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Wonderful trustees; ablaze and alarming faculty; alive staff; artistic and analytical acceptance and alumni; friends, family, and accustomed guests: Acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us.

I apperceive that at moments like this, the “thank yous” tend to be perfunctory, but that is not so here.

As a collaborator, I am advantageous to allotment this moment with so abounding amazing people.

So, back this is not the Oscars but a altered academy, I’m activity to acknowledge you all (but like the Oscars I’m activity to absence some of you!)

First, Emeritus Admiral Schutte, who congenital Pratt into an academy fueled by concern and a alertness to claiming assumptions, who created an amphitheatre of abundant generosity, borough assurance and belly beauty.

All of the above leaders (many of them Pratts) who fabricated this a abode committed to professional, intellectual, and claimed growth.

The adroitness of Pratt who allot themselves to our acceptance and who allotment their amazing ability with our community. Acknowledge you. Our ally at Munson-Williams.

And this arresting date party, who represent the accepted administration of Pratt—members of our committed lath and alumni, chief staff, students, rabbi—as able-bodied as leaders from academy apprenticeship and our Brooklyn community.

There are bodies in this allowance from every date of my life—starting with my own ancestors who accept appear from as far as the west bank and from that arresting country arctic of us, to an amazing kindergarten friend, who propelled my aisle by allowance me body an architectonics portfolio for Columbia, to deans at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute whom I’ve accepted for 33 years.

It is absurd to accept in our bosom my architectonics abecedary from McGill University, abounding of my aboriginal adroitness and apprentice colleagues, my best contempo President, all of whom invisibly (ok not so invisibly) guided me (well, didn’t stop me) through the years.

My colleagues and above students—now stars from RPI, University of Oregon, Illinois Institute of Technology. My new Pratt, Clinton Hill, and Bensonhurst family.

My angel accompany who adapted for me, hosted me, handled me (?), as continued as I provided the entertainment. My Aunt Henia and Uncle Wolf, cousins and accompany who are watching from distant – Kip on Running!

The bodies I run with, airing with (the Dopplers)—the bodies with whom I allotment a added abstract journey.

I acknowledge you all for actuality there for the 3 and 4 AM calls and emails, for listening, cajoling, asking, advising. For accommodating me and walking with me on the phone. We accept catholic bags of afar together.

I account my parents who congenital a home of actual love. My father, a bonfire survivor, who abandoned completed 2nd brand and had to go to assignment at 9, was a laborer authoritative purses and was additionally an aboriginal teacher.     Who asks a 4 year old to amount out how to get a wolf, a dupe and a bill in pairs cautiously above a river in a canoe?

My mother congenital an all-encompassing amusing arrangement as a sales clerk, amphitheatre cards and activity dancing. Amid my father, the argumentation puzzler, and my mother, the affable organizer, is it any admiration I see science and amusing systems as symbiotic?

My brother and his family, my husband’s parents and family, my cousins accept effortlessly—or not so effortlessly— been my abutting curve of support, with abundant kindness, and yes, some critique.

More than anyone, I accept to acknowledge my admirable accouchement and husband, who bob and braid back I move actuality and there—truly affirmation of movement in amplitude and “space in the making” (for those who apperceive my analysis area concrete and architectural bodies are abased aloft anniversary other) —or in this case, authoritative space, for me, always.

Ileana and Asher are capable, smart, funny, beautiful, consistently present and independent. I couldn’t be prouder. They accept acceptable my about circadian abracadabra to ‘work hard, and attending at the light.’

And none of this could accept happened after the open, accommodating to try anything, thoughtful, ablaze Jeff, who knows aggregate and is never too alive to be there for everyone. If you anytime accept a question, don’t ask Google, ask Jeff.

Jeff, your support, connected adulation and advance (my own booster club) cannot be measured.  

I absolutely could not accept done or do or brainstorm a approaching after this amazing arrangement of family, friends, advisers and collaborators.  

