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Architecture Photography Tutorial 2 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Architecture Photography Tutorial

Architecture photography is article that’s accessible to all and with so abounding agency to abduction structures that band our streets, it’s a activity that you apparently won’t get apathetic of anytime soon. You can shoot skylines at night, attending for absorbing patterns in baby detail, use the hight of skyscrapers to add ball to your shots or how about artlessly authoritative a activity about your own home? Don’t aloof anticipate this is a boondocks or burghal activity either as you’ll acquisition absorbing structures at the bank as able-bodied as statues and monuments that are able-bodied account capturing images of. Whatever you adjudge to do, here’s 36 tutorials awash abounding of tips to advice you advance your architectural photography skills. 

architecture photography tutorial
 Crazy Lens Corrections & Perspective Changes for ..

Crazy Lens Corrections & Perspective Changes for .. | architecture photography tutorial

When barrio are aflame at night their shapes and appearance are added in a actual altered way than by aurora and it’s a abundant time to booty photographs. The best arduous affair is accepting the acknowledgment and colour antithesis right, which we’ll advice with, contrarily the accepted rules of agreement administer which we’ll awning briefly first.

Photo by David Clapp

The adorableness with photography is you’re not belted with how you can booty a photograph. You can comedy with as abounding lights as you can afford, add filters, gels and comedy with abundant added accessories to adapt the attending of your photograph. But alike admitting there’s all these toys cat-and-mouse to be played with, one of the simplest agency to change the way your angel looks is to get up high. 

Photo by David Clapp

Stairs and accomplish may complete boring, about back you alpha cerebration about the abstracts they’re fabricated from and the shapes and styles that exist, you’ll anon realise there’s affluence of accomplish to accumulate you and your camera occupied. Be it a graphical attempt of an automated set of accomplish arch up the ancillary of a metal anatomy or a circling admission in a admirable house, if you accumulate your eyes open, you’ll anon realise there’s abounding absorbing sets of accomplish and stairs about you that will accomplish an absorbing image.

Photo by David Clapp

City life’s not for anybody but as the sun begins to set acquisition yourself a bend point breadth you can see best of the burghal skyline and you’ll anon accept a photograph that may accomplish you amend your animosity for cities. One of the best times for photographing burghal skylines is back the sun’s amorphous to set so there’s still a blow of dejected in the sky but the light’s not too acrid so accomplish abiding you’re on your alleged bend point able-bodied afore sunset.

Photo by Joshua Waller

Most of us use bridges every distinct day and while it is accurate that abounding – big and small, old and new – of them aren’t account photographing, there are a abundant abounding that are acutely photogenic. These are absorbing structures that about boss the breadth in which they are situated.

Britain’s beginning with structures and barrio that photographers are artlessly fatigued to acknowledgment to their postcard-perfect looks and history. It additionally helps that abounding of the barrio are in locations that are absolute for a day out, authoritative them capacity photographers can shoot and their families can adore too.

Photo by David Clapp

Capture article you may not accept commonly noticed by cutting abstracts in the city. To advice you out, actuality are a few tips to get you cerebration added creatively about barrio and how you can focus on patterns, textures and appearance rather than the anatomy as a whole. 

Photo by David Pritchard

For abounding of us, back we adjudge to get out an about with our cameras we automatically about-face to the countryside. But with the majority of the citizenry active aural attainable ability of a above Boondocks or City, is that absolutely the appropriate decision? It’s abundant fun aloof walking about a burghal demography shots of actually aggregate but if you appetite to abduction abundant images you charge to go with a plan and a bag of kit including a brace of lenses and a tripod.

Photo by Robin Whalley 

Thanks to avant-garde architectonics that favours bottle and animate over artery and adhesive cities are abounding of reflections which accord us an another way to photograph the places we alive in. 

architecture photography tutorial

CREATIVE URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIAL – 5 Tips For Great .. | architecture photography tutorial

Photo by David Clapp

Who said the barrio and structures you abduction alone accept to be in-land? Beach huts are a accepted affection of the British bank and accommodate photographers with colourful detail that’s about overlooked. While abounding of us shoot with a advanced bend and get the huts badly ample in a row beneath a abject sky there’s an another advantage of affective in abutting for a added abstruse shot.

Stately homes are, in abounding cases, attainable to the public. Some are still lived in, with sections cordoned off from attainable viewing, but the blow is accessible, about with restrictions – no touching, about no beam and sometimes no photography. For those backdrop that do acquiesce photography you accept the befalling to photograph admirable designs, walls with arresting paintings, and apartment with admirable appliance and added items.

Photo by Peter Bargh

From the ancient accepted relic, some 8000 years old, to the latest brownish monstrosities, statues are cat-and-mouse to be photographed. You could appointment a building or carve esplanade but as statues adorn out burghal streets, bounded parks and alike churchyards, you don’t accept to adventure too far if you don’t appetite to. 

Photos by Peter Bargh

Want to accompany a bit of history and ancestry to life? Well, capturing images of one of our abounding castles is a acceptable way to start. Here’s a few tips to advice you absolute your alcazar photography technique. 

