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‘Bling Empire’s Kelly and Andrew Are Aback Calm and Added Updates From the Casting (Exclusive)

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How to Draw a Llama – Really Easy Drawing Tutorial – how to draw llamas easy | how to draw llamas easy

Did your Bling Empire affair leave you absent more? Are you accessible to acquisition out area these alleged “crazy, affluent Asians” are now? Well, you’re in the appropriate place! ET video chatted with alternation stars Kelly Mi Li, Kim Lee, Kane Lim, Kevin Kreider, Anna Shay and Christine Chiu to get answers to some abiding division 1 accord questions, from new romances to accepting kids and beyond. Read on to acquisition out area the casting stands today, and bang actuality in case you absent our aboriginal round-up, which dives abysmal into the penis pump saga, Anna and Christine’s bold of amusing chess, the stars’ hopes for division 2 and much, abundant more!

Yes, Kelly and Andrew Are Aback Calm

Season 1 ends with Kelly abrogation Cherie and Jessey’s 100 Day affair for their son, Jevan, and accession at ex-boyfriend Andrew’s abode in abounding glam. A shirtless Drew pulls Kelly inside, they embrace and the adventure fades to the credits. Cut to January 2021, and the brace is clearly aback calm — and accept been aback afore pandemic-related lockdown orders went into aftereffect in Los Angeles aback in March 2020 (the appearance was filmed in 2019, and Kelly says they took about bristles months off from their accord afore accepting aback together).

“We’re alive things out,” Kelly tells ET. “We’re apparently in a bigger abode than we’ve anytime been in our relationship. Throughout our six years of ups and downs, I anticipate we’re in the best abode we’ve anytime been, aloof compassionate anniversary added better. Abide to go to therapy, abide to assignment things out, ‘cause at the end of the day, we apperceive that accurate adulation is adamantine to acquisition and the adulation we accept for anniversary added is unconditional.”

Kelly aria to her castmates at the appendage end of Bling Empire’s apprentice run, abstinent that she was because accepting aback calm with the Power Rangers actor. Kelly says she was aloof aggravating to save her accompany from accepting swept up into the cyclone that is her personal life.

“Me and Andrew’s accord is so up and down, we’ve been on a roller coaster, and for my friends, I think, like, [I’m] a little bit ashamed in a sense, area I abhorrence to accept them go on this roller coaster with me,” she says. “It’s so affecting all the time. So, I feel a little guilty. I’m like, I don’t appetite them to go on this roller coaster, in case it’s addition dip, in case it’s addition drop. At the end of the day, sometimes I’m not alike accessible for the drop, you know? So, I don’t abhorrence to get my accompany on this roller coaster with me.”

“I don’t anticipate she was aggravating to assure anyone,” Kane says. “We’re annoyed of it. … As a friend, I’m annoyed of audition about them accepting aback [together].”

“My God! Area do you appetite me to alpha on that one?” Anna adds, alms her two cents. “I aloof acquainted the way he was talking to her and the way he would amusement her, she would put her pride aside. I capital to agitate her. ‘Where’s your pride? Where’s your integrity? You f**ked up!’ But I couldn’t [do that].”

“Right now, they assume appealing stable,” Kane says of Kelly and Andrew. “I don’t apperceive whether it’s because of COVID, if that’s befitting them together. Maybe division 2, we’ll see addition breakup.”

“I anticipate for division 2, I’m gonna be a little added outspoken,” Kelly declares. “Everybody was in my business, all the time, with me and Andrew. Sometimes I accept to draw the line: This is my claimed relationship, let me assignment it out and, I apperceive you guys adulation me, I apperceive you guys affliction for me, but let me booty my amplitude and my time to assignment it out.”

Andrew Reacts to Viewer Criticism


Some admirers accept labeled Andrew and Kelly’s accord as “toxic,” taking aloft affair with how the amateur speaks to his girlfriend. In adventure 1, Andrew alleged Kelly, agreeable over actuality larboard in a auberge allowance in Paris while she went out to boutique with Anna. The buzz alarm beatific a arctic bottomward Anna’s aback and led admirers to flood Andrew’s amusing media comments with vitriol. The brace alone video chatted with ET’s Kevin Frazier to assortment through the backlash. Andrew says he’s OK with the way he came beyond on screen, because it contributed to the ball bureau of the appearance and kept admirers invested in the story.

how to draw llamas easy
 How To Draw A Cartoon Llama - Art For Kids Hub - how to draw llamas easy

How To Draw A Cartoon Llama – Art For Kids Hub – how to draw llamas easy | how to draw llamas easy

“I’m not adage it has been easy, it’s been rough,” he admits. “[But] this has been one of the bigger blessings of my life, because it’s alone activity to bigger ours.”

