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llamas with hats to draw
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Pages Of Llamas With Hats Coloring Pages – llamas with hats to draw | llamas with hats to draw

Word Amateur rules

Enter the accepted Word Amateur challenge .

Archive of accomplished Word Games

Join in the bulletin lath fun

Suggest a challenge for your adolescent acknowledgment lovers. If we can use or acclimate your idea, we’ll accord aloft you any book from The Atlantic Store.

“The undersized and abashed knight, armed alone with an aluminum sword, lacked the able ___ to face the barbaric dragon.”

In apery of [email protected], we’ve approved to concoct an archetype or two of our own:

At the bazaar sideshow, a nude adult emerged with a grizzly on a chain, but we looked abroad because we didn’t appetite to see her ___.

We actively warned the bazaar antic not to ablaze the agglutinate while we were central the cannon, but he did it anyhow — and it absolutely fabricated us ___ !

In the aboriginal example, we’re not abiding whether BARE or BEAR is correct, and in the additional case it’s a balance amidst SORE and SOAR.

Now it’s your turn. See if you can coin a book in which either of two homophones would arguably fit, thereby flummoxing a abeyant spelling-bee contestant. Indicate your acknowledgment in the mailing, as CoxRathvon cannot affirmation to be acceptable solvers. We’ll adjudicator for the adept ambiguity of the ambience and for the all-embracing amusement of the creation.

Mail your access to [email protected] Assorted entries are welcome, but for our accessibility amount your entries into one allotment of e-mail whenever possible, and amuse don’t use absorbed files. Senders of our three admired entries will accept their best of prizes: a chargeless book from the Atlantic’s online store, or the T-shirt with the surfing Poseidon pictured on the back.

Bee-Whiched will abide accessible through Friday, June 13. Winners and abounding after-effects will be acquaint on Friday, June 20.

–EC and HR

Results of Bee-Whiched

Here’s a band that our bounded Dairy Queen had on its covering one day aback I was a kid: “Seven canicule afterwards a DQ burger makes one ___.” (WEEK/WEAK)

Some contestants submitted entries with assorted parts, and others pulled out all the punnery stops. Worthy of atonement acknowledgment is homophonic artist [email protected], who wrote:

People complained aback the affluence pulled out of Erie, but they larboard ___. (IRREGARDLESS/ERIE GUARD-LESS)

Our three top favorites came from [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] These punsters will anniversary be awarded their best of a chargeless book from our online abundance or a T-shirt (in atramentous or white) with a surfing Poseidon on the back. Congratulations, winners! And thanks, everyone, for this and abounding added amateur of affable acknowledgment fun!

The Winners

Ever the perfectionist, Anthony Quinn, aback arena the fisherman in “The Old Man and the Sea,” alone fabricated abiding his understudy’s curve were ___. (TAUGHT/TAUT) ([email protected])

I adulation your old exhausted anorak covered with all those slogans, but I can’t apprehend the ___ at the end of the sleeves. (FRAYS/PHRASE) ([email protected])

And Our Added Top Favorites

The bike salesman had burst his abate and was, alas, clumsy to ___ his wares. (PEDAL/PEDDLE) ([email protected])

When the glazier was beatific to the hospital allowance to analysis the absurd window, he told the accommodating in the anatomy cast, ” I’ve appear to feel your ___.” (PANE/PAIN) The filly had a babyish and blatant whinny, but that was because he was a little ___. (HORSE/HOARSE) Aback the cattlemen’s affiliation sponsored a clue and acreage competition, followed by a barbecue, the commemorative T-shirt read, “We admired the ___.” (MEAT/MEET) The atrocious administrator brash his out-of-condition boxer to accumulate his legs moving, advance with his right, and aback all abroad failed, bethink to ___. (FEINT/FAINT) Sign over the librarian’s desk: No talking ___. (ALLOWED/ALOUD) Aback the angle was fabricated to locate the governor’s abode in Albany, New Yorkers said, “That’s a ___ idea.” (CAPITAL/CAPITOL) ([email protected])

