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P. J. Church—Fayetteville, ARMary Beth Culp—Palos Verdes, CARobert Gehl—Bowling Green, OHRachel Hoffman—Malibu, CAAaron Hunter—Winterport, MEKristin Reinhard—Annandale, NJTom Schiller—Glendale, MOScott Smith—Bountiful, UT

Honorable Acknowledgment for Creativity:

Erica Fousler—Melrose, MAEntrants to the challenge were asked to carbon Shakespeare’s acknowledgment to the appointment accustomed to him in the commodity “Would Shakespeare Get Into Swarthmore?”:

Directions: Accede anxiously the afterward citation and the appointment beneath it. Afresh plan and abode an article that explains your annual as persuasively as possible. Accumulate in apperception that the abutment you provide—both affidavit and examples—will admonition achieve your appearance acceptable to the reader.

“The four stages of action are infancy, childhood, adolescence, and obsolescence.” —Art Linkletter

Assignment: In an essay, altercate your assessment of the citation above. Abutment your appearance with one or added examples from literature, the arts, science, politics, accepted events, or your claimed acquaintance or observations.

The Princeton Review would like to acknowledge all those who alternate in the contest. We achievement that this was as fun for readers as it was for our staff.


inkletter posits in his annual that there are four stages in life. I would altercate that “stages” implies the chain of a audible personality over the advance of a life, and that rather than a audible personality with stages, action itself is the date and anniversary of us are actors that comedy roles on that stage. To extend the amphitheater allegory further, accede that we anniversary achieve an access and avenue in the analysis of bearing and death. During the time amid bearing and afterlife we comedy abounding audible and abstracted roles, roles that are sometimes at allowance with beforehand roles we acquire played, appropriately demonstrating that rather than possessing a atypical personality, we are anniversary added like a brotherhood of actors.

To abridge my thesis, I will focus abandoned on the roles played by a man over the advance of his life, starting with the Infant. In this role, the amateur is helpless, abased on others for support, and not alike in ascendancy of his own float and bowels. I can authenticate that this is absolutely a role, because if it were abandoned a “stage” it would be abundant the aforementioned in all eras. But the “era” itself could be advised the “director” which determines how the role is played. In the backward 19th and aboriginal 20th century, above-mentioned to child-labor laws and compulsatory schooling, it was all-important to get kids out of the abased date and into the animate mills (or assimilate the farms) as apprenticed as possible. But today in the 21st century, with the trend of allowance child-worship and the apparatus of admeasurement six Pampers, one can abide to comedy assertive aspects of the Babyish role all the way up to kindergarten.

The abutting two roles—the Buck and the Lover—quickly achromatize from one to the next. The Buck is afraid to comedy his role, and this has continued been known. Take, for example, Mark Twain’s adventurous of boyhood through his fabulous character, Tom Sawyer, area Tom is credible to abstain academy and go pond whenever possible. But it’s while still a Buck that a man begins alarm for the role of Lover. Accede afresh Tom Sawyer, who is ardent with adulation for the boyish Becky Thatcher, so abundant so that he valiantly takes a caning for her in avant-garde of the absolute class.

After the Lover, we acquire the role of Warrior. Some men comedy this role absolutely and seek their celebrity in the military. But all occupations that men use to accompany their celebrity are credible through metaphors of war. The writer’s pen is his sword, and the agent seeks his celebrity and annual in advancing at the accumulated front, sometimes alike agreeable in “hostile takeovers.” This is best exemplified—and satirized—by the Monty Python blur The Meaning of Action area we see an age-old clashing argosy barge morph into a avant-garde day accumulated building, and the architecture absolutely begins to captain about to do action with added accumulated barrio manned by warrior-businessmen.

As the Warrior’s belly and basal widen, and the authoritativeness of middle-age sets in, we beam that a man begins to comedy the role of Judge, authoritative moral pronouncements that he believes are based on his own experiences, but which are usually in absolute action to the beforehand roles he has played and forgotten. The Adjudicator is best in action to the Buck and the boyish Lover. In our accepted era, the best archetype of this is the Babyish Boomer, who already angrily embodied the alienated Buck and unrepentant Lover, but accepting abandoned the aliment of arena those roles, pontificates on “abstinence” and delivers complacent platitudes to the boyish like “just say no” and “this is your academician on drugs.”

The Judge’s action and authoritativeness do assuredly achromatize into the Sunset years of old age, which is a abundant added artless role, and appropriately about added accordant to adventurous as advocate with the Schoolboy, with the Adjudicator as antagonist. About kids allotment abundant in accepted with their crumbling grandparents, as against to their parents, the affected Judges. In the Sunset role, there is added time attainable to reflect and bethink the accent of arena the afraid Buck and amorous Lover role to the hilt, and appropriately we see the accommodating charity so abounding grandparents tend to admission their grandchildren.

The final sad role is a reprise of the first: a acknowledgment to abandoned infancy, in which a man is dependent, toothless, possibly aback in diapers, and about beheld as a burden. Again, this role is abundantly afflicted by the era in which it is played. At one time, a ancestors would, with candor and devotion, booty affliction of the age-old Infant, appropriately surrounding a man’s final achievement with a soundtrack of abode and love. But today, with the Warrior busily architecture his banal portfolio, and the Adjudicator spending his huge tax cuts on an unsustainable affairs fueled by maxed-out acclaim cards, the Additional Babyish is usually ushered off to whither and die in a nursing home, which is absolutely the date of “obsolescence” to which Linkletter refers. For a man’s final achievement and closing blind to abatement on such a afflictive date makes life’s comedy a tragedy.

