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Architecture Photography Egypt What Makes Architecture Photography Egypt So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One?

Oct 17, 2020

architecture photography egypt
 Ancient Monuments of Egypt in 4K Ultra HD - YouTube - architecture photography egypt

Ancient Monuments of Egypt in 4K Ultra HD – YouTube – architecture photography egypt | architecture photography egypt

CAIRO — Islamic art is not the artefact of one country or one people, writes Tharwat Okasha in his book, “The Encyclopedia of Islamic Photography.” Rather, it is the alliance of the arts of several civilizations that flourished afore Islam, including the Persian, Roman and Byzantine civilizations, due to the bounded amplification of the Islamic state. 

Mukhtar al-Kasbani, a assistant of Islamic and Coptic antiquities at Cairo University, told Al-Monitor, “Religious altruism in Egypt instilled accord amid adoration and art. Egyptian rulers had focused on the competences and abilities of artists or architects without bigotry based on religion. This prompted Muslim architects to apprentice the adorning appearance of Coptic art. They after developed these stylistic appearance and gave them an Islamic identity, axis them into what became accepted as Islamic art.” 

He acicular out that Islamic art in Egypt is characterized by abstraction, simplicity and the use of geometric and vegetal forms, while abnegation the delineation of active beings. “All these characteristics are aggressive from Coptic art. This appears acutely in the decorations accoutrement the walls, facades and doors of mosques. Egyptian mosques and churches are simple in agreement of architectural agreement and design, clashing the Pharaonic temples, which are affected and dazzling.” 

Kasbani commented on the marble columns topped by crosses that are begin in the mosques of Celebrated Cairo. “These were brought from broke buildings. No abbey was burst to body a abbey back the Islamic acquisition of Egypt. The crosses decorating the acme of the columns, or capitals, are a appearance of Coptic art. There was no religious argument to application and attention debris of Coptic or Pharaonic monuments in architecture mosques.” 

architecture photography egypt
 The Egyptian Pyramids Are Getting a $40 Million Makeover ..

The Egyptian Pyramids Are Getting a $40 Million Makeover .. | architecture photography egypt

He added that there are mosques in Cairo area capitals buck crosses, including Al-Azhar Mosque, area a animal arch appears in one capital and another bears a bird.

Al-Nasir Mohammad Ibn Qalawun Mosque, Al-Saleh Tala’i Abbey and the abbey of Al-Tanbugha Al-Mardani all accommodate cavalcade capitals busy by crosses. Visitors can still see the crosses or genitalia of them. Some have been burst or eroded over time.

Tour guide Nur Yahya agrees with Kasbani. He confirmed that abounding of the mosques that were congenital back the Islamic acquisition of Egypt in 641 AD through the Mamluk era include capitals depicting crosses that were brought from broke churches or abandoned Christian homes.

Yahya told Al-Monitor that best of Egypt’s Muslim rulers have preserved its Christian churches. “Some Pharaonic temples and Roman monasteries accept angry into churches with the advance of Christianity and afore the addition of Islam. Pagan [imagery] in these churches were asleep and their walls and pillars were busy with crosses and passages from the Bible.” 

Yahya acicular out that Coptic access on Islamic art goes above columns from broke churches, saying, “A marble Gothic aperture was brought from one of the churches of the burghal of Acre. It was acclimated as a aboideau to the Al-Nasir Mohammad Ibn Qalawun Abbey in Al-Muizz Street in Cairo.”

Yahya explained that domes hold the aforementioned religious acceptation in mosques and churches such as “the Abbey of Abu Serga [St. Sergius] and the Hanging Abbey in the Old Cairo neighborhood.” He added, “Domes additionally are begin in mosques, area we acquisition domes topped by a crescent.”

Abdul Rahim Rayhan, an archaeologist and administrator of research, archaeological studies and accurate publishing for the archeological sites of South Sinai, said that Christian and Islamic architecture in Egypt share a abundant accord of apologue attributable to the alternate access and accord of the two traditions.

In a blast account with Al-Monitor, Rayhan talked about Islamic monuments congenital by Coptic architects, best conspicuously Saeed bin Katib Al-Farghani, who advised Ibn Tulun Mosque.

The abbey was congenital by adjustment of Prince Ahmed Ibn Tulun, the governor of the Abbasid accompaniment in 877 AD, at the top of Jabal Yashkar overlooking the hills of Mokattam. “Ibn Tulun capital to body a abbey that would bear blaze or flood, alike if Egypt was absolutely captivated or submerged. The abbey was accurate by 160 brick piers instead of the marble columns acclimated in best mosques,” he said.

Rayhan additionally talked about Al-Rifai Abbey in the Citadel Square in Cairo. “Khoshyar Hanim, the mother of Khedive Ismail, ordered its architecture in 1869. The abbey was congenital over two stages and Hussein Fahmy Pasha was the aboriginal engineer. When Hoshiyar Qadin died in 1885, assignment was apoplectic on the abbey and was resumed 25 years after at the adjustment of Khedive Abbas Helmy II. Max Herz Pasha, a Hungarian Jewish artist and arch of the Committee for the Conservation of Arab Monuments in Cairo, led the additional appearance of construction. This is why the abbey was congenital with a bluff busy with behemothic crosses.”

Rayhan acicular out that the affinity amid Coptic and Islamic arts adjure to the shared values ​​and cohesion between the Egyptian nation’s two capital religious traditions.

Architecture Photography Egypt What Makes Architecture Photography Egypt So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One? – architecture photography egypt
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