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In my antecedent post, I absolved through Installing Ubuntu Linux 20.10 on a Raspberry Pi 4. That went appealing well, with both the accepted Gnome desktop and the MATE desktop. This time, because I am not abundant of an Ubuntu fan, I appetite to try a Linux distribution, which I adopt and accept been appliance on my assorted laptop and desktop systems: Manjaro.

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Manjaro has had a Raspberry Pi administration for absolutely a continued time now – I aboriginal approved Manjaro-ARM on a Raspberry Pi 2 in aboriginal 2016. There was a bit of a alarm aback it looked like the Manjaro-ARM activity would shut bottomward in aboriginal 2017, but auspiciously the activity was adored by some committed association members.

Today the Manjaro Downloads web folio lists a array of ARM versions, including the Raspberry Pi 4, Pinebook, Rock Pi, and Khadas. Anniversary of those about has three or four altered desktops supported, so that all adds up to a lot of choices. The one affair that I acquisition a bit disappointing, though, is that in the Raspberry Pi downloads, it doesn’t account any of the beforehand Raspberry Pi models, aloof the RPi4. A bit added analysis reveals that this is because they are alone alms a 64-bit version; this agency that although they don’t say it explicitly, it should assignment on the Raspberry Pi 3 as able-bodied as the 4 (because it is the aforementioned CPU), but there is no achievement for it alive on the added beforehand Raspberry Pi models. Sigh. Honestly, Manjaro-ARM i3 was my admired non-Raspbian operating arrangement on those. Ah well…

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Anyway, I absitively to try the XFCE desktop adaptation on the RPi4, and the i3 adaptation on the RPi3. Both of those are xz-compressed images, aloof beneath 1GB each. They can be uncompressed and affected to an SD agenda appliance the accepted command pipline:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This command will overwrite the absolute capacity of the SD card. Any absolute advice on the agenda will be lost.

xzcat Manjaro-ARM-xfce-rpi4-20.10.img.xz | dd bs=4M of=/dev/sdX iflag=fullblock oflag=direct status=progress

Please bethink that you charge alter the sdX in this command with the accessory for your SD card, and be actual accurate because appliance the amiss accessory name can accept adverse results.

Both of these images aggrandize to a bit added than 4GB, so you will charge at atomic an 8GB microSD card.

As you can see from the command band above, I approved the XFCE adaptation first; aback the archetype was complete I put the microSD agenda in a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB model, and booted it up. That absolved me through a adequately simple text-based antecedent configuration, area I had to accept the following:

It afresh rebooted to the Manjaro login screen, and already I logged in I got a admirable Manjaro XFCE desktop!

Manjaro XFCE on Raspberry Pi 4.

Boot time was reasonable, a bit beneath than 30 abnormal from power-on to the login screen, and login time was good, about 10 abnormal from entering my countersign to accepting the abounding desktop accessible for use. My aboriginal consequence of the accession and achievement is actual good.

I was analytical about the CPU and anamnesis use, so I had the assignment administrator active while I was autograph this and abacus the assorted images to it. As you can see here, the CPU use was never maxed out, and the anamnesis use absolutely never went aloft about 1GB. That looks actual able to me for appliance Manjaro on added Raspberry Pi models with slower CPUs and/or beneath memory.

I additionally arrested the deejay administration at this point, and saw that the basis allotment had been broadcast to ample the chargeless amplitude on the SD card, as expected. So accumulate in apperception that if you appetite to do article added than this with the chargeless amplitude (such as actualize a separate/home partition), you charge to do that afore booting the SD agenda for the aboriginal time.

The abutting footfall for a new accession is accepting all of the latest updates installed. There is an amount on the basal console of the XFCE desktop which looks like a shield; beat that brings up the pamac amalgamation manager, which has a button at the top of the window for updates. I afresh installed all of those and rebooted. All actual smooth.

Up to this point I was still active on a active (RJ-45) ethernet connection, so I broken that and affiliated to my Wi-Fi network, afresh with no agitation at all.

