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Night Fury X Light Fury Why Is Everyone Talking About Night Fury X Light Fury?

Fans get their hopes up aback new banana books are announced, and while the banana books don’t consistently themselves accommodated those aerial expectations, sometimes they do – but we’ll never apperceive if those banana books don’t absolutely appear out.

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In the deathwatch of the COVID-19 pandemic, several appear Marvel banana book alternation were put on hiatus. Abounding eventually resumed publication, or the administrator gave an account why the alternation would not be released. But there’s a dozen Marvel titles amphibian out there in some affectionate of purgatory, with us not alive if they’re accident or not.

That’s not to say these accurate Marvel titles don’t accept a accessible acumen for actuality M.I.A. COVID-19 had a air-conditioned aftereffect on the banana book industry, and for a time there were bodies aboveboard analytic if banana books would resume, instead of when. But by May, all the above banana book publishers resumed their releases and abounding of the adjourned alternation were re-scheduled and re-released. 

But not these.

These 12 Marvel titles – one advancing series, three events, and eight bound alternation – accept been absent from Marvel’s post-COVID-19 abeyance schedule, and accept gone unmentioned in all announcements from the publisher.

And while we don’t accept all the answers, we’ve calm all the accepted advice in one abode – including some comments from alone creators complex – on these titles to admonish you what they are, who’s involved, and in some cases what’s activity on.

The Infinity Stones are affectionate of a big accord at Marvel – and in June the administrator planned an eight-part crossover accident confined as an all-new Infinity Quest alleged ‘Infinite Destinies.’

“In a alternation of eight annuals, ceremony chapter will brace Marvel’s better heroes like Captain America and Iron Man with some of Marvel’s newest heroes and villains including Star, Amulet, and more,” apprehend Marvel’s announcement. “These agitative new additions to the Marvel ballad may or may not acquire one of the approved afterwards stones — but the absolute catechism will be who will be captivation them in the end, and what will it beggarly for the approaching of the Marvel Universe?”

Series editor Nick Lowe said the accident was advised to “shine a light” on eight new characters: Quantum, Overtime, Spirit of Corruption, White Fox, Aulet, Prince of Power, Star, and a ‘classified’ eighth.

Here was the planned absolution order, bedfellow stars, and creators (when known):

Each ceremony was to additionally accommodate a aback consecutive alleged ‘Super-Spy vs. Super-Spy,’ with Nick Fury and Phil Coulson.

For an accident of this magnitude, it’s a bit different that Marvel hasn’t mentioned this in the accomplished eight months – but we are active in different times.

This one-shot arch into an accident was appropriate on two fronts – one for starring Scarlet Witch advanced of her TV alternation WandaVision, and the added for actuality the Marvel admission of above DC absolute biographer Steve Orlando.

“For hundreds of years, advisers and heroes akin accept searched for the complete argument of the Darkhold—a.k.a. the Book of the Damned, accounting by the ancient god Chthon,” reads Marvel’s address for the one-shot. “Now one of the greatest sorcerers in the Multiverse has begin it—and Chthon has begin him. To save them all, the Scarlet Witch charge accumulate the world’s greatest heroes…and absolve their close darkness.”

Drawn by Cian Tormey, Darkhold Alpha #1 was appointed to admission in June but – like all on our account – was put on aperture due to COVID-19. Neither of the creators, nor Marvel accept said annihilation about the alternation aback it was appear in March.

This one is a bit of an oddity, as Gwen Stacy was launched in February and a additional affair came out… then, nothing. Christos Gage and Todd Nauck’s thee final issues were solicited but afresh scuttled in the administration abeyance acquired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While best added ongoings and bound alternation bent in the average of an arc were eventually resumed – some alone digitally, but still completed  – Gwen Stacy stands out in its absence.

Sources at Marvel acquaint Newsarama that all bristles issues of the alternation accept been accounting and drawn, but they don’t accept a bright abstraction of aback the book will be solicited.

Like the antecedent entry, Vita Ayala and Claire Roe’s Nebula alternation was already underway aback the communicable took hold. Ayala was at C2E2 aback at March announcement the book even, but abominably Nebula #2 – appear two weeks afterwards – is the aftermost time readers saw that series.

While we accept a bit of advice on Gwen Stacy, it’s not bright if the three actual issues of Nebula are completed in any aspect, nor if the alternation will eventually be released.

With allocution of a TV alternation based on Marvel’s Silk amphibian around, the Silk advancing alternation appear aback in February seemed like a nice bit of inter-departmental advice at Marvel. Add to it biographer Maurene Goo and artisan Takeshi Miyazawa, and it sounds like a banana bodies would absolutely appetite to read.

Originally appear for a July 2020 debut, the Silk advancing alternation would be demography Spider-Man’s airy spider-sister and putting her to assignment for J. Jonah Jameson and his podcast, Threads & Menaces – by day as reporter, and by night as his protector.

While Marvel hasn’t appear a rescheduled admission date for the Silk series, aback in September Newsarama accepted with sources central Marvel that the alternation was still in development. There’s not been any account since.

When announced, The Marvels was declared as “the best aggressive alternation to hit the Marvel Universe” – no pressure, right? 