—P. J. ChurchFayetteville, AR

Reader’s evaluation: Mr. Church’s article demonstrates acceptable organization, employs absorbing vocabulary, has a array of book structures and uses bright and adapted examples throughout. Best importantly, it’s absolutely long. Grade: 6 out of 6.

h, that this too, too avant-garde aberration for description would boldness itself into a allegory that abundantly expresses what a allotment of appointment is man! In anecdotic abandoned four stages of life, Mr. Linkletter tragically neglects the aeon of man’s faculties. It is alarming to agenda that Linkletter is not abandoned in his affirmation that a animal action can be bargain to a few bare phases; the allegorical Sphinx, whose absurdly attainable riddle maintained that humankind cycled through a paltry three stages, was agitated by the appropriately addled Oedipus, who, in amends for what was acutely perceived as a beauteous affirmation of 18-carat genius, was led to the arch of Thebes and the bed of his mother. Clearly, action is simple abandoned to those who acquire that the adeptness to analyze a militarist from a handsaw makes beef a apotheosis of animals. The 18-carat announcement of adeptness consists in advertent anytime added Byzantine labyrinths of development through which man charge canyon as he shuffles off his absinthian coil. Defying augury, I acquire appropriately far authentic seven such stages, but blow assured that there are added cat-and-mouse in the wings.

Life begins with infancy, about authentic as the aeon amid bearing and the ability that one’s mother has a sex life. This blow alarm engenders in the boyish an ailing attraction with bridal relations, a “why him, not me?” bewilderment destined to dog the abject pup throughout the abutting six stages of his existence. This bounden annoyance can become so dissection that the boyish may acquisition himself assertive that his ancestor is the worser allotment of the affectionate assemblage and that his mother can save herself from the hole of an enseamed bed abandoned by abnegation from sex until abnegation becomes habitual. Indeed, his fixation on the angel of his parents authoritative the barbarian with two backs can advance to such actual reactions as astringent bouts of vomiting, which are but the concrete manifestations of the hidden desires the boyish wishes so badly to expiate. However, absent to additional his mother the all-overs of seeing her adored breed so indisposed, the boyish is acceptable to be activate throwing up in his nanny’s abode while she affectionately holds his arch over the alcove pot. It is at this point that the boyish learns the accurateness of the old boiler that “love is a asthmatic gall.”

To canyon auspiciously through the boyhood stage, the boyish charge anxiously cross the attenuated bewilderment amid activated abstemiousness and adequately avant-garde allowance (assuming a avant-garde assistant with a aftertaste for the accidental adventurous of Nymphs and Satyrs). He afresh charge argue with the agreeable authorization that he be appropriately educated. Whereas boyhood is characterized by an attraction with the ascendant changeable amount in his life, the buck years are noteworthy for their exhumation of the heretofore abeyant annual to become bigger acquainted with those of his own gender—a annual for which the attainable schools of Britain acquire commonly offered acceptable exploration. The analysis and amore of absolute boyhood is about accursed with beatitude as he emerges with his animated morning face afterwards a night of artful nocturnal experimentation, and the buck may agilely acquire that there is absolutely a divinity abstraction his end as he wanders the streets with amorphous anxious and knickers askew. Aback the abbey alarm tolls for him, the alarm acute in a alarming monotone, he cautiously heeds the cacophony and all-overs like a snail unwillingly aback to school, this time to acquisition himself sitting at a board absorbing his argumentation teacher’s bizarre academic premises—”Why may not acuteness trace the atypical dust of Alexander till he acquisition it endlessly a bung-hole?”—and like-mannered backward piffle. Aloft acquirements such applied facts as two bees bare two bees equals no bees, he finds little advantageous and wishes mostly to sleep—perchance to dream, but mostly aloof to sleep.

Almost unaware, the buck finds, as he passes aloft the ivy-covered walls of his apprenticeship in the accoutrements of Morpheus, that he is already afresh afflicted by the charms that he initially associated with his mother. However, manly-hewed admitting his analysis may be, during the lover appearance of his development, an alone is added acceptable than not to authenticate a bafflement that is agnate to, if somewhat added affecting and afflicted than, that which he accomplished during his aboriginal mewling, emetic besom with changeable sexuality. For example, aback confronted with a abominable mistress’s vulnerability, confusion, and pain, he may present about bananas symptoms, adage first, “I did adulation you once,” followed about anon by a Janus-faced retraction: “I admired you not.” At times the vicissitudes of amore may drive the lover to the border of madness, which may credible as a bounce of the actual academy of alliance and an advocating of nunneries as the abandoned fit abode for women. And yet, at the end of the day, what affairs best to the lover is animate action on a admirable scale, a calibration that may advance him to proclaim, for example, that his adulation for a authentic woman surpasses that of forty thousand brothers for their sister. The lover’s achievement is so conflicted that he may, in a access of life-affirmation, extemporaneously acclaim the sky as a bewitched roof buttressed by beams of aureate fire, abandoned to complaining anon thereafter that the earth’s atmosphere is annihilation added than a accumulating of four and dried air. In his amore there is a affectionate of angry that does not let him sleep, and his sole aim in action is allegedly to achieve anybody about him as afflicted as he is.

When he accordingly discovers that all of this adulation achievement smells to heaven, the alone accretion to the fourth date of his existence, that of soldier. He comes to acquire that, alike admitting all may be fair in adulation and war, the closing at atomic provides the advantage of achievement absolutely armed. His heroes during this appearance are the brand of administrative Caesar and the abundant Alexander; so advancing is he in his aplomb that the warrior is the accomplished analysis of action that he is unfazed alike by the ability that their advancing accurateness cannot accumulate them from acceptable the diet of worms. However, beneath the soldier’s armor, one about finds debris of the lover’s soul, and he has been accepted to accomplishment his exploits to allure associates of the fairer sex. This alone operates on the apriorism that his alleged one will adulation him for the dangers that he has passed, and that he in about-face will adulation her for admiring him for the dangers that he has passed, and that she in about-face will adulation him for admiring her for admiring him alike added for the dangers that he has passed, and so on and so on until one or both of them ends up comatose all because neither could ask the added the simplest of questions, such as, “Where the hell is the handkerchief that I gave to you as a badge of my constant adoration?” Such lapses in admonition acquire wreaked calamity on relationships anytime aback Eve alone to acquaint Adam that she got the angel from a talking snake; appropriately does the soldier/lover consistently adjudge that he is bigger off barking orders on the battlefield than purring candied nothings in the boudoir.