While baking, I alone a stick of margarine on the board asphalt floor, and aback my acquaintance slipped and fell, I said “It charge accept been the ___.” (PARKAY/PARQUET) At banquet that evening, my bedmate commented that my ablaze vegetable pie tasted so good, it aloof couldn’t be ___. (BEAT/BEET) But my kids wouldn’t eat the burnt beet pie because it was ___. (CHARRED/CHARD) I told them all to be be quiet and canyon the pie because I capital a little ___. (PIECE/PEACE) My ancestors scoffed aback I had a all-powerful afflatus I’d get affluent affairs my “Beets Brule,” but afterwards I fabricated my aboriginal million, they had to accept I fabricated absolutely a ___. (PROFIT/PROPHET) On my bout of the U.K., Charles arrive me to baker at Buckingham Palace, and naturally, I took photos so I could appearance anybody the ___. (PRINTS/PRINCE) Now I’ve absitively I’m activity to try a new aisle to vegetable acclaim and fortune, and this time I’ll accept a altered ___. (ROOT/ROUTE) ([email protected])

My chronically runny-nosed friend, who adamantly opposes all absolute emirates, was agitated by ___ on his cruise about the world. (CATARRH/QATAR) The ___ salesman said, “The classical music breadth is appropriate over there,” as he smoothed his pencil-thin mustache and advance addition drop of Brylcreem on his hair. (CD/SEEDY) ([email protected])

To acquire an A in “Sewing with Burlap”, you absolutely accept to apperceive the ___ material. (COARSE/COURSE) The Arab’s affluence was accessible from his ___ clothing. (CHIC/SHEIK) “___ here,” apprehend the aboriginal apprenticeship on the trigonometry adjustment exam. (COSIGN/COSINE) The researcher’s address showed abstracts on the political ___. (GRAFT/GRAPHED) Pink glassy was absolute for her gown, yet the babe appeared alike added absorbing with ___ on either side. (BEAUX/BOWS) I witnessed the advance on the alcazar and saw the queen’s bathrobe burst and the king’s ___ beneath the horses’ feet. (THRONE/THROWN) My daybed was repaired, but I was abashed to acquisition an account on the bill for upholstery ___. (TACKS/TAX) The ailing baron of the doves sensed an approaching ___. (COO/COUP) The aliment account acknowledgment on the orbiting amplitude base was attractive for addition to ___ tables. (WAIT, WEIGHT) The veterinarian had a abundant accord of agitation accepting his dog to ___. (HEAL/HEEL) The bend of Ninth and Broad attracts a lot of the alone because of its acceptability for accepting a ___ breadth for sleeping. (GRATE/GREAT) The blend in my barn fabricated it difficult for me to acquisition my garden ___. (HOES/HOSE) The Ennui Society adopted a new administrator of the ___. (BOARD/BORED) Annihilation can analyze to picnicking on a French hillside and savoring the ___. (BREEZE/BRIES) The French-speaking arena of Lilliput created their own architecture which began “___ the people….” (OUI/WE/WEE) ([email protected])

The Belly Dancer was accepted with sailors because she accepted ___ maneuvers. (NAVEL/NAVAL) Aback told he was fired, the aquarium babysitter let out a big ___. (WAIL/WHALE) Br’er Fox brand to ___ abroad his time. (WILE/WHILE) Water aperture through wallboard is usually a ___ problem. (CEILING/SEALING) The two couples absitively to appoint in ___ play. (FORE/FOUR ) The trucker was consistently affronted at an analysis station, it was the ___ that agitated him. (WAIT/WEIGHT ) Pablo and Jose waited for a arresting from Pilar to accompany her in the Abbey Tower, but neither responded to the agreeable because they didn’t apperceive for whom the ___ was tolling. (BELL/BELLE ) (Pun [email protected])

Mary couldn’t stop pacing while cat-and-mouse on barter at the appointment accumulation store, alike admitting they aloof capital her ___. (STATIONARY/STATIONERY) Dateline London: Eccentric ornithologist advance to adopted acreage to advise ___ English. (PIDGIN/PIGEON) Sealing the accord over a nice cup of darjeeling, Tiger Dupe agreed to endorse a new band of alien ___. (TEES/TEAS) The eight craven farmers jumped in their canoeing carapace and put their ___ up in front. (COCKS/COX.) The confined babe was abashed by the prince’s attraction looks as he coiled his alone goblet. She wasn’t abiding if she was ___ ___ for him. (TOO POOR/TO POUR)

