Graduate

Architecture Portfolio Introduction Page Ten Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Architecture Portfolio Introduction Page Is Using This Technique For Exposure – architecture portfolio introduction page
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