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Published: 16 December 2020

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Updated: 16 December 2020

Almost circadian and in complete time, The Archers has tracked activity in the angel of Ambridge beyond 70 years and added than 19,000 episodes. No assignment of fiction or ball can absolutely analyze to that. As I attending aback on this absurd legacy, I am attractive advanced to the abutting 70 years of The Archers.”

A absorption of activity in rural England, the programme has developed from its aboriginal purpose of educating farmers on avant-garde agronomical methods, to absorption the abreast – all whilst absorbing admirers with the awkward ebb and breeze of the angel of Ambridge.

Jeremy Howe, editor of The Archers says: “Almost circadian and in complete time, The Archers has tracked activity in the angel of Ambridge beyond 70 years and over 19,000 and added episodes. No assignment of fiction or ball can absolutely analyze to that. As I attending aback on this absurd legacy, I am attractive advanced to the abutting 70 years of The Archers. What an honour to be the editor at such a moment in the activity of an amazing programme.”

In the accomplished year Ambridge was rocked by an access which about claimed the activity of Lynda Snell at country auberge Grey Gables during renovations. Association are as yet dark of the links amid this adventure and a advancing case of avant-garde slavery.

Elsewhere, in quieter moments, activity connected admitting the appulse of coronavirus, with Emma Grundy arch the allegation to booty the commemoration Flower And Produce actualization online during lockdown.

The storyline of the commemoration adventure itself is, as ever, a anxiously attentive secret, but celebratory programming on Radio 4 will accommodate a appropriate copy of With Abundant Pleasure at Christmas (25 December) area casting associates from The Archers allotment their favourite book and poetry. Selections will accommodate Stella Gibbons’ Cold Comfort Farm, and a banana composition on the hazards of actuality an amateur on a long-running ball distinctively accounting for Charles Collingwood (Brian Aldridge) and his wife Judy Bennett (Shula Hebden Lloyd) by their acquaintance Sir Richard Stilgoe.

In a appropriate copy of Agriculture Today (1 January, 5.45am), editor Jeremy Howe, amateur Timothy Bentinck (David Archer) and agronomical adventure adviser Sarah Swadling altercate the role of agriculture in The Archers. Woman’s Hour (1 January, 10am) focusses on the changeable characters and storylines that accept shaped the programme: amateur Angela Barnes; Charlotte Martin, who plays Susan Carter; Dr Cara Adventuresomeness of the Academic Archers, Mary Cutler and Naylah Ahmed (scriptwriters), and Mary Quicke of Quicke’s Cheeses allege to bedfellow presenter Felicity Finch who plays Ruth Archer.

After the Commemoration adventure on the atramentous of New Year’s Day admirers are arrive to figuratively accumulate at The Bull for The Archers Commemoration Quiz. Hosted by Borsetshire’s finest publicans Jolene (Buffy Davis) and Kenton Archer (Richard Attlee), two teams will pit their Archers ability adjoin commemoration other. Radio 4’s own Jane Garvey, Martha Kearney and Chris Aldridge are up adjoin three superfans.

On Saturday 2 January, eminent historian David Kynaston delves into the history of the programme in A Amusing History Of The Archers. The documentary actualization contributions by June Spencer (Peggy Archer), Patricia Greene (Jill Archer), Angela Piper (Jennifer Aldridge), Timothy Bentinck (David Archer), Louiza Patikas (Helen Archer), above programme editor Vanessa Whitburn, calligraphy writers Tim Stimpson and Joanna Toye, agronomical adventure adviser Sarah Swadling and Jeremy Howe.

Notes to Editors

For The Archers’ commemoration commemoration only, the manual arrangement will change with episodes advertisement on Tuesday 29, Wednesday 30, Thursday 31 December 2020 and Friday 1 January 2021 at 7pm, with an album on Sunday 3 January 2021.

As The Archers 70th commemoration approaches, what aboriginal comes to apperception for Editor Jeremy Howe is one accurate Archer anon to ability the aforementioned cogent milestone: “Early in 2021, Tony, the aboriginal babyish anytime built-in in The Archers, will about-face 70. He’s had so abounding achievements; he’s become a farmer, he and Pat accept artificial a absolutely able business and conjugal relationship, and he’s angry Bridge Acreage organic.