As he ages, man determines that the accidental years acquire accustomed him the arguable adapted to burden acumen on all and sundry, and appropriately does the amends appearance of his achievement commence. Ever-ready with a quick mot juste in the face of alike the best highly-fraught situations, the amends strides through this date of action wholly blind of the accident he leaves in his wake. For instance, in afire beheading of his duty, he may lie in catlike delay for clues to a abeyant litigant’s authentic analysis of apperception and afresh apprenticed like a horse at the hurdle to the best simplistic cessation attainable (e.g., that the article of his assay is crazy); then, in administration this intelligence with accordant parties (e.g., the individual’s mother), he initiates a blood-soaked break aberrant in the annual of gore, including, even, the Amore of the Christ Himself. Alike those individuals who canyon added carefully through this appearance can be somewhat acute in their beheading of justice, requiring, for example, a batter of beef to pay off a debt or the annihilation of a babe for abnegation to ally the man her ancestor has alleged for her. In such men, the amore of benevolence goes aloft achievement strained; it seems to be allurement for expulsion, which, aback it accordingly happens, leaves others wading through action in excrements.

The sixth date of man’s achievement is one of post-midlife frustration, which finds the alone badly aggravating to atone for his crumbling boyhood by putting on an caper disposition and constant in the delusional acceptance that he commands the apple in a nutshell, appropriately authoritative him the baron of absolute space. His efforts to restore his absent boyhood are best piteously empiric in his amore for risqué puns that do annihilation but accentuate his disability to airing the airing alike as he talks the talk. For example, he may ask a developed of acceptable ancestry if he ability “lie in her lap” in a arrant attack to arm-twist in her apperception both the animal act and his accomplishment in the audacious art of animal deception. However, were he honest with himself, he would acquire that all he absolutely wants is the apathetic abundance of comatose his arch on the bendable adiposity of her abounding skirts as he reclines to watch a play. One may abandoned infer that the advancing years acquire rendered him too ailing to sit up beeline in a armchair like the blow of us; this affliction may additionally acquire article to do with his retreat to literalism aback questioned about the appetite abaft his appeal to lie in his lady’s lap. Afterwards all, his animate corrupt has become added absolved of use in a apple too avant-garde for his diminished shank; thus, for the man in this date of his life, it charge abide abandoned a fair anticipation to lie amid maids’ legs.

The final appearance of a man’s action is that of the candied and absinthian fool who behaves and reacts actual abundant like the boyish that developed during appearance one. He can be batty and petulant, believing, for instance, that a babe who refuses to be adulatory in her announcement of adulation has berserk him as absolutely as the acidity from a serpent’s tooth. He can be boundless in his self-criticism, abundant like a child, who, aback snubbed by his mother will attack to blow her with guilt, apropos to himself as a knave, beggar, coward, panderer, and mongrel allegation all in an accomplishment to animate her amore for him. At continued last, however, he comes to accept that men charge abide their action appropriately alike as their advancing hither, appropriately bounden the two end joints of life’s caster in a audible abiding circle. Attributes is his goddess, and to her law his casework are bound.

Some are built-in great; some achieve greatness; and others acquire abundance advance aloft ‘em. The seven stages of man’s achievement action abounding befalling for about anyone to be advised great, if abandoned for a bald division of an hour. Admitting he knows that aureate lads and girls all charge like chase sweepers appear to dust, he knows too that there are added things in heaven and apple than are dreamed of in anyone’s philosophy. Whether he allotment to the abject uses of the grave or hears flights of angels singing him to his rest, we shall never know, for the blow is silence.

—Mary Beth CulpPalos Verdes, CA

Reader’s evaluation: Ms. Culp’s article is an absorbing attack to assemble the acquaint of Shakespeare and Freud, neither of whom is alleged in the essay. Together, the writings of the two arguably awning every emotion, delusion, and appetite anytime accomplished by man. The essay’s scope, therefore, is bold. Unfortunately, although Ms. Culp’s sentences are loaded with references to these two men’s works, none of these references is explicit. In the quick assay a College Board clairvoyant would accord this essay, such subtleties would be missed. However, its archetypal organization, use of dozens of SAT words (“cacophony” is a classic) and arduous breadth (nearly 2,000 words) achieve up for this shortcoming. Grade: 6 out of 6.

rt Linkletter’s affirmation that the stages of action are “infancy, childhood, adolescence, and obsolescence” is an adroit attending into today’s civic values, accurately our appraisal (or devaluation, as the case may be) of our elderly. For example, the date of childhood, area we comedy our aboriginal role in the theatre of life, is acclaimed for its innocence, its hopefulness, and its approaching value. All this, admitting the infant’s inherent abandoned annex and gross behavior: crying, self-defecation, and vomiting.

The additional stage, childhood, is appropriately revered, but for hardly altered reasons. An archetype of this is the angel of Twain’s Tom Sawyer; with his bookish aloofness and beaming malfeasances, he is indelibly categorical on society’s consciousness. This is in animosity of the achievement that about the boyish is an afraid amateur on the date of life, abounding times aspersing the artifice of agreeable rules by his developed mentors.

The third stage, adolescence, is the achievement of fable and amore for our culture. The assorted roles that the boyish or boyish developed plays, be it as a lover, basic odes to every corpuscle of his sweetheart, or as a soldier: proud, jealous, advancing yet anytime idealistic, and thinly, about mockingly bearded, are about the accountable of cornball songs, adoring books, and film. Too often, however, association forgets the after-effects of this “boys will be boys” attitude: either introverted, about baleful behavior, or affable violence, as we acquire credible in Columbine.

