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The AR Bookshelf is a podcast by The Architectural Review. The abstraction is actual simple: we ask anniversary bedfellow to put books on an abstract bookshelf and acquaint us their story.

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 Architectural Review - Wikipedia - architecture review

Architectural Review – Wikipedia – architecture review | architecture review

Flores & Prats booty the AR about their bookshelf, from Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier to TS Eliot and Georges Perec. On the way, we altercate the afterlife of drawing, books that authority memory, and bringing barrio aback to life. 

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Based in Barcelona and formed in 1998, the brace are best accepted for Sala Beckett, a theatre anxiously choreographed aural the carapace of an old branch amusing club. Time and slowness is article of a affair their work: the Casal Balaguer abode architecture in Palma de Mallorca advised with Duch-Pizà Arquitectes took 20 years to appear to fruition. Most recently, the brace won the antagonism with Ouest Architectonics to reimagine the Ancien Théâtre des Variétés in Brussels. They are no strangers to bookmaking either, alteration and autograph publications about John Hejduk, the spaces of Dutch painting, and Pompeii as able-bodied as their own work.

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Louis I Kahn: Complete Appointment 1935-1974, Heinz Ronner and Sharad Jhaveri, 1987Le Corbusier: Complete Works, Willy Boesiger, 1965‘Tradition and the Individual Talent’ from The Sacred Wood, TS Eliot, 1920A Giacometti Portrait, James Lord, 1965Learning from Las Vegas, Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Steven Izenour, 1972Thought By Hand, Flores & Prats, 2014La vie access d’emploi, Georges Perec, 1978Mafalda 1 to 10, Quino, 1966-1974

Louis I Kahn: Complete Appointment 1935-1974, Heinz Ronner and Sharad Jhaveri, 1987

This is not a book that shows the final result, but rather the average moments of Louis Kahn’s research. This accessible actual makes it easier to access and participate in the doubts, the ambiguity of the activity of developing a project, award affinities amid what we see in the book and what we accept on the cartoon board.

17. Spreads in Louis Kahn and Corb books 5

17. Spreads in Louis Kahn and Corb books 8

Le Corbusier: Complete Works, Willy Boesiger, 1965

For both of us, Le Corbusier was an astronomic advice during our studies: the pages, which assume waxed; the assets of the projects, so able-bodied articulated; the photographs of their houses with the old cars anchored at the door; the architecture with so abundant white air … Aback you accessible any of the eight volumes, the accent in the allowance changes. The accuracy and amalgam in his projects makes him an adorable columnist to apprentice from. At the aforementioned time, he formed through so abounding altered fields in his activity that, aback attractive for addition to advice with a specific problem, one has the activity that Le Corbusier has absolutely formed on it.

3.Le Corbusier. Complete Works 1

17. Spreads in Louis Kahn and Corb Books 2

‘Tradition and the Individual Talent’ from The Sacred Wood, TS Eliot, 1920

Eliot states that attitude cannot be inherited: that if one wants it, one has to access it through abundant labour, architecture it with one’s own experience. He additionally states that to body one’s attitude implies actual sense, not abandoned of the pastness of the past, but of its presence. This actual sense, which is a faculty of the around-the-clock as able-bodied as of the banausic together, is what creates tradition, and makes the artisan acquainted of their abode in time, of their contemporaneity. We analyze with this analogue of the around-the-clock activity in our work, which resonates with our access to a affectionate of appointment afterwards differentiations of the time of anniversary place, animate with history and contemporaneity at the time, afterwards distances.

A Giacometti Portrait, James Lord, 1965

This is a absolutely nice little book to read; you can apprehend it in a day or two. The book describes the adventure of aback Lord the columnist accepts Giacometti’s allurement to sit for him for a portrait, oil on canvas. It was declared to be one day’s work, but it concluded up demography 18 days, and the activity is ongoing. Lord annal these sittings, and what interests us is the way the book makes axiomatic abounding things that commonly cannot be seen: the activity of conception itself. It is absorbing for us to apprehend about added people’s artistic process, how they feel or ache or get forth with the problems and how they face them – to feel that one is not abandoned and that abounding altered bodies in altered times accept anesthetized through the aforementioned things that we are casual through now. 

Learning from Las Vegas, Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Steven Izenour, 1972

The pamphleteer and advocate appearance of this book is represented on the cover. It is already adage from the awning that it is activity to altercate the bright appearance of the city. 

9. Learning from Las Vegas, Venturi, Scott Brown, Izenour 2

9.Learning from Las Vegas,  Venturi, Scott Brown, Izenour

Thought By Hand, Flores & Prats, 2014

The advanced awning of our book Thought By Hand  is a cartoon by one of our collaborators. This cartoon additionally became a pen box fabricated by a carpenter for Ricardo for his birthday.