Picking up from the seminal 1994 bound alternation Marvels, this new bound alternation by Kurt Busiek and Yilidray Cinar was to be one of the centerpieces of the 25th ceremony ceremony of that aboriginal book. With the pandemic-forced delay, affairs for a May 2020 were nixed and now, months later, abide cat-and-mouse in the wings.

Why? Well, aback in September Busiek said the administrator is captivation this one aback to delay for the appropriate time to barrage it, not aloof the aboriginal opportunity.

“That one’s been delayed a little, as Marvel wants to get aggregate aback on firmer basement afore ablution a aboriginal and adequately aggressive series,” Busiek told Newsarama. “It’s a big, sprawling book with access all throughout Marvel history, so it’s fun to do and a lot of work, and we absolutely appetite to accept it barrage the best it can.”

Busiek says a plan is in place, but Marvel is cat-and-mouse on announcement it. 

With Xochitl Gomez appear to comedy America Chavez in the accessible Doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness, now would be a acceptable time to accept a new America Chavez banana book on stands. And that was the plan, with a calm copy of the accomplished affair on stands in time for Christmas.

But hey, Doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness doesn’t appear out until 2022, so there’s still abounding time.

Marvel Comics’ plan was for a five-issue alternation alleged America Chavez: Made in the USA by biographer Kalinda Vazquez and artisan Carlos Gomez. The alternation was appear to be an agent adventure for the ancient Ms. America, aloof the affair as a beachcomber of new bodies appear to apperceive her.

Given the cine casting and the continued aerodrome afore her MCU debut, it’s assertive that an America Chavez book will be advancing – hopefully, this one.

As addition who’s married, I can acquaint you you never balloon an ceremony – and Marvel Comics didn’t with their 30th ceremony affairs for New Warriors. But then, the communicable happened.

Originally appear in January for an April 2020 debut, the New Warriors bound alternation by biographer Daniel Kibblesmith and artisan Luciano Vecchio was planning on introducing new New Warriors, with the aboriginal aggregation acting as mentors.

The alternation was advised to be allotment of the crossover accident ‘Outlawed,’ and like New Warriors, that was delayed but eventually came out – aloof bare this New Warriors title.

Neither Marvel nor the creators would animadversion on the cachet of the alternation and its future.

How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way is an iconic allotment of Marvel’s history, and in 2020 the administrator planned to revisit that in a refreshingly new-reader-friendly series  How to Apprehend Comics the Marvel Way.

Writer Christopher Hastings and artisan Scott Koblish planned to accord an Understanding Comics-style addition to comics and the different beheld accent it employs, afresh go into a bit of a history assignment for comics and Marvel’s role in its growth.

This bound alternation was advised to barrage in April, but like aggregate on this account it fell off the agenda due to the communicable and hasn’t been apparent or heard from since.

Neither Marvel, the creators, nor Newsarama accept any updates on this appellation – but accustomed the accountable matter, it seems like article Marvel would appetite to do to appoint a new admirers agnate to Stan Lee’s archetypal Agent of Marvel Comics.

Although the Marvel Max band is still in algid accumulator at the publisher, a Marvel Max-esque ‘prestige’ five-issue Punisher alternation was bound and loaded to admission in April until the administration shutdown.

Writer Ed Brisson and artisan Declan Shalvey were teaming up to accompany the Garth Ennis-created Barracuda out of alternating chain and into the capital Marvel U with this book. The alternation was in talks for years, and we’re told was a bit of a affection activity for both the authors.

At atomic four of the bristles issues are absolutely fatigued according to our sources, but with the hiatus, Shalvey has confused on to added projects. Aback the hiatus, Brisson’s ‘exclusive’ acceding with Marvel has asleep and he’s amorphous aberration out with assignment at added publishers.

We’re acquisitive the alternation eventually sees the ablaze of day, but haven’t heard of any affairs to complete the project.

This bound alternation has had a abracadabra – delayed already by the pandemic, and afresh a additional time by – well, we’re not absolutely sure.

This five-issue alternation by Kevin Shinick and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque was appear to admission in June 2020, afresh afterwards the communicable rescheduled to December. A few weeks afore that debut, however, Marvel pulled the appellation again. 

Shinick has said that the book is still underway, and they’re cat-and-mouse until “the time is right” to absolution it.

Given W.E.B. of Spider-Man is a amalgamation to an accessible Disney Parks ride appointed to admission in 2021, we brainstorm “the time is right” aback Disney Parks is abiding of the ride’s official launch.

This one is different because it was appear afterwards the pandemic-influenced administration abeyance was fixed, but is still M.I.A.

Dark Ages by biographer Tom Taylor and artisan Iban Coello was advised as a abatement 2020 accident afterward Marvel’s key heroes as the apple adventures a blackout. It was appear in accurate accident attributes with a abruptness adventure in May’s Free Banana Book Day: X-Men #1 one-shot and billed as “a adventure of the Marvel Universe.”

But like Image Comics’ Saga, it charcoal in a bit of limbo with neither the creators or administrator speaking up with any revised appraisal of aback it’ll appear out.

Perhaps a fabulous all-around calamity of a blackout was advised in poor aftertaste to broadcast aback the apple is in a absolute calamity, but whatever the acumen we’re larboard in the accepted aphotic like the heroes in the story.

When (or if) these comics do eventually go on sale, they’ll be accessible both in book and digitally. Check out our account of the best agenda comics readers for Android and iOS devices.

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