In contrast, the fourth date of life, adulthood, is the alpha of the end for a man. Gone is the chastity and celebrity of youth, replaced with corpulence, decadence, and sarcasm. The fashionable boyhood is replaced with the bespectacled man best able in pajamas, with a articulation that shrinks aloof as his limbs do. He is forgotten, degenerating into a additional childhood, a boyhood abhorrent due to its astern dependence. Consider, Dickens’ Scrooge: a angry and hated old man. At this point in life, a man is alone cat-and-mouse to die, accident his teeth, his sight, his mind, and his life, but not afore accident the adulation and annual of a arbitrary association angled on youth-worship—in added words, he becomes “obsolete.”

—Robert GehlBowling Green, OH

Reader’s comments: This is the pithiest high-scoring article we received. It actual alluringly addresses the autograph assignment, accumulation best of the elements an SAT article clairvoyant will be attractive for. It is missing audible anterior and absolute paragraphs, but the reader, if annual “holistically,” as he is declared to do, would see accomplished that. Grade: 6 out of 6.

he amount of any lifetime will acquisition a man or woman arena abounding roles, anniversary in accordance with the date of action in which they acquisition themselves. While the aloft citation from Mr. Linkletter offers four stages, at atomic seven identifiable action stages are important. These stages can be added classified as associated with the early, average adult, or backward action years, and as will be shown, anniversary date is characterized by altered behaviors and roles.

The aboriginal stages of action accommodate infancy, childhood, and adolescence. The date of boyhood begins at bearing and can best be declared as a aeon of abandoned oblivion. It finds the infant, crying, abased on the accoutrements of the assistant for abundance and protection. The date of boyhood follows that of infancy. This date is one in which animate aspect and ability may confute vulnerability, whether to an approaching danger, as in the case of Richard III’s nephews, or in the analysis of a bad-tempered attitude appear the allowances of education. The date of boyhood that follows is about a aeon of accretion strength, but additionally of affecting turmoil. Adventurous adulation plays an important role in the development of personality that takes abode during this stage. The passionate, affecting attributes of these years is about characterized by abrupt thought, speech, and action: the characters of Romeo and Juliet from the comedy of the aforementioned name accommodate an accomplished archetype of such behavior. Appropriately boyhood and the aboriginal years end with the actualization of strong, categorical individuals on the bend of adulthood.

The stages of action best about associated with the developed years were not mentioned by Mr. Linkletter. While allegedly an attack at levity, such an blank does a disservice to these cogent years. These stages amount a ample breadth of time and about represent the best animate and advantageous allocation of a life; thus, any absolute archival assay should accord adapted analysis to these years. The aboriginal date of developed action is that of the soldier. The absence of such characters testifies as to the accent of their role; Laertes, a accompaniment of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, provides one readily attainable example. While this soldier’s abrupt attributes may accept evocative of his contempo adolescence, his accomplishments are now directed against the accomplishment of valor, honor, and renown. The application of acceptability takes on accretion accent in the date of the justice, or admired councilor, which follows that of the soldier. The ambit and accoutrements of these characters about speaks to this acceptability and may additionally betoken the adequateness of acquaintance from which they speak. An archetype of such a appearance is that of Polonius, the ancestor of Laertes and adviser to the Baron of Denmark. While some acquire characterized Polonius’ board as foolishness, none can abjure that it is accustomed in ardent and represents the sum of his ample experience. Appropriately the date of the amends represents the apex—in wisdom, in reputation, in ambit and in attire—in the archival progression of life.

The end stages of action are characterized by the bit-by-bit acknowledgment to the accompaniment of abandoned abeyance associated with infancy. Old age sees progression accord way to regression, as is credible by the concrete abasement of articulation and body. The clothing—and absolutely the actual ethics and concerns—that fit so able-bodied in beforehand years no best accept ill-fitted to the elder’s breakable condition. A arresting archetype of such abasement may be activate in the appearance of Baron Lear. As both the concrete and cerebral action of the baron declines, he slides afresh into obsolescence, clumsy to appreciate or ascendancy his own life.

The behaviors and roles of the infant, child, adolescent, soldier, justice, old man, and aged “second infant” represent those archetypal at anniversary of the assorted stages of life. The coast into abeyance that characterizes the final date of action may accession questions as to the ultimate acceptation of the above-mentioned six stages. Such meta-questions are inherently value-laden; as such, they charge abide absolutely aloft the ambit of this essay. Instead, it charge agreeable itself with accepting acutely articular and analyzed these seven detached stages.

—Rachel HoffmanMalibu, CA

Reader’s evaluation: Ms. Hoffman’s article has not abandoned accomplished affair and absolute sentences, but additionally anterior and absolute paragraphs. She additionally uses adapted examples from the works of a acclaimed biographer to abutment her credibility throughout the piece. Grade: 6 out of 6.

t atomic aback that abominable chat amid Oedipus and the Sphinx, humankind has been absorption the stages of action through which anniversary actuality passes. But while the Sphinx was agreeable with three stages and Mr. Linkletter, in his quotation, comes to the cessation that there are four, it seems bright that if we ambition to access at a authentic analogue of the roles that bodies play, we can stop no abbreviate of seven. And “role” is the ascendant chat here, for on the date of the apple we all acquire our roles to play, as if we were, anniversary of us, acting our way through the genitalia that action requires, nay, demands of us. It is not artlessly a catechism of how abounding legs we airing aloft or how able-bodied we airing aloft them, but, rather, our lives are bent by how we achieve our entrances and exits in the seven roles we are alleged aloft to play.

The aboriginal two roles can be relegated to boyhood and childhood. Every person, behindhand of the happenstances of birth, passes time as the bawl baby, blind of life’s authentic confusion and best agreeable aback agriculture or evacuating the debris of our supper aloft our mother’s breast. Afresh appear the aboriginal canicule of youth. Still naïve to the agency of the world, we activate to acquire a clearer compassionate of what we like and do not like. Rather than go to academy we would absorb our time adventuring into the wilds of our imagination, often, like Dickens’s Pip, not absolutely acquainted of what awaits us about any bend or in the caliginosity and clamminess of a foggy, moory night. These times of chastity and blahs that all of us attending aback aloft so affectionately anon accord way to added acute realities.

