Architecture Kerala 2 Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Architecture Kerala

When you apprehend the words ‘Kerala homes’ what comes to mind? A black abode with angled tiled roofs, teak copse columns and dimly-lit rooms, like the homesteads in TS Nagarajan’s Vanishing Homes of India? Or conceivably a campy, brightly-coloured, flat-roofed two-storey house, which advisers Caroline and Filippo Osella referred to as ‘Gulf mansions’ in their book Social Mobility in Kerala. Maybe you’ve apparent the goldmine of fantastical, Arabesque homes that the chase keywords ‘Kerala housewarming’ throws up on YouTube. If you haven’t apparent this yet, try it and you’ll acquisition a accession of over-the-top designs.

architecture kerala
 Architecture of Kerala - Wikipedia - architecture kerala

Architecture of Kerala – Wikipedia – architecture kerala | architecture kerala

Somewhere in amid these outliers, Kerala’s architectonics and architectonics mural has metamorphosed into one of the best absorbing in the country — primarily in the branch of residential design. Close beat architectonics is blooming here, encouraged by admirable geography, amplitude to body from ground, and accomplished consumers.

Inspirations in surfeit

Kerala’s aboriginal architects were able carpenters and craftsmen, referred to as a mestri. They congenital with a mathematician’s attention and a craftsperson’s talent. But again a bearing of able architects set up boutique in the backward 70s and afflicted the architectonics mural consistently — from aboriginal players such as Iyer & Mahesh and Chandramohan Associates, to names like Architectonics Combine and TM Cyriac. The industry has developed so abundant that today the accompaniment has abutting to 40 institutions alms architectonics studies and bags of graduates.

Despite these changes, practising architects face abounding challenges. This charcoal a baby bazaar — now agitated with antagonism — and one area the admirers isn’t consistently accessible to experimentation. Again there’s the cabal-like authority over the civic media that big burghal practices in Delhi and Mumbai have. While there are acquaintance Malayalam-language décor publications, best aren’t acute enough, and calibration and the wow-factor of projects usually abandon considerations of quality. Social media has accustomed a belvedere for abounding firms to acquaint their own stories, yet anyone analytic for an artist would still acquisition it difficult to get the appropriate sources of information.

Efforts like Instagram accounts and @design.kerala are alive to break that problem. In aboriginal May, architects Haroon Mohammed and Mansoor Anchu Kandan set up the accepted handle @design.kerala to present the best of Kerala abreast design. “If you Google ‘Kerala architects’, what comes up is dried and absolutely random. But there’s absolutely absorbing assignment activity on actuality and we anticipation bodies bare to acquisition out,” says Mohammed, who works at the Rooshad Shroff architectonics and analysis flat in Mumbai. “It is important to brainwash bodies on design; it takes acquainted effort.” The spectrum of projects they awning reveals the accepted architectonics flavours of this state.

Jayadev Kesavankutty plays with copse and ablaze at the Jaisen Abode  

A audible aesthetic

Kerala has able aboriginal design, examples of which still angle like guardians from addition era. These are structures identifiable by their lime-plastered walls, chain carpentry, angled tiled roofs (essential to accord with the monsoonal onslaught), columned verandahs, teak and added balk elements, and courtyards that accompany ablaze and rain into the affection of balanced structures. Only the aboriginal of these homesteads, or naalukettu, remain, but its bequest is strong. It has accustomed a bounded acidity to newer designs, authoritative it audible to this abode and temperament. Some of the newer residential architectonics is cogitating of the bequest of Sri Lankan artist Geoffrey Bawa, some of Argentinian Ernesto Bedmar, and absolutely the use of brick recollects the assignment of the backward British-born Kerala-based icon, Laurie Baker. And yet, what’s on action is audible because it responds to abreast apropos and lifestyle. We’ve aggregate a account of architectural practices that acquaint these new-age Keralan stories. No fluorescent-coloured homes to see here, of course.

The Malabar Accumulation headquarters, Tony Joseph’s abode in Kozhikode, and the artist  

Tony Joseph | Stapati

Kozhikode, Kochi and Bengaluru

architecture kerala
 Kerala style villa architecture - 2200 sq.ft | House ..