Prior to the abyssal auction, I went to audit the ___ ___ boats. (FOR SALE/FOUR SAIL) The San Diego craven absolutely cried aback the opposing infielder got the closing out by diving into the dugout for the catch. You should accept apparent that ___ ___. (FOWL BAWL/FOUL BALL) ([email protected])

Emily and Henry hit Bonnie in the face with a argument pie and again abolished into the night, abrogation Bonnie activity awfully ___. (DESERTED/DESSERTED) Afterwards the kitchen blaze had been extinguished, the ancestors had dinner; unfortunately, the bill was ___, causing Emily not to adore the Salad. (CHARD/CHARRED) Arriving late, Agent Kennedy slipped on a assistant bark and fell in a heap, consistent in a ____ breach in the bosom of the subcommittee’s acute discussion. (HUMERUS/HUMOROUS) As they looked at the amusement of the Greek temple on Rodeo Drive while a aberration ice storm was occurring, Emily and Henry were abashed by the actual abnormal ___. (FREEZE/FRIEZE) Wanting to buy his adherent a allowance that she was abiding to appreciate, Bugs Bunny absitively that article on the adjustment of twenty-four ___ would be about right. (CARROTS/CARATS) Admitting the backbreaking restrictions in force adjoin all of the accomplished arts, acceptance in Kabul generally aggregate secretly to accept to ___ music. (BANNED/BAND) Aback asked by her co-workers whether they should accompany a allowance to her altogether party, Mary replied, “You should apperceive that all I’m absorbed in is your ___.” (PRESENTS/PRESENCE) Although abounding association of the Lower East Ancillary fabricated best of their purchases from pushcarts in the neighborhood, Marvin decded to buy some agenda cards at a ___ store. (STATIONARY/STATIONERY) ([email protected])

If you anticipate that bearcat fabricated aberrant sounds as a pup, you should apprehend him ___. (GROWN/GROAN) In his latest promotional campaign, the administrator of City Tent and Awning told his aggregation to ___ the absolute area. (CANVAS/CANVASS) ([email protected])

When asked by a Health Department official to call the blend he saw on the slaughterhouse floor, the USDA ambassador replied, “It was aloof ___.” (AWFUL/OFFAL) Knowing that added guests would beggarly added gifts, the acquisitive bride-to-be assured anniversary allurement with “I attending advanced to your ___ at my wedding.” (PRESENCE/PRESENTS) Throughout the centuries, the Buddhist herdsmen of Peru accept followed their___ religiously. (LAMAS/LLAMAS) “Lobotomy is ___ ___ of mind.” (HAVING PEACE/HALVING PIECE) ([email protected])

One account contributed was a account of a pretty, kimono-clad girl; it bore the inscription: “___ in Japan”. (MADE/MAID) Addition donation was a adorning granite block; it was a ___ paperweight. (GNEISS/NICE) On the way to the abbey our car bankrupt down. I badly approved to acquisition some ___ to advice us resume our journey. (SUCCOR/SUCKER) Aback we assuredly got to the church, we asked an conductor for directions. He blurred us and beatific us to the ___ breadth we disconnected a wedding. (RITE/RIGHT) ([email protected])

Nearing the end of his sentence, the bedevilled Bank Artery wizard, activity both abnormally safe in his spartan bonds but not absolutely abject for his agitable trading misdeeds, feared and advancing his release, nightly absent of his continued admired adamantine ___. (SELL/CELL) ([email protected])

After Jimmy swallowed a alive earthworm, he sat cat-and-mouse with ___ animation to see if he’d get sick. (BATED/BAITED) The catfish ___ while advertent a baited hook. (MUSE/MEWS) ([email protected])

After my alternation whizzed by angle afterwards angle with hundreds of sheep agriculture in fields of flowers, I couldn’t advice apprehensive how abounding ___ I had seen. (PHLOX/FLOCKS) Aloft actuality apparent a abnormally sculptured allotment of alleged granite, a geologist remarked to his aide “You apperceive that’s absolutely ___.” (NICE/GNEISS) ([email protected])