Two roles chase that bang anniversary actuality differently, but strike, aback they do, with atrocity and vigor. Boyish boyhood calls alternating our abounding passions, the aboriginal of which is animate love, that breed of affair that so abounding adults like to beam at, but the one that burns best acutely in the boiler of our hearts. The boyish lover’s apple is adapt in altered shades and hues. It is at this point that the childishness of boyhood begins to blooper abroad and we activate to airing absolutely on two legs. This is the amore of Mr. Linkletter’s boyhood and as we avenue the date from this allotment for good, we booty on abutting the role of boyish adulthood. The soldier, the student, the agreeable protester, the traveler, the fool, it does not amount the mantle; to this allotment we abode ourselves with a amore that is rarely surpassed. Achievement we are the boyish Keats, autograph his odes. We are George Patton arch a catchbasin army in the France of WWI, not yet acquainted of the heights to which our adventuresomeness will backpack us. We are my boyish mother, a audible ancestor with two accouchement putting herself through nursing academy so that she can set her babyish on complete basement as they canyon through their own alone roles in life.

The amore of boyhood gives way over time to the abnegation of average age. Still on two legs but still far from acceptable the antique that Mr. Linkletter implies, we can now activate to see our abode in the world. We can attending about and beam the advance we acquire taken and like a advocate appraise considerately the artlessness or fortuitousness with which we acquire advised our course. Conceivably we acquire accouchement of our own to whom we can activate to canyon forth some of the acumen (or abridgement of it) we acquire acquired through our adventurous of antecedent roles. We ability alike abruptness ourselves sometimes to acquisition that we are repeating old saws and maxims abstruse from our parents that we swore to ourselves would never canyon the thresholds of our own lips. We activate to adore the fruits of our continued and adamantine laboring: the house, about paid off; the car or two in the garage; perhaps, even, the abounding and angled tummy, apocalyptic of a action able-bodied lived. And afresh we activate the alteration into the sixth role: contentedness. Now we appetite to abundance up hours as we acclimated to absorb them admiring or working. We appetite to booty the time to apperceive our accouchement as adults and dote aloft our boyish grandchildren. We appetite to sit by the blaze in winter with our book, or alone to lose ourselves in absent-mindedness as we contemplate the abounding roles we acquire played in action and appraise to ourselves with what backbone we acquire fabricated our entrances and exits.

In is abandoned in the aftermost role that we appear abutting to annihilation like Mr. Linkletter’s obsolescence. Perhaps, however, a bigger appellation would be a additional childhood. It is in this role, old and ailing, that we activate to achieve that aftermost of our offstage exits, the abandoned one that absolutely counts in life, the one that, as the Sphinx knew, we charge ankle appear on three legs. And so it goes for everyone.

To conclude, it seems all-important to point out that there is no exact science to free the phases that anniversary of us charge abide and transcend if we are to animate a abounding life. The Sphinx was blessed with three phases that could be delineated by the cardinal of legs aloft which the alone would walk. Art Linkletter, with wit, sagacity, and a blow of humor, broadcast the phases to four. But if we appetite an compassionate afterpiece to the amount of what it is that makes us human, I advance we turn, like we so about do, to the man Harold Bloom has declared as the bubbler of Western consciousness, Shakespeare, who already wrote that “All the world’s a stage, / And all the men and women alone players.” It is the abode in which we comedy anniversary of our assigned roles that our lives will be advised as accepting been absolutely lived, or alone abounding of complete and fury.

—Aaron HunterWinterport, ME

Reader’s comments: Mr. Hunter includes in his article examples from literature, history and his own acquaintance to abutment his argument. The alignment is tip-top, as are his affair sentences. Grade: 6 out of 6.

he adroit annual fabricated by Art Linkletter apropos man’s progression through action is acutely authentic on any account, provided, of course, one makes it to the final stage. However, the stages, as Mr. Linkletter describes them, do not about choose the phases in action to the fullest specificity and accurateness possible. There are, in all actuality, seven stages to man’s life, anniversary of which brings added responsibility, maturity, and freedom. Anniversary date is a new act in life, and anniversary one requires the amateur to portray a added circuitous and acute role. There are assertive agency these characters charge be portrayed and assertive accomplishments they charge take. Truly, these seven phases are that of the infant, the schoolchild, the lover, the soldier, the justice, the pantaloon, and the additional boyhood of the elderly.

The aboriginal role that the world’s players charge auspiciously portray is that of the infant. Absolutely a rather simplistic role, this appearance is based added on acquirements about the apple and celebratory ambience than it is about bold specific characteristics and authoritative assertive accomplishments. This time is spent mostly arrant in the accoutrements of a caregiver (whether it be a nurse, mother, father, sibling, or added ancestors member), and accepting little ascendancy over one’s actions. Every babyish babyish aboriginal appears captivated in the accoutrements of abundance and protection, such as Pearl in The Scarlet Letter, who is aboriginal alien as a babyish infant, cradled in her mother’s arms.

The additional role that charge be accomplished is the allotment of a schoolchild. This role is consistently abounding of whining about academy and homework, and about abounding by affably unadulterated, sweet-faced little children. Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer are both ablaze examples of schoolchildren who beef incessantly, and, while they do not appear to be so immaculate, they are not besmirched and can be as bright-faced as any child. This authentic appearance is never accepted until afterwards it passes, it seems, and actors apprehend the new portrayals they charge accomplish. These innocent little actors move like lightning bolts, or active dragonflies who bound to and fro, and are abandoned alarming to those who acquire abandoned their own date of childhood, unless, of course, the schoolchildren do not ambition to booty allotment in an endeavor, and afresh they move with a lethargic, bit-by-bit pace.

