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With some teams ascendant champs and others with a few amateur pending, the Sleepy Hollow Football Club begins to wind bottomward the Abatement 2020 season. The Club is actively managing teams to accumulate players safe and still booty advantage of the appendage end of the season. Let’s attending aback at the November 14/15 weekend’s highlights and congratulate those who won their division. Abundant job, SHFC!

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The Sleepy Hollow G12 Gators, accomplished by John Sutherland and Shiloh Mackey, got aback to acceptable means on Sunday adjoin Pleasantville Stars, with a achievement abounding of aggregation spirit and with contributions advancing from every babe on the field. A active alpha saw Olivia aces up two quick goals, both addled acquiescently from about the bend of the amends area. The Gators again acclimatized into a aeon of adequate domination: their aback band was able-bodied organized and resilient, with Ellis, Gabi, Kaylee and Ella breaking bottomward anniversary Pleasantville attack. Meanwhile Siena, Evie and Maya fabricated several active runs advanced on the breach creating a cardinal of appropriate chances, and Olivia was commonly abounding of activity block aggregate bottomward in the midfield. A cursory blooper in absorption let Pleasantville aback into the bold with a ambition adjoin the end of the aboriginal half, but the Gators fought aback able-bodied – the consistent burden led to a admirable ambition from Gabi, hit with her appropriate basal from ambit into the basal corner. Ella was again afflicted to see her beautiful lob of the goalkeeper disqualified out for offside. The added bisected followed abundant the aforementioned arrangement as the first, with Gators’ advanced band of Maeve and Avery putting the Pleasantville aegis beneath affiliated burden throughout. This eventually resulted in a amends appropriate at the end, which Olivia confidently put abroad to affirmation her hat-trick and allowance a 4-1 win.

Team Mercury (2011 and 2012 Girls) played their 8th and final bold of the abatement analysis on Sunday, assuming aloof as abundant affection and hustle as they accept all analysis long. Admitting starting the analysis as a new aggregation of mostly abecedarian soccer players from assorted towns, they steadily bigger as a aggregation all analysis long. In this aftermost game, Mercury formed adamantine as a aggregation to facilitate a ambition by Gabriella Variano in the added half. The aggregation spent the abatement analysis convalescent their brawl administration and teamwork, as able-bodied as developing new friendships and will attending advanced to an alike added activating bounce season. Aggregation Mercury accomplished the abatement analysis with the afterward players: Gabriella McCarthy, Ameila Ortiz, Julia Ritter, Mia Saa, Marylin Suqui, Gabriella Variano, Ashley Villa, Brie Wolins, Kaylee Xu and Cameron Zuniga.

The Boys U10 All Reds catholic to Armonk this weekend and got a solid 4-0 win in addled conditions. The boys in red started apathetic but controlled the bold appealing calmly throughout. This is the 3rd or 4th bold in a row in which the All Reds got off to a apathetic start. As a result, all backward night Minecraft and Fortnite is banned on weekends until afterwards the season. Ambition scorers were Dennis VanLent, Oliver and Elliot Scherich, and Jossuel Cece. Solid goalkeeping by Ryan McMahon and Phil Coffman. Final bold (fingers crossed) abutting weekend adjoin Mt. Pleasant.

The Red Fury is accomplished by Katie McMahon and had two amateur this accomplished weekend, one on Saturday and addition on Sunday. Saturday’s bold was adjoin the North Salem Fighting Tigers. This bold started off able for the Red Fury with back-to-back goals by Rachel Richardson who best off the Tigers’ ambition kicks. Kate Masters and Meadow Gurreri played admirable aegis and there were ablaze moments aback midfielder Breanne Rodriguez affiliated with assiduously Rose Ritz and Rachel. Meghan McMahon played goalie and had some amazing saves, but the Tigers were able to alike the account at 2-2 by bisected time. In the added half, the Tigers proceeded to account an added 4 goals. However, the Red Fury persisted and appear the end of the game, Rachel affiliated with Breanne who addled in a goal. This bold came to an end with the Red Fury accident 3-6.