And it has never been accessible for me to leave—not Montreal, not Troy and RPI, not Eugene and UO, not Chicago, not Illinois Tech. I accept had an absurd journey, loaded with acutely allusive partnerships that I backpack with me here.

Although today marks my official commencement as Pratt’s 12th President, I’ve absolutely been in the job for the aftermost 10 months.

For students, this would be the point area you’re no best accepting absent on campus, back you can acquaint the aberration amid Main Hall and Thrift Hall.

I’m blessed to abode I’ve accomplished that milestone. Ok I’m lying. Anyone who knows me at all additionally knows I am consistently affective too bound and too absorbed in chat to amount out area I anytime absolutely am situated.  

And directions? Consistently accession I can ask.

All my activity I’ve befuddled myself into the unfamiliar—into attic hockey, engineering, the Army, the aliment packaging industry. Generally macho majority spaces area I capital to prove I’ve “got this.”

And although, at Pratt, we adapt our acceptance to get accustomed with the unfamiliar, I’ve begin that here, acceptance is the accessible part. We allege a agnate accent of inquiry. I don’t accept to alpha from antecedent principles. I can go calmly to the boxy stuff. Back I advance something, there seems to be absorption and engagement.

Now, it’s true, I’m president, so you accept to do that. But it’s not aloof that.

Pratt is home to some of the best arresting big thinkers I’ve anytime met. The things I’ve been absent about accomplishing for decades? They’re already accident appropriate here.

That is allotment of the DNA of Pratt. We accept never been abashed to be bold. Or to go first.

In 1887, Pratt was amid the aboriginal colleges in the U.S. to acceptable acceptance of every background, after attention to class, color, or gender.

I’ve been advantageous abundant to acquaintance this at added abundant colleges who accept additionally aggregate this commitment. And indeed, we all must.

From our founding, Pratt offered befalling to a new able class.  

We were a avant-garde in accumulation first-rate engineering and architectonics with a advanced arts chic that gave acceptance the ambience and acumen to cantankerous the transformations of the 20th century.

That bequest continues today. We are an aristocratic bookish academy back it comes to the affection of our programs. This year, for example, Pratt Institute has been ranked:

We accept gone up 71 tiers in three years in the WSJ/Times of Academy Apprenticeship rankings into the accomplished quintile. Let me admonish you, we don’t accept a business academy here; art and architectonics is acutely on the rise.

Because of this, we allure the brightest minds in the world. Our graduates accept gone on to columnist award-winning books, advance advance medical technologies, actualize artifacts and account that claiming assumptions and absorb our galleries, our congenital ambiance and our educational landscapes.

Excellence, achievement and aspiration accept consistently been our platform. And we acerb accept “there is no arete after all voices.”

We’re appreciative to say that as an Absolute Art and Architectonics School, although we are one of the aristocratic colleges by bookish ranking, we are additionally amid the top in our associate accumulation confined Pell-eligible scholarship acceptance and enrolling low- and middle-income students.  

And while we are a borough and all-embracing school, 28% of Pratt’s undergraduates are from New York State, with best from New York City.   

Nearly one-third are from underrepresented groups, and our assortment plan commits to admission that percentage.

By every measure, we are in an enviable position—and that includes our concrete locations in Manhattan and in the affection of Brooklyn, at a moment of abundant aspiration for this community. You apperceive the advertising about Brooklyn—and it is all true. BUT, let me be clear: We are not artlessly in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time; Pratt has been an abettor in authoritative that appropriate abode in the appropriate time, fueling the artistic and abstruse booms demography abode about us, with us, because of us.  

For all of these reasons, Pratt has never been stronger. So again, to my predecessors I say, acknowledge you. To the adroitness and students, accepted and accomplished who ability this admirable institution, acknowledge you.

Now, the catechism afore us is this: what will we do with all of this potential?

Since I began, Pratt has accustomed new faculty, a new dean, a new VP, a new center, new chairs and admiral and of advance the best accomplished chic of new students. We’ve launched new research, new searches, new cardinal planning, and bogus new collaborations.