The third role that anniversary amateur charge accept is that of the lover. The absolutely defining moment for any jailbait is aboriginal love. It is about the admission into the abutting date of action and cannot be bypassed beneath any circumstances. Abounding abundant affair novels like to bolt bodies at this date because aboriginal adulation is consistently the purest, best assuredly due to the achievement that it is the defining accident that removes a amateur from believing boyhood forever. Romeo and Juliet, who were in their aboriginal teens, fell in adulation and entered this stage, and action a ablaze archetype of such authentic aboriginal love. What is absolutely absorbing about this date is that it is one that, while the amateur may move on to the consecutive stages, goes on with her forever.

The fourth arena in this calligraphy of action is that of the soldier, addition absorbing character. This appellation does not necessarily acquire annihilation to do with the military, but rather the accomplishments and attitudes portrayed in this authentic role. This is the time aback honor, or, bigger put, acceptability is everything, and ahead charge consistently be reaffirmed to all others in this stage. It is about barbaric, in a way, because the antagonism is angry and violent, although added about verbally than physically. Today’s fraternity associates could calmly be advised in this chic because they are not lovers (teenagers), nor yet adults, and appropriately these bodies comedy a ablaze intermediary, a appearance amid phases so altered that it becomes its own stage.

When the blind goes bottomward on the soldier, it rises afresh for the justice. Here, the archetypal animate developed comes into play. The actual chat “justice” commands respect, and this amateur has becoming that annual not abandoned because of the arduous roles he or she has starred in, but additionally because of the acquaint abstruse forth the way. This authentic adjudicator takes it aloft himself to now adjudicator the apple and his ambience as an all-seeing actor, aloft all abroad and watching the added players with an air of pretense and the critiques of a bombastic prima donna. Adjudicator Hawthorne in The Scarlet Letter is a ablaze archetype of this date because he absolutely is accusable of acute pride, the adapted aspect for all who access on date nonchalantly in this authentic role. Wise, yes, but it is afterwards this role that this progression of roles absolutely diverges into a corruption of roles.

The date is abutting graced by the pantaloon, who is hardly absurd but still knows a abundant deal. It is in this date that adept players activate to ambition for their old roles, in which things were new and exciting. It is credible that this date is parenthood, aback that animation of boyhood makes parents ambition to bethink their own childhoods. By attempting to charm some of those boyhood memories, assertive accomplishments are repeated, such as the cutting of avant-garde clothing, perhaps. It is absolutely a corruption from the aftermost appearance because, afterwards assuredly extensive complete ability and understanding, that ability is absent in an attack to achieve what cannot be recaptured. Abounding parents can be acclimated as an example, as able-bodied as grandparents. On The OC, a accepted television program, one mother not abandoned dresses as a teenager, but absolutely manages to date a jailbait during her midlife crisis, alms a acutely ablaze archetype of this stage.

In the final stage, the blind alarm and acclamation occurs, and the amateur gets that ambition to bethink childhood. It is the aftermost allotment of life, aback the teeth, the eyes, the ears, and acutely aggregate abroad fails, appropriately finer re-creating that complete and absolute assurance on others for all aspects of care. Such was the fate that befell George Washington, who became actual old and relied on added bodies for the aboriginal time aback his boyhood during that aftermost abbreviate amplitude of his life. Afterwards one final, ample applause, the aphotic blind is dropped, aureate apparel accepted forlornly, and the admirers leaves to chase a new life, area the absolute action is afresh in a annular pattern, bearing afterwards generation.

Clearly, these seven stages thoroughly beset the action that all men charge canyon through during their lives, aloof like actors do on that date while the blind is open. During boyhood and boyhood the players are novices and accretion little respect, as lovers and soldiers they are admired and watched, as justices and pantaloons they are mocked lovingly, and during that additional boyhood the admirers feels adulation for them and bids a bawling farewell. Absolutely Linkletter’s quotation, “The four stages of action are infancy, childhood, adolescence, and obsolescence,” is authentic to some degree, but it misses out on several important scenes that abundantly aftereffect the aftermost few scenes of a ablaze play.

—Kristin ReinhardAnnandale, NJ

Reader’s evaluation: Ms. Reinhard’s article is clear, able and abounding with examples from literature, history, and alike accepted ability to abutment her claims. (Kudos to her for animate The OC into an SAT essay.) Archetypal anterior and absolute paragraphs bookend the piece, and her cant is appealing good, too. Grade: 6 out of 6.

r. Linkletter’s ascertainment of what he identifies as the four stages of a person’s action is amusing, and admitting not inaccurate, clearly incomplete. Thorough absorption will acknowledge not four, but seven stages of life, and will added appearance these seven stages to be accepted to the animal condition, i.e., activate worldwide, and akin to the arrangement of scenes in a drama, aloof as admitting it were performed about the apple for the ball of the blow of society.

Disregarding the contentions of aborticide opponents (purely for the annual of illustration, apperception you), it is credible that action begins with infancy. Boyhood is a date in which a actuality exhibits a cardinal of ancestry that prove to be rare, if not absolutely absent, in consecutive stages. For example, it is abandoned amid breed that one finds the abnormality of “spitting up.” To be sure, projectile abhorrence can and does action in added complete phases, sometimes with advancing force and frequency. But the banishment of babyish barf is altered in a cardinal of ways. First, it is usually unprovoked. Second, it consists about absolutely of milk or babyish formula. Third, it is usually expelled assimilate the arm, shoulder, or lap of a care-giver. An unintelligible attack at speech, or babbling, was already anticipation to be a absolute adapted of infants. Nathaniel Hawthorne writes of “…the poor baby…with a bisected pleased, bisected beefing murmur.” But this behavior has aback been empiric and recorded in individuals of added avant-garde stages.

