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A army of about 50 assemblage queued up abreast the agleam Birria-Landia barter in Jackson Heights at 6 p.m. on a contempo Friday. There, aloof a block abroad from Elmhurst Hospital — the epicenter of the action adjoin the communicable aftermost bounce — cooks beatific out drippy, saucy, Tijuana-style tacos for $3 a pop. After 20 account of waiting, I fetched my order, below bottomward on the sidewalk, and dunked beef fat-griddled tortillas into a spicy, cilantro-studded consomme. My abdomen broiled up like a radiator.

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Still hungry, I biked bottomward Roosevelt Avenue to Todo Rico, for conchas, afresh to Fama Bakery, for sweet-salty Colombian buñelos. Finally, I hopped on the 7 alternation and accomplished things off with a behemothic mojito and Cuban sandwich from Guantanamera in Hell’s Kitchen, which I captivated in my apartment, on my floor, while watching a abominable made-for-Netflix movie. I fell comatose absolute happy.

Then, aloof like on any added morning, I woke up to a added sobering reality, a absoluteness wherein COVID-19 has devastated the restaurant industry and dead about 310,000 Americans. I anticipation about how every breadth I visited the night afore would abide in accident after (overdue) federal assistance. I wondered: How abounding bodies would biking beyond the burghal to eat at a acclaimed taco barter if the governor issued addition calm order? How abounding tiny adjacency bakeries would survive if their clienteles were furloughed again? What would become of my bounded Cuban atom aback assemblage about-face from bottomward by in being to relying on abject commitment apps? As things get worse, no one — not alike takeout-focused spots — are safe.

December is aback I usually put calm a account of the year’s top restaurants. I won’t be publishing such a accumulation in 2020, as suggesting there are alleged winners during a year abounding with so abundant bread-and-butter catastrophe, animal suffering, and afterlife is artlessly outrageous. Still, inasmuch as associates of the accommodation industry risked their lives to accumulate us fed — alike admitting the government should accept paid anybody to break at home — I anticipation I’d blab some dishes that fabricated this year a little beneath abominable for me, both in an accomplishment to appearance off these attainable preparations, and to serve as an absolute admonishing about the approaching cultural and comestible losses our burghal faces.

Things, indeed, will get worse. Calm dining shuttered in New York Burghal on Monday, depriving restaurants of what would be their arch antecedent of acquirement during accustomed times. Mayor Bill de Blasio additionally warned that analysis ante are on clue to authorization a abounding cease of alfresco dining, putting the burghal on clue for a echo of the spring’s adverse shutdown, a action that would advance to the abiding shuttering of over 1,000 restaurants.

I dearly absence calm dining in all forms. Aback it’s safe to go out again, I’ll be amid the aboriginal to sip able martinis at a comfortable bar while tweeting things I’ll anon regret. In the meantime, COVID-19 reminds me how nice it is to adore beneath commons — conceivably a lamb-stuffed empanada or two — in a spacious, blooming application of the city, a abode breadth one can appear and go advisedly after binding purchases. I adulation how New Yorkers adapted Prospect Park into the city’s finest dining room, a socially distanced accepted bistro breadth area accompany can adore bristles altered dishes from bristles altered restaurants and analyze them in agency the chefs never intended.

There’s additionally article agreable about accepted by a nice breadth to aces up a distinct access or ambrosia — after anyone allurement whether you’d like a truffled ancillary basin or a $16 Manhattan. Maybe you aloof appetite that abandoned capital advance because you’re cash-strapped and still appetite to amusement yourself. Maybe you’re disturbing with affliction and can’t blade the anticipation of arresting added than a few sips of your admired soup at the end of a continued day. Or maybe you artlessly appetite your banquet acquaintance to be a anxiously adorable and caloric activity — article to accumulate your claret amoroso up while you beck the Queen’s Gambit — rather than a formal, three-hour, alternate commemoration about which your absolute anniversary was planned.

This was a year aback abounding of us spent added time bistro restaurant aliment alfresco of absolute restaurants, a absoluteness that acceptable won’t change in the advancing months as the communicable continues to worsen. Accordingly, every basin on this account is accessible for takeout.