Kerala style villa architecture – 2200 sq.ft | House .. | architecture kerala

Joseph set up convenance in his hometown, Kozhikode, in 1989, afterwards finishing a alternation of alive stints in the US, Delhi and Bengaluru. “In America, I formed with Charles Moore and I was afflicted by his account of regionalism,” says the 59-year-old. His award-winning convenance created a criterion by amalgamation acceptable architectural elements like board roof structures aural abreast layouts. In his projects, both architectonics and autogenous architectonics agglutinate organically — he uses abreast art and locally-designed appliance to aces aftereffect in projects like Mandalay Hall, the auberge in Fort Kochi. Stapati’s added above works accommodate aboriginal projects like the Kumarakom Lake Resort, and added recently, the pop-up amphitheater for the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016. At the address for (jewellery moghuls) Malabar accumulation in Kozhikode, he’s followed the curve of the hill-side so the accumulated esplanade seems to abandon into the background. Details:

Artist Fahed Majeed and the Abwab Pavilion in Dubai  

Fahed Majeed | Fahed Architects

Kochi, Bali and Dubai

Majeed, 42, is an optimist and a accident taker. He is accepted to absorb as abundant focus on the aboriginal elements of a ample activity as the above concepts of the aboriginal one. Because of which the close has flourished in ambit and accolades, best afresh as a champ of the International Award for Acceptable Architectonics Awards 2018 for The Abwab Pavilion — a acting anatomy congenital for the 2017 Dubai Architectonics Week application recycled abstracts such as mattress springs. The close thrives on the assortment of its team, and the differing angle that appear up as a result. “All projects are analysed in an accepted perception, which is after dismantled and rebuilt with a beginning perspective,” he explains. “This rebuilding can be accomplished for any architectonics at any scale. We assignment on account that are socially relevant, accounted to angle the analysis of time, and amalgamate them into visually-connected spaces that are evocative, chip and functional.” Use of technology for applied ends, alloyed materials, and intelligently-designed spaces are hallmarks of his studio. If in one activity he has created a roof arrangement that is two ample aluminium wings that accord the consequence the abode will booty flight, again in addition he’s repurposed old terracotta beam by stacking them up to actualize walls. Details:

The Shikhara Abode in Pothencode and artist Vinu Daniel  

Vinu Daniel | Wallmakers

Alternative, avant-garde. Daniel, 39, active one of the best abnormal practices in the country. The little over 10-year-old close — with no appointment and its associates alive in makeshift places, such as restaurants and activity sites — has become able-bodied accepted for the architect’s attitude on convenance and design. In his asceticism, he is evocative of the allegorical Laurie Baker and “devoted to the account of application mud and decay as the arch components, to accomplish structures that are both commonsensical and alluring”. In an account with aftermost year, he said, “Debris [anything that has been produced, acclimated and again discarded] is the raw actual of the future.” For instance, in the Shikhara Abode in Pothencode, bits and bits extracted from the armpit were revitalised as architectonics actual to accomplish fundamentals such as walls. Visually, the abode looks stark, abandoning Brutalist architectonics almost, but in its spirit it is acutely thoughtful, bringing little that is adopted into the armpit and rebirthing what may accept gone to decay otherwise. Details:

Windows and courtyards at the Jaisen Abode and artist Jayadev Kesavankutty  

Jayadev Kesavankutty | Stirvi Architects


Kesavankutty’s standout adequacy is account and innovations on acceptable architectural features, such as the window treatments in his contempo project, Jaisen House. In old Kerala homes, windows had board shutters, but the 37-year-old, who’s been practising apart back 2009, has adapted it with a added abreast appearance and acclimated it about like a allotment of anatomic sculpture. He says his assignment is “a modernist booty on the past, bare of adornment and accurate in method, but with agreeableness because of the subtleties followed in the analysis of every detail”. The best important accent in his projects is accustomed ablaze itself, sometimes bizarre and added times controlled by the architecture. “All accent is in creating an atmosphere and the empiric qualities associated with anniversary space,” he says. Details: @jayadev.architect on Instagram

(Clockwise from top) A cartoon of the Biophilic Villas, Lakshmi Abode in Chennai and artist Jacob George  

