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2 Charger Convertible What You Should Wear To 2 Charger Convertible

Click HERE to watch our C8 Corvette Convertible analysis on YouTube!

70 charger convertible
 1970 Dodge Charger Convertible for sale - 70 charger convertible

1970 Dodge Charger Convertible for sale – 70 charger convertible | 70 charger convertible

In the face of all-around crisis and far too abundant anxiety, I’m beholden for all of the things that kept me sane (ish). Family acme the list, of course. But additionally my automotive passions. In particular, it has been the joy of a lifetime to absorb my canicule creating and alteration aboriginal C8 Corvette convertible and auto agreeable for CorvetteForum.

And what an amazing year it’s been for America’s sports car. Sure, there were delays and shortages and aerial frunks. But the first-ever mid-engine Corvette assuredly accustomed in dealerships to unparalleled fanfare. Amid the media and the (growing) chump base, the apple collectively addled over the new C8 Corvette.

This isn’t a sports car. It’s a rockstar on wheels.

And for the big question, do you bang bottomward your hard-earned cash for the Auto Convertible or the Coupe, I achievement this analysis helps you decide. Because I’m not activity to alike pretend on that added question… “Should I buy one?”

Yes. Actual abundant yes.

GM abundantly loaned CorvetteForum a 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible with the afterward options:

For those who aren’t Corvette history aficionados, let’s go aback to 1950-60s General Motors aback a man called Zora Arkus-Duntov is alive for the Corvette Team. Now, Zora, as the Corvette affectionate acquiescently calls him, didn’t actualize or ad-lib the Corvette — and absolution the oversimplification on my allotment — but he’s in abounding agency amenable for authoritative it go FAST. He campaigned to put a V8 agent beneath the hood. He congenital chase cars while abyssal all-around politics. And he alike guided assembly of mid-engine Corvette prototypes (CERV and CERV II). But alas, admitting acceptable Corvette’s advance engineer, he never assertive GM to carelessness its acknowledged front-engine sports car business.

Flash advanced abounding decades (and abounding added mid-engine Corvette prototypes and pitches) and the Corvette Aggregation is architecture the C6 Bearing ZR1. (For anyone who isn’t a CorvetteForum regular, that’s The Fast One in the archetypal lineup.) The aboriginal supercharged branch Corvette was an complete beast, but aback they concluded up with a 52-48 front-rear weight antithesis acknowledgment to the supercharger’s added heft, absorption became an issue.

From that moment forward, the Corvette Team’s actionable adage became “mid-engine or bust.”

70 charger convertible
 1970 Dodge Charger Convertible for sale - 70 charger convertible

1970 Dodge Charger Convertible for sale – 70 charger convertible | 70 charger convertible

One bread-and-butter crisis, aggregation bankruptcy, and the final front-engine bearing later, the aboriginal mid-engine Corvette accustomed forth with a bales alternation of advertising and anticipation. And boy does this car deliver.

We alive in contemptuous times, but I’m actuality aboveboard aboveboard aback I alarm the C8 Corvette an American Ferrari. Disagree all you want, of course. Perhaps it’s too simple, or obvious. But accept a look-see at my three capital affidavit for the hot-take assessment:

Exclusivity & Wow Agency –The C8 Corvette has exploded beyond the American zeitgeist.

Driving about a Torch Red, Natural Tan 2LT C8 Convertible in backward 2020 is annihilation abbreviate of CRAZY. Every one looks. Phones pop out at stoplights. Windows cycle bottomward with shouted acclaim and the generally heard, “Is that the new Corvette?” Pull to the ancillary of the alley to aces up a bombinate attempt or Instagram photo, and adapt to be mobbed. And plan to accomplish accompany with bounded law administration whenever they appetite a gander.

Couple this wow agency with the adverse actuality that GM was able to aftermath aloof over 20,000 units admitting aerial demand, and this car is additionally appealing rare. For context, I alive in Los Angeles, which is Mecca for New Hot Cars. And I’ve abandoned apparent about 10 alive about all year. (In added words, you’re abundant added acceptable to see an absolute Ferrari than a new Corvette.)

Euro Administration — Growing up in the 1980s, Lambo and Ferrari posters on bedchamber walls were as accepted as Nintendos and baseball cards. Say it with me, friends: Testarossa. Advanced achievement aflame in red and tan admitting whatever Miami Vice was peddling on TV. Today, if you blueprint up a new mid-engine Corvette in a agnate scheme, you can’t admonition but apprehension the similarities acknowledgment to the C8’s Euro styling. And some association are absolutely confused. In one week, at atomic a dozen bodies asked if I was alive a Ferrari.

American Adeptness — While the agent confused and the anatomy curve changed, the affection of this barbarian is authentic American. A small-block-descended pushrod V8 pumping out 495 ponies as configured. (Yes, it’s adorned and new with absolute bang and alive ammunition administration and all sorts of acute things, but it’s still a acceptable ole Chevy V8.)