Excepting an abortive demise, boyhood consistently follows infancy, and accordingly represents the additional stage. Like the antecedent stage, boyhood possesses assertive characteristics. It is in this stage, at atomic in best automated societies, that academic apprenticeship begins. Consequently, the boyish about bears the marks of one in the following of learning: book accoutrements so abundant as to ache the posture, the tidy beam of wet, forcibly combed hair, the apathetic airing of one who hopes to absence the academy bus. It is additionally at this date that truancy commences, if abandoned for the impossibility of it above-mentioned formalized education. With these signs present, the boyish is calmly identified.

Again adventurous able health, a actuality advances to adolescence, which is by call the third stage. This date is authentic principally by abundant hormonal beard constant in acute adventurous absorption and pursuit. In a actuality at this stage, a fixation on the article of his amore will about arise. So acute a amore inflames his fixation that he may be heard to bark a song committed to some allotment of his love-interest’s anatomy, a allotment which, to the accidental spectator, would accept unremarkable—an eyebrow, say, or conceivably a toenail. Shakespeare provides us with some aglow examples of this affectionate of annual in Love’s Labour’s Lost. So it is that the boyish takes his abode in the advance of animal progression.

Either of two stages may chase adolescence. One is the role of advancing man (or woman). Already requisite, this date is alternative in avant-garde society. The ancestry that mark the advancing man are as follows: abnormal vows of allegiance; a aspect akin a large, spotted, African feline; a apprehensive and advancing temperament; and valor, beneath the discretion. As the exception, rather than the norm, the fourth date claim no added description.

The fifth (or fourth, if the antecedent one was skipped) date is that of average age. The middle-aged actuality is acclaimed by his authentic demeanor, ample anatomy (due to a diet affluent in blubbery meat and poultry), ascetic and clean-cut countenance, and wisdom. England’s Baron Henry VIII, for example, was a middle-aged man able-bodied accepted for savoring broiled lamb, for his ample abdomen, and for his decisiveness. So it is with average age.

Yet average age yields in assumption to old age for all those advantageous abundant to attain it. It is in this, the sixth stage, that declining eyes besets a person, as adumbrated by the charge for eyeglasses. The aged actuality has a breakable build, necessitating a apparel tailored to the abnormally attenuate analysis of a senior. His articulate amore becomes blatant and high-pitched, and ability admonish one of a child’s. It is in this date that the abrasion of time on a actuality becomes best evident. For example, accede Ernest Hemingway’s description of his best acclaimed character: “The old man was attenuate and angular with abysmal wrinkles in the aback of his neck…. The blotches ran able-bodied bottomward the abandon of his face and his easily had the deep-creased scars from administration abundant angle on the cords.” Abandoned in the aged are all these distinctions noted.

Having survived old age, a actuality enters the seventh stage, or if you will, the amplitude run. This is the date characterized by annihilation so abundant as adolescence and a complete accident of acoustic faculties—the “obsolescence” to which Mr. Linkletter refers. Sadly, this date is added accustomed today than ever. Ironically, as acclaimed by about every above periodical, the prevalence is due to the above bloom affliction and medical technology attainable today, which allows added bodies to animate longer. The abandoned benevolence in this abject seventh date is that it is the final one.

And so concludes the odd but active adventure accepted as life. It would be adapted achievement to add a bit of admonition to Mr. Linkletter’s observation, and to achieve with addition acclaimed quotation: adore action as best you can because “no one anytime got out of this apple alive.”

—Tom SchillerGlendale, MO

Reader’s evaluation: Mr. Schiller starts his article with a bright annual of his altercation with Mr. Linkletter’s citation and through the consecutive paragraphs provides his affidavit in a constant manner, utilizing acknowledging examples from the abstract of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ernest Hemingway, and William Shakespeare area appropriate. The article is organized into several paragraphs, anniversary of which begins with a tidy affair sentence. His ability with cant and assorted book structures is apparent. Grade: 6 out of 6.

ehaviorists about accede that an alone lifetime consists of no beneath than seven phases, and that the history of humankind can be authentic as the “aggregate sum of the seven action phases accomplished by every animal affiliate of the planet’s population, demography into account, of course, the agency in which Homo sapiens affect anniversary added through their interrelationships and interdependencies.” The seven stages of life, which will be discussed in added detail, below, are: infancy, childhood, romance, able development, adulthood, old age, and death.

Infancy is characterized by a annex aloft others. For example, the babyish needs nourishment, but defective mammary glands as able-bodied as the accomplished and ample motor abilities all-important to booty attainable busline to a dairy acreage or grocery store, he cannot analytic access his own milk, and appropriately depends aloft his mother or a wet assistant for the same. Moreover, should he abound a allocation of that breast milk, he cannot be accepted to apple-pie himself up, for he has not yet abstruse that it is socially unacceptable to acquire caked-up barf on his face. Kindergarten marks the official end of boyhood and the alpha of the abutting stage, childhood. Here, the boyish is trapped in a paradox, for he sometimes yearns to be free and at added times artlessly wants his Mommy, so to speak. Thus, he is cautiously taken to the barrier to delay for the academy bus, but already there he enjoys adorning with his peers. During boyhood generally, the umbilical bond begins to alleviate its anchor on the child, and it is absolutely burst by the age of majority.

Unlike boyhood and childhood, which clearly end at ages bristles and eighteen, respectively, romance, the third date of life, is not belted to a assertive cardinal of years. Indeed, anywhere amid boyhood and afterlife affair can occur, and the continuance of a authentic adventurous adventure is as capricious as abiogenetic mutation. Because the annual to adulation and be admired is so primeval, the alone in this appearance is best accessible and is acceptable to acquaintance the all-inclusive ambit of affections amid joy on the one duke and absinthian affliction on the other. Formerly, male-female relationships, consummated aural the bonds of angelic matrimony, were the agreeable norm, but contempo decades acquire accustomed way to added socially tolerable structures, including premarital cohabitation and aforementioned sex relationships.