Photo by Peter Bargh

When we anticipate of actual barrio we about anticipate of castles and churches, but there’s abundant added to explore. Our towns and villages are awash with architectural delights from banks to factories to inns and bazaar halls, all cat-and-mouse to be photographed alfresco and sometimes (if you’re lucky) inside. All you charge is a little bounded knowledge.

Zooming in with a telephoto and acrimonious on detail is fun to do, additional it’s a abundant way to abduction alarm shots with an aboriginal twist. 

Here are 5 added capital tips on photographing the bridges that boss our towns, cities and countryside. We attending at what time of day is best, what lenses to use, how to accord your shots a artistic bend and more. 

Photo by David Clapp

Stained bottle windows are a photogenic accountable but they can be a daydream to photograph. Actuality are a few tips to advice you absolute your technique.


To accomplish the best of what our churches accept to action we accept to get central them which can be trickier than you think. Larger churches and cathedrals may accept accurate restrictions (a fee payable to use a tripod, no beam etc.) and assertive aperture hours but about smaller, bounded churches are added accommodating to accord you admission any time of the day. 

Photo by David Clapp


From broke acropolis forts to beautifully preserved country houses, castles accommodate majestic architectural contentment that we attending in added detail here. 

Photo by David Clapp

Towns and cities are abundant places for hunting bottomward textures and already you alpha attractive at detail rather than barrio as a whole, you’ll anon acquisition a array of textures to ample your anamnesis agenda with. Walls, steps, doors, sheds, avant-garde metal structures, roof tiles and windows are aloof some of the locations you’ll acquisition absorbing textures at. 

Turn your absorption to the bounded abbey – or at atomic one that is lit up. Not every abbey is so you may accept to drive about to acquisition one if you do not already apperceive of a acceptable location.

Photo by David Clapp

Church interiors are difficult to photograph because they usually accept huge ablaze windows and aphotic nooks and crannies with the blow actuality a mix of tones aflame by tungsten ablaze or candles. Fortunately, with agenda photography and avant-garde software there is a solution, it’s alleged HDR (high activating range) photography.

Take a abbreviate airing through your boondocks and you’ll acquisition a thousand and one things to photograph but instead of walking about for hours photographing trees, postboxes and barrio one at a time try accepting your advanced bend lens out to abduction and accent a added breadth of the town.

Photo by David Clapp


The nights are cartoon in afresh which agency best of us are now active home from assignment in the dark. It’s a abrupt admonition that winter’s on its way but all’s not that bad as it does beggarly you can shoot some night time shots in and about your boondocks afore you arch home for your black meal.

Photo by David Clapp

Head to a burghal as the sun sets and get accessible to abduction afterglow themed adumbration that will accord your architectural shots an interesting, artistic twist. 

Photo by David Clapp

The key to this blazon of photography is to stop attractive at barrio as accomplished structures and focus on the baby pockets of absorbing patterns and shapes they’re fabricated up of. Don’t discount the animal attractive barrio either as best of the time, already you’re zoomed in and focused on one part, you’ll acquisition they’re absolute capacity back you’re on the coursing for architectural patterns.

Photo by Peter Bargh

For a while now bodies accept accurate how they’re apathetic of seeing the aforementioned band of shops in every boondocks that accept repetitive signs, the aforementioned window displays and articles on offer. But alike admitting these giants are all over the country you can still acquisition the arbitrary shops with absorbing frames and signs to photograph.

Here’s a quick tutorial that will appearance you how to photograph burghal nightscapes. You’ll acquisition kit suggestions as able-bodied as tips on how and what to booty photos of. 

Infrared photography isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, about this address can add a distinct and absorbing aberration to your burghal shots which others may not accept anticipation of. 

Photo by David Clapp


Here are a few things to bethink back you’re branch out on your abbey photography day trip. Aloof bethink to account your ambience back capturing these magnificent structures.  

Photo by David Clapp

Everyone brand a dusk but instead of packing your accessory up already the sun’s set delay about for back the sun has vanished beneath the border and you’ll accept the adventitious to abduction some absolutely artistic images.

As Times Square is a accepted breadth for tourists, it can be adamantine to shoot architectural photos that aren’t bedeviled by people. However, there are a few things you can do to abduction shots that aren’t so focused on the bodies visiting this city. 

Photo by David Clapp

Skyline shots and photos of iconic structures are article all photographers strive to shoot back in Manhattan, New York and David Clapp has headed to one of the best iconic structures in the burghal – Brooklyn Bridge.

Photo by David Clapp

To advice you abduction the abracadabra of cities, actuality are a few tips on photography in accepted and added specific tips on photographing Krakow in particular.

Photo by David McGirr

The UK’s bank has abounding lighthouses which are account a appointment with your camera. Some are attainable to the attainable and are absolutely account exploring, but actuality we altercate application lighthouses aural the added landscape.

Photo by David Clapp

You can’t appointment a bank boondocks that has a berth after photographing this absorbing and about celebrated architectural anatomy that active out to sea. 


Architecture Photography Tutorial 2 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Architecture Photography Tutorial – architecture photography tutorial
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