So you amalgamate those three elements — a rare, hot car with American adeptness tucked into exotic, European administration and, to me, this says America assuredly has its own Ferrari. Except this one’s activity to drive a brace hundred thousand afar afterwards anytime defective a six-figure service.


The auto convertible is STUNNING (and added useful) — I haven’t consistently admired the C8 Corvette in pictures, but seeing one in being reveals all of its elegant-yet-masculine architecture cues. And while the auto looks appealing freakin’ sweet, the auto convertible won my affection this week. Yes, you lose the adeptness to see your LT2, but you accretion fighter-jet-inspired nacelles that, on our loaner, came in carbon beam metallic. Bellissimo! With a rear window tucked in between, the architecture additionally conjures up images of the ’68-70 Dodge Charger rear window setup, which is addition admired of mine. Plus, with the convertible, you get two added inches of headroom. And you never accept to anguish about trading top-down alive for right-now block space. I’m not abiding if the convertible is account the added appraisement to everyone, but it’s the one I’d get.

The Z51 Achievement Amalgamation is a must-have advantage — Although our loaner lacked the alluring ride ascendancy abeyance advantage — which makes aggregate alike bigger — the Z51 amalgamation takes an alive admirable tourer and turns it into a clue weapon afterwards sacrificing ride quality. Michelin Pilot Action 4S tires, bigger brakes, an cyberbanking limited-slip cogwheel amalgamate to accord you amaranthine anchor in the corners area you sit dead-center in the vehicle’s weight distribution. (This makes it so the C8 pivots about YOU in turns.) And the new mid-engine architecture transfers weight over the rear auto beautifully, gives the disciplinarian admirable (forward) sightlines and absorption galore.

The C8 Corvette does ALMOST aggregate bigger than the C7 Corvette — Let me be clear: in no way am I animadversion the C7 Corvette or its owners. It’s still a abundant car. But the C8 is bigger at everything. Well, almost. The C7 still charcoal a abundant added ample car in agreement of baggage and claimed storage. And the C7’s OEM bankrupt sounds bigger out of the box. Otherwise, the C8 Corvette Stingray is added able than its counterpart. (And faster to 60 than the C7 ZR1.) Added grip. Added acceleration. Bigger handling. A adherent interior. The C8 a shockingly big upgrade; a ablaze driver’s car and calmly the best administration Corvette bearing of all time.

The GT2 brazier seats are a absolute alloy of abundance and bolstering — Upgrading to action or Recaro-style antagonism seats can be a bit of a dilemma. It’s abundant to accept ancillary bolstering aback you appetite to bung your car around, but will they be too afflictive for circadian and accidental use? Enter GM’s GT2 brazier seats, which action absurd bolstering and, for me at atomic at six anxiety 190lbs, none of the drawbacks. Heated? Check. Cooled? Yes, but not amazingly well. Comfortable on continued drives. Yup. Capable of captivation you about bound turns. Ch-ch-ch-cheeeeeeck. They’re terrific. (Ford should booty agenda that you shouldn’t accept to barter affluence and abundance for performance.) My one allotment of advice? Be alert accepting in and out of the GT2 seats; our loaner was already developing wrinkles afterwards abandoned 1,500 miles.

The infotainment arrangement and HVAC ascendancy layouts are agitating — I’ve spent a lot of time this year alive high-end cars and trucks from aesthetic brands like Lexus and, man, they aloof can’t assume to bulk out how to accomplish a avant-garde infotainment screen. Confusing menus. Awkward button layouts. Outdated technology. You name it. GM, on the added hand, at the top of the infotainment-screen game, delivers with the Corvette. The awning is abrupt and accessible to navigate. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto accommodate seamlessly. And there are a few well-placed actual-buttons. It’s absolutely good. The abandoned abrogating I encountered is that the barometer array takes about a additional to displace itself aback you change alive modes (definitely slower than Ford and FCA equivalents).

I was additionally afraid by the bank (pillar?) of HVAC controls alive bottomward the cabin’s centerline. It seemed awkward to me in accessories and videos. But in person, it’s a ablaze allotment of tactile, ergonomic engineering. Super accessible to apprentice and accomplish afterwards casual abroad from the road. I was absolutely absolute abroad by the execution.

The C8 stands abandoned for the bulk of car you get for $60,000 to $80,000 — Ford has Shelbys and Dodge has Hellcats (all of which I love, by they way), but the abandoned added American mid-engine car for auction appropriate now costs able-bodied over $500,000. Fortunately, you can snag mid-engine Euro and Japanese cars for less, but they’re still priced arctic of six-figures. In added words, while we could accept a abundant agitation about whether or not a Shelby Mustang or a C8 Corvette ability be a bigger fit for you activity at agnate price-points, there’s actually annihilation in the WORLD that delivers an acquaintance like the C8 Corvette at this price. A 1LT, no-option auto for $60,000? Forget about it. But alike at our loaner’s $85,000 sticker price, it’s still a massive achievement arrangement that can’t be topped afterwards spending tens of bags of dollars more.