19. Advanced awning designs of our books 3

20. Ricardo’s pen drawer 3

La vie access d’emploi, Georges Perec, 1978

Perec imagines a architecture in Paris whose bluff has been eliminated, so every allowance of the architecture is visible simultaneously. The rooms and the activities demography abode in them are uncovered. It is a bifold exercise of acuteness and of account at the aforementioned time, and we are frequently reminded of this in the bearings we are in now, bankrupt in at home, aback neighbours in the architecture become abundant added present… at atomic in our imagination.

Ricardo Flores: Mafalda 1 to 10, Quino, 1966-1974

I accept apprehend them aback I was a child, and for me it is a affiliation to humour and accepted sense. I apperceive about all the vignettes by heart, and they often, at assertive moments of the day, appear to apperception and accomplish me smile. I adore the way the assets accurate the animosity of the characters and affix so altogether with our reactions and way of cerebration about life.

Eva Prats: bristles books from my grandfather’s collection, which are added like objects, captivation memories

18. Eva’s grandfather’s books 2

18. Eva’s grandfather’s books 12

The books that didn’t fit into the podcast

Antoni Gaudí: Ornament, Fire and Ashes, Juan José Lahuerta, 2016

In this book, the appointment of Antoni Gaudí is placed in affiliation to the industrialisation and backroom of his time. Starting with the abstraction of some accommodation in Gaudí’s work, the argument describes the actual ambience as echoed in the architect’s work. Gaudí has been advised these aftermost decades as a ability out of his time, as article afterwards any analytic explanation, as authentic art, or authentic caprice. This book gives affirmation to the contrary, and brings added affluence to the amount and ability of this architect’s work.

Les aventures de Tintin: Objectif Lune (1953) and On a marché sur la Lune (1954), Hergé

Now that we are animate in Brussels with our new project, the rehabilitation of the age-old Théâtre des Variétés, we accept alternate to our studies of French, as this is the accent of the clients, collaborators and engineers in Brussels. So, besides the classes we booty periodically, and watching French movies about every day, we apprehend Belgian authors, like Hergé and his appearance Tintin, to practise the accent as well. These two adventures on the cruise to the Moon are absolutely fabulous, and accommodate a lot of text.

2.Les Aventures de Tintin. Objectif Lune 4

2. Les Aventures de Tintin. Objectif Lune 2

Crowds and Power, Elias Canetti, 1960.

We would like to be as bright as Canetti aback anecdotic a project. In Canetti’s book, anniversary book adds little by little to a bright description of our behaviour aback acting as a crowd. He describes the affair of a aggregation of bodies central a amphitheater as a arrangement of actual abridged observations of the movement of the bodies appear the arena, catastrophe with anybody with their aback to the city.

Mechanization Takes Command, Sigfried Giedion, 1948

I started account it some years ago; these canicule it would be acceptable to go through it afresh and accomplishment it, as I am added and added anxious about how industrialisation has abreast our way of thinking, our adroitness and values. I am cerebration about activity aback to this book to alpha cerebration about a ability alfresco an industrialised system.

Je me souviens, Georges Perec. Hachette, 1978

Perec lists all the things he does not appetite to forget, a affectionate of account of his past. This account is not all-encompassing but specific. He identifies the assorted qualities of his memories and describes them with affliction and precision: time, materiality, ablaze or alike smells. We remembered this book afterwards elaborating the abundant account of all that we begin at the old Cooperative Pau i Justícia in Barcelona, which after became the new Sala Beckett. Aback starting our appointment there, we realised that all that was in advanced of our eyes could vanish soon, as the accompaniment of the architecture was so fragile, and accordingly we ample out a way of accession all that had survived of the ruin and was able to be reused. This account of all that can still be remembered – and befitting it animate – is a agnate exercise to that of Georges Perec.

0. books 3

Six Cartoon Lessons, William Kentridge, 2018.

Kentridge is an columnist whose appointment we accept been celebratory for absolutely a while, admiring his accommodation to accomplish arresting his artistic activity through cartoon actual and blur making, two activities we accept acclimated to appearance our appointment as well. The way Kentridge uses these techniques of representation, which assume to abduction the average accompaniment of things in his mind, brings us abutting to his apple of interests and obsessions and allows us to allotment them.

Travels with Herodotus, Ryszard Kapuściński, 2008

Travels with Herodotus annal how Kapuściński set out on his aboriginal forays – to India, China and Africa – with the abundant Greek historian consistently in his pocket. At every appointment with a new culture, Kapuściński plunges in, analytical and observant, agog to accept its history, its thought, its people. And he reads Herodotus so abundant that he generally feels he is embarking on two journeys – the aboriginal his appointment as a reporter, the additional afterward Herodotus’s expeditions. The way in which Kapuściński gets to work, not blockage in his auberge but accepting actual abutting to the absoluteness he is studying, seems to us a actual accustomed way of working, as we like to get actual abreast to the bodies and things we are animate with.

À la recherche du temps perdu, Marcel Proust, 1913

Proust captures apathetic and still time. One has the awareness of actuality in a suspended, connected time. Moving assiduously and backwards in a bifold and alongside action, the book is like drawing, bond memories with the absoluteness in advanced of us, amid creating and observing.

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