“Across Tony’s lifetime the admirers has heard all this. Afterward a person’s activity beyond three commemoration years and ten in complete time has never happened in fiction storytelling before. There are some of our admirers who will accept absolutely developed up with him, and the abounding added citizenry of Ambridge. Tony and his affectionate are as complete to some bodies as their abutting aperture neighbour or their best friend. I acquisition this both arresting and humbling.”

Drama and storytelling accept been at the amore of Jeremy’s career throughout, from his canicule as a theatre administrator to abundant roles beyond both TV and radio at Channel 4, Film4, BBC Two, Three and Four and of beforehand Radio 4. Jeremy started as The Archers Editor in August 2018 – about afresh in the ambience of Ambridge history – and it is a history Jeremy is actively acquainted of: “In the abbey abreast to area I alive there is a commemoration of vicars activity aback to the 13th century. In a way the editor of The Archers is like one of those vicars – we’re attractive afterwards it for a analogously abbreviate aeon of time. While you are the editor it is all consuming, but you charge to be acquainted that one day you’ll be casual it on.

“Just like Tony Archer, abounding of the farmers we allocution to aback researching The Archers accept two capital goals: authoritative a active from the acreage and abrogation a advancing business to canyon on to their children. I anticipate alteration The Archers is not antithetical to that: you accede an amazing backstory that goes on for 70 years. My job, I think, is to accomplish abiding that day by day the actualization is of the accomplished standard, and to accomplish abiding the clay is affluent abundant for your brand to backpack on.”

As the world’s longest active continuing drama, Jeremy is not abbreviate of examples which commemoration for its unrivalled longevity. “One of the affidavit for the success of The Archers is that the blueprint is actual simple – you can measure, see and butt it actual quickly. Commemoration adventure takes abode on the day of advertisement so it is, consistently has been – and I anticipate consistently will be – the way we alive now.

“Having formed over every affectionate of ball that you can brainstorm in my alive life, one of the absorbing things about The Archers is that – abreast from drama-documentary – no added ball is as able-bodied or thoroughly researched as The Archers. I anticipate that is a complete articulation amid the programme’s origins as a programme about agriculture and area it is now, except that now our accelerated analysis is beforehand beyond everything.”

Jeremy talks affectionately of a assembly aggregation and casting who accomplish cogent contributions to this success commemoration in their own ways: “Part of the activity of the actualization comes from the arduous familial adulation of anybody who works on it. Do not belittle how that adulation and amore has been anesthetized bottomward through the generations.

“All you charge to do is sit in the blooming allowance and apprehend how bodies like Katie Redford (Lily Pargetter) or Ben Norris (Ben Archer) are alert by belief from adolescent casting associates like Paddy Greene (Jill Archer) and Charles Collingwood (Brian Aldridge). It’s an barter because Paddy and Charles are aloof as absorbed in the belief of their adolescent adolescent casting associates too. What you accept powering The Archers is this admirable faculty of continuum, not aloof of the adventure or annal but of the bodies authoritative it.”

With an annal of this calibration to burrow into it is not an accessible assignment to accept highlights, but for Jeremy contempo moments that accept stood out accommodate Ed and Emma’s afflicted alpha to 2020, and the affecting revelations from Jim Lloyd’s childhood: “There accept been a cardinal of absolutely able belief in the aftermost year or so. Ed and Emma’s storyline was belly aback they were about to go into Beechwood [the new apartment development in Ambridge].

“It casting a spotlight on aloof how difficult it is to get a bottom on the apartment ladder aback you’re in affairs like theirs. House buying is such a ambition for so abounding bodies and yet it is so expensive. Ed and Emma’s was a acute story, but one with a blessed ending.”

“The acclaimed corruption storyline about the actualization of Jim was a archetypal way of how The Archers can accouterment an issue. The annal is your goldmine, but this ‘gold’ about comes in abrupt places. The absorbing activity with this adventure is that Jim didn’t absolutely accept an archive, he didn’t accept a backstory. From the research, through to the calligraphy and the adept scenes performed by John Rowe (Jim Lloyd), this acute adventure led us all to accept Jim so abundant better, and it furnished him with a acute hinterland.”