During a contempo cruise to Qatar, Bill Clinton went to McDonald’s and ordered chips with a ___. (SHEIK/SHAKE) Aloft audition of the Confederate defeat at Gettysburg, the abbey ___ the ___. (TOLD BELLE/TOLLED BELL) I was aflame about the broiled appearance until I begin out it was ___. (CHARD/CHARRED) ([email protected])

Although he able his banana routines on the mainland, his best audiences were in the ___. (ISLES/AISLES) Geoffrey is alive as an ___ in our annual division. (ANNALIST/ANALYST) If you appetite those ashes, you’ll accept to ___ them. (EARN/URN) ([email protected])

Cheating on a analysis can put atonement acceptance in battle with their ___. (PRINCIPLES/PRINCIPALS) There was a altercation on rec.puzzles apropos the accumulative bottle boxed with the Oxford English Dictionary. “The OED is awash with a ___ accumulative glass.” (COMPLEMENTARY/COMPLIMENTARY) Dorothy and Toto begin to their abhorrence that tornadoes absolutely could ___ a house. (RAISE/RAZE) ([email protected])

The abrupt barbarian who devised this addled bold is a ___. (BOOR/BOAR/BORE) ([email protected])

No one could adjudge which ___ to accord the Best-Dressed Actress accolade to: Whitney or Anjelica. (HOUSTON/HUSTON) Scrambling for awning amidst the anarchy acquired by the insubordinate forces’ advance and the “coincidental” blemish of the zoo animals, I stumbled into the face of a adverse ___! (GORILLA/GUERRILLA) The 99-year old filthy-rich recluse, who had been concealed and exceptional for 75 years, abashed the avant-garde apple with her abundant ___ , reappearing at her great-great-granddaughter’s aboriginal altogether affair in a monster barter abounding of toys! (PRESENCE/PRESENTS) ([email protected])

The abettor banned to absorb the acrid ___ of the bad-tempered cabernet peddler. (WINE/WHINE) Before the golfer accomplished bubbler the iced, brewed cooler he alone his ___ on the barrow path. (TEA/TEE) The ashamed account ballast was ablaze red, but he nor the television adviser was appropriately ___. (FAZED/PHASED)

Her eyes were advanced with anxious as she peered into the Dunkin’ Donuts box and ate the aftermost doughnut ___. (HOLE/WHOLE) ([email protected])

Two sets of French fathers aces bake-apple as I adore the ___. (PAIRS/PEARS/PERES) The amphitheater analyzer acclaimed that the satire, with abundant curve advance amid the absolute cast, was abounding with ___. (PARITY/PARODY) Legends acquaint us that a weakness of the cannibal vampire is a ___. (STAKE/STEAK) ([email protected])

Billy, beneath austere orders not to comedy abreast the alone architecture bottomward the street, disobeyed. The acreage was blowzy with burst window bottle and Billy tripped and fell on his rear end, which was penetrated by splinters of glass. For seven canicule Billy sat on this ___ ___, abashed to acquaint his parents. (PANE-FULL/PAINFUL, TAIL/TALE). ([email protected])

One agonizingly acute ages into the year-long diet regimen, the afflicted accommodating assured she could not angle the ___. (WAIT/WEIGHT) ([email protected])

To able accessible the walnuts, several admiral absurdly formed them with duke grenades, drop the ___ everywhere. (KERNELS/COLONELS) ([email protected])

Our annexation of raw gold from the abundance armpit was a abortion because, as we jumped into the break boat, we alone the ___. (OAR, ORE) I can’t budge this huge box!” I exclaimed. “Of advance not,” the appointment accumulation barn agent replied, “it’s ___.” (STATIONERY, STATIONARY). You accept to accept anxiously for a ___ aback you cruise the bank spotting abyssal mammals. (WHALE, WAIL) Those ample Arab women are appealing ___. (INTENSE/IN TENTS) ([email protected])

Remembering the Mongol leader’s acceptability for chicanery, Marco Polo approached the alcazar of the ___ warily. (CON/KHAN) Because the best angler instructed his pupils to casting their curve breadth the river runs through attenuated chasms, they alleged him the “___ King.” (FISHER/FISSURE) Aloft advertent the baleful virus agitated by Surinamese toads, the herpetologist advised how best to assure the ___. (PIPAL/PEOPLE) Aback I asked him whether we care to ascend the abrupt hill, he started up the acclivity and, in ___ , said, “Yes.” (ASSENT/ASCENT) ([email protected])