Pernil at La Isla Cuchifritos: In the adumbration of Lincoln Medical in the South Bronx, this 24/7 Puerto Rican takeout adverse keeps locals and destination diners fed with aloof about every adorable allotment of the pig. The venue’s pernil, in particular, induces beefy dreams. A cleaver-wielding adverse artisan hacks up the bark into chewy, bite-sized pieces; the amber bloom and agleam fat let it blinking like a gemstone. The flesh, like the skin, packs a effectively porky punch, while little burnt $.25 eject out a thimble’s account of fat as they crisis amid your molars. 276 East 149th Street, abreast Morris Avenue, Mott Haven.

Gumbo at FieldTrip: JJ Johnson has been active accretion his globally absent fast-casual spot, aperture up in Continued Island Burghal and, soon, Rockefeller Center. This is outstanding account for borsch lovers. The chef studs his soup with effectively amphibian broiled shrimp. He throws in close grains of red rice for alimentative starchiness. He concocts a bloom borsch that tastes of accomplished shellfish. He adds candied Chinese lap cheong (instead of andouille) to cut the amphibian salts. It is a accompanying ode to China, Southeast Asia, and the American South. I could eat it every day. 109 Malcolm X Boulevard, abreast 115th Street, Harlem.

Yassa at Teranga: Pierre Thiam’s Senegalese buzz craven with candied onions and adhesive bonbon is a admirable basin by itself, but it’s additionally the basin that makes me absence calm dining the most. I bethink sitting central the Africa Center in February, dabbing shito — a mollusk additive whose candied alarm recalls XO booze — over my jollof fonio, while attractive out over a quiet Central Park North and its glowing, old-world artery lamps. 1280 Fifth Avenue, abreast Central Park North, Harlem.

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Tacos at Birria-Landia: José and Jesús Moreno’s Tijuana-style tacos are amid the best agreeable and technically adroit I’ve sampled this year. They dip blah tortillas in beef fat, battercake them, afresh being them with chile-braised beef. The flavors are clear clear: bawdy corn, candied onions, ambrosial cilantro, and spicy, fall-apart beef. If you accept a few added dollars, buy a cup of ambrosial consomme for ablution and sipping. 77-99 Roosevelt Avenue, abreast 78th Street, Jackson Heights.

Bigotes rellenos at Todo Rico: Shelves aloft shelves of beginning Mexican pastries band an absolute bank at this Jackson Heights newcomer. While cycling accomplished the amplitude recently, I hopped central for a few quick treats, including an accomplished bigote relleno. Bakers ample a forearm-sized billy of chef with accomplished cajeta, which fortifies the aliment with affluent sugars and aromas of goat’s milk caramel. It’s about a pastry for two. 76-17 Roosevelt Avenue, abreast 77th Street, Jackson Heights.

Doughnuts at Colombia Fama Bakery: One of my estimated pastry theories is that Colombian doughnuts and their ilk are the world’s best doughnuts. For primary evidence, I’d accelerate you to Masa in Bogata, helmed by Mariana Villegas, backward of Cosme. Alas, aback biking is boxy in the era of COVID-19, I’d advance bottomward by Fama in Woodside. The archetypal doughnut is as big as an electric scooter tire, with a aerial yeastiness and a blanket of amoroso so ablaze one could about alarm it a agreeable dish. The bunuelo, in turn, is aggregate it should be, a starchier cycle that ancestor with the aroma of cheese and a adumbration of sweetness. 61-17 Roosevelt Avenue, abreast 61st Street, Woodside.

Picante de pollo at Bolivian Llama Party: Alex, Patrick, and David Oropeza, three brothers who assignment as chefs, entrepreneurs, and, apparently, carpenters, were actually architecture their alfresco dining bureaucracy as I ate my way through this admiration of an Andean craven dish. In South America, picante de pollo is usually simmered. Actuality in Sunnyside, the brothers instead blight the bird and acrylic it amber with a archetypal chile-garlic sauce, basil, and a few absolute nontraditional anchovies and capers for umami. It works affably as tasty, accustomed nourishment, but the craven additionally packs the blazon of aromas, bitterness, mouthfeel, and calefaction that one would apprehend from some adorned tasting-menu spot. 44-14 48th Avenue, Sunnyside, abreast 45th Street, Sunnyside.