2020 set new and aberrant hurdles in the aisle of all continuing dramas, abnormally for those that run to such a clockwork-like agenda as The Archers does: “The absorbing activity about this job is you’re apperception on the future. You’re apperception on the abutting in 10 weeks’ time as able-bodied as a year, bristles years’ time or more. There are abiding waystations, the Flower And Produce actualization in September, the Christmas actualization in December.

“What’s admirable about rural activity is you’ll consistently accept a harvest, you’ll consistently accept bounce lambing and so forth. As David Archer said, the sun will consistently acceleration and there will consistently be beasts to milk at Brookfield. But this belief on the abutting has become decidedly analytical in these aftermost nine months. During the communicable is has been absolutely difficult to adumbrate what we will we be accomplishing and when. How will we be able to alive our lives in 10 weeks’ time? Will The Bull be accessible or shut? What bank is Ambridge in etc?”

There are blessed times to reflect on too, of course: “The complete acme of my time at The Archers so far has been adulatory June Spencer’s 100th birthday. She was in adventure one and she’ll be in adventure 19,343 on the 70th anniversary. This is a astounding achievement, and June deserves every bit of praise.”

Sunny Ormonde has played active Ambridge citizen Lilian Bellamy aback the year 2000. She still recalls the activity of her aboriginal day in the studio: “I bethink one of my actual aboriginal scenes; it was with Lynda [Snell, Carole Boyd] and Eddie [Grundy, Trevor Harrison]. These were iconic characters for me because I was a adept adviser to the programme. It was absolutely alarming because anybody abroad was so established.

“I don’t apperceive area the 20 years aback I abutting accept gone – it’s aureate by! I’m captivated to be allotment of it and the actuality the programme is still activity is such a attestation to the editors, producers, writers, actors, admiral over the years – it’s aloof fantastic.”

As for highlights Sunny recalls aback Lilian ‘hitched up’ with glace agent Matt Crawford [Kim Durham]: “That’s aback we started to get some abundant added affecting storylines, decidedly aback Matt was up for artifice and went to prison. I had some absurd storylines all through that and was absolutely able to analyze Lilian in a way that in the aboriginal brace of years I’d not been able to.”

Sunny additionally credibility to the accord amid Lilian and Lynda which has afresh been tested. As Lynda recovers from the access at Grey Gables it has been Lilian’s boxy adulation which has aided Lynda’s alley to recovery: “Before there’s consistently been an bend amid them. I’m abiding there will be battle again, but it’ll be altered because they are accurate accompany and they apperceive that. They couldn’t be added altered as characters but there is a band now that has developed amid them.”

Moments like The Archers’ productions of Agenda Girls and The Canterbury Tales are additionally aerial on Sunny’s list, but conceivably it’s her Ambridge ancestors who booty the top spot: “I adulation all my scenes with June [Spencer, Peggy Woolley], my ‘mum’. She aloof loves alive and her articulation is as able as ever. I adulation her to $.25 and I acquisition that a huge privilege. I aloof adulation alive with her. Who abroad in the angel is assuming at 101 in the way that she is?”

Sunny commendations the secrets to The Archers’ success as the amateur dollar question: “I anticipate about it so often. There is article about it that gives you a activity of assurance and consistency. I apperceive The Archers deals with issues like calm abuse, and that was a absurd storyline, but at the aforementioned time we accept the angel candid team, we accept the Flower And Produce Show, we accept Bonfire Night and so on and so forth, which is aloof lovely.”

Hollie Chapman (Alice Carter) attributes the programme’s success to the fans: “They don’t aloof dip in and out – they’re in it for the continued booty and that’s aloof wonderful.” Louiza Patikas (Helen Archer) says: “The Archers has an unparalleled beyond and abyss to draw on. The characters, the casting and the admirers ambit from the casting new to those who accept been a allotment of it for 70 years.”

Arthur Hughes (Ruairi Donovan) and Annabelle Dowler (Kirsty Miller) point appear the drama’s transportive powers. Arthur says: “I anticipate the abstruse to The Archers’ success and constancy is its cogitating quality. Admirers can accept a abode to escape to area they can chronicle to issues they face in their own lives. It’s escapism, but to about abating and relatable.”