Andrew and Kelly say they accept both been in analysis — alone — to assignment on their alone issues in adjustment to actualize a stronger partnership.

“She’s bettered me every day of my life,” Andrew says. “She makes me appetite to be a bigger man. That’s appealing cliche, but it’s true. And I consistently accept to my faults, area I abatement abbreviate and do the work. And I can’t delay for bodies to see that, if we get a division 2, I acclaim it to every animal actuality — not aloof a man — to seek help.”

“It’s definitely adamantine to bethink a breakdown and bethink a actual aphotic time in our life, but I anticipate there’s no affliction whatsoever,” Kelly says (in an beforehand interview) of advertisement the good, bad and in amid on TV.

“Everything happened for a reason,” she continues. “I think, also, this appearance absolutely helped accompany all of our problems that we’ve been affectionate of alienated ambidextrous with to the front, right? So, we were able to abound a lot, actually, through this process. For sure, for me personally, I apparent — about my issues — a lot more, and again a lot of things that affiliated aback to my childhood. As adamantine as it is to watch, I’m aloof absolutely blessed we got it on camera. I’m blessed to be able to allotment to the world, and hopefully that’s gonna affect couples that are maybe alive through difficult times, as well.”

See added from the brace in ET’s exclusive, affecting interview, airing this week. Check your bounded listings.

Are Kim and Kevin Giving Adulation a Shot?

While Kelly ran off to see Andrew in the finale, Kevin and Kim were aback at the 100 Day affair accepting flirty.

“I’m so apologetic for consistently acrimonious on you, and I anticipate you’re a abundant person, and I anticipate we got great… what is this?” the DJ asks the model, to which he replies, “Vibes.”

“Stop attractive at me like you wanna kiss me and s**t!” he again tells Kim.

“I attending at you?!” she fires back. “I anticipate it’s the added way about over here!”

“In like the aftermost moment we had calm at that party, I acquainted a spark,” Kevin admits to ET. “But I was like, hey… is this because we’re in the moment? This feels wrong. Like, she hated me, I hated her.”

“Kevin and I accept such a awe-inspiring relationship, but we get forth at the aforementioned time,” Kim says. “He’s a actual nice guy. On the show, I anticipate a lot of bodies ability think, like, ‘Oh, why is she so beggarly to him?’ It’s aloof — you anytime accept a acquaintance that you can aloof say whatever to and they aloof kinda put up with it? Well, Kevin is that acquaintance to me. And I adulation seeing him get mad sometimes, ‘cause it’s just… exciting. But I beggarly no harm!”

The abbreviate acknowledgment to the big catechism admitting is, no, Kevin and Kim aren’t dating… at atomic not yet.

“I’m still deciding,” Kim confesses. “He’s been sliding in my DMs and stuff. I don’t know. We’re aloof gonna accept to see.”

“She’s a acquaintance now, and I absolutely affliction about her,” Kevin shares. “I don’t appetite to aloof do it because she’s activity accessible and there’s a spark. I wanna do it because there’s article real.”

Kim says she is “manifesting” love in her life, but she’s not abiding Kevin will be the appropriate fit, acquainted she knows “too abundant about his dating life.” However, Anna — who originally encouraged Kevin to go afterwards Kelly while she was off with Andrew — thinks it aloof ability work.

“It could be fun to watch, but it could be, also, a mistake,” she declares. “On the added hand, it could be the appropriate match. They both appetite article for themselves, aloof hopefully they’ll do it together.”

Has Kevin Tracked Bottomward His Bearing Parents?

Kevin got to apperceive added about his character in division 1, all in hopes of tracking bottomward the bodies who gave him up for acceptance decades ago. He hit a asleep end back the South Korean acceptance bureau banned to absolution his biological parents’ names, but he’s captivation out achievement that the belvedere of Bling Empire and Netflix ability accompany him the cease he wants.

“I absolutely achievement bodies watch this in Korea and go, ‘Oh my god, I anticipate I absolutely apperceive that person!’ Or maybe my bearing parents ability out,” he says. “I aloof don’t appetite everybody to affirmation to be my bearing parents now. Like, that would be disheartening. Like, you attending like you could I can date you, you’re alone 30, there’s no way you’re my bearing mom. But it’s just… I achievement that absolutely comes out of bodies award that because the word’s out there now, it’s the ultimate chase now.”

Should the appearance get a additional season, Kevin would appetite to biking to South Korea to acquisition added answers.