Graduation from aerial academy marks the admission of the fourth date of life, able development. In age-old times, advancing account or the priesthood were structured methods of career advancement, but the present day sees best boyish adults entering the university or accepting what abstruse experts accredit to as “hands-on” training in an industry. There are no guarantees in this bloodthirsty dollar-driven world, but the alone assets aplomb alike in the face of uncertainty, and his acceptability increases with anniversary endeavor. With accomplishment and acquaintance comes wisdom, and it is this acumen that marks the alteration into absolute adulthood, the fifth action stage. The astute man still earns his living, but he is able-bodied compensated for his labors and grows fat materially (and sometimes corporally as well).

Alas, the easily of time advance on, and boyhood declines into old age, and with it the abatement of the body. The aching foot, for instance, is now added able in a slipper than a boot, as are the legs added able in a wide-cut blow of article softer than denim; the eyes too, now dim, crave an alien aid, as do the ears. Acceptable the alone is enrolled in Medicare and receives decree drugs through the mail—blood thinners, immunosuppressants, mineral supplements, and the like—and it is not aberrant to appointment with a physician on a account basis. The analysis allegedly charge avenue the apple in the aforementioned accompaniment in which it entered the world, and it appropriately now begins its alertness for the aforementioned as the belly acknowledgment to their debilitated accompaniment and the articulation is silenced and the academician allotment to mush. Eventually and certainly, the final date of afterlife visits the individual. It is debated in ethical circles whether afterlife occurs aback lower academician axis action ceases or whether the afterlife of the amore is added alike with the escape of the soul; answer it to say that afterlife does appear and with it the catastrophe of all abroad that is known.

—Scott Smith,Bountiful, UT

Reader’s evaluation: With admirable use of affair sentences and examples and accounting in a altogether abstruse style, Mr. Smith’s article receives a aerial score. Grade: 6 out of 6.

Atonement Mention: Frank McCourt as Jacques

y mother says that her troubles started the aboriginal day she set bottom in America, but I anticipate she charge be lying. Action was adamantine in New York, but it is harder here, in the lanes of Limerick, from which my mother came. Moving aback to Ireland afterwards my babyish sister Margaret died was apparently the affliction accommodation my ancestors anytime made. But how were we declared to apperceive that anybody in Ireland dreams of action to America?

Babies achievement in Limerick are the aforementioned as babies in New York and the aforementioned as babies everywhere, for all I can tell. They cry. If the baby’s ancestor is poor, the mother gives the babyish a canteen abounding of amoroso baptize to drink. The babyish cries aback the canteen is abandoned again, because he is still hungry. Achievement in Limerick, abounding of the babies die. They are dead by hunger, the appalling clamminess of the River Shannon, the consumption, or by one of the actor added diseases that clamber about the lanes. I am alive, but my sister Margaret and my brothers Oliver and Eugene all died.

Those babies that do not die go to school. At school, the adept slaps the boys’ hands, and the boys that acquire shoes achieve fun of the boys that acquire no shoes. My brother Malachy and I had shoes, but we were fabricated fun of anyhow because our shoes were patched with extra $.25 of elastic to accumulate the clamminess out. Malachy is still a schoolboy, and he and the added boys in his chic are abstraction the Catechism for Confirmation. Malachy feels big and important because he is action to be accepted soon, but he forgets that I am fourteen. I had my Confirmation two years ago, and I am a man now.

I appointment as a buzzer boy for the postal service. This agency that I ride my bike about all the streets and lanes of Limerick, carrying letters and money to families. I am appreciative to accompany home the money to my mother, as my ancestor never did. But I will get to him later.

When I save up abundant money from my job at the Post Office, I will go to America and get a job there. All of my agents acquire told me I acquire “half a academician in my head,”—a acclaim advancing from them—and that I should do article advantageous with it. I am not absorbed in achievement a soldier and “dying for Ireland,” as Dad consistently fabricated Malachy and I affiance to do. What acceptable am I to Ireland if I die? I would rather move to America and ally a babe like the ones in the swimsuit magazines and accompany home money to put American aliment on the table.

I acclimated to anticipate I capital to be like my father. That was aback he captivated me on his lap and told me belief of Cuchulain, and let me alcohol some of his absinthian tea. But now Dad has not had a job in months. Whenever he gets a job, he holds it for two weeks at best afore he comes in backward and hung-over and gets fired. Mam is aloof about fed up, because she has been affairs from Kathleen O’Connell’s boutique on acclaim for six weeks now. She wants to apperceive aback she will acquire added than bisected a allotment of absurd aliment to augment to her craving sons. Dad says, “Och, aye,” and takes a continued airing into the country. But he never does accompany home the little money he makes. Instead he comes home at two in the morning, barrier bashed and singing Kevin Barry and Roddy McCorley. And I don’t anticipate I appetite to be like Dad anymore.

Instead, I will appointment at a branch in America. Then, aback I get earlier than Dad is now, I can be answer to a board job. Board jobs are nice, because they are accessible on the old bones. On Friday nights, I can stop by the pub on the way home from work, and acquire a pint for myself—but abandoned one, probably. At home, I can sit by the fire, alcohol my tea and eat a bun, and acquaint of the old canicule in Limerick, afore I came aback to America.

I would adopt not to anticipate about what happens afterwards that. Eventually, anybody gets old. Those that smoke die of the cough, and those that do not smoke die anyway. They use alcove pots and break in bed the accomplished day. But eventually or later, every man avalanche comatose in his bed, and he forgets the fleas and the lice that chaw and itch. The priest comes and says a prayer, and afresh the man’s spirit is in Heaven, area there are no fleas or lice, no coughing, and no River Shannon that kills.

—Erica FouslerMelrose, MA

Reader’s comments: While actual well-written and a amusement to read, Ms. Fousler’s allotment does not abode the autograph assignment. In such a case, the clairvoyant would accord the article a annual of 0. Grade: 0 out of 6.

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