Our charge, now, is to advance ourselves further. To aberrate into the aforementioned unfamiliar, afflictive area we ask our adventuresome acceptance to analyze every distinct day.

In accession to authoritative the investments and architectonics the basement we apperceive we allegation now, we should be allurement ourselves, what abstracts are we running? What risks are we taking? What will be our moonshot?

Our apple offers no curtailment of problems to accept from— crises in leadership, intolerable abode and atrocious action, accessory divisiveness, altitude pressures, amusing and bread-and-butter inequities. This has been a decidedly alarming month.

But there is one botheration I appetite to focus on, because it is one we are in a position to affect.

Today, academy apprenticeship is beneath siege. The costs, the outcomes, the preparation, the need, the amount are all beneath scrutiny.  

These times appeal acuity and new agency of seeing, new abilities, modes of learning, collaborations into arenas we don’t usually enter.

You accept heard this for decades, we alive in circuitous times, and the moment for new agency to break difficult problems is now. As the adolescent of a Bonfire survivor, I am abandoned too acquainted that we are consistently alive in circuitous times, and the moment for creative, ethical and collaborative solutions is always.  

On Monday, Cathy Davidson, columnist of The New Education, and I had a accessible chat about a 21st aeon acquirements arena. The 20th aeon archetypal of education, still ascendant today (although you would not apperceive it here!), leans against the uni-directional, teacher-centric, acontextual and generally beeline convenance already appropriate for automated work.

If, as abounding predict, abundant of the assignment aloft which this archetypal was predicated will anon be obsolete, what does tomorrow’s new apprenticeship attending like?

In abounding respects, it looks like the apprenticeship we accommodate at Pratt—focused on analytical and artistic thinking, alternate botheration ambience and solving, accord and communication, experiential, embodied, interdisciplinary and self-directed learning.

Where in abounding places, this immersive practice, if it exists, is relegated to the perimeter, to the experimental, actuality it is central.  

Our curriculum—rooted in the apprenticeship of design—offers a archetypal for what academy education, and absolutely all education, allegation become. But alike that archetypal allegation abide to evolve.

Now, as we abode Pratt’s abutting cardinal plan, is the time to claiming ourselves, and our partners, to reimagine what apprenticeship can be.

We face abounding big questions. Today, I will focus on four:

First, how will we accumulate our bookish programs accordant in the bosom of an ambiguous future?

Today, the best admired apprenticeship we can accommodate is one in which our acceptance are not aloof acquirements but creating knowledge.

As our cardinal planning board has stated: Pratt allegation be “a abode area acceptance and adroitness are empowered to be change agents.”  

To abode big problems, we allegation advance in our faculty, in acknowledging them, their assignment and their ambitions—there is no arete after their absurd acumen and leadership.

We allegation ask ourselves: What assets can we chargeless up or accession to accede the new programs, the new partners, the added assorted association we envision?

With adroitness support, our clear-sighted acceptance are already anticipating the alternation of our future, asking: What does activity convenance attending like in a agenda workforce? What is our role as bogus intelligence grows? Listen to their analysis and proposals:

There is MUCH added that machines are not accessible to do: be original, perceptive, compassionate and creative, strategic, and anticipate critically, apperceive which borders allegation be permeable.

Technical and cultural administration will crave judgment, designing, planning, abuttals bridge and systems accomplishing with analytic and amenity as abject currencies.

That should serve as a bright call, not aloof for how we brainstorm the approaching of work, but for rethinking constant education.

To do this, our cardinal planning board establishes that “Our best path-breaking teaching, research, and artistic assignment can appear at antidotal affair points—where artists and writers assignment with architects, designers, and policymakers to appearance a apple no one of them could accept absurd on their own.“

At Pratt, some of this is demography abode beneath the ever-expanding programming of our Fuse nexus, area acceptance and adroitness can acquaintance commutual courses, actualize customized and interdisciplinary acquirements initiatives and accompany interdisciplinary hubs.

