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Urban Dictionary 2 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Urban Dictionary

There’s article cringeworthy as fuck about articulating the animal carrion we appoint in.

urban dictionary
 Urban Dictionary Extension - urban dictionary

Urban Dictionary Extension – urban dictionary | urban dictionary

We’re not talking about your accepted foreplay with allegorical words, like fingering, wristies, gobbies etc which about get aggregate off into “everything but” anyway. No – we’re talking about the absolute awful shit.

The affectionate of bits that makes you feel like a fahbulous cum-spraying adept of the universe.

The affectionate of bits that makes you feel like your ballocks is a bewitched chamber/wand that can beat all.

The affectionate of bits that absolutely involves shit.

The affectionate of bits that can’t be authentic in believer agreement ’cause, well, it would accomplish your mother baptise you all over again.

Behold, we’ve angled up a agglomeration off sex agreement that’ll either get you decidedly angry on/ accomplish you address off animal activeness altogether (Please note: Some of these beneath are awful fucked up and not created or encouraged by P.TV.):


When two bodies accept anal sex and one removes their penis/strap-on/foreign article and rubs all balance – poopy, spermy or contrarily – on the added party’s top lip. If ya hadn’t guessed, this makes for a solid counterfeit moustache. (For added on art that can be fabricated via dick, analysis painter Pricasso authoritative beauty HERE.)

urban dictionary
 Urban Dictionary App to Take On Chicago Manual of Style ..

Urban Dictionary App to Take On Chicago Manual of Style .. | urban dictionary


Banging addition with whom you’ve exchanged beneath than 140 words. GETTING. IT. DONE.


When one being takes a dump on another’s chest, proceeding to sit bottomward and cycle aback and alternating like a fkn beef roller. Role comedy for the ages, sexually alive ones.


Separating the vaginal lips/butt cheeks, demography a bits central and again potentially accepting sex with the breach afterwards. We’d acclaim douching afterwards this shitfight.


Muching article ablaze and colourful like Fruit Loops or a roll-up and accomplishing a appropriate vom on your ally chest. The end aftereffect should be annihilation abbreviate of a messy, majestical rainbow.MAUI MUDSLIDE

Y’know the chat mudslide is activity to agree to article absolutely dirty, and you’d be right. This one is the act of pooing your accuracy out on someone’s chest again biting so the bits slides bottomward like a mudslide. Here in Aus, we like to anticipate of this one as “The Stuart Diver”.THE CONCOCTION

Oh my. Oh mee oh my. One for the artisanal that requires you to mix berry and menstrual claret to accomplish a nice blush hue. Again you’ll acrylic yourselves aloof like you were in kindergarten again! Who knew sex could be such a hoot!

Too far?


Getting your shlong sucked while additionally demography a dump, all while patting on your aback for your adeptness to multitask.

COLD LUNCHFUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. This one has a few definitions, anniversary aloof as berserk NOT OK as the other. One’s aback you deepthroat so adamantine that you abound a lil’ bit of vom assimilate his peen, but still continue. The other’s aback you barf assimilate the being assuming felacio. Lovely, no?


Basically, aggravating to jam your ballsack into an opening. Apparently this appellation came from the adversity of aggravating to accumulate your pet in the bath.

FELCHINGUnleashing the seamen from your demon and into one’s ass, again sucking it aback with a straw. Wouldn’t appetite it go to decay now, would ya?


Doin the agrarian thang on aphasiac while one or added bodies are in the room. Oh STFU, you’ve either been the penetrator, penetratee or anesthetized out in the corner. It’s OK. YOLO etc. KANYE WEST’D

Pausing mid-bang to allocution about a accomplished penetrator who was, artlessly put, bigger at sex than they are. Then, continue.

CLAM JAMFemale agnate to a erect block.


Discovering hemorrhoids while bistro ass, account pepperoni – geddit?


Giving anal and again spitting on the receivers aback so they anticipate it’s jizz. Again aback they about-face about you acquisition a fun sprog area about on their face. Ca-ute!


Think Pearl Necklace, but bandy out the jizz for poo remnants, and amplify your assortment bottomward the chest.

If you don’t apperceive whether or not to cry or go get yourself some P in the V/B, accompany the fucking club. We’re so done.

Photo: 20th Century Fox.

Urban Dictionary 2 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Urban Dictionary – urban dictionary
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