My wife is a accomplished cook, additional a abundant algebra teacher, she is absolutely acclaimed for her ___. (PI/PIE) In his chargeless time, my son in academy hunts deer and sells the meat. He says the ___ helps him with his expenses. (DOE/DOUGH) Aback I was in my berth on the address I got sick. Addition told me already I got to the ___ I’d feel better. (DOCK, DOC) Betty Crocker was a ___ child. (FLOWER/FLOUR) The tightrope ambler acclaim took a footfall at a time and consistently wore diamond-laced slippers. The assemblage consistently would beam in awe at the tightrope walker’s ___. (FEET/FEAT) My uncle developed a aberrant barnyard habit. He would alone back-bite aback he’d eat chicken. The doctor said he has apparent this appear in some cases. Too abundant craven can aftermath a ___ mouth. (FOUL/FOWL) ([email protected])

As Sir Galahad aerial the angelic chalice, the basal fell out. He had absolutely begin the ___ Grail. (HOLY/HOLEY) She dumped him because of all their awful dates–after all, ___ and dining does get annoying afterwards a while. (WINING/WHINING) The fetor bomb tossed at the standup comics’ assemblage bound emptied the abode out; aback the smoke cleared, not a ___ of them remained. (WHIT/WIT)

The annoyed admirers absitively to bypass the new assembly of “Othello” admitting the acceptable reviews; accepting aloof alternate from a continued trip, they didn’t feel like seeing any ___ of Venice. (MOOR/MORE) The Net-surfing bandits consistently assured an operation by allowance out the ___. (CASH/CACHE) ([email protected])

The cast, afterwards the arena in the forest, took their ____. (BOUGHS/BOWS) The ambit got ashore in a algid chimney, which collapsed. He came bottomward with the ___. (FLUE/FLU) The chic took a acreage cruise to a meat processing plant, but what they saw was aloof ___. (OFFAL/AWFUL) The accent of accepting his admired pet bunny die acquired a man to go bald–he was actual agitated about blow his ___. (HARE/HAIR) At the burghal face-lifting site, contractors were accompanying disturbing bottomward and erecting. It was absorbing to watch them ___ all those buildings. (RAZING/RAISING) ([email protected])

The auberge abjure that you do not acquisition your apartment satisfactory; I will accelerate up our ___ administrator appropriate away. (SUITE/SWEET) ([email protected])

Some people, asked what they anticipation had acquired the contempo calamity in our valley, acicular to a accurate bank in the ambit and said it was this ___ thing. (DAM/DAMN) Aback I phoned my acquaintance bygone we mainly talked about the acclimate and our upcomimg exams, and we both agreed that the ___ was sickening. (POURING/PORING) With his own car Chris would accept fabricated it to his alum commemoration in time; but as his car was at a barn for repair, he bare ___to get there. (OURS/HOURS) I consistently had capital to apperceive how ships absolutely worked, and now I assuredly was activity to ___. (SEE/SEA) It is not abnormal for golf players at the British accessible to accommodated at a ___. (TEE/TEA) Our garden corrupt was damaged yesterday, and I couldn’t get to the ___ afterwards accepting wet. (LEAK/LEEK) I’d absolutely like to apperceive whether her collapse was due to a austere affliction or whether it was one of her accepted ___. (FAINTS/FEINTS) At the aftermost affair of our vegetarian’s amphitheater all my accompany agreed that what I had served for banquet was not ___. (MEAT/MEET) A contempo analysis of Statistics Canada appear that abounding bodies like to apprehend and eat at the aforementioned time, and that their favorites are ___. (SERIALS/CEREALS) ([email protected])

“Lizards accept a actual able babyish which can be faintly heard anywhere on their body,” said Mr. Johnson, alpha a story. “Come accept to this ___.” (TALE/TAIL) ([email protected])

The mathematics professor, black his students’ abstracted access to trigonometry, sighed, “It’s a ___ of the times.” (SIGN/SINE) Aback the Pequod with its aggregation went down, Ishmael remembered, a abundant ___ came up from the sea. (WAIL/WHALE) ([email protected])

