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PHP had become about a alone accent with a blooper of added than 10 years afterwards a new above adaptation afterwards PHP 5.0 in 2004. To accomplish things worse, PHP 6.x was alone because of a planned accession of  native Unicode abutment to PHP that could not be implemented. 

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PHP 7.0 is a above adaptation with several improvements and new appearance added. Some of the arresting new appearance in 7.0 are scalar blazon declarations for strings, integers, floating-point numbers and booleans; acknowledgment blazon declarations; a new action called define() for arrangement constants; and bearding classes. Some appearance acquire been added to advance unicode abutment including the IntlChar class and the unicode codepoint escape syntax.

Additionally, expectations acquire been added to enhance the assert() function, while architect acknowledgment functions and architect appointment advance architect functionality. Subsequent accessory versions, including PHP 7.1 through PHP 7.4, added added new features.

In this alternation of articles, we shall altercate new appearance in the assorted PHP 7.x versions. But first, let’s altercate why PHP 7.

In short, PHP 7 brings PHP to the akin of added avant-garde languages.

Some of the  salient affidavit to use PHP 7 are as follows:

1. WordPress is acclimated by 36.4% of all websites. PHP 7 is the official recommended PHP adaptation for WordPress. 

“When afterlight to a new adaptation of PHP, WordPress encourages afterlight to its recommended version, PHP 7.3. The PHP internals aggregation has done a abundant job authoritative its best contempo adaptation the fastest adaptation of PHP yet. This agency that afterlight will advance the acceleration of your site, both for you and your visitors.”

2. PHP 7 offers several new appearance as mentioned before. 

3. PHP 7 is based on a new Zend Engine with bigger achievement and speed. Zend is actual fast, as begin in several speed criterion tests run with altered platforms/configurations.

4. PHP 7 uses efficient abstracts structures making it bacteria compared to beforehand versions.

5. PHP 7 is Cloud-ready with best above billow account providers acknowledging it in their LAMP Stack.

To be able to analysis or run the sample scripts presented here, download and install the latest PHP 7 adaptation (PHP 7.4). The binaries to download and the accomplish to install them alter with the belvedere used, so accredit to the official PHP docs for guidance. Do not balloon to add the install basis directory, e.g., C:PHP7.4php-7.4-ts-windows-vc15-x64-r6c9821a, to your PATH environment. Rename php.ini-production or php.ini-development to php.ini.  To use the extensions in the /ext directory set the extension_dir directive in php.ini:

 extension_dir = “./ext”

Start the congenital server with the afterward command:

architecture 101 sub indo
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Download Confidential Assignment (2017) Sub Indo .. | architecture 101 sub indo

php -S localhost:8000

Add all scripts to be run in the scripts sub-directory of the basis directory, which is the install directory, e.g.,  C:PHP7php-7.3.0-Win32-VC15-x64. The basis agenda may be set to a altered amount application the doc_root directive in php.ini. To accomplish the PHP scripts acclimated as examples reusable, save them alone rather than testing/running every calligraphy as test.php. 

PHP 7.2 alien bound covariance and contravariance. Covariance refers to a subclass’s adjustment to be able to acknowledgment a added specific acknowledgment type. Contravariance refers to a subclass’s adjustment to acquire a beneath specific constant type. More/less specific is authentic in the ambience of super/subclass, with a bracket actuality added specific.  A chic extending addition chic may override its methods while still maintaining contravariance (for constant types) and covariance (for acknowledgment type).

Support for covariance and contravariance is bound in PHP 7.2, which implies that alone about-face to no blazon is supported. To elaborate,  a acknowledgment blazon may be authentic in an cardinal action area none existed in the cool class, and a constant blazon may be bare back cardinal a action area a constant existed in the cool class. 

As an example, actualize a calligraphy and acknowledge a class A with a distinct function, fn1. Actualize addition class B that extends class A and overrides its fn1 function.

The constant blazon in the overridden function fn1 is omitted, which defaults to mixed, a constant blazon addition from type B in class A.  The accouterment to omit constant type/s in overridden methods, whether chic is abstruse or not,  is addition new affection in PHP 7.

The acknowledgment blazon in the overridden function fn1 is A, which is a absorption from the alloyed blazon in class A. The script is listed here:

PHP 7.2 has added abutment for a new blazon called object  that may be acclimated as a constant blazon and acknowledgment type.  Instances of all chic types are objects. To authenticate application an object as a constant blazon and acknowledgment type, actualize a script object.php in a agenda called scripts in the certificate basis and acknowledge two classes, ClassA and classB, with anniversary chic defining a hello() function that echoes a cord message.  Next, add a hello() function to the calligraphy itself with both constant blazon and acknowledgment blazon as object. The hello() function added anon in the calligraphy allotment an instance of class ClassB:

Invoke the action with an instance of ClassA as altercation and adjure the hello() function on the commodity returned.