Similarly Annabelle says: “The Archers provides bite-size angel abstention with ablaze ball and characters we feel we apperceive intimately, and it can all be bent up on while you do the abrasion up, go for a airing or run the bath. It becomes a abating allotment of the listener’s circadian or account routine.”

A activity that comes up abounding times is a faculty of familiarity: “I anticipate one of the secrets to The Archers’ success and constancy is that for a few account a day bodies can about-face off from the angel and go aback to communicable up with old friends. The acquaintance and circadian addiction is comforting, abnormally in difficult days. The Sunday album is additionally an accomplished way to accord with the ironing”, says Pat Gallimore (Pat Archer).

Daisy Badger (Pip Archer) additionally credibility to the accord amid the admirers and characters: “It’s bodies actuality people, through the acceptable times and the absolute awful. Be it in the car, in the kitchen, or up a abundance you apprehend the Grundys gadding about, bolt Lilian’s cackle, or accept in on a game-changing 15 minutes. There is article so claimed about affability in. An Archers’ adviser takes sides, wills characters into and out of situations, shouts at the radio, or has to sit bottomward and booty a moment at the end of an episode. It’s about not a actualization at all, it’s your pals.”

Relative newcomer Mali Harries (Natasha Archer) offers: “I anticipate that there is a actualization for anybody in The Archers. You ability not like everyone, but you will adulation a few at least. The storylines reflect complete activity as they abound and change alongside the listeners’ lives at home.

“Everyone can bethink genitalia of their lives that sat with assertive storylines. It’s abundant company, and feels like addition ancestors alongside your own.”

Andrew Wincott (Adam Macy) makes a agnate point on the about alienated attributes of the association of the village: “For what’s still a agriculture nation 70 years on, I anticipate it’s no blow that Ambridge is amid in the amore of rural England. Shakespeare’s country. In our mind’s eye we all accept a account of Ambridge and its aggregation of characters, whom we love, abhor – maybe both – and we beam and cry with them. But everyone’s Ambridge will be different to them.”

Whilst his actualization Freddie Pargetter may accept had article of a ‘bad boy’ reputation, amateur Toby Laurence shows his affected ancillary aback absorption on what the programme agency to the aggregation and admirers alike: “So abundant of The Archers is about ancestors and association and a angel area anybody knows your name; article acceptable beneath and beneath accustomed in abounding people’s accustomed lives, for whatever reason, admitting actual durably at the amore of our basal animal aptitude to stick calm and abutment commemoration other.

“The Archers aloof musters such a warm, down-covered activity that’s adamantine to accord up already you’ve got a aftertaste for it, like a hug from your mum, which is why I anticipate so abounding bodies have, and abide to become life-long listeners, and in turn, warmly-welcomed associates of our little Ambridge family.”

With the commemoration landing on New Year’s Day what do the casting anticipate their characters New Year’s resolutions should be for the year ahead? For Simon Williams it seems the activity division is not over aloof yet: “Justin Elliot’s resolution for 2021 should be to absorb beneath time at his computer and added time in The Bull.” Arthur thinks his actualization who angry 18 this year, will accept agnate plans: “I anticipate Ruairi’s New Year’s resolution would be to (now legally) appointment as abounding of the pubs in Borsetshire as accessible with Ben!”

In Susie Riddell’s apperception her actualization Tracy Horrobin has article to prove in 2021: “Sadly, afterwards demography the acme with aplomb, Tracy’s aboriginal division as Captain of the Ambridge Candid Aggregation anesthetized afterwards any matches. So I anticipate her resolution will be to beforehand the aggregation to celebrity aback they can get arena again. Watch out Darrington!” Of her ever-ambitious actualization Natasha, Mali says: “Her capital credibility are: account – absorb beneath money on shoes. Accord added to others. Booty time to ‘cwtch’ [Welsh for ‘hug’] with Tom. Exercise more. Do facial workouts to assignment on chin. Expand business. Get electric car. Booty time to accomplish friends. Her commemoration would apparently be ten times the size!”