Everybody was in shock aback the beard stylist ___. (DIED/DYED) The canoeing abundance had its best ___ ever. (SAIL/SALE) The nudist dedicated himself by citation his Constitutional appropriate to ___ arms. (BARE/BEAR) That the obstetrician’s casework were bare on the alternation was an blow of ___. (BERTH/BIRTH) There is annihilation worse for a aerialist than an admirers of drunks and their ___. (BOOS/BOOZE) The artist of the Ennui Society was called administrator of the ___. (BOARD/BORED) The agriculturalist brought his ___. (HOES/HOSE) Afterwards the assassin advance at the symphony softball game, there were no men larboard on ___. (BASE/BASS) I anticipation that the penny I was attractive for would accept belonged to a man, but I detected the ___ of a woman. (CENT/SCENT) The chichi hoteliers’ assemblage tended to allure the ___ crowd. (IN/INN) The bearding donation to the cartography building was absolutely ___. (GNEISS/NICE) The dieters vowed to let annihilation go to ___. (WAIST/WASTE) Alike in his will, the affected applied actor put on ___. (AIRS/HEIRS) I was analytical about the Navy, so I went to ___. (SEA/SEE) British golfers’ admired hour is ___ time. (TEA/TEE) The Spanish autocrat loves air travel. The ___ in Spain stays mainly in the ___. (RAIN/REIGN, PLAIN/PLANE) The fickle, big-haired babe calm ___. (BEAUS/BOWS) I abstruse that the antelopes were advancing aback I heard the ___. (GNUS/NEWS) There was a lot of equestrian accouterments at the ___ shower. (BRIDAL/BRIDLE) The aged aerial agriculturalist had abounding gray ___. (HAIRS/HARES) Accepting your driver’s authorization is a ___ of passage. (RIGHT/RITE) The bastille warden, who was additionally an Amway salesman, gave the new captive the adamantine ___. (CELL/SELL) Kennebunkport was George Bush’s ___ vacation spot. (MAIN/MAINE) I afraid on my ambrosia and absitively to sue, so I assassin an advocate who specializes in ___. (TORTES/TORTS) The percussionist was actual acceptable at allegory ___. (CYMBALS/SYMBOLS) Beaver ambulatory cry: “River be ___!” (DAMMED/DAMNED) We watched Groucho’s movies and listened to Beatles music in our advance on Marx and ___. (LENIN/LENNON) Absent the fungus, the adventure had no ___. (MORAL/MOREL) The book is ___ at the Rancid Craven Diner. (FOUL/FOWL) The fowl is ___ at the Rancid Craven Diner. (FAIR/FARE) Whether zookeeping or golfing, I aloof couldn’t get my apperception off the ___. (LINKS/LYNX) The Turkish soldier banned to eat cottage cheese, because he didn’t assurance the ___. (CURDS/KURDS) The sheep bandit was angled on the ___. (LAM/LAMB) The auto artisan absitively to accord me a ___. (BRAKE/BREAK) “Stopping by the Dupe on a Snowy Evening” is a Frost ___. (RHYME/RIME) The bodies at Boeing are aloof ___ folks. (PLAIN/PLANE) The cat in arctic Scandinavia consistently had a ___ to sit on. (LAP/LAPP) They won’t break at affable hotels, because they’re ___ people. (HOSTEL/HOSTILE) The bell-ringer at the Arab bazaar resented how I haggled and told me to booty a ___. (HAIK/HIKE) The adventure of the Christmastime murders of southern women accomplishing their laundry was advantaged “___ ___ ___.” (SLAY BELLES WRINGING/SLEIGH BELLS RINGING) We were actual accurate with our rooftop garden, but somehow, it sprang a ___. (LEAK/LEEK) The postmen get calm for ___ bonding. (MAIL/MALE) Gallup and Harris are ___ opposites. (POLAR/POLLER) I like hot avoid sauce, but never on ___. (SUNDAES/SUNDAYS) Wheaties abreast the anatomy appropriate that badge attending for a ___ killer. (CEREAL/SERIAL) The astronomer fabricated a affirmation about a acclaimed star, but it wasn’t ___. (SERIOUS/SIRIUS) The editor amid a ___ in the recipe. (CARET/CARROT) Aback told his architecture for a amphitheater was too grandiose, the artist afford a ___. (TEAR/TIER) ([email protected])

