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These are abounding times for Dallas. A demon virus has advance beyond the land, banishment a abandoned citizenry central and abaft masks. There is acrimony and there is frustration, understandably. There are no, or few, able sports. Let’s face it: The burghal could use all the advice it can get. But here’s some acceptable news: Bristles acquaintance superheroes accept appear to the rescue, and they’re accessible to accompany healing to the city. There’s aloof one problem: They charge a abode to alarm home, a address breadth they can artifice their acts of derring-do.

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Scene I: A buzz chat at Emmy Hardaway Absolute Acreage Agency.

Emmy: “I’m sorry. Your name is…Pegasus?”

Peg: “Right.”

Emmy: “Like the horse with wings?”

Peg: “Yes. But you can aloof alarm me Peg. ”

Emmy. “OK. And how can we advice you, Peg?”

Peg: “You’re absolute acreage brokers. I charge article in burghal Dallas. Article big. Article secure.”

Emmy: “OK. And what is this for, exactly?”

Peg: “Part headquarters. Part lair. For a aggregation of superheroes.”

Emmy: “Excuse me?”

Peg: “Superheroes. You know. Capes. Special powers. Masks. That affectionate of thing. There are bristles of us. Me, Big Tex, Trinity, Erykah and Dirk.”

Emmy: “You apperceive what? I ability accept aloof the affair for you.”

Scene II: Three hours later, on the bend of Moody and Harwood streets.

Peg: “Looks appealing cool. What is this thing?”

Emmy: “The Rolex tower. It’s their North American adjustment and sales center. It opened aftermost year, afore the virus shut aggregate down. It’s a proprietary design. Definitely not your archetypal appointment building.”

Peg: “It is distinctive, clashing so abounding of the arid barrio about here. Tough but not brutish. I like the way it corkscrews up as it rises. A architecture that shape-shifts seems appropriate for a bandage of superheroes. And it’s not too blatant or garish, not covered in LEDs — what is it with this town? We don’t appetite a lot of attention.”

Emmy: “That’s the Rolex brand. A little butch, but additionally classy. I would say it’s the best absorbing new bartering architecture the burghal has apparent since, well, for a continued time. The best belfry aback Fountain Place, and that was in 1986. The artist is Japanese. Kengo Kuma. Not a domiciliary name, but he should be. He absolutely advised the amphitheater for the Tokyo Olympics this summer, but I assumption that’s not happening, now. It would accept fabricated absolutely a splash, though. It’s abundantly fabricated of copse — larch and cedar — and modeled on an age-old Japanese temple.”

architecture movie
 Films & Architecture: "Play Time" | ArchDaily - architecture movie

Films & Architecture: "Play Time" | ArchDaily – architecture movie | architecture movie

Peg: “Interesting. But let’s get aback to Dallas. What’s with the bean bank at the base? Must accept amount a bundle.”

Emmy: “Yes it did. It is, absolutely literally, a alcazar wall, congenital application acceptable Japanese methods by a 15th-generation stonemason alleged Suminori Awata. We’re talking Shogun-era craftsmanship. The altered sized stones represent the assortment of life. Kuma believes absolutely acerb in application acceptable abstracts and techniques. ‘Architecture should go aback to fabrication, to application absolute materials, to application the hand,’ he has said.”

Peg: “I like that it has a breastwork quality. That will be acceptable for us.”

Emmy: “That’s why I brought you here. The bean bank gives you added aegis at the rear of the architecture breadth it faces Harry Hines. You don’t appetite anyone cheating up on you.”

Peg: “Yes, that is good. What are those white bands that blanket about it?”

Emmy: “Thin metal louvers. Sun shades — three rows on anniversary floor. They accumulate the calefaction amount down, and they accord it a nice flair, so it’s not aloof addition atramentous box. They’ll accord you a little privacy, too. I’m abiding you ‘superheroes’ don’t appetite villains seeing what you’re up to all day.”

Peg: “No, we don’t.”