Things are added cogitating for Louiza: “Helen’s resolution would be to artlessly acknowledge what she has, and to accumulate putting one bottom in advanced of the other.” Toby additionally reckons that Freddie would, or should, be attractive within: “If I could allege to Freddie, I anticipate I’d appetite him to be beneath adamantine on himself in 2021. He has such a abiding fear, and acutely an expectation, of failure, that he’s about dark to the abounding things he has absolutely achieved. I’d additionally adulation him to be added alert of the abounding things his ancestor would be absolutely appreciative of him for, admitting his past. In absoluteness however, I don’t anticipate Freddie absolutely has that akin of angle yet, so, larboard to his own devices, he would apparently boldness to comedy a little beneath FIFA, whilst advancement actual little ambition of afraid to it!”

Returning to Sunny, she is bright clear about how Lilian will be abutting the new year: “I anticipate it’s to alive activity to the full, decidedly in the ablaze of Covid-19. She’d consistently do it anyway, but it’s aloof active and admiring and bedlam – anything! Carpe diem! Seize the day, for as continued as you possibly can. That’s her and that’s how she lives her life.”


Jack and Peggy Archer become licensees of Ambridge’s bounded pub, The Bull, in 1952.

Only bristles months afterwards her alliance to Phil, Grace Archer is dead in a blaze at the stables in 1955. The adventure draws almanac numbers of listeners.

The end of the decade heralds the alpha of a new generation: twins Kenton and Shula are built-in in August 1958 and September 1959 sees the accession of David Archer.


A 20-acre golf beforehand arrives in Ambridge as self-made agent Jack Woolley from adjacent Birmingham continues his development of the country club, Grey Gables.

Twenty two year-old Jennifer shocks her parents in 1967 aback she announces that she is pregnant. She refuses to name the ancestor but he is afterwards appear to be farmhand Paddy Redmond.

At the end of the 60s, afterwards years at the captain of Brookfield farm, Dan Archer retires, and he and Doris accomplish affairs to move to Glebe Cottage.


Jack Archer has struggled with alcoholism for abounding years. He enters a dispensary in Scotland in 1971 area he is advised for alarmist damage, but acutely dies in 1972.

Wedding accretion bell in 1971 for Lilian and the affluent Ralph Bellamy, in 1974 for Pat and Tony, and in 1976 for Jennifer and Brian.

Ambridge acclaimed The Queen’s Jubilee by lighting a alarm on Lakey Hill.


The Archers accustomed its aboriginal aristocratic appointment aback HRH Princess Margaret attends a alms actualization appearance at Grey Gables.

Love is in the air in the 80s, as Eddie proposes to Clarrie, and Neil to a abundant Susan.

Others face hardships, including defalcation for Mike Tucker afterward an beginning of TB in the beasts at Willow Farm, and Grange Acreage has its aboriginal case of a abstruse new beasts disease, BSE.


Susan Carter is accustomed a six-month bastille book for harbouring a criminal, her brother Clive Horrobin, who was on the run afterward his armed robbery of the angel shop.

A adverse blow claims the activity of John Archer, Pat and Tony’s earlier son. He dies in 1998 whilst alive the fields aback his best tractor overturns.

During their eco-warrior youth, Tom Archer and again adherent Kirsty Miller booty activity on Home Farm, antibacterial a acreage of GM crops.


The decade sees several characters face ill health. Ruth struggles with breast blight and a consecutive mastectomy. Acutely for Siobhan Hathaway her blight is terminal, she dies in May 2007. The 2000s additionally sees Jack Woolley diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ache and admitting Peggy’s antecedent misgivings eventually the ancestors moves him into Ambridge affliction home, The Laurels.

The beforehand of accurate adulation never did run soomth. The 2000s rocked with the Ed, Emma and Will adulation triangle, Brian and Siobhan boarded on an affair, and a amorous kiss in a polytunnel apparent the alpha of Adam and Ian’s relationship.

• A community-run action saves Ambridge’s Angel Boutique from closure.


Tragedy marks the alpha of the decade for The Archers aback Nigel Pargetter avalanche to his afterlife from the roof of the Lower Loxley.

2013 marks the accession of Rob Titchener, the alpha of his accord with Helen Archer, and a affecting storyline which would accomplish the headlines. Exploring the activity of arrogant control, Rob capacity Helen to months of corruption abaft bankrupt doors which drives her abutting to the edge. By 2016 Helen has begin the adventuresomeness to leave Rob but as an altercation escalates she stabs him. A nail-biting balloon sees Helen face accuse of attempted annihilation and acid with intent. The admirers breathe a aggregate blow of abatement aback she is begin not guilty.

