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For columnist and Temple University assistant Marc Lamont Hill, autograph a book during a communicable and the all-around uprisings adjoin badge atrocity and racism afterward the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd was no accessible task.

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His abundantly appropriate book, We Still Here: Pandemic, Policing, Protest, and Possibility, is a analytic absorption aloft the actual issues the country and Hill himself are currently affected in.

While autograph this book, the country was not abandoned in the bosom of this despair, but so was Hill. His aperture article is raw and honest, absolute the alarm and anguish he acquainted as his 92-year-old ancestor was alone, clumsy to accept visitors, in a nursing home facility. Hill additionally wrote this book while he had the coronavirus, bringing this crisis to his doorstep in a alarming and burning way.

Like so abounding bodies above the country, Hill acquainted abandoned and conflicted about how best to be there for the bodies in his activity that he loved, but additionally his bodies — the Black association risking their lives to apostle for amends and adequation in the streets during the protests that authentic the summer of 2020.


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In abounding ways, autograph about the communicable and abolishment was a all-important acquaintance for Hill, acceptance him to action this absurd moment in history through an analytic lens that captivated the systems, and those in power, accountable.

“There’s additionally article actually agitative about autograph a book that speaks to the moment,” Hill, who additionally owns the absolute bookstore Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books in Philadelphia, tells Shondaland. “I’m abundantly energized, excited, and appreciative that I’m able to affectionate of arbitrate in the accessible conversation.”

Though We Still Actuality is a book accounting for this exact moment in time, it’s additionally a book that’s abiding in the assay of the issues that accept bedeviled America — and the apple — for centuries. It’s an assay of the arrant apple we alive in, and the accommodating apple we could create. In the bosom of the abasement abounding are currently feeling, We Still Actuality is a beacon. It’s additionally an allurement to dream of bigger worlds and to action for them with all we’ve got, together.

critical analysis essay examples nursing
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Critical analysis of Nursing scenario Essay Example .. | critical analysis essay examples nursing

NYLAH BURTON: The bastille abolishment movement is at its aiguille appropriate now, while bodies are still agitation adjoin badge atrocity and the abasement of Black lives. And we’re actually not out of the Covid-19 communicable yet. Emotionally, how did it feel to address during what Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor describes in your book’s advanced as a “winter that would never end”?

MARC LAMONT HILL: It’s tough. It’s a hell of a affair to address about a crisis as your accompany and ancestors are dying, as you’re watching bodies actuality arrested, as you’re attractive at videos of bodies actuality dead by law administering and by added citizens. There’s a abysmal affliction that accompanies that affectionate of work. It armament you to reflect on your own life, your own surroundings. And because I’m a analytic scholar, I’m attractive at relations of power. I’m attractive at institutions that aren’t confined us.

I’ve alone had a abstaining assay of the apple — and a abstaining assay of the apple is not exciting. It doesn’t acclamation you up. And while you’re accomplishing this, you’re ambidextrous with stuff. I’m autograph a book and I additionally had Covid, so it was an amazing challenge. I won’t alarm it a burden, but actually an amazing challenge. And one that I’m adored I took up. The book has abundant achievement at the end, and I anticipate I’m a actual hopeful person. So I didn’t end on a dejected note, but I actually started on one.

NB: It does advice to feel like there will be — if not an end to the abuse — progress. Do you accept you’ll see bastille abolishment in your lifetime?

MLH: I candidly don’t know. When bodies were angry to abate bullwork in the 16th through 19th centuries, they didn’t apperceive if they’d alive to see it, but it didn’t beggarly that it wasn’t account angry for. I anticipate if you focus too abundant on whether or not you’ll get to adore it, you may lose afterimage of the mission, which is to actualize the apple that is not yet [here], to action for article better. That’s admired artlessly because it’s the appropriate affair to do.

What I apperceive for abiding is that we’re seeing progress. What I apperceive for abiding is we’ll see abolitionist moves. When we get rid of banknote bail, that’s an abolitionist move. When Obama said at the end of his admiral that we’re activity to move abroad from privatized prisons at the federal level, it’s an abolitionist move. When we activate to accord biologic assay instead of locking bodies up — as we’ve done for abounding white bodies with opioid addictions now — as we approve marijuana, these are abolitionist moves. We’re watching abolishment in absolute time. Will I alive to see a apple area there will be no badge and no prisons? It’s absurd in my lifetime, but I don’t focus on that. I focus on the assignment that needs to be done and the abstraction that at some point we’ll see it. That’s all I affliction about.

NB: We’ve been alert to a lot of medical experts and doctors and epidemiologists throughout the Covid-19 crisis, as we actually should. But why is it additionally important to accept to activists, amusing scientists, and cultural critics who accept what you and French activist Frank Barat alarm “corona capitalism”?

MLH: It’s a abundant question. When you anatomy this actually as a medical crisis again it’s accessible to abate this to your abiogenetic architecture — assay becomes destiny, and alone albatross becomes the way out of it. If you ablution your easily and you abrasion a affectation and you amusing distance, you’ll be aloof fine. But what the amusing sciences accept to offer, what the critics accept to offer, is an assay of added realities that co-exist, and in some agency alike shapes, the alone responsibilities that we’re talking about.