Bluetooth was abutting on the list; my Logitech m720 abrasion affiliated with no trouble, but the k380 keyboard would not connect. It is detected by a chase in the Bluetooth/Devices window, but it will not pair. That’s disappointing.

I shut bottomward the RPi4 and affiliated a additional monitor, afresh booted aback up again. It came up with both monitors enabled, configured as an continued desktop. As you can see below, though, the wallpaper was a bit odd – the aboriginal adviser still had the custom Manjaro wallpaper, but the additional adviser had the absence XFCE wallpaper. That’s accessible abundant to fix with Desktop Settings

Everything worked, but I had a actual able consequence that achievement was worse. It seemed actual “laggy” on affective and contrarily auspicious windows. I couldn’t amount out why that was happening. If you attending carefully at the arrangement adviser in the awning attempt above, you can see that CPU use and anamnesis are not at all unreasonable, so it should accept still been active forth aloof fine. I accept this has article to do with the way video anamnesis is handled.

Overall I would say that Manjaro XFCE looks like a acceptable best for the Raspberry Pi 4. It’s absolutely afterpiece to the Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian) than any of the added Linux distributions I accept looked at, both in agreement of affluence of accession and use.

SEE: Hands-On: Adventures with Ubuntu Linux on the Raspberry Pi 4

Moving on to Manjaro i3… I accept been attractive advanced to this, because I absolutely adulation the i3 desktop. Since Manjaro XFCE loaded and ran on the Raspberry Pi 4 with no botheration at all, I didn’t see any point in repeating all of that for the i3 desktop. I accept several altered models of Raspberry Pi 3, so approved anniversary of them in turn.

Downloading the aeroembolism angel from the Manjaro webpage, and artful it to a microSD agenda is the aforementioned as declared above. Aboriginal cossack walks through the aforementioned setup/configuration process, and expands the basis filesystem to ample the SD card. Logging in afresh brings up this i3 desktop:

Boot time was acutely slower than the Pi 4, but still reasonable. Aloof attending at that lovely, apple-pie desktop! If you are not accustomed with i3, this Manjaro Raspberry Pi angel would be a abundant way to try it out. Not alone because it is chargeless and actual accessible to install and analysis on a Raspberry Pi, but additionally because the Manjaro i3 desktop is after a agnosticism the best pre-configured that I accept anytime seen.

The bar beyond the basal of the affectation shows cachet advice (CPU, disk, network, updates, etc); the argument at the top appropriate of the awning shows added abundant arrangement cachet (CPU load, Anamnesis use, OS version, etc); the argument at the basal larboard of the awning lists some of the best accepted i3 keyboard commands (a array of “crib sheet” for those not accustomed with i3).

I had absitively to alpha with an aboriginal Raspberry Pi 3B. After acknowledging that aggregate was working, I shut that bottomward and approved a newer Pi 3B . The best cogent aberration in these models is an access in CPU alarm speed, from 1.2GHz to 1.4GHz, so I accepted to see a bit bigger achievement – and I did. It is absolutely still not active like a Pi 4, but it is bright that aggregate from cossack time to appliance startup and beheading is a bit faster. Aggregate abroad formed normally, of course.

Finally, aloof for completeness, I approved the aforementioned SD agenda in a Raspberry Pi 3A , and already afresh it booted appropriate up, and aggregate formed as expected.

I’m not activity to absorb any added time singing the praises of i3, but if I accept absorbed you in it, or you accept been analytical about it already, Manjaro-ARM for the Raspberry Pi is a abundant adventitious to try it out.

If, on the added hand, you are attractive for a good, professional, well-supported operating arrangement for the Raspberry Pi 4, I would acerb acclaim Manjaro ARM. You ability apprehension that I did not accommodate the Raspberry Pi 3 in this statement; I absolutely did try Manjaro ARM XFCE on the 3B and 3B . It boots, it runs, and it is acutely slow. I accept no agnosticism that is why the Pi 3 is not alike mentioned on the Manjaro ARM web page.

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