Sunday’s bold was adjoin the Mahopac Fusions. The Red Fury played able-bodied and aggressively with a bound arresting band of Sofia Cruz, and Mia and Meadow Gurreri. Breanne Rodriguez, Meghan McMahon and Mackenzie Linhart (on accommodation from the Bandits) had accomplished passes throughout the game. The Red Fury and Fusions went toe to toe with Meghan, Breanne, and Mackenzie all accepting shots on ambition that abominably did not go in. The Fusions, however, were able to account alert and the bold concluded with the Red Fury accident 0-2.

As the sky darkened, the bold began amid the Red Comets and White Plains Black at Washington Irving aftermost Sunday. The Comets came out charging and played adamantine brawl adjoin White Plains. Amani Carty, in centermost midfield, had a lot of activity in her area and absolutely fabricated some abundant plays happen. About amid into the aboriginal half, a duke brawl amends was accustomed to the opposing aggregation which accustomed for a Comet amends kick. Midfielder, Ava Dominquez, took the bang and absolutely formed it in the White Plains ambition to accomplish it 1-0 Comets.

In the added bisected White Plains absolutely put the burden on the Comets, but they fought aback and captivated their ground. Midfielders Giovanna Fanelli gave a canyon to Ava Dominquez who again led a canyon to striker, Antonia Fanelli, who flew accomplished the White Plains aegis to account via addition breakaway ambition to accompany the account to 2-0.

About amid through the added half, White Plains was now awarded a amends that afflicted the account to 2-1. And this was the game’s final account for addition Comet win!

Libby Block, in the arresting centermost midfielder spot, played an aberrant bold and the Comets absolutely showed their versatility by arena all ends of the acreage and announced able-bodied amidst anniversary other.

Striker, Ava Mendez, collection the brawl to the net a few times and alike had a abutting attack on ambition that went aloof wide. The blow of the midfielders and defenders, Lene Cice, Leila Dillow, Paloma Dominquez, Mia Martinez and Greta Wuerrfel all played cohesively and with absolute vibes. Erin Arnegger and Julia Ryan aggregate goalkeeper duties as able-bodied as arresting positions and both did a abundant job.

Boys 2008 FUSION travelled the Lansdowne Yonkers Meteors for their final bold of the abatement season. At about minute 10, Sebastian Londono beatific a nice through canyon to Josh Ortiz for Fusion’s aboriginal goal. Account later, the Meteors counterbalanced it up at 1, aback they were able to blooper accomplished Fusion’s defenses. Luke Tonaj would account Fusion’s added goal, acknowledgment to an abetment from Londono. Aback a Kieran Degen attack on ambition bounced off the goalie, Ortiz beatific it in, authoritative it 3-1 activity into halftime.

The added bisected saw a lot of brawl movement, but not abundant converting attempts into goals. Attempts from Sean Mackiewicz, Ian Papadopoulos, Edwin Dutan, Shyam Manganath, Raul Socualaya and Olin Keough either absent or were blocked by the Meteors’ arty keeper. Mackiewicz on a breakaway anesthetized to Ortiz for Fusion’s fourth ambition and Ortiz’s third of the day. With 5 account larboard to play, Dylan Largo anesthetized to Degen, able-bodied positioned at the ambition mouth, who denticulate the final ambition to accompany the final account to 5-1.

Pierce Davis played a abounding bold for Fusion in goal, authoritative several saves, admitting ascent abhorrent burden from the Meteors as the bold progressed. Fusion played added aegis than accustomed in this game, led by Aiden Lee, Luca Simbana, Luca Dominguez, Bruno Flores and Alessandro Soto. The bold was able-bodied played and abundant afterpiece than the 5-1 final indicated.

Fusion has won their U13 division, with a 6-0-2 record. The aggregation alone accustomed 8 goals this fall, while scoring 36 goals. Coaches Ken Mackiewicz, Michael Glynn, Michael Degen, and George Papadopoulos are appreciative of how the aggregation has handled all the changes this fall. Besides accepting to acclimate to the new Covid protocols, this was the team’s aboriginal analysis arena at a abounding band of 11 at the full-sized field. This fall, Fusion alloyed with the River Sharks, a SHFC aggregation of the aforementioned age accumulation who had played calm for the above-mentioned four years. Kudos to the accomplished players, and their admiring families, for an agreeable and safe analysis that was a accurate amusement to watch!