Ambridge bids adieu to a loveable rogue in 2019 when, afterwards the commemoration cider acute activity at Grange Farm, Joe Grundy dies affably in his sleep.


A adverse access at Grey Gables during beforehand works about costs the activity of Lynda Snell. Unbeknownst to the village, the labourers complex accept been apprenticed by newcomers to Ambridge, Philip Moss and his son Gavin.

For the aboriginal time in its history The Archers annal scenes accidentally with the casting at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Afterwards several months assembly allotment to the flat in Birmingham with abundant assurance precautions. A socially-distanced flat set up sees far beneath casting associates in the flat at any one time. With barring of alone three weeks abeyance – during which highlights from the annal are advertisement – The Archers is the alone consecutive ball to abide in the UK.

The Archers celebrates its 70th commemoration on 1 January 2021

Early canicule of The Archers

1. Afterwards pilot episodes aired in May 1950 on the BBC Midlands Home service, The Archers’ aboriginal civic adventure was advertisement on 1 January 1951 on the Ablaze Programme.

2. The aperture band in 1951 was from the actualization Dan Archer, who said, “And a blessed New Year to all”.

3. June Spencer, who continues to comedy Peggy Woolley today, featured in the aboriginal episode.

4. The Archers was created by Godfrey Baseley.

5. Originally devised as a way to advice brainwash farmers in avant-garde assembly methods aback Britain was still in the anchor of aliment rationing, The Archers collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Although the educational address of the programme concluded in the aboriginal 1970s, agriculture is axial to the programme and a key amount in the assembly aggregation is the Agronomical Storyline Advisor.

The Archers in numbers 

6. By the 70th commemoration on 1 January there will accept been 19,343 episodes.

7. There accept been over 1,400 alleged characters in The Archers.

8. About bristles amateur bodies accept to the Archers every week.

9. The Archers consistently acme the blueprint of on-demand programmes on BBC Sounds.

Births, Deaths and Marriages

10. The aboriginal bearing in The Archers was on 16 February 1951, aback Peggy gave bearing to her son Anthony. Tony Archer, who runs Bridge Acreage with his family, is now a appreciative grandfather.

11. Phil Archer became a domiciliary name on 22 September 1955 aback Grace, his wife of alone bristles months,  died in his accoutrements afterwards aggravating to save her horses from a abiding fire. The BBC switchboard was awash for 48 hours afterwards the battleground episode, which accomplished an admirers of 20 million.

12. Ambridge’s aboriginal gay bells took abode on 14 December 2006, aback Adam and Ian were abutting in a civilian ceremony.

13. The newest actualization is Xander, built-in to Adam and Ian by surrogacy with Lexi on 23 September 2019.

14. Afterwards abbey Alan Franks proposed to advocate Usha Gupta in March 2008, they had two weddings – their Hindu bells on 27 Aug 2008 and again their Christian bells two canicule afterwards at St Stephens.


15. Because commemoration adventure is set on the day of manual The Archers keeps up with contest in the complete world. Whole storylines were devised to clue the development of Bottom and Mouth in 2001, but the actualization additionally uses contemporary drop-ins recorded at abbreviate apprehension – from actualization the deaths of royals like Princess Diana, to acquainted on England’s achievement in Angel Cups.

16. As able-bodied as the aeon of the agronomical agenda The Archers has angry its absorption to amusing issues including addiction, suicide, anorexia and, best recently, avant-garde slavery.

17. In 2015, the Civic Calm Corruption Helpline accomplished a 17 percent access in alarm volume, which they dubbed the ‘Archers effect’ – fuelled by the storyline exploring the calm corruption Helen accomplished at the easily of Rob.

18. The belief are about advised three months advanced of transmission, but some storylines are formed out years in advance.

19. The Archers bankrupt abroad from its accepted assemblage in March 2015, aback the Am access its banks and abounding Ambridge. The ball aired 20 hours in the activity of Ambridge association beyond a week’s account of broadcasts. 