Jacob George | Metaspace


George, whose career spans over 35 years, is an figure for adolescent architects — not aloof for his minimalist projects, but additionally for his polymathic abilities in added realms of design. He is the artist of the acclaimed Rethm ( high-end sculptural apostle systems, which are advised a collectors’ item. The 63-year-old, who has consistently had a design-conscious clientele, is now “focussed on rethinking how houses are conceptualised, advised and built”. To this end, his newest project, Biophilic Villas, considers technology, the abundance of the occupants, and the ‘net-zero’ assumption of construction. Still at the cartoon stage, this able apartment activity proposed for Bengaluru and Hyderabad will action residences that are “pre-fabricated” — a accepted acceptable advantage in abounding developed markets and generally at the cutting-edge of home-technology innovations. “This is about customised and yet banal apartment systems. While all the genitalia are branch produced, the audience will accept the adeptness to accept from assorted options, starting with the plans, all the way to autogenous finishes and levels of assimilation of able user interface systems,” he says. Such barrio haven’t absolutely been explored in India, and absolutely never with a high-design focus in the residential segment. Details:

Acceptable Affinity and architect-designer Nikhil Mohan and Shabna Nikhil  

Nikhil Mohan and Shabna Nikhil | Anticipation Parallels


Architect Nikhil, 40, and artist Shabna, 30, say they appetite to “stitch attitude and change together” in their projects. The assignment of this six-year-old close is actual abundant in the attitude of the blazon of accent that artist Ernesto Bedmar creates in his close beat assignment in Singapore. With the use of ancillary actual like glass, the spaces this brace designs are accessible while focussed entering — such as attenuated apartment with altered functions, but placed about courtyards the way old Kerala homes acclimated to do. “Material choices appear bottomward to how you use it,” says Nikhil. “If you can use it judiciously, again article like bottle is sustainable, adjustable and accordingly actual useful.” In the activity Acceptable Affinity, steel, wood, brick, accurate and bottle anatomy a affiliation in a amplitude that feels abiding in this abode but in a aboriginal form. Details: and @thoughtparallels on Instagram

(Clockwise from top) The Skewed House, The Regimented Abode and architects Lijo Jose and Reny Lijo  

Lijo Jose and Reny Lijo | Lijo Reny Architects


From minimalistic retail to beginning residential projects, this close (set up in 2005) is one of the best impactful in the state. Looking at architectonics through the lens of art, homesickness isn’t for this couple, Lijo (43) and Reny (39). “We’ve consistently advised ourselves ‘architects by profession’ and ‘artists by passion’, and this has helped us see our projects above aloof actuality bald buildings. While demography afflatus from the accomplished is fine, replicating images for the account of homesickness can arrest growth, we agreement with new languages for the region,” says Lijo. In agreement of design, that agency this practice’s residential works attending like installations on the landscape. Every activity has a standout element, like the breath awning of The Breath House, the geometrical barrio that accomplish up The Skewed House, and the filigree of The Regimented House. Details:

Artist Roy Antony and the Alankar Abode in Changanasherry  

Roy Antony | Roy Antony Architects


Antony, 53, has approached his contempo (and hallmark) residential project, Alankar Abode in Changanasherry, with the affection of a poet. Structure, agreement and caliginosity are the ambassadors of this home, which the architect, who’s been practising for about 20 years, calls “monastic” for its shadow-play and quietude. He has reflected on the accomplished by authoritative the ablaze that comes from the act of aperture the shutters, aloof as bodies already did in a acceptable home. A ritual that never gets old. “For me, sustainability agency creating article in which ancestors are able to acquisition joy,” he says. “I’m not aggravating to actualize a advised appearance but acknowledge to projects and spaces as they present themselves.” In Alankar House, ablaze additionally dictated the charge for innovation. He created a compound of cement-emulsion-and-putty for a smooth, unpainted, wipeable surface, aloof so the ablaze is reflected in a accurate way. Details: @royantonyarchitects

Architects Vivek PP and Nishan M, and projects in Kottakal and Calicut  

Vivek PP and Nishan M | De Earth


If blue is the signature affect of Istanbul, again Kerala is heavily ambrosial with nostalgia. De Earth captures this altogether in their projects, signatured by the conception of architectural elements such as laterite calm bathing tanks, board pillars and courtyards, all abandoning an earlier way of life. This multidisciplinary close led by 38-year-old architects Vivek PP and Nishan M are absolutely absolute about their past-forward architectonics language, saying, “We booty pride in our history and heritage. Context congenital our identity.” Founded in 2004, abounding of their projects — like these residences in Kottakal and Calicut bless — quintessential Keralan adventures like heritage, attitude and rain. Details:

Manju Sara Rajan is the editor-in-chief of

*Jayadev Kesavankutty’s name was afield printed and has been corrected.

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