Fans of the BLAZE were able to see their admired Arch Girls aggregation comedy and win two amateur this accomplished weekend. On Saturday afternoon, the Blaze played and defeated the Ryebrook Wildcats 5-0, in the best biased bout of this soccer analysis in the division.

It was in the 14th minute of the bout aback Blaze advanced Meghan O’Hanlon acclimated her acceleration and activity on the Wildcat’s ancillary of the acreage to burden a apostle to force her attack out of bound on the endline. The consistent bend kick, taken by Blaze striker Gemma Fante from the appropriate of the net sailed into the average of the box appear the adverse ancillary of the field. The Blaze’s Lizzie Molina’s attack attack was blocked but Blaze advanced Carina Armster’s quick attack off the angle put the Blaze advanced 1-0.

A able blitz by the Wildcats about pulled the Wildcats alike on the after control aback a Mutiny advanced fabricated a able adamantine chargeless bang from aloof alfresco the box on goal. It was a acceptable shot, but bigger save by Blaze goalie Emily Aridas who ensured the Blaze would breach advanced with a leaping tip to avert the brawl into the air and again bolt it on the way bottomward afore any advancing Mutiny players could accomplish addition scoring effort.

Speaking of effort, in the 32nd minute of the match, Sami “Beast Mode” Marvin dribbled through and about 3 Mutiny defenders and anesthetized to a streaking Carina Armster who would accept had a breakaway had she not been abject bottomward from abaft in the box by a Mutiny defender. Sami’s and Carina’s hustle led to a amends bang by Gemma Fante. Gemma’s aerial acceleration bang to the top bend of the net put the Blaze advanced 2-0.

Just afore the half, Cassie “Instant Offense” Junge exhausted a mutiny amateur to a apart brawl and anesthetized to Sami Marvin. Sami dribbled upfield bound about a apostle for a attack on goal. While her attack was blocked out of bound in a leaping accomplishment from the Mutiny goalie, the after bend bang by Gemma Fante was headed into the aback of the Mutiny net by advanced Lizzie Molina. Her ambition put the Blaze advanced 3-0 at the half.

Blaze Coach John Sutherland had players about-face from their accustomed positions to alpha the added half. Three account into the added half, Blaze advanced Daisy “Hustle” Star accustomed a continued canyon from defenseman Penny McVey. Application her acute speed, Daisy bankrupt abroad from the Mutiny aegis in the average of the acreage and had alone the goalie to beat. The opposing goalie came active out to breach up the comedy but rather than stop the ball, the goalie did a aerial cantankerous anatomy analysis that parents recalled aftermost seeing done by Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka in a WWF angry ring. Neither Super Fly nor the goalie were awarded a Red or Yellow agenda for their play. Aback comedy resumed, defenseman Gemma Fante’s allowance canyon to midfielder Lizzie Molina started addition scoring befalling for the Blaze. Lizzie anesthetized off the ancillary of her basal to advanced Zoey Murphy. Zoey’s low, able attack on ambition aloof central the opposing column put the Blaze advanced 4-0.

Not agreeable to let her abhorrent teammates booty all the glory, with 8 account larboard in the match, Blaze goalie Emily Aridas rushed out from the goalie band to block an accustomed Mutiny striker’s attack with her legs. Bouncing to her feet, Emily recovered in time to dive and bolt a added attack on ambition by the aforementioned amateur and accumulate the apple-pie area intact.

Blaze players put on a dispensary on how to accomplish crisp, hard, abbreviate passes to active teammates bottomward the stretch. Afterwards Jhoselyn Pugo intercepted a Mutiny canyon in the backfield, Jhoselyn fabricated her own canyon to Sami Marvin in midfield. Sami dribbled with her arch up for two accomplish and begin Lilly Wurster added bottomward field. Lilly dribbled appear the average of the acreage and begin an accessible Blaze advanced Kimmie Molina to canyon to. Kimmie one-touched the brawl to Juliana “J” Marvin. J, who is about the fastest amateur on the acreage arena defense, this time begin herself application her acceleration on breach as a striker. Her attack on ambition was true, and gave the Blaze their fifth ambition of the match. The final account on Saturday was 5-0.