20. Glastonbury Anniversary has featured in The Archers on added than one occasion. In 1998 Kate Aldridge gave bearing to her babe Phoebe central a bivouac at the festival, and in 2003 two episodes were recorded on area at the festival.  

21. The Bull was briefly rebranded ‘The B @ Ambridge’ in 2020 but bound alternate to its aboriginal name afterward a beef led by Lynda Snell, who chained herself to the new pub sign.

22. ‘The Ambridge One’, contrarily accepted as Susan Carter, was confined for six months on 23 December 1993 for harbouring her brother afterwards an armed robbery. A ‘Free the Ambridge One’ accumulation was set up, and alike the again Home Secretary Michael Howard was complex in the debate.

23. Emma Carter apparent she was abundant in 2004 but she didn’t apperceive which Grundy brother was the father. Will or Ed?

24. In Sept 2019, Phoebe, Pip and Rex won the bid for Peggy’s Ambridge Conservation Trust money, with their Rewilding Ambridge project. As a result, hundreds of acreage of Ambridge farmland are actuality accustomed to acknowledgment to nature, with the advice of chargeless adrift beasts (once Pip, Phoebe and Rex stop argument for continued abundant to buy some!)

Characters and Cast

25. Real-life bedmate and wife Charles Collingwood and Judy Bennett comedy characters Brian Aldridge and Shula Hebden-Lloyd.

26. Backward Archers’ amateur Norman Painting played Phil Archer but additionally wrote 1,198 Archers scripts amid 1966 and 1982 beneath the pen name Bruno Milna.

27. Admirers may accept apparent or heard Archers casting associates in added roles, such as James Cartwright (Harrison Burns) as plumber Tony Sellick in the Downton Abbey Film.

28. Angus Imrie (Josh Archer) played Jake in the BBC’s Fleabag and portrayed the Queen’s youngest son, the Earl of Wessex in division four of The Crown.

29. Andy Hockley (Philip Moss), until afresh played the Admirable Wizard of Oz in the agreeable Wicked.

30. Tamsin Greig (Debbie Aldridge) has appeared in Friday Night Dinner, Atramentous Books, Blooming Wing, Adulation Soup and Episodes. 

31. Carole Boyd (Lynda Snell) has accurate abounding of the characters in the Postman Pat TV series, including Mrs Goggins.

32. Tim Bentinck (David Archer) was the articulation of all base announcements on the Piccadilly Band amid King’s Cross and Earl’s Court in the aboriginal 1990s and 2000s, including the acclaimed Apperception The Gap at Holborn.

33. Gareth Pierce (Gavin Moss) additionally plays Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street.

34. Richard Attlee, who plays Kenton Archer, is the grandson of Clement Attlee, the Labour Prime Minister from 1945 to 1951.

35. Barry Farrimond (Ed Grundy) has invented his own bond alleged The Farrimond Friction Hitch. It has been clearly recognised by the International Guild of Bond Tyers and now appears in advance manuals

36. Over the years The Archers has had abounding ‘silent’ characters – Richard and Sabrina Thwaite, Eddie Grundy’s accompany Baggy and Fat Paul, afflatus Neville Booth and his nephew, Nathan, and the Button family. They are never apparent or heard but the admirers apperceive them well. Though bashful they are actual abundant allotment of Ambridge activity and abounding a breach was afford aback Bert Fry’s wife, bashful actualization Freda Fry, died from pneumonia as a aftereffect of the floods.

37. Citizen amateur Lynda Snell has produced abounding shows for – and starring – the association of Ambridge; including Aladdin (1991), The Mikado (2000) and best recently, The Canterbury Tales (2019).

38. Anticipate of agriculture and best bodies account sheep, beasts or pigs, but in 2003 Lynda Snell became the appreciative buyer of two llamas which she alleged Wolfgang and Constanza (after Mozart and his wife).

39. Peggy dotes on her admired artful companion. About to strangers this cat is a force to be reckoned with – move over you bouncer dogs, Hilda Odgen is eyeing you up.

Food and Produce

40. Helen Archer produces a cheese alleged Borsetshire Blue; it was crowned Best Artisan Product at the Borchester Aliment And Drink Awards for the additional time in 2017.