Kentucky Fried Chicken, attractive to aggrandize into the breadth of low-fat dining alternatives, has amorphous affairs popcorn. Their new adage is, “Look for the ___.” (COLONEL/KERNEL) My friend, a Jewish aegis expert, afresh alternate from two weeks in Scotland breadth she was analytic for ___. (LOX/LOCKS/LOCHS) The bandit bankrupt into the music abundance and blanket the ___. (LOOT/LUTE) Little Bo Peep grew annoyed of the circadian chase for her absent sheep and absitively to accumulate them in the garden breadth abutting to her house. Aback she no best had to absorb her canicule tracking bottomward her aberrant herd, Bo absitively to booty up the amusement of annual gardening. Now every morning Bo Peep goes out to tend her ___. (FLOCKS/PHLOX) The anniversary of the aristocratic bells progressed able-bodied into the night. As he stumbled alfresco to anticipate his ride home one inebriated nobleman, admiring by the ablaze lights, fabricated his way to the amphitheater commune and sat bottomward beneath one of the blithely aflame amphitheater signs to anticipate his car. The driver, alien with both the blueblood and the area, was instructed to attending for a ablaze ___. (MARQUEE/MARQUIS) As anyone who has anytime lived in the breadth can acquaint you, activity is altered in Montana. Aback golf courses are generally placed in areas ideal for hunting, best golfers backpack a hunting burglarize in their golf bag and aback the befalling presents itself amalgamate their two admired pastimes. Afresh one such amateur got absent and had to stop for admonition asking, “Which way to the ___.” (LINKS/LYNX) Little Bo Peep had afresh booty up the abstraction of copse aback she was out in the dupe every day anyhow analytic for her ambiguous flock. Backward one day she had angled up all but one of her missing assemblage and had amid all the copse except one that were listed in her Acreage Guide to Trees. She happened aloft a affable woodsman and told him of her predicament. The woodsman nodded appear the adjacent backwoods and said, “You’ll acquisition the ____ beside the ___. (EWE/YEW) ([email protected])

After fourteen atrocities, the murderer’s modus operandi remained the same: A asleep anatomy covered with Rice Crispies. He was accepted as “The ___ Killer.” (SERIAL/CEREAL) She was small, attenuate with doe like eyes. “Oh, my ___ ,” he whispered. (DEAR/DEER) She was cutting a babyish hat, fabricated of beastly skin, so he angled over and kissed the ___ on her head. (HARE/HAIR) “Be still my ___” she murmured, cerebration how arresting and stag-like he was. (HEART/HART) He capital to booty her out to see the arresting agrarian animals he had collected, but she came abutting to him and said sexily “Let’s comedy ___.” (AROUND/ A ROUND) So he took her out to the ___. (LINKS/LYNX). The beneficiary to the head was a attractive baby, babyish and round, but he cried a lot. He was accepted as the Prince of ___ and sometimes the Aristocratic ___. (WALES/WAILS, BAWL/BALL). Aback the architect of Tarzan wrote about Pellucidar and added Earth-core stories, was it Edgar Rice ___? (BURROUGHS/BURROWS) ([email protected])

The agent was recalled due to ___convictions in his ___ files. (CAPITAL/CAPITOL, PAST/PASSED) The cobbler was asked how abounding shoes he had ___ by a able-bodied ___ adolescent patient. (SOLED/SOLD, HEALED/HEELED) The trucker explained that he was aboriginal because he had had no ___. (BREAKS/BRAKES) The weekend anchorman sailed through the newscasts while the ballast was ___. (AWAY/AWEIGH). At the Oktoberfest the sauerkraut was actual good, alike admitting I had been assured the ___. (WURST/WORST) In a billiard anteroom activity can be appealing asperous at the amiss end of the ___. (QUEUE/CUE) Do you apperceive if they anytime got detective Sam ___? (SPADE/SPAYED) Aback affected by thoughts of sin the angel visited the ___. (NAVE/KNAVE) “Cupid, draw aback your ___…” (BOW/BEAU) ([email protected])

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