So area will we go next? By putting our activity into art and design, Pratt became a able hub for Brooklyn’s artistic explosion. Twenty-five years ago apparent the closing of our engineering academy at Pratt, but abstruse accuracy will consistently abide allotment of our DNA.

We can be a model, demonstrating how the competencies of art and architectonics and tech overlap and intersect.  Here, robotics, data, agenda competency, political potential, math, science, art, entrepreneurship, and architectonics can all sit on a continuum.

As we accommodate our teaching with research, our focus on interdisciplinary acquirements allegation be commutual with abysmal antidotal knowledge.

Our acceptance and adroitness allegation additionally advance greater ability that includes compassionate the assorted agency in which altered cultures admission and amount agreeable and delivery. If we are absolutely committed to alert to all voices, afresh we accept to body a pedagogical anatomy for absolutely alive in that space.

That leads me to a additional big question: How do we advantage accessibility and assortment to enhance a advancing  intellectual community?

As a first-generation academy student, absolutely aboriginal bearing aerial academy student—and as the almsman of a abounding scholarship (I anticipation it was because I was so smart, it was additionally because I was so poor)—this is a defining catechism for me. I would not be actuality if institutions had not invested in aperture doors for able students, behindhand of their banking means.    

Pratt’s abiding allegation to confined acceptance of all backgrounds is one of the characteristics that drew me here. We will abide to body on that legacy.

This year, Pratt’s administration apparent a Assortment Cardinal Plan that set adventurous targets for accretion accessibility in all its forms—from banking to amusing to physical.

We will advance in accretion retention, so that already acceptance are through our doors, our campus provides a advantageous and advancing acquirements environment,  a amplitude area diversity—including brainy diversity—is carefully fostered and supported.  

Our concrete basement is actuality reconfigured for that aforementioned access, so that content, curricular, and ecology anatomy are in sync.

From our founding, Pratt has set the bar for admittance in academy education. To achieve our mission, we allegation accession it already again.

Which brings me to a third big question: What appulse will we accept on our community?

Pratt’s mission has consistently been affiliated to amusing engagement, and, indeed, activism.

When altitude change and ecology abuse alike as above borough threats, Pratt acceptance and adroitness congenital them into the chic above all disciplines. Today, sustainability is a antecedence focus in every academy above Pratt.

A resolution drafted by our acceptance to bankrupt Pratt from deposit ammunition has afflicted our board’s advance decisions as able-bodied as our architectonics practices.

Our absurd Pratt acceptance are at already creating the accoutrement of sustainability addition and the drive for amusing change.

This is axiomatic at the Pratt Center, area adroitness and acceptance assignment calm with burghal officials, abstraction accessible activity to achieve activity bigger for New Yorkers.  Imagine this accompanying with our MFA Writing diplomacy that addresses our consistently evolving amusing and political climate.

Right now, these able initiatives are generally assemblage dependent; the abutting few years allegation be a time of architectonics bridges for alike added impact.

And above that?  

As a civic-minded institution, it’s our albatross to allotment our ability and assets with our neighbors. That includes our concrete campus.

Our approaching Academy of Art Architectonics by Allied Works will be emblematic of our aspirations, adulatory experimental, world-class and immersive flat practice, accompanying with association address and learning.

We accept been accomplishing this for added than a century—our Saturday Art Academy for K through 12 acceptance has been alive back 1897. And there will be added opportunities to accessible up our campus and our community, and to abound the artistic abridgement in Brooklyn.

Still, we apperceive our challenges are both bounded and added all-around — that in this commutual and agenda era, and indeed, antipathetic time, it is bounden aloft us to body coalitions that cantankerous borders of all kinds.

That brings me to a final big question, how will we advance a all-around apprenticeship for our students?

Our cardinal planning board asks of us: If the apple looks to Pratt as a all-around baton in art and design, how do our acceptance attending at the world? Do they accept what all-around apprenticeship agency above abstraction abroad? Do our adroitness accommodate all-around acquirements into their classrooms?  How do we affliction for our accepted all-embracing communities—understanding added cultural modes of learning?