Sunday’s bold for the Blaze was adjoin the Ravens of Castleford with aboriginal abode for the analysis on the line. The Blaze’s best scoring opportunities came from burden by Blaze assiduously Meghan O’Hanlon and Cassie “Instant Offense” Junge, who anniversary dribbled about Raven defenders by the amusement and were able to actualize absorption passes that were not able to be converted. Versatile Blaze midfielder/striker Lizzie Molina and Carina Armster additionally had several shots on goal, but all were denied by able arresting comedy by the Ravens. The bisected concluded in a 0-0 tie, blame the free agency for aboriginal abode in the analysis to one bisected of soccer.

In the added half, the Blaze were able by Penny McVey who accustomed at the half, and played outstanding aegis for Coach John Sutherland. Arena aback and application her acceleration to allegation assurance hit over the midfielders, Penny would allegation and several times a able bang alternate the brawl to the abhorrent ancillary of the acreage for the Blaze. The Ravens had the action for the aboriginal allotment of the added half, but the Blaze’s able defense, anchored by the alarming aggregation of Gabby “the Minister of Defense”, the fastest amateur on the acreage Juliana “J” Marvin, Daisy “Hustle” Star and Penny McVey ensured the Ravens did not score. Additionally allowance were the several times that goalie Emily Aridas ensured everybody could authority their animation in action as she ventured able-bodied out of the goalie box to beating assurance either out of comedy and stop a Raven breakaway, or to acknowledgment assurance that had been austere from the abhorrent ancillary of the acreage by Raven defenders aback assimilate the opponent’s ancillary of the pitch.

The aftermost bisected of the added bisected was played about alone on the Raven’s ancillary of the field. Added than 10 bend bliss or bandy ins were accomplished by the Blaze, but the Ravens aegis was up to the assignment of endlessly them. Blaze advanced Sami Marvin, fed a arch canyon by Meghan O’Hanlon, dribbled about the Raven aegis and while her shots on ambition were blocked, created several bend bang opportunities for the Blaze. The Raven aegis did not breach until, with beneath than 3 account remaining, Zoey Murphy intercepted a brawl and anesthetized in advanced of the net to advanced Gemma Fante. Gemma’s bang begin the aback bend of the net and put the Blaze advanced 1-0.

The Ravens rallied to try to tie the game, but midfielder Lilly Wurster intercepted passes advised for Raven forwards, as did Kimmy Molina who has a adroitness for actuality in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time on the soccer field. Aback the final blare sounded, it was the Blaze who larboard the angle the victor.

After their 1-0 achievement Sunday, the Blaze attending to achieve their analysis as best Champions in the Westchester Youth Soccer League’s Girls U-14 Arch analysis abutting Sunday with a noontime bold adjoin Munay in Ossining.

Los Gauchos won a hard-fought victory, 1-0, adjoin a accurate arch band in East Ramapo Braves. Los Gauchos bedeviled Shots on Ambition and completed the best passes with over 300 passes. Three starters were missing due to quarantine, adolescent players stepped up adjoin a actual able adversary in a actual high-pressure antagonism of 2nd abode teams. Los Gauchos comedy in WYSL’s accomplished and best difficult division, Varsity Boys Premier. Twelve accurate arch teams attempt in this super-competitive ambiance of fourteen teams. Los Gauchos sit in 2nd abode with the alone losses, anniversary by one goal, adjoin a abundant earlier Arch aggregation in Bounce Valley. Los Gauchos accept a actual committed band of players and coaches, twenty-four players represent Sleepy Hollow every week. Los Gauchos Captains are Mateo, Jhonny, Pat. The aggregation looks to accomplishment able with three matches larboard in the schedule.

For added advice about SHFC, amuse visit: http://www.sleepyhollowfc.com.

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