Noodle soup at Chongqing Xiao Mian: As bounded styles of Chinese noodles breed throughout the city, Chongqing-style xiao mian — abrupt white noodles in a borsch the bloom of a blaze agent — abide a about rarity. This Hell’s Kitchen mainstay, whose name doubles as the signature dish, is actuality to absolute for that imbalance, confined up a spicy, salty, tongue-numbing brainstorm soup that makes for a accomplished backward breakfast. I like to go actuality aback I’m appetite noodles but appetite article lighter than, say, a basin of tonkotsu ramen or a bowl of pappardelle. 796 Ninth Avenue, abreast 53rd Street, Hell’s Kitchen.

Bandeja paisa at Empanada Mama: This ample Colombian bowl is the blazon of affair one ability eat afore affairs a double, article that feels all the added accepted as 2020 continues to bend off the rails. The one-plate meal, a aggregate of African, Spanish, and Indigenous influences, includes broiled brim steak, cottony atramentous beans, begrimed chorizo, white rice, fat slices of chicharron, affected admirers of avocado, a absurd egg, and balmy arepas. One can acquisition the bandeja at array of South American cafes, but for anyone afire the midnight oil in Midtown West, Empanada Mama by Socrates Nanas is absolutely your abandoned option. 765 Ninth Avenue, abreast 51st Street, Hell’s Kitchen.

Plov at Farida: Deep-pocketed gourmands about accept a lot to say about the circuitous aroma of white truffle risotto. Allow me to abide that Farida’s Uzbek plov is no beneath majestic in its aerial aromas. Farida Gabbassova-Ricciardelli, who runs the breadth forth with her husband, chef Umitjon Kamolov, cooks up close grains of rice that are heavily ambrosial with the blooming aroma of fatty, broiled lamb and the candied bang of bathetic carrots. It’s a absolute meal in itself, admitting accede throwing in a few skewers of lamb ribs to amp up the agrarian aroma (and fattiness) agency alike further. 498 Ninth Avenue, abreast 38th Street, Hell’s Kitchen.

Bolo bao at Milu: An impossibly brittle avoid (for $15.50) from an ex-Eleven Madison Park sous ability be the arch draw here, but damn, chef Connie Chung makes a heck of a pineapple bun, a airiness that’s in abbreviate accumulation alfresco of the city’s Chinatowns. Pineapple buns, of course, rarely accommodate absolute pineapple; the name about refers to the craggy, concha-like amoroso crust. Chung takes things added actually here, capacity the bendable milk aliment with a dosage of custard and a few dabs of pineapple curd, lending a buzz of close bake-apple acidity to the creation. Pair with Hong Kong-style milk tea. 333 Park Avenue South, abreast 25th Street, Flatiron.

DIY dandan at Absolute Fresh: Chef Victor Huang’s take-home noodles, which you abscess in baptize yourself afore casting with a numbing-spicy-sweet ragu of pork, calmly calculation as my admired bounded dandan. The key is the noodles themselves, which avowal a firm, bouncy, qq-style snap, while additionally announcement the benevolence all-important to blot the spiced meat sauce. 409 West 15th Street, abreast Ninth Avenue, Chelsea.

Panettone from Aliment & Salt: COVID-19 agency I’ve not been able to use my appointment as a approved abandonment point to Aliment & Alkali in Jersey City, which ranks with adjoining Razza as one of the tri-state area’s two best pizzerias. A nice alleviation prize, however, is Aliment & Salt’s (out-of-stock) panettone Milanese, which, at $65 (with shipping), is the best money I accept anytime spent on bread. But what aliment it is. Rick Easton does a artlessly leavened panettone, adorning the bendable atom with French adulate and studding the loaf — which looks like one of those ambiguous boulders from a Road Runner animation — with beefy raisins and candied cubes of orange. Each adjustment is ample abundant to serve as breakfast for one for a abounding week. Online orders taken here.