As our board has expressed, we accept an befalling to advance the bend of all-around learning, to anatomy the amount of a all-around education, and of a all-around allusive imagination.

Much of this will appear from initiatives we barrage central Pratt, but so abundant depends on our relationships above the gates.

We do not accept to do any of this alone. In fact, we would be absurd to try.

The new era for academy apprenticeship is about COLLABORATION. With bound resources, we will all allegation to allotment what we do best. Our approaching lies in abutting apprentice to student, departments to departments, universities to added campuses, higher-ed to corporations and government agencies—in the chargeless and accessible barter of account that achieve a aberration in people’s lives.

So let us ask:

As New York Burghal invests in world-class science and engineering spanning from Roosevelt Island to Harlem to Brooklyn, what does our affiliation attending like?

As the Navy Yard (a stone’s bandy away) area we are already a borough and robotics partner, builds a centermost for workforce development and ambitious culture, how abroad will we contribute?

As the association colleges surrounding us anticipate about architectonics an admission conduit, what will bland transitions attending like? What is the role of a clandestine academy for the accessible good?

As art, information, analytical engagement, architecture, technology and architectonics abound added and added important in Brooklyn’s landscape, how will all of our collaterals—cultural institutions, schools, industry, tech startups, developers assignment with us?

As the surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods abide their accelerated growth, how will Pratt be a resource, architectonics on the assignment amorphous by Admiral Schutte?

If we are absolutely the aggregation that is not aloof in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time, how can Pratt Manhattan accomplice in abstraction the arising Manhattan 14th artery tech corridor?

As we body our eyes for the approaching of Pratt, we appetite every affiliate of our growing association to participate and contribute.

To our faculty, staff, students; to our over 60,000 alive alumni; to our neighbors and peers:

You are the affection of this institution. We allegation your voices. And I promise, as President, to actualize added opportunities for us to convene. (After all, I hope, in a few years time, to accept an alike best account of names to acknowledge for all we will achieve together.)

This is, as I accept said, a moment of strength—a moment to adventure into places that ability not feel familiar.

So, what does accident attending like for Pratt? What will be our moonshot, in our time?

We allegation be a articulation in the borough altercation on the amount of academy education.

Pratt is already a class for analysis and absorption in art and architectonics education. Through alone adroitness scholarship, alive adroitness acquirements communities, and through our new Centermost for Teaching and Learning, we are now assertive to advance in abstraction the approaching of our fields.

We accept to assert (and booty activity to ensure) that what we do here—creative and analytical inquiry—can advance our association today.

Pratt has produced affecting government, policy, and cultural producers and leaders, from Burghal Hall to Silicon Valley.

But I anticipate it’s fair to say that our country has had far too few leaders from our disciplines that can conceive, as one of our adroitness associates writes, “beyond the acceptable diplomacy of the state.”

On this campus, we are developing a new bearing with the abilities and the eyes to achieve a aberration in the way cities are organized, practices are understood, structures and articles are advised and developed; who can accord to the apple of imagination, making, and building.

Now is our time to affirmation the crimson of assorted modes of engagement, for all levels of the academy, from industry to analytical citizenship, from arcade to practice, and allotment added of what we—our adroitness and our students—are accomplishing with the world. This is our aggregate challenge—and our allegation together.

For my part, I agreement to accumulate us moving, agile, daring, partnering, and consistently aloof a little uncomfortable. Because, what are we, if not that?

If Pratt Institute does not advance the banned and amplitude the boundaries of what is possible, who will?

On Founder’s Day 1888, Charles Pratt declared: “Let the assignment done actuality be ardent and acceptable . . . assignment for the 18-carat and the accurate will sweeten and accord adventuresomeness for life.”

So it has been, in this best amazing place, for these aftermost 131 years.  

And so it will be with us—here and now, back “earnest and good” assignment matters, perhaps, added than anytime before.

Thank you for entrusting me with this account and responsibility. Let us all do our assignment and airing advanced together.

Postscript: And please, amuse GET OUT AND VOTE abutting Tuesday!

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