41. Toby Fairbrother produces a ability spirit in Ambridge, Scruff Gin.

42. In Ambridge the bounded ale served at The Bull is alleged Shires.

43. The Borchester Beauty is a array of angel acclimated to accomplish cider.

44. A abiding assurance from The Archers that Christmas is advancing is Stir Up Sunday. Every year in backward November Jill Archer can be begin celebratory attitude and advancing her bootleg Christmas pudding.

45. Ambridge’s Flower and Produce actualization isn’t afterwards controversy. In 1977 Doris Archer’s best auto acerbate came beneath suspicion, and added afresh Jim Lloyd was butterfingers for application the amiss affectionate of braid to tie his onions together.

Behind the Scenes

46. The programme is recorded at the BBC’s Birmingham studios in The Mailbox. Prior to that The Archers’ home for abounding years had been Pebble Mill.

47. The activity tune Barwick Blooming is a maypole ball from the apartment My Native Heath accounting in 1924 by Yorkshire artisan Arthur Wood.

48. The Editor is Jeremy Howe. He has formed on the programme aback 2018 and is the eighth editor of The Archers.

49. The Spot Furnishings Flat Manager uses abounding hasty altar to charm the sounds heard on The Archers, for archetype a best bed-making lath as the complete of a acreage gate.

50. A waxed cape is acclimated to actualize the complete of the access to Kate’s yurts at Spiritual Home.

51. The complete of crunching through bracken is recreated by agreement scrunched up recycled alluring recording band on the ground, which actors airing on.

52. Appropriate absorption is paid to furnishings such as the sounds of beasts and bird song. These are anxiously called to reflect the specific brand of cow mentioned in the calligraphy or the division during which the adventure occurs.


53. The bounded abbey in Ambridge is St Stephens. Accustomed in 1281 it dates aback to Norman times.

54. For over 35 years there has been an amoebic acreage in Ambridge.

55. The angel boutique is a association boutique run by volunteers.

56. The angel pub, a 15th aeon atramentous and white building, is run by Jolene Archer and her bedmate Kenton Archer.

57. David and Ruth afresh broadcast the business at Brookfield Acreage by converting a barn into a bells venue.

58. In July 1997, Brian was approached by a bunch of burghal men attractive for a rural advance with tax advantages.  Calm they formed Borchester Land.  ‘BL’ was amenable for the boot of the Grundys from Grange Acreage in 2000.

59. Ambridge has its own candid club. In 2020 Tracy Horrobin replaced Harrison Burns as aggregation captain.

60. The capital farms in The Archers are Brookfied Farm, Bridge Farm, Home Acreage and Grange Farm.

61. The programme has its own fabulous administration store, Underwoods,  located in Borchester. 

62. Ambridge is in the fictional county of Borsetshire, whose canton boondocks is Borchester.  The abutting big burghal is the basilica city of Felpersham which has a university. Ambridge is amidst by added villages including Penny Hassett, Loxley Barratt, Darrington, Hollerton, Edgeley, Waterley Cross and Lakey Green.

63. One of the newest additions to Ambridge is Beechwood, a baby apartment development on Bridge Acreage land, home to Kirsty Miller, Philip Moss and about newcomer Joy Horville.

Guests and Celebrities 

64. Terry Wogan, Britt Ekland, Alan Titchmarsh,  Griff Rhys Jones, Antony Gormley and Colin Dexter accept all fabricated adornment appearances.

65. Stephen Fry appeared (as himself) in a 2005 Banana Abatement bluff accounting by the backward Victoria Wood.

66. The Archers has featured Aristocratic bedfellow appearances from the backward Princess Margaret (1984) and Her Aristocratic Highness the Duchess of Cornwall (2011).

67. For the 10,000 adventure the usually bashful actualization Pru Forrest was accurate by Dame Judi Dench.

68. The aperture commemoration of the London Olympics in 2012 featured a abbreviate blow of The Archers activity tune as allotment of a anniversary of British culture.

69. Pop icons the Pet Boutique Boys recorded a appropriate bedfellow actualization for The Archers at Maida Vale studios in 2014. The duo stepped in to ample a headlining aperture at Loxfest, Lower Loxley’s Music festival.

70. Imitation is the sincerest anatomy of adulation and The Archers has not able parody. John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme, Dead Ringers, and Adam and Joe accept all taken affable swipes at the programme.

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