Christine Chiu and Babyish No. 2

Baby G charcoal an alone adolescent for now, and maybe forever. Christine and her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, discussed the achievability of giving their now-2-year-old son a affinity in division 1, but those conversations accept aback stalled. The couple’s two arctic embryos, called London and Margeau (“like ‘chateau,’ not  Robbie”), abide on ice.

“I like to action my battles wisely, so currently I am in a action of whether or not to accomplishment some llamas,” Christine quips. “We would adulation to add a few llamas to our family. We aloof adopted a fish, and we are demography Purple the angle actual seriously, and again we will move assimilate llamas and see what the approaching holds.”

Rather than new kiddos, Christine is befitting the focus on the one she has and his future. Pre-school acceptance is top of mind.

“Now that we are on a all-around absoluteness TV show, I anticipate I may accept broke my son’s affairs at a actual celebrated preschool,” she laments.

It was a adventure to accompany Babyish G (whose absolute name is Gabriel Chiu, III) into the world, with Christine candidly confessing on the appearance that she took the accusation for her and Dr. Chiu’s abundance issues, back it was absolutely an undiagnosed affair of her husband’s that captivated up the action for added than a decade. The pair’s disability to accept put Christine in a boxy places with her in-laws, birth of the Song Dynasty who put burden on her to accompany a macho beneficiary into the world.

“My bedmate had a medical action that could accept been prevented, I anticipate back he was younger, but it was not,” she shares, afterwards absolute too abounding details. “I anticipate there is a allotment of answerability from my mother in law. Unfortunately, that medical action led to him not actuality able to be abundant and he did abide several surgeries himself.”

Then, Christine had a complicated abundance with Babyish G and says she cannot backpack addition child. If the Chius do anytime aggrandize their family, it would acceptable be with the advice of a surrogate.

“Every day back I attending at Babyish G, aggregate abroad pauses, because I attending at article that was so impossible,” she says. “I’ve had so abounding doctors — the world’s arch doctors — acquaint me that you charge to appear to agreement with the actuality that you guys will aloof never be parents, you will never accept a child. Aloof put that aside, don’t alike anticipate about it anymore, and I can’t acquaint you for how abounding years that aloof cut me apart, whether the attempt was on my husband’s ancillary or mine. But you know, miracles do appear and this is why we adulation this babyish so much, because not alone is he our child, but back we attending at him, we see the achievability of abundant things that can action if you aloof accept and are persistent.”

“Cheers to Daddy Issues!”

Christine delivered the aloft byword with a bang of glasses while chatting with co-stars Kane Lim and Jaime Xie about their relationships with their parents. Aloof afore the cheers, Christine appear she had not announced to her own ancestor aback college, afterwards a abstruse falling out that larboard her cut off financially. In the division finale, Christine opened up about her artificial accord to Kim, who encouraged her to ability out and accomplish amends. Kim told Christine to apprentice from her mistake, seeing as she had aloof abstruse that her own ancestor was dead, afterwards attempting to clue him bottomward to reconnect.

“Very unfortunately, my mother anesthetized abroad in August and it was a shock and a abruptness to us all,” Christine reveals. “I had to absolutely abound up actual quickly. You anticipate in your mid-30s you are absolutely a developed adult, and you don’t apprehend how abundant you charge your parents until you had absent one of them — or both of them — and in the… I don’t appetite to alarm it a mess, but in the action of ambidextrous with my mother’s passing, I absolutely acquainted the appetite and the charge to ability out to my father, and ironically he has been the one who has helped me best through the hardships of my mother’s casual and accident a parent.”

Christine says rebuilding her accord with her dad has been a argent lining to an contrarily aphotic time.

“It is a admirable thing,” she says. “He was able to FaceTime with Babyish G — and he’s never met Babyish G afore — and in his actual traditional, Chinese address you can acquaint that he was actual proud, and that is all I could anytime appetite is for him to be appreciative of me and what we accept able as a family.”

“One of the affidavit we were absolutely absorbed by [the show] is because it absolutely explores these ancestors dynamics in a different way that we haven’t apparent on television,” Christine adds. “It is actual absolute and raw, and already bodies can move accomplished the amaze and the glamour, and the chase cars and the aerial jewelry, they can absolutely see a accumulation of bodies who are disturbing and triumphing in a actual relatable manor.”

That said, Christine isn’t absorbed in her ancestor or her ancestors binging Bling Empire.

“Reality television is not article I anticipate either sets of parents or families necessarily condone,” she says.

Well, if you’re not Christine’s continued family, you can binge/re-binge Bling Empire any time on Netflix. All eight episodes of division 1 are now streaming.

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