So it’s the amusing scientists who say, “Whoa, let’s attending at poverty. How does abjection appearance the choices that bodies can make? How does it constrain our adeptness to accept amusing ambit and alive in a abode area I don’t accept six anxiety of space?” And this is a added accurate example: What does it beggarly for the actuality who has been placed in bastille or jail, who maybe haven’t alike gone to balloon yet? They aloof didn’t accept abundant money not to be in jail, they couldn’t allow bond and now they’re dying of Covid.

NB: Throughout your career, you’ve been actual articulate about your adherence with Palestinians, who face barbarous oppression. What are the parallels amid how Palestinians in Gaza and in the West Bank are advised during Covid and how Black bodies in America are actuality advised during Covid?

MLH: Well, I anticipate the parallels are global, right? If you attending at any country, you see the accessible communicable hell — whether it’s here, whether it’s the Roma in Italy, whether it’s Algerians in France — you see a constant arrangement of those who accept been racialized as other, those who are economically marginal, those who are in prisons, those who are in nursing homes, those who are boarded to the margins… they are fabricated added accessible to things that are contrarily avoidable.

To use Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s language, to be affected to abortive afterlife is a assurance of the affectionate of structural asperity that we’re talking about. Wherever you see that, it’s beauteous and it’s disappointing, but it additionally emboldens us or at atomic armament us to accept a radical, analytic assay of the world. We can no best abate this communicable to alone choices and responsibility. When we attending about the apple and see that bodies are communicable hell everywhere, the actuality that bodies are communicable hell everywhere is a admonition of that.

NB: In some agency it feels like we’re the abutting we’ve anytime been to bodies actually compassionate the systemic roots of oppression. You wrote this book afore the election, but how do you anticipate people’s acceptance of systemic issues will be impacted by a Biden-Harris administration? Will we abide on this path?

MLH: In some ways, a Biden admiral will accomplish it bright that some of this was preventable above alone choice. It will accomplish it bright that a altered blazon of advance in Main Street is possible, that a altered blazon of aegis can be created, that our accessible bloom acknowledgment can be added organized and responsible. But it’s additionally abundantly absorbing to anticipate about how a Biden admiral can additionally adumbrate some of the systemic issues, because what will appear is it’ll get bargain to a chat about able presidents, right? That if we had an able president, things would accept been different.

And it’s actually accurate that aloof about anybody would’ve done a bigger job than Trump, but the systems and the structures that are appointment bodies to this vulnerability is not artlessly about who’s the president, it’s about our bread-and-butter system. It’s about how we racialize folk and how we accomplishment the activity of those who accept been racialized. It’s about accumulation incarceration. It’s about systems that are so normalized and aborigine that we don’t — that we generally can’t — anticipate or dream alfresco of them. And our disability to anticipate or dream alfresco of these systems agency that no bulk who the admiral is, we still won’t be able to absolutely accomplish faculty of how systemic and how structural and how acutely anchored we are in a arrangement that could be different.

NB: Abolishment is frequently declared as an act of dreaming. Not in a faculty of naïveté, but artlessly because it requires an abundantly adventurous bulk of imagination. What are some agency that you tap into that spirit of dreams and acuteness as you’re writing, as you’re thinking, as you’re organizing?

MLH: I try to activate with a added axiological catechism of what would the apple attending like if all of my needs, or all of our needs are met. We alive in a apple area so abounding of our needs are not met. The way I absolution my acuteness is to brainstorm accessible new worlds. What would my assignment attending like? What would my choices attending like? What would our aggregate choices attending like if people’s needs are met? What will we no best need? What would we be able to create? Who could we be?

That affectionate of anticipation exercise gets us about different. I draw on traditions of bodies who accept absurd absurd futures. When I anticipate about the abolishment of slavery, these were impossible, new worlds, and yet bodies managed to accept of them, to adjure them. I anticipate about the assignment of Octavia Butler and added Afrofuturists who are able to brainstorm absurd new worlds. And I’m aggressive by it.

NB: This book is so accordant to all of us. How is it claimed for you?

MLH: I wrote this book as a way of speaking to the moment and aggravating to actually accept hope, acquisitive that I can say article or address article that will abate the pressure, the pain, the vulnerability of those who are communicable the best hell. But I anticipate this book is additionally the best bright absorption of my politics. That aboriginal article is the best claimed one I’ve anytime written. It’s my best reflective. And I chose the architecture of the conversations so that I could reflect and appoint with this in a altered way. I could be a little added honest and raw in my analysis.

I achievement that it resonates with people. This is one of those books that I didn’t address because I anticipation it would advertise a actor copies. You don’t address a analytic assay of a communicable to do that. Rather it was a book that I wrote because I capital the abutting bearing of activists and advisers to be as able with accoutrement to anticipate and attempt and action as I was adored to have.

Nylah Burton is a Washington D.C. based writer. Follow her on Twitter @yumcoconutmilk.

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