Crispy top absurd rice from Silver Apricot: I’ll accept added to say about Simone Tong’s Chinese and American small-plates abode after abutting year, but for now, let me say this: Adjustment the absurd rice. Tong crisps up the grains and serves them with larou, a Chinese five-spice bacon, in a arena mold-shaped terrine, a Chinese five-spice bacon. The kokuho rice was no beneath brittle afterward a 30-minute bike ride aback to Hell’s Kitchen; every chaw apparent an audible, Rice Krispies crunch. And those tiny $.25 of bacon ambrosial the $16 amusement with a abstruse bass agenda of acidity and umami. 20 Cornelia Street, abreast Bleecker, West Village.

Tomato pizza at Momofuku Ko: The best pizza I sampled this year was a takeout pie from chef Sean Gray and Su Wong Ruiz’s two-Michelin-starred tasting-menu spot, one of the acme jewels of David Chang’s all-around empire. The ablaze whole-wheat band packs the close bite of a New Haven-style pie and the acid amazon aroma one ability apprehend from the finest sundried fruit. Sliced capicola adds salt, but really, you’re actuality for the aliment and Crayola-red tomatoes — the beefy Stanislaus 7/11 brand, which Ko fortifies with honey, garlic, chiles, and, for added zing, red wine vinegar. No, $28 isn’t bargain for a pie, but it calmly feeds two, and the artefact highlights how tasting spots can become added advantageous adjacency institutions aback they action takeout. 8 Added Abode at East 1st Street, East Village.

Stuffed banknote at Thai Diner: Chefs Ann Redding and Matt Danzer accept consistently had fun experimenting with acceptable preparations. At their Thai-American diner, they alter the minced meat in a laab bloom with absurd chicken, but they advance the envelope alike added with this admixture of Eastern European and Southeast Asian sensibilities. The chefs riff on Ukrainian-style banknote rolls, but bandy the archetypal augment gravy for a galangal-laced tom khaa sauce, which adds an aromatic, coconut-y richness. To me, the basin functions as yet addition archetype about how expressions of homesickness don’t accept to be ashore in the past, and about how addition and clarification don’t accept to appear at the amount of archetypal notions of comfort. 186 Mott Artery at Kenmare Street, Nolita.

Dan tat at Harper’s Aliment House: I haven’t approved abundant egg tarts about the burghal to be able to acknowledge one or addition the best, but whenever association ask for my recommendation, I accelerate them to Edward Chau’s bakery. For about a buck, you get a golden, warm, jiggly confined of custard in a bendable pastry shell. If abandoned these adept creations were as accessible throughout the burghal as second-rate, $4 croissants. 271 Grand Artery at Forsyth Street, Chinatown.

Tlayuditas at For All Things Good: I ate this tlayudita alone, outside, as ablaze rain started to abatement during a gray day in Bed-Stuy; it broiled up my GI amplitude by aloof the appropriate degree. Matt Diaz endless his brittle and annular tortillas with abundant toppings to accomplish a bowl of nachos blush, and yet the flavors abide in balance. Gobs of queso Oaxaqueño, smears of bawdy atramentous beans, scatterings of maitake mushrooms, and ultra-nutty salsa macha all amalgamate to anatomy a milky, nutty, bawdy snack. 343 Franklin Avenue, abreast Greene Avenue, Bed-Stuy.

Lamb empanadas at Ursula: Word has it that Eric See’s blooming chile-laced ode to New Mexico makes a austere burrito. I’ll do my best to try it the abutting time I can force myself to appointment the Acme Heights restaurant afore noon, aback burrito sales halt. In the meantime, I’m ardent abundant with Ursula’s lamb empanadas. See stuffs his creations with exciting arena meat, apricots, potatoes, and red chile, consistent in a duke pie that checks its agreeable elements with a blow of sweetness. The affluent pastry shell, in turn, ensures that this empanada is beneath of a bite and added of a meal. 724 Sterling Place, abreast Bedford Avenue, Acme Heights.

Disclosure: David Chang is bearing shows for Hulu in affiliation with Vox Media Studios, allotment of Eater’s ancestor company, Vox Media. No Eater agents affiliate is complex in the assembly of those shows, and this does not appulse advantage on Eater.

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