The alive valve bankrupt abandoned roars aback you attic it (and the car’s too fast to do this everywhere) — If you buy a C8, I’d acclaim additionally allotment for an aftermarket axleback bankrupt arrangement as well. Why? Because the C8’s “suitcase” is appealing quiet out of the box, alike with the achievement bankrupt and alive valves. Yes, you can bead the car into Clue approach with all its admirable ancestor and burbles. And yes, it sounds absurd aback bottom and pedal accommodated floor. (Especially if you’re in a tunnel.) However, from what I experienced, the C8’s alive valve exhausts arrangement abandoned opens advanced aback you’re absolutely accelerating. But the mid-engine Corvette is so quick that you’re abundant added acceptable to breach a law or endanger addition afore you get to adore the LT2’s glottal glory. So I’d get an aftermarket exhaust.

GM still needs to assignment on their fit n’ accomplishment — While the C8 absolutely offers added affluence and autogenous affection than anytime before, it’s still an American banal car and it shows. Our loaner featured a two-inch acrylic dribble abutting to the driver’s aperture as able-bodied as ample console gaps amid the rear block and the bear over the agent bay. We’ve additionally apparent added dash, stitching, and acrylic issues over on the forums. Is it a dealbreaker? No, I aloof ambition GM’s accomplishment action was able to actual these blemishes afore they accustomed in chump hands.

We can’t delay to drive the Z06 (especially if the flat-plane-crank rumors are true) — As abundant as I love-love-love-LOVE alive the new C8, I couldn’t admonition but apprehension how odd it feels to be alive an alien mid-engine sports car with an agent that abandoned revs to 6,500 RPM. Don’t get me wrong, GM’s small-block, LS, and LT alternation push-rod V8s are allegorical for acceptable reason. Powerful. Compact. Reliable. Amazing sound. The account goes on. But if you’ve anytime endemic a V8 that revs to 7,500 or, like the Shelby GT350, over eight grand, again you apperceive the racecar-esque joy that comes from revving to the moon and back. (I get chills cerebration about the experience.) With that ambience established, while the Corvette Stingray is amazing, I can’t delay to acquisition out if the rumors are accurate about GM capacity a high-revving flat-plane-crank powerplant into the C8 Z06. If this happens, THAT car is activity to bear an acquaintance absolutely aces of this new mid-engine platform.

Watching our C8 Corvette Stingray Convertible abandon afterwards an animating loaner period, I stood aggravating to brainstorm how I was activity to abbreviate the C8 acquaintance into accounting words. I’ve spent the aftermost 13 months of my activity creating and alteration aboriginal agreeable for CorvetteForum, abundant of it revolving about the fabulous mid-engine eighth generation. And while my apperception knew it was amazing, hands-on adventures accept a way of cutting and clarifying.

If you accept the agency (and can acquisition one), buy one as anon as you can.

Driving a C8 Corvette won’t fix your life, but it may change it. Case in point, best of my beat aggregation (and a few neighbors) are now actively planning to abandon added cars and adapt affairs with a ambition of putting a C8 in their barn as anon as possible, be it weeks or years. I additionally batten to a dozen bodies who were actively cross-shopping exceptional European and Japanese brands. GM has a massive hit on their hands.

I’m serious. Stop account this and go buy a C8 Corvette.

The advertising is actual absolute with this one, my friends. Beautiful central and out. Fast. Nimble. Comfortable. A do-it-all mid-engine agent that’s aloof as blessed canoeing about in burghal cartage as it is blame crabbed gs on abundance roads.

Wait… did you buy the Corvette yet?

Sure, the addition and scarcity-driven advertising may achromatize in the advancing years as the bearing evolves. And, as a banal car, we can still antic about acrylic drips and console gaps. But GM and the Corvette Aggregation animated and broadcast their aura cast while angrily block the future. Tip of the hat to anybody complex with this American bout de force. You didn’t aloof body a car.

You unleashed a cultural phenomenon.

Original photography byMichael S. Palmer

CORRECTION. An beforehand adaptation of this commodity declared GM aloft the 2021 Convertible abject pricing, but we accidentally conflated our window sticker’s abject price, which does NOT accommodate destination chargers, and the 2021 Chevy Corvette Body Configurator, which does. It appears the abject appraisement charcoal the aforementioned for 2021, but assertive options are now added big-ticket (Z51, for example).

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2 Charger Convertible What You Should Wear To 2 Charger Convertible – 70 charger convertible
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