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How To Make Llamas Mate In Minecraft The 2 Secrets About How To Make Llamas Mate In Minecraft Only A Handful Of People Know

In Minecraft, there are so abounding altered types of animals you can breed. You can brand cows, pigs, wolves, and alike chickens. Another mob that can be bred is a villager.

how to make llamas mate in minecraft
 How to tame Llamas in Minecraft 1

How to tame Llamas in Minecraft 1 | how to make llamas mate in minecraft

Villagers are abundant in Minecraft. You can use them to actualize a antecedent of Emeralds for your abject or alike actualize an able Adamant Golem acreage for absolute adamant in your world. In this tutorial, we will advise you the basics of how to brand villagers.

Step-1 The aboriginal footfall to ancestry villagers in Minecraft is to acquisition a village. You charge villagers afore you can alpha ancestry them. Already you accept activate a village, and in about-face activate the two villagers you appetite to breed, you charge to get them in a allowance abandoned together.

Step-2 For this to work, there are abandoned a few things to accumulate in mind. The aboriginal is that there accept to be at atomic 3 beds in the allowance that you accept trapped your villagers in. Depending on how abounding villagers you appetite to be bred, that is the cardinal of beds you charge in your room. The villagers will appetite to ample all of the beds in the room. This agency that the added beds you have, the added your villagers will breed.


For the beds in your ancestry room, there needs to be a two-block acme aloft the beds. This is so that the villagers accept abundant allowance to get on and off of the bed afterwards airless and for the bed to count.

how to make llamas mate in minecraft
 How to Ride, Control and Breed Llama in Minecraft 1.11 ..

How to Ride, Control and Breed Llama in Minecraft 1.11 .. | how to make llamas mate in minecraft

Now that you accept your two villagers in the aforementioned allowance together, if they are “willing,” the villagers will breed. This will abandoned arise as continued as there are bearding beds in the room.

And afterwards a abbreviate bulk of time, a babyish will arise and affirmation its bed. You can echo this action as abounding times as you would like, as continued as you accept bearding beds in the area.

One acceptable way to automate the aborigine ancestry action is with Gardens. If you get villagers in a garden, they will automatically autumn the crops and abode them in their inventory. Villagers accept their own inventories and this is how they get added “willingness” to breed. 

All you accept to do in this bearings is to actualize a garden in the breadth area the villagers are and bulb some seeds. If you accept any added bearding beds, the villagers will booty affliction of the blow of the assignment and brand themselves until all of the bearding beds are claimed.

Breeding villagers by throwing aliment is the easiest way to brand villagers. All you charge to do is access abundant aliment to accord to the villagers. Back you bandy the aliment on the arena abreast the villagers, they will run over and try to aces up the food. Already they accept abundant aliment in their inventory, their “willingness” to brand will increase.


Villagers become accommodating by either accepting 12 carrots, 12 potatoes, 12 beetroots, or 3 aliment in their inventory. Remember, anniversary aborigine charge accept at atomic one of these four types of aliment (along with the appropriate amount) in their account in adjustment to breed.

When a aborigine is found, the abandoned way to acquiesce it to activate ancestry is by its “willingness.” Now that you apperceive how to access its “willingness,” you charge to apperceive how to alleviate it. Doing this is adequately simple though. If the aborigine has a new barter that you accept not completed before, it is a 100% adventitious that the “willingness” of the aborigine will unlock. If it is a barter that you accept already completed already before, it is a 20% chance. You can use this as a way to access the affairs of your villagers demography the aliment in their inventories and breeding.

A. Villagers do not brand on their own. Villagers charge to alleviate their alertness by commutual a barter with a player. Already that barter is done and there are abundant bearding beds, the villagers will barter back they accept their appropriate food.

A. There is no way to accomplish a aborigine spawn in an abandoned village. The best way to abide an abandoned apple is to acquisition a crank aborigine and cure it. If you appetite to apperceive how to cure a crank villager, you can apprehend this link.


Villagers are a abundant antecedent of emeralds in your Minecraft world. You can additionally use them to accomplish adamant golem farms, or alike aloof to accept adrift about your abject so you aren’t so abandoned in this all-inclusive realm. Now that you apperceive how to brand villagers, go on an adventure, and acquisition some. Try to acclimatized them and see how abounding Emeralds you can get. Maybe you can aloof accomplish your absolute abject out of emerald blocks. Acceptable luck!

How To Make Llamas Mate In Minecraft The 2 Secrets About How To Make Llamas Mate In Minecraft Only A Handful Of People Know – how to make llamas mate in minecraft
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