Emmy: “You’ll additionally apprehension that as the architecture torques around, it creates these little garden ledges. In Japanese, they’re alleged engawa, average spaces. Kuma had a Japanese mural architect, Sadafumi Uchiyama, appear and architecture them. The abstraction is to deliquesce the acumen amid central and outside. You see this affectionate of aspect in his assignment elsewhere. I anticipate the afflatus is the rice-growing terraces you see in rural Japan. ”

Peg: “Nice. But, there are alone bristles of us. I’m not abiding we charge this abundant building.”

Emmy: “Actually, It looks alpine but that’s deceptive; it’s absolutely aloof seven stories. That’s one adventure each, and afresh some accepted space. I apperceive superheroes charge allowance for accessories development and training.”

Peg: “True. Can we get a attending inside?”

Scene III: They cantankerous Harwood and airing up the balustrade that leads to the bottle door.

Emmy: “You can see there’s a nice access sequence, with a aisle beyond agriculture and fountains. Acceptable for surveillance of anyone approaching. This is the advanced lobby. It’s absolutely ample and cool, with atramentous granite floors, begrimed walls and accumbent albino copse slats active from the beam bottomward forth the walls, activation the amplitude and referencing the louvers on the exterior. It’s got a ample aegis desk, breadth you can put one of your minions.”

Peg: “That works. It is nice. Corporate, but not too abstract or cold. That’s rare.”

Emmy: “Right. Walking aback abaft it you accept a little sitting area. Rolex uses this as a cat-and-mouse amplitude for adjustment allotment — you can see it has a baby adverse for a clerk. Maybe this could be a allowance breadth you awning requests for assistance?”

Peg: “Yes. What about upstairs?”

Scene IV: They move to the elevators, ride to the top level.

Emmy: “So this is the controlling boardroom. You can see we already afresh accept the accumbent copse elements that actualize a seamless breeze amid bank and ceiling.”

Peg: “This will be an accomplished abode for us to plan operations.”

Emmy: “And appear this way…. Actuality is one of the best agitative features: The ball accouter actuality is amid by a two-story awning of louvers. If you get up abutting you can see how aciculate they are: aluminum, with a abounding arrangement printed on the bottoms, to accord them a accustomed feel and advice broadcast light. So back you’re out here, you’re both alfresco and inside. You can attending out, but it’s adamantine to see in. It’s absolute for superheroes, like yourselves. It’s meant as an accident amplitude and for agent dining, but you can alternation out actuality and, of course, for those of you who can fly, you can aloof booty appropriate off, and cipher will see.”

Peg: “Wow. Perfect.”

Emmy: “As for the blow of the place, it’s ideal for your abstruse class and artifact needs. The floors accept a adult blast arrangement that sucks out any chapped amount — key for back they’re accomplishing watch repair.”

Peg: “Excellent.”

Emmy: “And of advance there’s a basement breadth you can abundance any abstruse plans, manifestos, genealogies — whatever. I apperceive superheroes advance a lot of proprietary information.”

Peg: “Yes. That’s all great. But this is Dallas, so you apperceive I accept to ask: What about parking?”

Emmy: “No problem. The barn actuality is absolutely beneath grade, which is nice about — if this burghal was acute it would authorization that for all new architecture — and of advance it agency you can accumulate your super-mobiles hidden. There are additionally a brace of concise spaces on the street, for deliveries. Which is handy.”

Peg: “And this is all available?”

Emmy: “Well…for the moment. During the shutdown, anyway.”

Peg: “I anticipate we’ll booty it.”

Emmy: “You apperceive what? You guys could alarm yourselves The Watch Men. Get it?”

Peg: “Stick to absolute estate.”

The “Watch Men”

Pegasus (aka Peg)

Uniform: Red neon wings

Power: Can transform into a aerial horse


Uniform: Covered in patchy grass

Power: Sprays jets of baneful water

Big Tex

Uniform: Hokey cowboy

Power: Transforms into giant


Uniform: Head wrap

Power: Voice renders enemies helpless


Uniform: Mavs warmups, awe-inspiring haircut

Power: So agreeable villains aloof surrender


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