Running the calligraphy with url http://localhost:8000/scripts/object.php will output:

Hello from ClassB

As this is the aboriginal archetype calligraphy we acquire run, the achievement in the browser is apparent in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Achievement from object.php

The commodity blazon itself does not represent a class; it is aloof a type.  A new instance of the congenital class stdClass is created if any  type added than object is adapted to object.

An arrangement can be adapted to an object by casting it to the object type, with the consistent commodity accepting backdrop named  like the arrangement keys. To authenticate how to catechumen an arrangement to an object, and several advantageous accompanying tasks, actualize an object_array.php script and acknowledge an commodity by casting it to object.

Now, you can achievement the commodity backdrop application the called keys.

The bool isset ( mixed $var [, mixed $… ] ) function may  be acclimated to acquisition if a acreage is set as follows.


Output an commodity key application the mixed key ( arrangement $array ) function.


Advance  the  internal arrangement arrow with mixed abutting ( arrangement &$array ).


Invoke the isset and key functions for the abutting arrangement element. Repeat the arrangement of invoking next,  isset and key functions for the abutting element.  Object affiliate variables may be accessed to achievement their values.

Find if the adapted commodity from the arrangement is an instance of stdClass.

A cord may be adapted to commodity by casting it to object.   The amount of the adapted commodity is accessed application the affiliate variable scalar. Acquisition if the adapted commodity is an instance of stdClass.

The object_array.php script is listed.

Running the calligraphy will achievement :

You can catechumen not alone arrays and strings to objects, but ethics of any type, including int, float and bool. As an archetype catechumen an int to an object, achievement its scalar amount and acquisition if the adapted commodity is an instance of stdClass with the afterward script:

The achievement is as follows:


$obj is instance of congenital chic stdClass

Instances of classes are altar and not instances of stdClass,  and casting them to object does not accomplish them an instance of stdClass. To authenticate this, actualize a calligraphy named object_instance_of.php, again acknowledge a chic and instantiate it.  The afterward calligraphy will appearance you how to acquisition out if a chic instance is an instance of stdClass; again the calligraphy will casting the chic instance to commodity and acquisition out if the casting commodity is an instance of stdClass. The object_instance_of.php script is listed. 

The achievement from  the calligraphy is as follows:

An instance of a called chic or bearding chic is already an object and casting it to object does not change its type.  An abandoned arrangement and the NULL value may additionally be adapted to an object. As mentioned, stdClass is the  default PHP commodity and an instance of stdClass gets created when  scalars, arrays, and NULL  are casting to object. An bearding class object, an object created from an abandoned array, an object created from NULL, or a chic with no functions or variables are not advised abandoned and empty() does not return TRUE when activated to any of them. The empty() function returns TRUE only if a capricious or commodity does not abide or is FALSE.

To analysis all this, actualize a object_empty.php script and archetype the afterward advertisement to it

The calligraphy creates anniversary affectionate of bearding chic object: an commodity created from an abandoned array,  an commodity created from NULL, and a chic commodity with no functions or variables. Running the calligraphy will accomplish the afterward output.

The object type may be acclimated for contravariance (widening) of constant blazon and covariance (narrowing) of acknowledgment type.

We already discussed PHP 7.2 abutment for bound covariance,  which enables abacus a acknowledgment blazon to a method  in an continued chic although none was declared in the super-class.  We additionally discussed abutment for bound contravariance,   which enables abrogation the blazon of a adjustment constant bearding in an continued class.  

PHP 7.4 adds abounding abutment for covariance and contravariance.  Full abutment allows  less specific constant types and added specific acknowledgment types, which implies that a constant blazon can be commissioned with one of its supertypes and a acknowledgment blazon may be commissioned by a subtype. Recall that abutment for covariance and contravariance in PHP 7.2 was bound to a no type. In the afterward script ClassB extends ClassA and ClassD extends ClassC. Function fn1 in ClassD declares a beneath specific constant blazon and  a added specific acknowledgment blazon than in ClassC.

Some of the characteristics of abounding about-face abutment are:

In the abutting commodity in this series, we shall altercate PHP 7.x new appearance for classes and interfaces. 

Deepak Vohra is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer. Deepak has appear Java and Java EE accompanying abstruse accessories in  WebLogic Developer’s Journal, XML Journal, ONJava,, IBM developerWorks, Java Developer’s Journal, Oracle Magazine, and devx. Deepak has appear bristles books on Docker and is a Docker Mentor. Deepak has additionally appear several accessories on PHP and a book Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers. 

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